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  1. sixblacknine

    That album cover is hideous, , , I always felt bad for Danger gang, they've been around for so long and they've never really gotten anywhere
  2. sixblacknine

    Maya is so good looking ughhh 👌
  3. sixblacknine

    With other VIP photos from their other tours I've just seen one person in a photo with Dir or with a friend lol but nah I get a special photo with a bunch of randoms and the band (^: great I know they're just trying to save time though
  4. sixblacknine

    Going to London :^D I'm super excited and it's the first time I've been able to get VIP I'm a bit worried about it though. . . having everything after the gig is such a stupid idea (means I've had to book an airbnb because I'll probably miss the last coach home) also having to take a photo with 5 other people as well as the band is awful, I feel like it's going to be really poorly organized lmao .-.
  5. sixblacknine

    You can look at those photos and think he's innocent?? 🤔
  6. sixblacknine

    It's worrying to me that some peoples first thought is 'oh noh muh music!!!!!' do you not have any sympathy for this little girl?? or her mother? or any other people he's mistreated?? I've always hated Kisaki, thought he was an overdramatic attention seeker; but knowing he does this is shocking he's disgusting and I hope he rots in prison.
  7. sixblacknine

    Really glad they're not disbanding atleast admittedly I only follow Maya on twitter/insta but I like their newest releases
  8. sixblacknine

    This is a shame, I don't keep up with many bands anymore but I've always liked NoGoD I really hope they don't decide to call it quits after this, but since he's been there since the start it wouldn't surprise me :c
  9. sixblacknine

  10. sixblacknine

  11. sixblacknine

    Im so sad ;--; they're one of the last jrock bands I really love I really hope they decide to come back ;;____;;
  12. Younger me loved you so much, Linkin park were such a huge inspiration for me when I was growing up. I'll miss you Chester, rest well. 

    1. orange~


      Wow what the hell?? I missed these news entirely. People are dropping like flies these days........ rip Chester

    2. sixblacknine


      It was only announced a few hours ago


  13. Alot of celebrities and such are tweeting about it, so I doubt its a hoax or fake anyway, Linkin park were a my favorite band growing up, I think that's true for alot of people my aged, so I'm pretty shocked/sad.
  14. I miss deathgaze so much lol I know I should just listen to their other projects but its not the sameee 

    1. 蝉時雨色 -semishigureiro-

      蝉時雨色 -semishigureiro-

      I feel with you :( So lucky that I was able to join their concerts one their last two eu-tours but already such a long time ago...

    2. sixblacknine


      Yeah I was there too :(  I really thought they'd just temp hiatus but the chance of them being active again is nonexistent. I wonder what happened though

    3. 蝉時雨色 -semishigureiro-

      蝉時雨色 -semishigureiro-

      I'm still kinda hopeful for the future but when I be honest to myself after such a long time... it almost feels like waiting for a new System of a Down album for me. ^^;

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