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  1. pingpongdream

    I can't say anything to my icon.
  2. pingpongdream

    Ruvie, Dali, Sel'm, Pawn, MoNoLith, amber gris, 9GOATS, 「あゃ」, 12012 etc... missing Ruvie...
  3. pingpongdream

    1. DIR EN GREY 2. sukekiyo 3. KEEL 4. HOLLOWGRAM 5. STEREO.C.K 6. uchusentai:noiz 7. MERRY 8. Plastic Tree 9. DALLE 10. えんそく I really loved Ruvie, Dali, Sel'm, Pawn, MoNoLith, amber gris, 9GOATS, 「あゃ」 and 12012..
  4. pingpongdream

  5. pingpongdream

    気付化されて = kizukasarete
  6. pingpongdream

    Pokemon Sun
  7. pingpongdream

    This reminds me of high school days.
  8. pingpongdream

    It's such an irony, this sunny bright weather
  9. pingpongdream

    great singer and good singer
  10. pingpongdream

    36.5℃の灼熱 = sanjuuroku do go bu no shakunetsu "~~ do ~~ bu" is often used to represent body temperature
  11. pingpongdream

    I think their songs are really difficult to translate. I'm not that good at English but hope this helps. なんだかんだ言っても感謝しています。 = Anyway I/we appriciate you. どっちか一つが欠けたら終わりね、CD売れない、動員一桁(><) = if you or we are missing, we can't sell any CDs and end up drawing less than ten audiences(><) itai means "hurt" originally. it also means "kind of insane". itaikochan = girls who are so pathetic that your heart hurts.
  12. pingpongdream

    LINE members-only contents Sequel to KODOU. Craziest video ever.
  13. pingpongdream

  14. pingpongdream

    Yes. Japanese fans call the song "Hageyami". (not Gekiyami)
  15. pingpongdream

    Wow. mama is remake of his song in 2004!!