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  1. Kamijo's Eye of Providence is not that good :( I could deal with his english on sang but I would rather him sing from Japanese again from not on out and quit the gimmicks... 

    1. Egnirys cimredopyh

      Egnirys cimredopyh

      Agree... i found the song itself generic too, the chorus kinda saves it for me and ecstasy is just lame lol

    2. seikun


      I'm listening to it on YT. I wish Kamijo relied more on guitars and bass and not so much on those cheap synthetic symphonic sounds. They're exhausting after a time and they don't really add quality to his music.

      Japanese has its charm; no need for English; even less if he can't pronounce it decently. Part of the charm in listening to Japanese music is the language itself.

    3. Shadowtear


      cant appriciate the melos can u.

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