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  1. Thanks for giving it a listen. I'm not from Virginia but @StriderSubzero is. We also had help from a support member from the UK. We'll likely remain a two person project from now on though unless some miracle happens.
  2. Rich man's lycaon happened.
  3. Her humor makes me feel uncomfortable. lol
  4. I might be alone in feeling this way but I feel that the fourth and fifth waves of visual kei are kind of unappreciated. People don't really consider 2007 to be "old-school" but in fact that's already 10 years ago now. It's kind of a shame that we've allowed many of these bands to fall through the cracks. I've noticed fans putting a lot more effort into preserving and sharing 90s visual kei. There are a lot of great bands around this time and I feel like we as fans should begin to slowly digitize and immortalize these bands as well.
  5. Dangit bobby they are almost sounding like Phantasmagoria or something now noice.
  6. Music is not bad but they're the worst looking visual kei band I think I ever saw.
  7. Well I'm a baritone male so I really have to strain to hit any high notes like that. I could try but it wouldn't sound very good. lol
  8. Thank you for the feedback! Glad to hear!
  9. They seem very popular in japan. You never see many visual kei bands with those types of crowds. I guess that's why they've dropped the image and adopted this new sound? I don't know much about dezert. I just started hearing about them the past year
  10. Sounds pretty cool! One of the best newbies around.
  11. Even Lycaon were doing it for a little bit. When screw were actually good. I have to post UnsraW again for this. I had this song and pv on repeat all over the internet back in like 2010.
  12. This isn't a huge loss as Makoto is the main composer. Hopefully the band continues to last.
  13. This is probably my favorite era of visual kei despite my stanning of 90s visual kei. It will be sorely missed. :/
  14. Happy b-day licht! <3

    1. lichtlune


      Hey thank you! <3 Still a few hours away though. ;)

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      happy birthday and get on skype