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  1. Rest in peace, Stan Lee. :emo:

    1. suji


      i REFUSE to accept this 💔 :(  rest in peace

    2. colorfuljinsei


      ; _ ; R.I.P.

      For some reason I expected him to be around forever. He'll be greatly missed.

  2. Lestat

    I suppose this is only really an issue when you live in the US. More than half of these series weren’t available to legally stream in Europe to begin with.
  3. Digging this Polish massacre a lot. The subtle doom elements make it so atmospheric and eerie, will be spinning this very often!
  4. Lestat

    Just had my first driving lesson and it went a lot better than expected, I even feel energized afterwards now! It was a lot of fun, next time on next Saturday.
  5. It would be nice if we could do that without you immediately stomping on our opinions when you don't like something other people post.
  6. Lestat

    Let’s not when some people are in the process of ridding this forum of unnecessary toxicity.
  7. A few years ago I missed out on seeing Gackt and I still feel horrible about it. I can’t even remember why I didn’t go as I don’t recall any conditions being unfortunate for me to go. I still really, really regret it as he is likely not going to tour like that again (or even release new music at all).
  8. Lestat

    Not necessarily a fandom, but I have experience with very rude foreigners visiting Visual kei concerts here in the Netherlands. They are either French or German and usually think they own the place. Includes kicking, punching, pinching, hair pulling and overall nastiness every single time. Fun (or perhaps not so fun) fact; years ago when Versailles played in the Netherlands, a few German girls up front ripped a piece off of Hizaki’s dress and continuously groped the guys. This caused them to not want to play here anymore. Pretty ironic since it wasn’t at all caused by our people.
  9. Lestat

    Thank you so much for those! I didn't even know Milk was available on Spotify (at least not with kanji tags, as Spotify usually prefers romaji for whatever reason). There are 320kbps and FLAC links for the self-titled in this thread that are still up;
  10. Lestat

    @SoulTheBaka is there any chance you can upload some of their releases if you have any? (Other than their self-titled)
  11. Lestat

    I am currently listening to the album, and I can see where the people who generally do not swerve towards western metal can find this innovative or refreshing, as it is different from your usual visual kei oeuvre. But when especially black metal (they're selling it as black metal, right?) is your daily consumption, this feels like it is nothing more than entry level gothic/black names like Cradle of Filth and late Dimmu Borgir esque releases, lacking originality and creativity, and pandering to the masses with a more approachable sound. So perhaps it is a matter of perspective. To one they can sound like a completely new thing, and to others it may indeed appear as what is almost a parody-band. Very enjoyable as a visual kei release, not so much as a metal release.
  12. Works by another close friend of mine. Inspired by the recent burning of the St. Urbanus church in Amstelveen.
  13. Lestat

    Happy to take in any Kisaki related merchandise I do not yet currently own.
  14. Lestat

    I am aware that you are referring to me, but why do you want my opinion so badly? What exactly do you want me to say that will rile up your sensationalism about this? I’m not going to speak of the subject because I am emotionally drained about this enough as we speak. Please keep these jokes in your thoughts, I’ll just have none of them.
  15. Lestat

    It’s looking more and more like Mirage is properly getting revived.