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  1. Lestat

    Pfffff. Second dog I had to bring away this month. This time the neighbour's who spent time with us too since he was a little pup. Poor things, poor things...
  2. Lestat

    I’ve loved Yoshiki since I was twelve years old and didn’t even know what Visual Kei was. So that’s almost fifteen years now. He was one of my first inspirations both musically as well as personally and he still is. I can’t think of him as anything other than an amazing human being who loves everything and everyone around him while enduring so much hardship. I don’t get why so many people have such a big mouth about everything he does while they wouldn’t even think twice about listening to X or anything related. Why complain about an album that’s being postponed when all they’ll do is complain about how much like garbage it is eventually.
  3. Lestat

    @YuyoDrift I ended up getting the JBL TUNE600BT's (an upgrade from my initial request since these have noise cancellation as well) and they're a perfect fit. I have pretty small ears and a small head so these are great in a sense that they don't look bulky on me, which is what I was going for too. They also stay comfortable with glasses which is good! The sound is gorgeous for the music I'm listening to so I'm very happy with them.
  4. My favourite technical / progressive death metal album from this year so far comes from Taiwan (obligatory 'there's always an Asian better than you' comment here). Gorgeous album art as well. This album surprised me as Asia usually only dabbles in brutal death metal and doesn't expand much beyond that, so it's a nice find overall.
  5. It appears you've reached some sort of benchmark denoting the duration of your fleshly vessel's sojourning here on earth. Perhaps you should celebrate it!

  6. Lestat

    My brother's dog is dying from a tumor caused by bone cancer. Poor thing is barely even two years old. I helped raise him since he was a puppy and sat him every week. God... Why is life so cruel to innocent and sweet animals...
  7. Lestat

    Terrifier (2016) — Typical manic killer clown slasher film with some disastrous female leads. Campy and horrible effects but lots of fun, laughed my ass off. Apparantly it has a prequel (All Hallow's Eve) and a prequel-short by the same moniker as the 2016 edition as well. Should check them out soon.
  8. https://vigordeconstruct.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/VigorDeconstruct Vigor Deconstruct is a new record label partially risen from the ashes of Fallen Empire Records — this new structure being erected by Markov Soroka (US/Ukraine: Tchornobog, Aureole, Krukh, Drown, etc.). I'm pleased to have assisted Markov with the introduction of Argonavis (Canada), one of the label's signed bands. The two other names I am presently co-signing to the label will be revealed later this year, both are currently in the progress of recording and mastering their new releases. Look forward to it!
  9. Managed to snap a little shot with Nils “Dominator” Fjellström today. Fourteen hours at work, but worth it!
  10. Lestat

    Almost 26 and I still get asked for my ID when I buy 16+ videogames. On a bad day I may flip at the clerk.
  11. lmao I assure you I had nothing to do with this :tw_joy:

  12. As I'm often looking for live footage of Japanese vocalists at their absolute height of performance, I think it's nice to come up with a collective thread where everyone will post their favourite videos of their favourite singers' top-notch achievements, where they blew everyone away with that one high note they hit perfectly, or where their abilities simply outmatch album recordings by far. For some bands there's tons of footage to sift through and if you want to show someone their renounced quality but don't know where to start, this would be nice. I'll post just one for now as not to clutter this immediately. I especially love this performance pf Day Dream by Asagi. It's clean all-throughout and he just hits every note. Great scale of going from chest-voice to head-voice and back. Still can't get over how great his range is sometimes.
  13. The new Rhapsody Of Fire album is just glorious. I’ve never listened to them all that much but now I realise I should have done so much more. Such energy!
  14. I've pulled @reminiscing2004 this edition. They sent me an untitled and undescribed mix, leaving it entirely up to my own interpretation. 01. sora - 小さな手 02. yarmulke - one theAter in square 03. mathbonus - one to have a morning smoke by 04. Heaven In Her Arms - 鉄線とカナリア 05. killie - 06. ムック - 朽木の塔 07. Supersilent - 4.2 08. Kulara - Fate 09. Eivind Aarset - Close (For Comfort) 10. Nine Inch Nails - Ripe (With Decay) Overall I was very pleased receiving this mix. When I first received the picture along with the download file I didn't exactly know what to think as it's quite the nondescript image. But eventually my mind filled itself with possibilities and I thought about it a lot while at work. It took me quite a while to review as it was both difficult and I didn't anticipate my schedule well enough. I couldn't find anything out of place here, so @reminiscing2004 did a fantastic job at creating one of my favourite mixtapes as of yet on the forum. Thanks, and 'til next time!
  15. Lestat

    Does anyone have experience with JBL wireless headphones? I am looking to ask for the E45BT’s for my birthday since I’m tired of replacing wired earbuds every other month. They look sleek and not bulky, and the general reviews are 4.0 - 5.0 stars. This is from the general public though and likely not from real music hooligans. I’m not a certified audiophile myself but I’m just looking for something decent with some endurance, somewhere around €80.
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