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  1. I think I am going to have to delay my review by a day, I faced one too many distractions this weekend and I do not want to rush it on the last night and deliver something incomplete or inadequate.
  2. Currently watching; Ballroom e Youkoso, Black Clover, Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi, Dies Irae, Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd Season, Inuyashiki, Juuni Taisen, Kekkai Sensen & Beyond, Mahoutsukai no Yome, Sengoku Night Blood and Shoukoku no Altair. Where do I find the time for all this?
  3. On October 25th, ZIGGY will release their new album 「2017」 in commemoration of their 30 year anniversary. PECF-3185 / ¥3,700+tax [DISC 01] 01. 白んだ空に蝶達は舞ってる 02. うたた寝の途中 03. まだ見ぬ景色が見たくて 04. 虹を見た 05. 月明かりの下で 06. 君のままでいいから 07. Don’t stop the R&R music 08. MAKE A STAND 09. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH 10. 踊らされたくないのなら 11. 頬杖と有限の夜 [DISC 02 LIVE CD] 01. CELEBRATION DAY 02. 赤の残像 03. LET THE MUSIC PLAY 04. それゆけ!R&R BAND 05. マケイヌ 06. STEP BY STEP 07. BORN TO BE FREE 08. HEAVEN AND HELL 09. GLORIA 10. WHISKY, R&R AND WOMEN 11. 静寂の音がただ青過ぎて 12. STAY GOLD 13. I’M GETTIN’ BLUE 14. EASTSIDE WESTSIDE Additionally, they will release a remastered version of their live in Budokan played on February 20th, 1990. This release includes a DVD of the full live show and a CD version of the performance. PEBF-3190 / ¥3,000+tax [DVD] 日本武道館LIVE (1990年2月20日) 01. SWEET SOUND OF R&R 02. それゆけ! R&R BAND 03. MAKE IT LOUD 04. ONE NIGHT STAND 05. LAZY BEAT 06. HOT LIPS 07. PLAYING ON THE ROCKS 08. DRIVE ME WILD 09. STARTIN’ AGAIN 10. I WANT YOU TO KISS ME ALL NIGHT LONG 11. PASSION REDのおまえを抱いて 12. LAST DANCEはお前に 13. SING MY SONG 14. SHOUT IT OUT LOUD 15. EASTSIDE WESTSIDE 16. I CAN’T STOP DANCIN’ 17. GLORIA 18. FEELIN’ SATISFIED 19. I’M GETTING’ BLUE 20. BURNIN’ LOVE 21. HOW 22. CRISIS 23. BORN TO BE FREE (全23曲) [BONUS TRACK] 2月18日スタジオ・リハーサル 2月20日当日リハーサル [CD VERSION] 01. SWEET SOUND OF R&R 02. それゆけ! R&R BAND 03. MAKE IT LOUD 04. ONE NIGHT STAND 05. HOT LIPS 06. I WANT YOU TO KISS ME ALL NIGHT LONG 07. LAST DANCEはお前に 08. SING MY SONG 09. EASTSIDE WESTSIDE 10. I CAN’T STOP DANCIN’ 11. GLORIA 12. FEELIN’ SATISFIED 13. I’M GETTING’ BLUE 14. BURNIN’ LOVE 15. HOW 16. CRISIS 17. BORN TO BE FREE (全17曲) In addition to that, ZIGGY (Juichi with a supporting lineup) will hold their anniversary tour throughout Japan. 【ライブ情報 / Live Information】 ZIGGY TOUR 2017 森重樹一 (Vo) サポートメンバー:カトウタロウ (G.), Toshi (Ba.), CHARGEEEEEE... (Dr.), 佐藤達哉 (Key.) ■2017.11.02 @新横浜NEW SIDE BEACH!! ■2017.11.03 @神戸VARIT. ■2017.11.05 @広島セカンドクラッチ ■2017.11.09 @HEAVEN'S ROCK 宇都宮 ■2017.11.10 @仙台HOOK ■2017.11.19 @東京TSUTAYA O-EAST ■2017.11.22 @新横浜NEW SIDE BEACH!! ■2017.11.23 @静岡Sunash ■2017.11.25 @岐阜Club roots ■2017.11.26 @金沢GOLD CREEK ■2017.11.30 @札幌cube garden ■2017.12.01 @旭川CASINO DRIVE ■2017.12.03 @函館Club Cocoa ■2017.12.07 @梅田CLUB QUATTRO ■2017.12.08 @名古屋CLUB QUATTRO ■2017.12.10 @博多DRUM Be-1 ■2017.12.16 @沖縄Output ■2017.12.17 @沖縄Output ※(FC限定ライブ) ◆ 森重樹一 Official Site http://morishigejuichi.jp/ ◆ SPACE SHOWER MUSIC http://spaceshowermusic.com
  4. I think this is the source, but this is just from a general visual kei news page.
  5. New poster revealing that Dear Loving have filled Kra's spot on the event. Additionally, the band Sclaim will open up for the event. It is also revealed something new will be released at the event (likely to be live-limited).
  6. I have disliked children ever since I grew my own consciousness. Anything up to the ages of ten is a no-no. Between not desiring sex whatsoever, horrifying the sight and thought of childbirth and the dreadful knowledge that children are hideous little monsters, I have no maternal instinct at all. I also fear for the time when perhaps my siblings will become parents. It may sound terribly selfish, but I would like to keep my siblings to myself, thank you very much. I am glad my oldest sister thinks similarly to me, but I have no clue about what my brother or younger sister will procure in the future and I always imagine the worst.
  7. That sounds like a beautiful beginning of the new year.
  8. That moment when you find out that the guy who released one of the best death metal albums of the year worked on a Yohio album. Ehh, mixed feelings now. Oh well.
  9. So it is necessary to verify all your dummy accounts now in order to up-and downvote artists' pictures. However when you verify and go back to the page, it hasn't worked and you will be sent into an endless loop of dysfunctional verification. Lovely.
  10. Their latest release was instrumentally superb, but I just couldn't wrap myself around Zin's vocals. He has a great range for power metal, but the recent input of growls and screams just do not fit his style at all and if this was the direction they were headed in it might have been for the best to let him go, let's be honest here. I saw them live a couple of years ago in Köln and I really enjoyed their performance, but I think this project simply wasn't meant to be.
  11. You completed the Raid yet, scrub?

    1. YuyoDrift


      Dammmmmnn youuuuu



      I haven't had the free time to play lol I think I'm still at around 150.


      You've done it already?!?!?

    2. Lestat


      Ah, yes. I have a pretty steady clan coming over from D1 so I can complete it three times a week if I want to. 

    3. YuyoDrift


      lol you're gonna have to sherpa my raid team soon

  12. The Matina label and Mirage will hold their 20 year anniversary event on Saturday 2018.03.31 somewhere in Tokyo, which will likely include a live from Mirage. Full information becomes available on October 1st.
  13. I do at least hope it is something worthwhile that might result in new music, and not another luckybag sale of whatever leftover merchandise he has stored away still, or something.