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  1. Ruvie, Dali, Sel'm, Pawn, MoNoLith, amber gris, 9GOATS, 「あゃ」, 12012 etc... missing Ruvie...
  2. 1. DIR EN GREY 2. sukekiyo 3. KEEL 4. HOLLOWGRAM 5. STEREO.C.K 6. uchusentai:noiz 7. MERRY 8. Plastic Tree 9. DALLE 10. えんそく I really loved Ruvie, Dali, Sel'm, Pawn, MoNoLith, amber gris, 9GOATS, 「あゃ」 and 12012..
  3. 気付化されて = kizukasarete
  4. Pokemon Sun
  5. This reminds me of high school days.
  6. It's such an irony, this sunny bright weather
  7. great singer and good singer
  8. 36.5℃の灼熱 = sanjuuroku do go bu no shakunetsu "~~ do ~~ bu" is often used to represent body temperature
  9. I think their songs are really difficult to translate. I'm not that good at English but hope this helps. なんだかんだ言っても感謝しています。 = Anyway I/we appriciate you. どっちか一つが欠けたら終わりね、CD売れない、動員一桁(><) = if you or we are missing, we can't sell any CDs and end up drawing less than ten audiences(><) itai means "hurt" originally. it also means "kind of insane". itaikochan = girls who are so pathetic that your heart hurts.
  10. LINE members-only contents Sequel to KODOU. Craziest video ever.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_sT7yqLX5g
  12. Yes. Japanese fans call the song "Hageyami". (not Gekiyami)
  13. Wow. mama is remake of his song in 2004!!
  14. Does anyone know this?