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  1. No idea of knowing if it's true or not. But if it is then it sounds like something the band would have to figure out internally. I don't really care much for band drama as long as they can work it out.
  2. I just don't like that label. Just call it glam or something else. KISS existed before x japan after all. I think western bands can do something similar but they might not be able to pull off an exact replica. Not unless you're a talented femboy from Sweden who can speak and write Japanese. Forming a visual kei band is difficult enough on it's own. Throw learning to sing an entirely different language on top of that and it just becomes that much harder. And then there's Production, Makeup, Costumes, etc. All of this work to try and appeal to a small niche of people who'd probably rather just listen to Japanese visual kei anyway. I'll also chime in with something a little more controversial. White people just don't typically look good in visual kei style. It took me a long time to accept that reality and it sucks I know. We age like shit and our noses are too big. Although girls can usually pull it off a lot better than us guys can. I've mostly given up the fantasy of being in a visual kei band now. I'll always be a fan though because it's shaped my whole life.
  3. Hey thank you so much for your help! It seems like it's going to be some work to try and get my hands on this stuff. I'm only finding it on Japanese sites.
  4. Hello I've been looking for info about a particular song for a long time. GIANIZM 2 here sounds much different than it does on the GIANIZM ~ore no mono wa ore no mono~ CD and I'm wondering if they released this other version somewhere? I'd love this version in higher quality if possible because It's one of my favorite NIGHTMARE songs but I just don't know where to find it. Thanks.
  5. I really like Hitomi's solo work It's the perfect chill music. 

  6. I'm probably moving to colorado some time next year from texas. Any of you guys from around there? 

    1. The Reverend

      The Reverend

      No, but I also just moved to Colorado a month ago!

    2. lichtlune


      Awesome! Nothing is set in stone yet but it sounds very likely at this point that I'll end up there soon. :)

  7. EMIRU and MAYU aren't even in the MV. It seems this girl is more in the spotlight than they are and I hate that. I want a real band with the bois. This sounds like a bore.
  8. I only like the last song really. Completely different sound than what I expected from him.
  9. I think maybe they just needed a break? They were putting out songs pretty fast for a while. They'll be back next year some time imo.
  10. Dang I guess he really is out of the band.
  11. I feel the sames tbh. This just sounds like megaromania to me so far.
  12. I'm all for it. 2018 is already shaping up to be a good year.
  13. Now this is a look I can get behind.
  14. Versailles should do a throwback tour to noble. That would be pretty neat. 

  15. In no particular order. 1. UnsraW 2. Kagerou 3. Versailles 4. more 5. Malice Mizer 6. The Piass 7. Megaromania 8. Lament. 9. DEATHGAZE 10. deadman If BlESS THIS MESS's new album ends up being a banger they'll probably overtake more or deadman on my current list. My top ten list is not permanent. Artists come and go depending on how I feel.