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  1. Lestat

    This looked way too good all the way until the gravity defying boobs. I know nothing about this title whatsoever, but is this ecchi? If so, I’m afraid I’ll have to skip.
  2. Lestat

    Ever since he started gaining some attention in the drag queen world his music turned to absolute garbage. So it’s been two or three years since he released something decent. Pity.
  3. So many people selling all their stuff. 😱

    1. suji


      gurl i need the money!!!!! xD

    2. Lestat


      I would get something from you if you didn’t live in the US haha. Atrocious shipping costs 😒

  4. So where is SnK S3 supposed to leak from? Haven’t seen it on streaming sites yet. (Or HorribleSubs)

    1. nostalgia


      Isn't it coming in 2019?

    2. Lestat


      Is it? I was under the impression it was on this season. 

    3. nostalgia


      I'm not a big anime fan but I heard that it would be out in 2019.

      However, looks like it'll officially air late this month according to this article.


  5. Lestat

    Summer season; Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki Baki Banana Fish Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger Leftovers are Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 and Black Clover. Man, this season feels so utterly weak...
  6. Hadn’t heard of this guy before, but what a great choice. Miles ahead of Zin. Looking forward to their new releases!
  7. Would like to take a small moment to promote my boyfriend’s and friends’ band’s first demo. Atmospheric black metal from the Netherlands, female vocals (lyrics all in Dutch). Enjoy!
  8. Lestat

    Let me just share these hot as hell new photos of Kisaki here instead of dragging him through some dirt in a weird as hell comparison. Thanks bye.
  9. This new trend of harassing the 14-year old Millie Bobby Brown is just disgusting. Are people thát jealous that they have to fake an uprising actress being a racist, homophobic bully and causing her to shut down from social media? Honestly, the internet is getting more pathetic every day. These people are genuinely excited about bullying a teenager in her most vulnerable stage of life. This will scar her for life, great job everyone. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. platy


      That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard. People will really believe anything for the sake of a witch hunt. 

    3. Tokage


      Once again reiterating the stuff I mentioned before about how this cult of dumbfucks pretty much actively TRYING to find something to be offended about and call out ( be it true or not) absolutely needs to be wiped off the internet  

    4. emmny


      @herpes did it

  10. Now this actually looks worthwhile!
  11. Lestat

    Still can’t get on, lol.
  12. Lestat

    I still can’t access it, the website appears as unsafe across all the browsers I’ve tried so it won’t let me in.
  13. Lestat

    Where are people getting it from that it will be a permanent shutdown? Because it won’t be. It’s not on MAL’s end by the way, the issue lies with DeNA who refuse to share an estimate maintenance period with the public. This basically stemmed from the new privacy laws and some platforms are taking a little longer to fix their problems with it.
  14. Purchased my VIP ticket and photo session ticket!
  15. The schedule has been updated with more lives! Tickets will go on sale on May 30th @ http://www.b7klan.com Sep 13. London, United Kingdom - Underworld. Sep 15. Helsinki, Finland - Gloria. Sep 16. Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Melkweg. Sep 18. Cologne, Germany - MTC. Sep 19. Munich, Germany - Backstage. Sep 21. Barcelona, Spain - Apolo. Sep 22. Paris, France - Backstage by the Mill. Supporting members for the tour are Meku, Anzi, Masashi and Yuki. I'm definitely going to Amsterdam. This is the first time he's coming close to me in years, phew!