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  1. lichtlune

    Maybe we can be worried about the fate of both. Maybe even more worried about the child? 🙃 But I guess it needs to be said:
  2. lichtlune

    Honestly I think kikyo has improved his vocals a lot since being on starwave. Especially considering what he used to sound like.
  3. lichtlune

    He's going to somehow get away with all of this isn't he? 🙃 Doesn't appear to be in police custody yet.
  4. How are you guys liking new Schwarz Stein stuff? My favorite songs -  Forest of Paralysis and Wachtraum. 



      I'm actually disappointed by Immortal Verses. I think it's only marginally better than Recurrence Of Hallucination because even though we get five "new" songs, they still sound recycled and partly copied & pasted from older SS or Hora's solo material 😔 Also, Kaya is a great singer but the vocals sound a little strange in the mix at times. Vocals should never invoke the image of "guy in small room singing loudly into a mic", at least not with such persistence as is the case with this mini. Where's Schwarz Stein's ethereal vibe? It's like they lost touch with themselves. Wachtraum is the only song I didn't want to skip on first listen 😕 


      Hora's RESONANT on the other hand really surprised me. I was expecting the same old but he actually seems to have progressed a little sonically with this one. It's a very somber, moody, and atmospheric album. He seems to have borrowed a little from movie soundtracks and put his own spin on it which I really like (I was getting strong Disasterpiece ["It follows" soundtrack] vibes for example).

    2. lichtlune


      I kind of agree with you. My girlfriend is a big fan and didn't seem to be blown away either.  I agree about the mixing and everything. I don't feel like this album really makes up for the awful Kaya solo singles we've dealt with recently. 😔


      I'll give hora's new album a try tomorrow. 

  5. lichtlune

    Do Japanese fans call him out on his bullshit often too?
  6. lichtlune

    Or they don't understand or read Japanese so they don't understand the ins and outs involving the scene. Crazy I know. Or they have trouble differentiating between fact and rumor. Tanuki threads for example.
  7. lichtlune

    I mean it kind of goes without saying? Child abuse is bad. I'm just now seeing the pictures. Pretty damning. Hopefully all of the evidence and word of the mother and child will lead to a conviction. It's hard not to think of the music side of things though. It's not even an Ian Watkins situation. Kisaki left his mark on hundreds of bands and projects. That's a big deal and hurts the scene a lot. Not the current scene mind you. But as fans it hurts.
  8. lichtlune

    I used to be of the opinion that I wouldn't concern myself too much with rumors/scandals or things like that and just focus on the music. But now with all of the domestic and sexual abuse tanuki rumors I've read about the past few years it's become more difficult. Sometimes I wish I could read Japanese and better understand the scene so I could get some better insight on these types of situations. Kisaki's influence on visual kei goes far and beyond and this will be a big hit to the scene. I hope some of my favorite artists and bands disavow this man if he's convicted of crimes.
  9. lichtlune

    Bring the tomatoes
  10. lichtlune

    I've been really impressed with their latest stuff so I will definitely be checking it out.
  11. lichtlune

    What yanagi was doing was very inspiring. I hope he'll return in some capacity in the future.
  12. lichtlune

    Really unfortunate... they were growing really nicely. I would have liked one last mini album or something at least.
  13. lichtlune