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  1. Kamijo will release his new single titled 「mademoiselle」in three editions on September 27th this year. CDJapan pre-order bonus; order before June 18th to receive a mini-photo and a code to watch a private video. TYPE A: This edition contains three tracks total, including an unreleased song, "Shogen." Also includes a bonus DVD with two music videos each for the title song and "Castrato." TYPE B: This edition contains three tracks total, including an unreleased song, "Shogen." Also comes with a bonus DVD with bonus video footage (40 min., approx.), including production scenes and backstage of his concerts. Regular Edition: This edition contains seven tracks total, including an unreleased song, "Shogen" as well as exclusive ones for this edition such as "Urei no Hana ga Tsuzuru Ai (LAREINE self-cover)."
  2. Hoping to leave these horrible two weeks behind me soon. I have pretty much been in a constant state of anxiety (fight or flight phenomenon) and the anxiety has turned physically on my throat. I constantly feel like I am being choked, making it hard to breathe which causes me to hyperventilate, which continues the cycle. I lost 2kgs already because it's very comfortable to eat too. I had to start medication to help keep the anxiety in check too, something I never dared to imagine hearing all the horror stories about anti-depressants. It's difficult to even leave the house and visit a store at this point. Ever since I officially got diagnosed with autism last year I've been under layers of stress due to multitudes of psychiatric appointments and I have developed symptoms I never previously struggled with due to said stress. Honestly, I wish I could go back to the time before the diagnosis, my only issue back then was that it was difficult –or rather impossible– for me to find or hold a job. I barely know how to deal with all of this.
  3. They worded it very poorly, but it sounds like they will end their business altogether? I could be wrong, however – they were never quite adequate at getting a message across properly.
  4. You can email them with the id of your transaction and ask for a refund. I had to do the same thing when they postponed a Kamijo concert.
  5. B7Klan's baseless comment on the matter; "B7 is very sad to inform we had to cancel the upcoming european tour planned for Matenrou Opera. Despite the band efforts and our promotion we must face a pity reality. We have been working J-Rock and Visual Kei for 10 years and for us this is a very sad ending. We hope for a new interest of Visual Kei bands in the future to allow them to tour Europe again in good conditions. People who bought tickets for Matenrou Opera show can request reimbursement in the places where they bought them. If needed, you can contact us at info@torpedo-productions.com Once again, we thank Matenrou Opera for their understanding and we adress our sincere apologises to the fans."
  6. I do not read Japanese, but someone said the band stated in their message that there were 'problems with the local organizer' (as in B7Klan). B7Klan also announced a new concert in Paris from a Korean group merely a week ago, I doubt they suddenly got the idea to cancel everything in the matter of a week.
  7. Absolutely my final straw with B7Klan, this being the sixth or seventh event or tour they cancelled (or rescheduled) that I was supposed to visit, and those are merely the ones I wanted to see. They never give adequate reason or explanations for their decisions either. No more, no matter which band it pertains.
  8. One question, though; why are visual kei bands always 'officially announced' so quickly? This is so typical to this scene only it seems, surely western bands do promote themselves online but usually not without some tangible material or a schedule beforehand. Is it just the community at fault for hyping up the groups without them even having started yet and basically still being stuck in their mother's basement?
  9. Heavy downvote on this and any of the singular bandmember photos, please; https://www.last.fm/music/Salems+Lott/+images/f906a10530744e88ce61e07ebc15a338 Upvote any or all of these; https://www.last.fm/music/Salems+Lott/+images/1aca5a1d4b19a78bdabf0ad4f4553e28 https://www.last.fm/music/Salems+Lott/+images/aecf51ec248a559ffa9c7a4132196756 https://www.last.fm/music/Salems+Lott/+images/b976b5ff1925a18ae358c3b85dd704e4
  10. Chaos confirmed to me that he was not involved in illegal activities whatsoever, and hereby I conclude that the cultural clash in the fandom / scene was likely too large. He will not make any further statements on the matter and will continue his work in glamscure as per usual.
  11. Probably slept with a girlfriend or got drunk one too many times. Likely something completely human for which they fired him before rabid teenage girls got on the case to destroy the band's reputation, as always.
  12. Happy b-day Lestat! <3

  13. The west has had its answer to visual kei, long before visual kei even took that moniker; glam and sleaze rock. And especially Scandinavia plays a large role in the revival of glam rock. Any person like Yohio or Patrick would be smart to play under this guise instead of using the Japanese bastardisation of glam rock called visual kei because it would likely garner them a lot more positive attention instead without them trying too hard to be emo. There is essentially only a small difference (however the new generation of visual kei has of course, changed tremendously) as visual kei originated straight out of the west. You really do not have to look all that far.
  14. Speaking of Schammasch (I am beyond excited for the new release already), these Canadians apparantly somewhat play in the same vein as they do and lie somewhere between the aforementioned's sound and Batushka's. Definitely something to look forward to, I love ritualistic / ascension- themed black metal.
  15. I suppose I should not have kept my hopes up and should not have expected a magnum opus similar to 地球 that instantly took the top of the charts — I doubt that without Anzi they will ever reach similar heights again. This definitely does not provide the same punch right off the bat. I can only hope it grows on me.