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  1. lichtlune

    Vocals remind me more of the dude from Sito Magus rather than Kamijo.
  2. lichtlune

    Kisaki is a singer now? And I don't know about gay but he seems rather fond of children...
  3. RENA is actually a decent vocalist but this is just okay.
  4. Okay Mr. "Nazis deserve our respect and have ideas worth considering". And yeah I would love for Monochrome Heaven a forum for Japanese rock be a safe space where I don't have to argue about nazis. I have the entire internet to do that.
  5. Yeah you're absolutely a reactionary. I'm done with this conversation.
  6. "Treat others like you'd like to be treated". Yeah no I'm not going to be nice to a nazi or their sympathizer. Take your dumb centrist take somewhere else. "here are plenty gay and disabled republicans as well as people in the middle and this may shock you" Don't give a fuck. Read what I said. Who's more likely to be welcoming of homosexuals and the disabled? left or right? Basically you said that you don't understand why people lump many hate groups together with nazis and I told you why. Because that's what the nazis did. They weren't just anti-semitic. Stop arguing in bad faith and keep this garbage away from the site.
  7. I mean I basically gave you another study that completely destroyed the idea that "Lol only 800 nazis in America". Nazism is an idealogy. You don't have to be a hitler youth in the 1940s to believe in nazism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazism At this point I would have to say that you definitely sympathize with people who might hold a lot of these same beliefs. Unknowingly or not. Can you stop making these leftist hit pieces on MH pls?
  8. Being a sympathizer is just as bad. Who gives a fuck if they 100% align with the same views or tactics of the nazi party you're missing the important part. The problem is they harbor the same or similar beliefs that eventually led to the genocide of the "others". Why would I be a regressive leftist if I treated a nazi sympathizer badly? "Being a racist does not equal being a nazi as the German nazi party also hated homosexuals and the disabled and killed them enmasse." Who's more likely to be welcoming of homosexuals and the disabled? I'll give you a hint. It's not a trump supporter. "Lumping all of these hate groups together just makes thing worse and helps explain why the term is thrown around so often. " I mean lumping a bunch of different types of people together and sending them to concentration camp is literally what the nazis did but ok. You know communists are some of the first people that got sent to concentration camps right?
  9. Come on dude do we really have to get into this shit again on MH of all places? A nazi IMO is just anyone who supports genocide and authoritarianism. Also anyone who believes in darwinism or race science will naturally be steered towards the same type of thinking a nazi would have. Also the jewish question conspiracy theory is a very popular one among the right. Also you're just plain fucking wrong. https://www.jewishdatabank.org/databank/search-results/study/717 "The press release for the Study noted that an estimated 12 percent of Americans harbor deeply entrenched anti-Semitic attitudes, which marked a decline from the 15% reported in the Anti-Defamation League’s previous poll on anti-Semitic attitudes in 2011." It's likely a lot higher than 12% in the post-trump America. That's 69 million people who more or less believe the same shit as the nazis did. Way more than the fucking 800 number. There's also this. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/reuters-poll-white-supremacist-views_n_59bc155fe4b02da0e141b3c8
  10. I thougt this raphael MV came out in 2015 or something but apparently it was released in 2012?  


    1. lichtlune


      This CM is from 2015 

      Really confusing... I thought I was on some Mandela effect type shit... 

  11. lichtlune

  12. lichtlune

    Call it childish fantasy or whatever you want but I will keep fighting for the world I want to see. If you want to defend and support the status quo that's your business.
  13. lichtlune

    Well I'm not a statist communist. I'm on the libertarian left or "Anarcho-communist". But most people who rage on about communist death tolls have no idea how many people die by propping up our current economic system. This doesn't even include all the imperialist wars or colonialism throughout history.
  14. lichtlune

    Isn't this old? I feel like I've seen this before.
  15. lichtlune

    I will say one last thing since I do actually support antifa but I don't always support everything they do. There are those who I would support violence against like actual admitted nazis and white supremacists like Richard Spencer but I would like to see violence to the minimum. Understand that police are a violent militia who protect private property and often get in the way of peaceful protest. When peaceful protest is made impossible violence is inevitable. And especially when things in this country only continue to get worse and protesting doesn't seem to be working. Extremism will only rise. Climate change and automation isn't going to make any of this better if it is left unaddressed. This is why I believe it's imperative that we don't let biden or trump win.
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