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  1. I agree, this is definitely better than XERO. My expectations are kinda low for the new album (didn't enjoy their last 2 full-lengths), but this song gave me a bit of hope.
  2. Eraser

    Without a second thought.
  3. Eraser

    I've been following lynch. for more than 10 years, and loved all of their releases from greedy dead souls till DARK. As for AVANTGARDE and this new album, I can't enjoy them for whatever reason. SINNERS was ok in my book with some nice memorable tracks, but these last 2 full-lengths bore the hell out of me. It's a shame, because some of the previews really got my hopes up this time.
  4. Eraser

    lol, I actually love that song (the PV is shit tho).
  5. Eraser

    Easily their worst PV track so far. ๐Ÿ˜•
  6. Eraser

    It could also mean they consider it as their 13th album (LPs and EPs combined). Same reason the new GazettE album is called NINTH I think.
  7. Eraser

    Great news! Now I'm suddenly not that mad about that SINNERS + BLOOD THIRSTY CREATURE compilation anymore (the album cover is still very bad though).
  8. What the...? They combined their last 2 releases and called it an album? Really? Not even the tracklisting makes any sense, I mean swapping TRIGGER with SORROW, sure that's gonna work out just fine for us... edit: Not to mention the cover is ugly af
  9. Eraser

    DOGMA was so much better than this.
  10. Hi, thanks for the tip! After reading your post, I listened those two files I linked in my OP once again, and I noticed I could hear that "noisy" part (really don't know how to describe it properly, sorry) not only in the ALAC file, but the FLAC file as well. Since I wasn't 100% sure it was the original FLAC file, I downloaded DNA.flac from JPopsuki once again, and I could still hear it. When I opened this thread, I believe I was on a different system (although I was using the same speakers), so that might explain this somehow, even though I still don't really understand why I can only hear it in one file on a specific system, but hear it in both on another, while others can't hear it at all. Anyway, I think it's safe to assume the converter doesn't have anything to do with it, since there was no conversion at all on my part this time. I don't know if you still want me to cut those 5 seconds. If you do, I'll gladly do that, just please confirm it if this is what you meant, because I'm not sure I understood you right. So first I should find those two files (FLAC and ALAC) I was referring to when I created this thread, save the first 5 second of the FLAC file in FLAC & save the first 5 second of the ALAC file in ALAC, then upload them here? I don't know how to do the comparision, so if you could help me with that, that would be much appreciated. Even though this particular problem was most likely caused by something else than Bigasoft Audio Converter, Rekonixir's post suggested this program has same issues that should be looked into.
  11. Hello, thanks for your comment, but I believe we have a different problem here. Someone already confirmed it back then that the ALAC and FLAC files I linked here had the same data, which means my problem wasn't caused by Bigasoft Audio Converter. I still didn't manage to solve it though, but at least none of my other files/albums seems to be affected by this. I will look into Bigasoft Audio Converter a bit more after hearing what happened to you, but I really don't think it's the source of my problem. Anyway, thanks again for sharing this, and I'm glad you could find another software that works for you.
  12. A new EP titled "Dead End in Tokyo European Edition" has been released worldwide. The EP contains 9 tracks, including new song "Dog Days" and various live recordings. Tracklist: 01. Dog Days 02. Dead End in Tokyo 03. Hey Now 04. Brave It Out 05. Raise your flag 06. Seven Deadly Sins 07. Survivor โ€“ live from The World's On Fire Tour 08. Give it Away โ€“ live from The World's On Fire Tour 09. The World's On Fire โ€“ live from The World's On Fire Tour
  13. Eraser

  14. Eraser

    That was the b-side of their "INSIDE OF ME" single. It's not that bad, actually.
  15. VAMPS new album "UNDERWORLD" will be released at 2017/04/26. Limited Edition Type A (5,000yen) will include CD + Blu-ray, Limited Edition Type B (4,000yen) will include CD + DVD, Limited Edition Type C "Special Box" (17,000yen) will include CD, Blu-ray, DVD + sukajan jacket, and Regular Edition (3,000yen) will include CD only. [CD] 01. UNDERWORLD 02. CALLING 03. BREAK FREE 04. DONโ€™T HOLD BACK 05. BLEED FOR ME 06. IN THIS HELL 07. INSIDE OF ME feat. Chris Motionless of Motionless In White 08. RISE OR DIE feat. Richard Z.Kruspe of Emigrate / Rammstein 09. SIN IN JUSTICE feat. APOCALYPTICA 10. B.Y.O.B. (BRING YOUR OWN BLOOD) 11. RISE UP [Blu-ray] 01. LIVE @ ZEPP TOKYO 2016/09/17 [DVD] 01. CALLING (Music Video) 02. CALLING (Making Of) 03. INSIDE OF ME (Music Video) 04. RISE OR DIE (Lyric Video) 05. SIN IN JUSTICE (Lyric Video) 06. VAMPS LIVE 2016 (Documentary)
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