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  1. Kaz needs a new guitar-centric band like VII-Sense he was the star of that band. I didn't like him in Chariots anyway.
  2. Sounds decent but I liked the songs on their other two MV's more.
  3. #FakeNews
  4. I wish I was as cute as you guys.
  5. Anybody have the recent live-limited stuff?
  6. They Sound kinda like a poor man's raphael.
  7. I used to play yugioh but then they added all these new summoning methods and it just became too convoluted.
  8. Will probably sound pretty boring.
  9. Okay yuuki I can get behind this.
  10. @plastic_rainbowTotal hottie
  11. Why though they had so much potential. Better continue with it on another band.
  12. Do bands usually post donation links and things like that? You might be joking but I actually wouldn't be terribly opposed to the idea. If that was the difference to having my favorite bands stick around and staying afloat or not. But of course bands would probably still disband for some other reason or another.
  13. They are growing on me so I welcome this.
  14. Yuuki actually had a pretty decent Growl back in -9- days but he lost that ability after his throat problems in UnsraW. His screams are still kinda okay at times though especially on Inside Fear. If he's still capable of -9- like vocals I think he should take a look at his technique and try to figure out the problem there. The ballads aren't so bad though! I'll definitely take this over early doak. So is this like his solo project now?