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  1. I absolutely adore the new David stuff. 😍

  2. lichtlune

  3. lichtlune

    The solo had a lot of potential but then it ended so fast. 😅
  4. We should do another karaoke contest on this site again. We had one 4 years ago. :D

    1. The Moon

      The Moon

      MH is NOT ready for me to slay the house down boots covering miyoshi seiji's miren bashi. 

  5. La'veil MizeriA has developed into a pretty good band imo. 

    1. chipathy


      a fave for sure especially after that full length 

    2. Paraph


      I hope they can maintain it after jaki's departure, though.

    3. nomemorial


      I love love love them. One of my current faves no doubt. Agreed with the point above, though - hope they can keep the quality up.

  6. lichtlune

    I hyped them but I'm not that excited about them anymore unfortunately.
  7. lichtlune

  8. lichtlune

    Fake mejibray fans exposed in the youtube comments. It was never about the music was it. 😅
  9. lichtlune

    I feel like most visual kei is like that these days. I hate the overabundance of synths in vkei. It generally turns me off immediately from a band. Especially overly glossy music videos and overproduced songs.
  10. lichtlune

    Hiroki sounds like Asagi and HIDE-ZOU sounds the same as all those years ago.
  11. fuck nazis ☠️

    1. nomemorial
    2. chipathy



    3. saishuu


      be careful because some people here think we have to "understand their side" and "respect their opinions" because free speech

  12. lichtlune

    I will just say that people aren't always looking for you to give them advice when they have problems. Sometimes people just need to vent out a bit. Not even a shoulder to cry on per-se. Don't always feel like you need to always give someone a solution to their problems.
  13. lichtlune

    Yeah second song is better. The closer they get to that old ScreW sound of Vanquish, Death's Door, etc the better.
  14. lichtlune

    Yeah their budget went to crap lol
  15. lichtlune

    We get to hear HIDE-ZOU sing again finally. He was a good vocalist in his old band.
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