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  1. I watch a lot of dog-related (rehabilitation) television shows and with small dogs it's almost always the case that they're being handled like small children and people forget that they are dogs. People stuff their dogs in clothes, carry them everywhere, allow them on the furniture and speak to them as if they were infants. Of course a dog will grow anxious when they aren't provided with mind-stimulating goals, such as learning commands or learning what is and what is not appropriate behaviour. Their 'mommies' understimulate their brains and their only instinct is to protect these said 'mommies' because everything else in their natural behaviour is surpressed. Which is why some of them become aggressive and snap at everything in reach. My aunt is an example, she has a Shih Tzu and she treats him like a child, what happens is that the otherwise intelligent dog does not know any commands, will not listen at all and jumps on the furniture and defacates in the house. I really do love her but she is just so unhelpful to the poor dog. We're lucky that he doesn't bite or snap at anyone because of this, but it could have very well been the case. It's so unaccomodating that especially small dogs are essentially being seen as 'fashion items' nowadays, because how many people do you see with Chihuahuas who have grown out to be demonic little monsters, simply because the owner has no idea how to handle the dog? I feel like everyone should take some sort of test to prove that they can be a responsible owner, that would be a much better improvement than to simply blame everything on the dog.
  2. My dog won't be able to walk outside without a muzzle anymore if this law is passed on 'aggressive dogs' in the Netherlands, simply because she is a Boxer and falls in the category of potentially aggressive. Supposedly this is to 'protect people'. She would end up with a muzzle because she was harmed by people and still doesn't trust them, especially men. We rescued her from France where she was left abandoned at a campsite, almost starving to death and protecting herself from the humans who had beaten and abused her to a point where she would even assist these criminals with break-ins and other crimes. My Father spent months rehabilitating her, we're about six years ahead in time now and she is still apprehensive toward strangers but very much a sweet and loving dog who wouldn't harm a fly if she had the chance. She is gentle with children (after getting to know them, before that she is simply withdrawn and suspicious), gentle and curious toward smaller animals such as rabbits or guinea pigs, and very accepting of touch and play. This 'vicious' animal will be restrained against those who harmed her, so she can not harm them back and protect herself and the ones she wants to protect. Who should actually wear the muzzle here? I find it absolutely absurd that this law is even considered, especially when you consider that any breed can be brought up aggressive, Labradors, Chihuahuas, Jack Russells and every other breed equally so. Restrain the real perpetrators here, not the victims of vile human beings. The only solution to end aggression in dogs is to put an end to irresponsible breeders and owners.
  3. Oh yes, this looks and sounds exactly like early ネガ. Let the reminiscing begin...
  4. D!!

    The band have revealed their new look in commemoration of their 14th anniversary. The theme is 'Dark fairy tale'.
  5. LACK-CO. are truly a lot better than the people who judged them from merely one song make them out to be. They are quite similar to Develop One's Faculties in their song structures and smart usage of jazzy elements. Very refreshing.
  6. This sounds a great deal better than their previous two or three releases. I wasn't ready to give up hope on them yet.
  7. It's not exactly about the music itself, but I am growing tired of the people who say that every band should go in a heavier (a.k.a. 'br00tal') direction. I believe the majority of the current bands already cannot exist without screaming vocalists — leave the clean-singing ones as they are, please.
  8. New look. It looks like these support members (Ayato on guitar, Zaki on drums) could end up formally joining the band. Album cover and tracklist. 01. SE 02. 終焉のカンパネラ 03. PHANTOM FRONTIER 04. 業 05. 死華の涙 06. 殉愛の女神〜one's end persefone〜 07. ダンス・マカブラ 08. Requiem 09. W†SUISIDE 10. APOTHEOSIS 11. War of the Dead paradise 12. 輪廻転生〜Judgment day〜
  9. @Platy — I am honestly glad that you embarassed yourself with your own mix too, aha! I looked through your profile at Last.fm just now and I wonder how you even managed to get through your own playlist as there appear to be quite some similarities in our actual tastes. You did a good job at making me cringe. Tracklist for my mix below; I am glad that you seemed to enjoy most of it! I am always wary when adding long tracks, but it seemed to have worked out greatly this time as they appeared to be the ones you favoured most. You were right about The Cure and Guns N' Roses. The theme of my mixtape was a lyrical one, as you may have assumed. It begins with a drowning victim being found and brought to a hospital. The individual falls into a coma and goes on a journey of inner struggle. In the end, you see they have little will left to live and give up entirely, and wait for death to take them. Your interpretations were quite good, I must say! --- All the Japanese lyrics and their translations are available online (through some searchwork), either on this forum, on translation-blogs by this forum's members, or simply elsewhere. I also found my album-art quite fitting; the butterfly in this case almost looks like a scan of a brain with very little activity left. Incindentially, the photographer of these butterflies brought them in a comatose state before photographing them, too.
  10. My partner for this edition was @Platy, who sent me the "Super Mysterious Mix", and whom I must apologetically disappoint with our absurdly diverse tastes in musical genres. Their mix mostly consisted of electronical elements which comes in when you consider the least of my interests. It was definitely a reminder of how many different genres there are. If it were up to me, I would name the theme something akin to 'Princess party for a five year old' if we were only to take the first half of it into consideration. Knowing the mix became less and less digital over the course of its length, I began wondering if it was about an entity of artificial intelligence becoming more and more human by age, as the mix lost its computerized elements along the way. In the end, we were not a good pairing when you look at it from my side, and I apologize for any bluntness toward the music altogether.
  11. The only thing I can think of is that the seller was not aware of what she offered up for snatching and that she hadn't checked out the price that it goes for. She didn't seem to know, so I didn't tell her. It was a good steal, if I must say so.
  12. The most interesting piece of information I have regarding them is that I bought their single Isis...~愛園に微睡む魅惑の華~ for ¥500 while it goes for at least ¥10.000 at auctions, aha.
  13. The highly flexible CHARGEEEEEE has formed yet another band, named MEGA HIGH BALL. The drummer is known from a versatile amount of projects, including —but not limited to— Omega Dripp, ZIZ, bulb, Marty Friedman's solo band, DOPPEL and SPEECIES. The new band will release their first EP 『STAR LOUNGE』 on March 4th during their first one-man show at SHIBUYA RUBY ROOM (OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00, ticket: ¥3,000) Lineup: vo. + ba.: Kiyoshi keys: Coba84 dr.: CHARGEEEEEE
  14. There is no commanding someone elses' taste, however. There is a lot more to it than just being unable to find bands that musically appeal to these people (myself included). I always read how others say that bands cannot be compared (and truly, they cannot), yet there is always a persisting feeling present that inherently compares a listening experience to previous and past ones. For me personally, something in me cannot recreate the same emotional attachment when we place, say... Gossip-ゴシップ- (whom I adore) and Lareine (whom I of course, also adore) next to one another. They are completely different bands and I hold both in high regard, but something within me cannot reach as far toward Gossip-ゴシップ- as I do to Lareine. The music industry is ever changing and therefore people's perspective on music is also changing. I feel that my connections to current bands (especially in Visual kei, because of the unstability in the scene in general) are a lot more shallow and insincere. I cannot connect to the music or the faces behind the music all that much anymore and I feel like my favourite musicians are simply set in stone, without much room to let new names in. Incidentially, these names are all from twenty or thirty years in the past, and I sorely miss their presence. While there are some new names I enjoy, they just cannot live up to what I experienced while discovering bands that are long gone but left a much greater impact.
  15. Seeing all these FLAC uploads for releases I have in 128kbps — they are still inconvenient because converting everything song for song is just so time consuming. 

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      @Lestat i explain how to convert from FLAC to ALAC with foobar here


    3. Lestat


      I had foobar for about a month and I found it a hideous player, both in looks and in usage. I can see if there is an option in MusicBee, otherwise I suppose I'll have to consort to converting files one by one through online services. 

    4. KuroDen



      Switch Sound File Converter

      the free one let you convert 5 songs per time.

      and it gives you high quality 320kbps. even greater than if you do it with foobar