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  1. I've been waiting for something new from him! I'm dying to hear him without sui for once.
  2. You too and welcome to the forums.
  3. Hello
  4. Damn this sounds pretty poop compared to that first spot. Cautiously optimistic.
  5. They are looking really great at least. I did like their last album alright so I'm looking forward to it.
  6. Pretty nice titties
  7. Seems pretty impossible for me to not have found Japanese music one way or another since I also enjoy anime, visual novels, and Jrpg's. But if for some reason I did I'd probably be listening to rap and r&b. Most western metal and rock music just doesn't vibe with me in the same way.
  8. What's with metal and cheesy synth in vkei? It never sounds good but still bands continue to do it for years on end.
  9. I feel like starwave is like the new undercode at this point. Good for them though they sound really good from what I could hear. Still haven't found that mini album anywhere online though.
  10. 朽ちた赤心 from kagerou is the perfect song when you just feel like losing your mind for a few minutes. I love it.

    1. saishuu


      YEEEEEEEEEEES such an underrated gem!

      the whole XII dizzy single is perfect

  11. I think the main problem for these old school revival bands to me are the vocals. both La'veil Mizeria and Grieva have average vocals imo. Kyouki had a decent scream but he seemed to have a limited singing range. Though I guess the same could be said for bands like Madeth Gray'll and their vocalist hisui.
  12. Did he ever release that one? I remember hearing another version of "The other side of the moon" on a comment video of his but then the album version sounded different and not as good.
  13. Yes! that's why he shouldn't sing in English.