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  1. Watched the blu-ray of this recently. Beautiful as an art film but I don't know if I would call it a masterpiece or not.
  2. Maybe he just keeping ripping his pants?
  3. Sounds freaking great.
  4. Final fantasy xv live action?
  5. ahhh shiieet vidya gaymes we in dis bich nah I'm sayin'? hypppee
  6. It's in possession of our reptilian overlords.
  7. I really liked perfana as well but this I'm cool with too.
  8. This doesn't feel hd what's up with the compression kisaki?
  9. Ruiza's singing on his new solo stuff. o.o

  10. Jesus this is awful honestly.
  11. I don't like Tsuzuku's look he reminds me of andy biersack or something. I hope it isn't permanent.
  12. Sui looks really beautiful like this.
  13. Mine was UnsraW definitely. Still like them.
  14. So here it is! Versailles's first proper release since their hiatus in 2012! I'd really like to hear what you guys thought about it so I'm starting a review thread of my own. 1: La Musique I'd say probably one of the more solid tracks on the album. I really like the verses and solid piano break near the middle. 8/10 2: Shadows Fang Sounds pretty standard for them. It doesn't really blow my mind. 7/10 3: Inheritance I like the neat little transition from bass, guitar, and vocals before returning to the chorus again. 7.5/10 4: A Day Without You I like the rocking guitars at the beginning. It almost reminds me a little bit of The Revenant Choir. This song is starting to grow on me. Also has a pretty good chorus. 8/10 5: Lineage After hearing the previews I honestly thought I was going to hate this song. Funny because I actually think it's one of the best songs on the album after hearing it in full. The symphonic sounding intro that repeats throughout the song is very good. I honestly wouldn't hesitate to call this one of their best songs if it wasn't for the weird chorus which sounds kinda out of place imo. 8/10 6: Marionette. You're responsible for this one aren't you kamijo? >.> hmmm.. ok 8.5/10 ~Overall Thoughts~ A decent return for them but I wouldn't consider it among their best. Definitely inferior in comparison to their other mini-album lyrical sympathy but it's not that bad.