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  1. I suppose I should not have kept my hopes up and should not have expected a magnum opus similar to 地球 that instantly took the top of the charts — I doubt that without Anzi they will ever reach similar heights again. This definitely does not provide the same punch right off the bat. I can only hope it grows on me.
  2. Two new members —RUCY on bass and DAISUKE on drums— have joined the band. DAISUKE RUCY
  3. I have actively been tracking my ratings on here, finding it a very good solution to remain informed about what I have listened to thus far, and keeping a list as such also encourages me to discover more things and generally listen to more albums. My favourites of the year so far are; Laster - "Ons Vrije Fatum" Sunless - "Urraca" Human - "Contemplating Soliloquy" Wormwood - "Ghostlands - Wounds From A Bleeding Earth" Venenum - "Trance Of Death" I think death metal is primarily going to be the favourite genre of the year, at least. There are some others that I have rated very high, but they just don't provide that little extra touch for me. These thoughts might change with more spins I give some of these records, though.
  4. Living for Bidoh's pants.
  5. I saw them once in 2005 or 2006, I think — might attempt to grab a ticket for their last show in Amsterdam, if only for going down that nostalgia lane. I think they improved greatly from 2007 and upward, I have definitely enjoyed and played Venus Doom and Screamworks an agitating amount of times. Truly disappointed and sad that they are calling it quits because they seemed like one of those eternal bands that would simply stay around until the end of time, but 26 years is quite an achievement nonetheless.
  6. Always nice to read your ever so positive insight on others' tastes in here, Bear.
  7. This is about as crunchy as death / doom can get. Comes from an amazing album, never heard of this band until now but I am so honestly glad that I discovered them.
  8. Visual-Kei

    Definitely not. I suppose we are all still anxiously waiting for someone to upload it... No pressure, though.
  9. In general, my family is quite tame on Facebook — with the exception of my Mother's sisters. I believe I am only befriended with one of them, because most will attempt to unveil your 'hidden agenda' from any small thing you post. They are always fighting over supposed incidents on Facebook because of the unnerving unending suspicion they seek behind every update. If one has lunch with another, the others who were not present will begin to comment with snarky remarks and push their ego until they get noticed. It is honestly tiring.
  10. I am only watching Onihei and ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka when you consider new shows and not sequels, both are very good. The rest is... the usual (harems, school settings, ecchi).
  11. People who unfriend you over your voting choice on a political election. Oh, the ease of Facebook's anonymity and the safety behind a computer screen.
  12. umbrella will release their fifth single 'Frontier", on May 17th. 01. Frontier 02. ハイキ 03. スロウレイン
  13. So they re-recorded 終焉のカンパネラ and War of the Dead paradise. Although 終焉のカンパネラ did not quite need the change, it is still a very good choice on the latter, thank heavens, as on the live-distributed single's version it seemed as if they were recording the drums on tin cans. The mixing seems off as the volume changes quite significantly between songs, might just be the Youtube video's rendering though. Regardless, still looking forward to this very much.
  14. Limited Edition [CD + DVD] ¥2.500 1. カストラート 2. -361- Includes DVD with footage (15 minutes) of Kamijo × Be Choir and trailer footage of new Playstation 4 game "LET IT DIE" for which カストラート is included in the soundtrack. Regular Edition [CD ONLY] ¥1.500 1. カストラート 2. -361- 3. Battle of the Tower -16- 4. カストラート [Instrumental] 5. -361- [Instrumental] Tower Records Limited Edition [CD ONLY] ¥1.000 1. カストラート 2. Battle of the Tower -16-