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  1. Does anyone have a copy?? >__>
  2. YES thank you! they are great~~
  3. sharaku's is the best thing in the entire_world to me lol
  4. I don't know the name of the place, it was somewhere in the depths of Tokyo with a bunch of 13 year old lolita girls (a few of which sold me tickets to go because I like missed some j-memo about ticket ordering before i went.) It was to see ELM who at the time wasn't anything but a budding indie band that would probably fail. I didn't know any of the hand dances and stuck out like a sore thumb
  5. For me, being in my mid 20's and having gotten into VK when I was barely a teenager, I started to be less tolerant of a lot of songs that I'd listen to more openly when I was younger. For example, i'd like certian parts of songs but not choruses or bridges and stuff and just simply block out all the parts I wouldn't like. But as I'm getting older, i'm finding a lot of the music just isn't catchy or is just downright terrible to listen to for me. I consider myself a fan of VK but there's so few songs by a band that I say I like, that I actually like, I'm really not sure if I truly am the fan I say I am. That being said, I'll be following VK for the rest of my life I'm sure haha
  6. Is that a MALICE MIZER cover >___>;;??
  7. Visual-Kei

    I don't mean to dig up an old thread, but I would kill to listen to this- was this really ever released? I wanted to hear the HORA remix on their CD so bad
  8. I lovedddd this, I can't wait for their next release
  9. Ughhh I completely agree
  10. This style of music is still popular in the VK scene at the moment?
  11. most of the links are broken, would you mind sending them again? I want to see this so bad >__>
  12. If you look at Malice Mizer/ Moi dix Mois/ Mana's side projects, he simply goes through vocalists are X amoutn of time or gets bored or god knows what.
  13. imagine listening to them live
  14. So saddening this is happening in the world
  15. Thank you so much for this I'm going to try it out