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  1. Soviet_Church

    Sagara (Ex-guitarist from GANGLION) replied to a tweet (in English) asking how I heard about them and then proceeding to thanking me and to look for their coming releases; I wish they were still active. One of my all time favorite singers, Ai (Vocalist from DEATHGAZE & DARREL) replied to a tweet a few years back when he was answering fans' tweets, made me smile when I saw his reply and like. Just recently ice (Ex-vocalist from Xodiack & BFN) replied to a message I sent him through his insta story, seems like a nice guy, and it made my day. 😄
  2. Soviet_Church

    I really like this band. I'm going to miss them. I hope Riku continues with Chariots.
  3. Soviet_Church

    I love DEATHGAZE, and I cannot wait. Their last album was amazing!
  4. Soviet_Church

    Yeah it can have its own post. I just posted here to get the idea started, hoping that people would participate. It would be great for people to interact with each other and help each other with getting more music, and hopefully getting them to support the band.
  5. So for anyone who is getting Namida-khz I got an idea for getting almost all the other types. So before I actually explain the idea I just wanted to sort of explain how I came up with it, so this idea doesn't just have to work with Namida-khz I'm just using this idea for this single since there is quite a bit different types of singles coming out from them and I will be buying one of them. Many Visual Kei bands release different types of singles, which usually has their 3rd or 4th song being different from their other singles. So Black Gene for the Next Scene's first single "DOOM" had three different types. I bought type C (I think) thinking that I could share that type and other people would share the other types, but when that single arrived I found out that someone had already posted type B and C, but apparently no one has posted type A (until a month later or so). So I was thinking that maybe, for people getting this single, we could say which single we were getting and post them here like we usually do. For example I plan on getting Type A. Which comes with 3 songs and their last being "Ugly Gene" a different song from the other types. So other people can get the other singles and post them here in the download forums so we can basically get all their songs, and maybe their PV and live. I just think its ridiculous that I have to buy another single (which cost a lot because of the shipping of Cdjapan) just so I can hear the other song. So I was just thinking that we could tell each other which single who would be getting than just post it on the forums and than everyone could just download them, and hopefully other people who haven't bought them can decide which single they like without actually buying all FIVE singles and wasting such a great amount of money. I mean I'm all in for supporting the band (because I love Ice's voice and their music) but I really don't, and I don't think other people, have the money to spend a great amount of money just to see the live or PV or another song. So this was just an idea I had and I hope fans would be glad to participate in this. We don't really trade them in real life we still keep our CD we just share them in the forums. It is possible that it could be like Doremidan's last single, where no one has ever shared it. So If there's any confusion just let me know and if you want participate just post on this forum telling others about what type you'll be getting. Sorry for making it so long and thank you for reading. Like I wrote before I will be getting Type A and I will be posting it in the download sections when it arrives.
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