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  1. lichtlune

    Unfortunately it was too niche and inactive.
  2. lichtlune

    I think they shoot porno's there or something? That's all I know. I know the mejibray guys also had a music video in there.
  3. lichtlune

    I need some sick misery and erina duel guitar action!
  4. lichtlune

    I kinda like this trash. It's catchy? 😆
  5. lichtlune

    You gotta sell to sell out. 😅
  6. I made pixy false listenable again. 


  7. lichtlune

    Ageless band! They look good.
  8. Nightmare/ナイトメア may have gotten a lot of their popularity from Death Note but they deserve their place among the best visual kei bands of all time imo. Love this band! 😍

    1. Ro plz

      Ro plz

      They have TOO many bangers not to be. Sad to see how they've diminished over time though...

    2. reminiscing2004


      I think they are of a pretty high "Legend Status", so to speak, at least based on their success in Japan. They probably get a little less praise then you'd proportionally expect in the western fan world.


      Every time I revisit Nightmare, I'm impressed at how good a lot of their songwriting is. Particularly, from like 2004-2008 I find, every album is full of really dense, but easy to listen to, tunes. I listened to Killer Show for the first time in ages a few days ago and I was amazed how much of a melodic contribution the bass was. Great bass lines and total earworm guitar solos on every track, it's crazy. Only thing that got a little annoying was how formulaic every track felt on that album, but you've got an album like anima, in contrast, which is full of some really varied and progressive tracks.



  9. Sounds nice so far.
  10. lichtlune

    Really good!
  11. lichtlune

    This lineup is amazing. The project should now switch from being SUI's solo project to a full band.
  12. lichtlune

    I need lives of this quality of all my favorite bands on a frequent basis!
  13. lichtlune

    Yes give me all of your undercode cd's in protest! Thank you. 🤩
  14. lichtlune

    Honestly I think kikyo has improved his vocals a lot since being on starwave. Especially considering what he used to sound like.
  15. lichtlune

    He's going to somehow get away with all of this isn't he? 🙃 Doesn't appear to be in police custody yet.