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  1. I've pulled @reminiscing2004 this edition. They sent me an untitled and undescribed mix, leaving it entirely up to my own interpretation. 01. sora - 小さな手 02. yarmulke - one theAter in square 03. mathbonus - one to have a morning smoke by 04. Heaven In Her Arms - 鉄線とカナリア 05. killie - 06. ムック - 朽木の塔 07. Supersilent - 4.2 08. Kulara - Fate 09. Eivind Aarset - Close (For Comfort) 10. Nine Inch Nails - Ripe (With Decay) Overall I was very pleased receiving this mix. When I first received the picture along with the download file I didn't exactly know what to think as it's quite the nondescript image. But eventually my mind filled itself with possibilities and I thought about it a lot while at work. It took me quite a while to review as it was both difficult and I didn't anticipate my schedule well enough. I couldn't find anything out of place here, so @reminiscing2004 did a fantastic job at creating one of my favourite mixtapes as of yet on the forum. Thanks, and 'til next time!
  2. Lestat

    Does anyone have experience with JBL wireless headphones? I am looking to ask for the E45BT’s for my birthday since I’m tired of replacing wired earbuds every other month. They look sleek and not bulky, and the general reviews are 4.0 - 5.0 stars. This is from the general public though and likely not from real music hooligans. I’m not a certified audiophile myself but I’m just looking for something decent with some endurance, somewhere around €80.
  3. I’m going to need a little more time as well as I was unexpectedly not home at all this weekend. I hope to have it up as latest by Wednesday.
  4. Lestat

    Farfetched thinking here but I hope Haru's a part of it.
  5. Everybody despised me and I bet they still do after more than five years of inactivity, fun times. Love, Kisaki.
  6. Lestat

    Hellsing Ultimate Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Gankutsuou Vampire Hunter D; Bloodlust Redline Wolf’s Rain Tiger & Bunny Devilman Crybaby Casshern Sins Kenpuu Denki Berserk
  7. Lestat

    聖飢魔II has a PV for their song Rôningyô no Yakata, released on 1986 album The End of the Century. Not entirely sure if we should count this as Visual kei rather than Heavy metal, but it's older than Kurenai. Loudness's hit Heavy Chains from Thunder In The East released in 1985. (Again, up to perspective whether or not you want to count this as Visual) Flatbacker (later known as EZO) with a video for Hard Blow from their 1985 VHS 'WAR IS OVER'. (Same idea; Visual or not?)
  8. Lestat

    Picked up Monster Hunter World again and I remember why I put it down... Stuck at the Pink Rathian while SOS Calls don’t exactly work on Xbox.
  9. I guess this is my best of list for 2018 for now. Probably won't change anything to it. Let's go full force into 2019! Apostasy - The Sign Of Darkness Argonavis - Passing The Igneous Maw Cân Bardd - Nature Stays Silent Chaos Echœs - Mouvement Deadly Carnage - Through The Void, Above The Suns Distillator / Space Chaser - Split Extipicium - Through The Entrails Of Darkness... To The Cosmic Awakening Horizon Ablaze - The Weight Of A Thousand Suns Hissing - Permanent Destitution Kwade Droes - De Duivel En Zijn Gore Oude Kankermoer Medenera - Medenir Obliteration - Cenotaph Obscure Old Tower - Stellary Wisdom Shakma - House Of Possession Teleport - The Expansion Unreqvited - Stars Wept To The Sea
  10. All the information you need sits right here in this thread:
  11. Lestat

    Then why listen to them? Half of their discography had jazz elements.
  12. Lestat

    Hide-zou - D (vo. and gu.) Anzi - ex. 摩天楼オペラ (gu.) Reika - ダウト (ba.) Machi - ex. Lareine (dr.)
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