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  1. Excited for it. Should be better than Shape Shifter.
  2. Sounds like every new song is entirely in engrish.
  3. Back from Germany. :tw_grin:

  4. Yumeji is awesome this is awful.
  5. I like the vocals.
  6. Visual Kei bands love cheesy synth in the background of every song.
  7. What did he do this time? 😆
  8. Blasphemy! no.
  9. Could be good
  10. He's been uploading a lot of karaoke lately. He's obviously still got something to give. No reason he should be retired from the scene.
  11. I wonder if he's going to release an album or something? He's put out a lot of trailers so far.
  12. Propaganda is actually a slowed down version of Rebirth from Baiser if we're being real here.
  13. A nice slushy and some D is a good combination.