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  1. ARTiCLEAR is growing on me. 


  2. Quiet for about a year. Wonder if he's doing anything on the down low? Kinda wish he'd form a new band. Doak was pretty nice before they disbanded.
  3. I agree it's not their strongest but they look great!
  4. lichtlune

    Yeah this all looks awful tbh.
  5. lichtlune

    I love these types of tests. Here's mine. Another one I did.
  6. lichtlune

    B.R.N is significantly better even though the high screams are not always enjoyable to listen to. I'd say the mini album before Chaos left was their best release.
  7. lichtlune

    Yess!! Great job SUI.
  8. 2020 Elections can't come soon enough... 

  9. lichtlune

    Imo victim is really bad. R.I.P insanity injection. 💉
  10. lichtlune

    I like this band a lot!
  11. lichtlune

    It's so cool to see Erina and Mizaly together.
  12. Underrated! 


    1. suji


      seth's enka career is really taking off


      but srsly tho I love this! ♥ we need more enka drag queens!

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