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  1. Their first look was cooler i think )
  2. Is here posted cover art anywhere?
  3. PM soon, what a collection!!
  4. I'll PM you in a little while!
  5. Malice Mizer's BEAST OF BLOOD >)
  6. I was surprised how much visual kei I was able to find- thanks!
  7. They aren't remotely related to Sick2 at all, right?
  8. Wow I really like the sample. I saw them in 2012 and only really liked one of their songs (MALICE IN WONDERLAND) but some of the things from this trailer look worth checking out again.
  9. I wish MDM was active enough for him not want to make new bands............. grr
  10. Has anyone noticed how many artists in the VK scene die of brain aneurisms? Strange sicknesses? I always thought it was strange, and not the whole truth- maybe the other members were covering for suicides or something. Has anyone ever noticed this?
  11. Been into VK since I was a teenager and am currently 23. Favorite first bands were malice mizer and noir fleurir and it grew from there.