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  1. sixblacknine

    I liked a bunch of girl groups but I think they've all split now; I loved Shinee too but haven't been able to listen to anything since Jonghyun died think most boy groups are shit and overrated, ESPECIALLY BTS. They play them on the radio here because theyre so popular in europe and they're really really bad lol Kpop fans are super immature and annoying on twitter, spamming fancams and saying "oh well if they'd stanned ____ this tragedy wouldnt have happened" but I think most are like 13 or whatever anyway
  2. where the fuck are the rock and read scans I wanna see more Kyo in a BRA lmfao

  3. "Slow down to recover" lul when he jumped into a new band almost immediately Ruka and Sakito were at the same event, they completely blanked each other, dudes ain't friends lol
  4. Someone bls upload the DVD from The World of Mercy I wanna see Aka lmao 

    1. Disposable


      All the live footage from them since the first Mode of live has been some of their best ever. The shit that came out with Insulated World pretty much had the versions of Vinushka, Different sense, new Karasu, Behind a Vacant Image...

  5. I want DEATHGAZE back :(

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    2. YuyoDrift


      You can feel that small spark missing in AI's solo music, so I agree that I'd like them back too.

      Haven't checked out DARRELL. Good things?

    3. nostalgia


      DARRELL and AI's solo career are the same band as you can see AI's releases listed on DARRELL's OHP.

    4. Alsdead14


      @YuyoDrift Check DEAD INSIDE and Quinn. I think both have MVs. There's also their first album somewhere on the forum, it's called DARXNESS. It's pretty good. Imo, my fav song is DEAD INSIDE. They also did a retake of THE END on the DEAD INSIDE single.

  6. Did u make a thread about toxicity in VK so you could be toxic yourself? 

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    2. nekkichi


      praying that they lure the dirubros out on reddit before performing the obligatory seppuku of their account on here

    3. sixblacknine


      they deleted the reddit post lmao people were calling them out for creating drama

    4. nekkichi


      imagine if same reddit ppl saw the 100+ shitpost threads they posted over past week alone whew

  7. sixblacknine

    Eeek OP; I get the impression that you're a fairly recent fan of Dir en grey and you feel like you've missed out on the drama from the past I've seen your post on Reddit asking about deadtree too and honestly you're coming across a little obsessed/creepy, don't harass her on tumblr, there's absolutely no need and you're making yourself look quite toxic and immature/stupid. I thought you made this topic out of curiosity, but you just want to shit stir chill out a bit.
  8. sixblacknine

    She's still around, I thought she'd mellowed out but I have her blocked so probably not lol, got tired of her lurking and then vaguing about me/my friends cuz we dont take dir super seriously and like to poke fun at kyo being an angsty edgelord
  9. sixblacknine

    person in the dir fandom using that song as their screen name originally from livejournal days but now on tumblr, v toxic, harasses/argues with everyone who disagrees with her has an incredibly unhealthy obsession with Kyo, no one knows him as well as she does!!!!!
  10. honestly infinitum previews sounded kinda garbo but Im still impatient for someone to upload lol 

  11. sixblacknine

    Deathgaze I miss Girugamesh SO much, glad I went VIP for their last tour also Tomodachi but I know Onimura retired and idc about the others so :^D
  12. sixblacknine

    I'm so so happy for this ; u ;
  13. sixblacknine

    That album cover is hideous, , , I always felt bad for Danger gang, they've been around for so long and they've never really gotten anywhere
  14. sixblacknine

    Maya is so good looking ughhh 👌
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