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  1. pingpongdream

    「S」 and DECAYED CROW.
  2. It sounds 今は抱き締めてたい even to my Japanese ears.
  3. That part is written in a provincial dialect in Kyoto. Mata oaishitou gozaimasu = "I would like to see you again" Sonotokimade okibariyasu = "Please keep healthy until then"
  4. 軽蔑と始まり turns out not to be SE
  5. pingpongdream

    I think it's the other way around
  6. pingpongdream

    I can't say anything to my icon.
  7. pingpongdream

    Ruvie, Dali, Sel'm, Pawn, MoNoLith, amber gris, 9GOATS, 「あゃ」, 12012 etc... missing Ruvie...
  8. pingpongdream

    1. DIR EN GREY 2. sukekiyo 3. KEEL 4. HOLLOWGRAM 5. STEREO.C.K 6. uchusentai:noiz 7. MERRY 8. Plastic Tree 9. DALLE 10. えんそく I really loved Ruvie, Dali, Sel'm, Pawn, MoNoLith, amber gris, 9GOATS, 「あゃ」 and 12012..
  9. pingpongdream

  10. pingpongdream

    気付化されて = kizukasarete
  11. pingpongdream

    Pokemon Sun
  12. pingpongdream

    This reminds me of high school days.
  13. pingpongdream

    It's such an irony, this sunny bright weather
  14. pingpongdream

    great singer and good singer
  15. pingpongdream

    36.5℃の灼熱 = sanjuuroku do go bu no shakunetsu "~~ do ~~ bu" is often used to represent body temperature