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  1. lichtlune

    I like the sound but hate how that cool riff from the beginning is abandoned.
  2. lichtlune

    I've head SUI scream and Growl from time to time. I think he can do it just chooses not to.
  3. lichtlune

    I definitely like what they're doing but I was hoping for something a bit heavier.
  4. lichtlune

    ASMR is admittedly weird but I somehow enjoy it from time to time. Also this guy is great.
  5. lichtlune

    YasiPasi 😎
  6. lichtlune

    They seem fairly active lately I wonder if they would actually return or not.
  7. It seems like Madame Edwarda deleted their entire youtube channel or somethign? Don't see their videos anymore. 

    1. Jigsaw9


      You're right, can't find them either... strange.

  8. I hope they take their time. Seems this project could become something.
  9. lichtlune

    I guess this type of DEZERT sound is the new wave in vkei.
  10. lichtlune

    Yeah the blondie should shut his mouth. Black haired guy has a decent voice.
  11. lichtlune

    Seems like it's going to be a completely different direction for SUI but I'm excited nonetheless.
  12. lichtlune

    Soundtrack for mediocre hollywood movie.
  13. Still waiting for that album they announced in 2015 or whatever. lol
  14. lichtlune

    174 replies in 13 hours... god damn.
  15. Kamijo's Eye of Providence is not that good :( I could deal with his english on sang but I would rather him sing from Japanese again from not on out and quit the gimmicks... 

    1. Egnirys cimredopyh

      Egnirys cimredopyh

      Agree... i found the song itself generic too, the chorus kinda saves it for me and ecstasy is just lame lol

    2. seikun


      I'm listening to it on YT. I wish Kamijo relied more on guitars and bass and not so much on those cheap synthetic symphonic sounds. They're exhausting after a time and they don't really add quality to his music.

      Japanese has its charm; no need for English; even less if he can't pronounce it decently. Part of the charm in listening to Japanese music is the language itself.

    3. Shadowtear


      cant appriciate the melos can u.

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