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  1. lichtlune

    I think you would like heavier DADAROMA tbh.
  2. lichtlune

    Nice 3 headed monster there I look forward to it.
  3. lichtlune

    I'm a kamijo fan and I agree it would be a buzzkill. I feel like people wanting this are not expecting Versailles since hizaki grace project had a sort of different sound to them with juka and the others. Just saw that flyer and other announcements kinda doubt HGP would also have kamijo on vocals with Versailles coming back.
  4. Reversed it with audacity sounds good.
  5. lichtlune

    Seeing as how this is basically hizaki's solo project from years ago he could have a completely new singer too even. Maybe someone active in the scene.
  6. lichtlune

    Kaya would be great but I wish juka could come back just briefly... I guess if he's truly retired then so be it.
  7. lichtlune

    My impression is that it's a lot better than the last single. Crimson Family might be the most beautiful solo song of his I heard so far.
  8. lichtlune

    Nah Nega is not really similar to dir en grey at all other than having some heavy songs...
  9. lichtlune

    Crimson Family sounds good but I don't like the others.
  10. lichtlune

    He's never going to sing in Japanese ever again Let alone reform DIO.
  11. lichtlune

    Sounds too weird for me. Man starwave is such garbage production wise. I miss undercode bands. 😢
  12. lichtlune

    Shitty synth to cover up bad/lazy instrumentation
  13. It's been just kyouka in insanity injection for like a year now. I imagine a disband soon for that project.
  14. lichtlune

    David is cool but I was hoping he'd focus more on his new band.
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