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  1. VkBrutaliaN

    Sounds really nice but i really wonder if/when they'll finally release something physical!? Also i wonder if they'll want to be an "online" only band cuz although they exist for quite some time now (Vk standards...) still they haven't played one single live and with that i mean at a venue...
  2. VkBrutaliaN

    Yea i also had that thought to buy maybe this 2 editions but since the -WHITE- edition is live limited who knows if it will appear on the 2nd hand market to buy and even if, for what price... That's why i'll go for the -RED- edition and if samples will make me go HOLY FUCK the re-recorded version of "Hunger" and the new song "Drowning" are absolutely mindblowing amazing then i guess i'll have to go for it but until then....
  3. VkBrutaliaN

    It won't be available at CDjapan, the -EXTRA- edition will be only available via their webshop and pre-order for it should start on 10.7. I was also thinking about buying the -EXTRA- edition but seeing the contents its not really worth it for me so i am definitely going for the -RED- edition. The extras you receive for the -EXTRA- edition are a tote bag, a 64 page booklet (the only thing i would be interested in when it comes to this edition...) and sooner access to some new music video which will be released for the general public on 20.12.2020 anyway. The 33 songs are also included in the -RED- edition...
  4. VkBrutaliaN

    Too bad - their 1st release sounded very promising...
  5. VkBrutaliaN

    HOLIY SHIT, thats a shitton of new songs there. I can't express in words how excited i am!! 8D
  6. VkBrutaliaN

    HELLY YEAH! I already thought yesterday that the guy in the middle looks familiar. I really liked NOKUTO and this first songs sounds very nice. Just wondering wtf is up with their like/dislike ratio on their 1st MV... ...14 dislikes already!? COME ON!
  7. VkBrutaliaN

    All their songs sound so GOOD! Also i am very impressed how well they manage their release campaign despite the rough times. Many bands have already failed this without the shit that's currently going on... But i just was wondering if (like quite a few bands before who were able to complete such release campaigns) once they released their 12th single if they'll also announce like: here's our first full album with 1 or 2 more extra songs... But even if, i party them so much i wouldn't care and just buy anyways... XD Lastly quite curious once all CDs are released how the "full" artwork of all CDs together will look like? At least i assume their will be some big whole picture.
  8. LAY ABOUT WORLD will release their 1st live DVD 『新宿デストラップ』 (shinjuku death trap) 2020.6.30@新宿NINE SPICES (shinjuku NINE SPICES) on 15.08.2020 for a price of 4800yen (tax in) and limited to 300 copies. Seems it'll be sold exclusively through shimizuya records webshop. Tracklist: 1.DEEPLY 2.SICK 3.レッド 4.ラタネとダーリー 5.4th JACK 6.おやすみ 7.死者の指 8.ヘラヘラ 9.Don't be alone 10.Say good bye 11.赤い封筒 12.365 13.Lily 14.BREAK THE RULES 15.Up side down 16.LOSER 17.クランキー 18.FUCKIN'DAY 19.M.U.D
  9. VkBrutaliaN

    I also wanted to just post about them but i guess you beat me to it... Although i also got no clue who they are... But here are some links for whenever they decide to publish something. ;D https://dogmas-band.com/ https://twitter.com/dogmas_official (HELL YEAH for being follower number 1!! XD) https://crosscat.shop-pro.jp/?pid=152045181# (here you can see their first look) Well excited to hear how they'll sound.
  10. LIVERECHT new double A side single 亡骸/桜鏡 (nakigara/sakura kagami) will be released on 14.07.2020 exclusively at their lives and their webshop. It'll be limited to 100 copies for a price of 1500yen (tax in).
  11. VkBrutaliaN

    Quite cool that they'll release this and super happy i didn't go all out and bought their first 2 releases on mercari... XD
  12. DAMN, except for their 1st live limited single i never really liked anything else they've released but this song is PURE GOLD!!
  13. Oh well here we go again...

    Live houses opened and immediately Bands announce new Live Limited Stuff. It sucks ass to be back at this again but i totally understand it since its the best way to draw an audience to your lives.

    Although i gotta admit when it comes to being total "collector scum" like some People call it, its always an amazing feeling to score some live Limited Stuff.


    Also it felt kinda depressing even as an oversea fan when you see some Vk Band opening up some Webshop where they sell a Live Limited CD and still they aren't even able to sell 10 copies within a week.

    Made me wonder how there can be so many Vk Bands around when probably 70% barely make any Profit off of it.


    Anyway done with the rant... 😅 

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    2. Seimeisen


      I agree with Zeus that it doesn't bother me as much. Most bands I still listen to have stopped doing them, and now I just avoid new bands that do. Keeps me in a bubble, but it's a wallet-saving bubble~

    3. DerKnecht


      Selling copies in live only is a lot less hassle for the bands. Getting your CD into retail stores, webshops etc is very costly. So this way they don't need to be worried to be left with a huge pile of unsold CD's. 

    4. VkBrutaliaN



      Definitely agree about the wallet saving thing and in general thats probably the smartest thing one can do but unfortunately that doesn't Work for me since i'm a huge sucker for new Bands... XD 

  14. VkBrutaliaN

    Their 1st single will cost 2000yen (tax in). Tracklist: 1.曖昧傘 (aimai kasa) 2.首輪 (kubiwa) They also revealed their new look.
  15. VkBrutaliaN

    10/10 so far! 8D
  16. Quite happy they put ningen janai on their 1st release cuz after watching their live stream i was looking forward for a recorded version of that song the most.
  17. VkBrutaliaN

    I guess i "cancel" my vote on the TOP... because i found out the band that i meant in my post was called "HakenkreuZ" and they sounded fucking awesome!! But they weren't a Vk band... so yeah... XD
  18. VkBrutaliaN

    Harkenkreuz sounded AMAZING! At least from the 2 live videos i found from them on youtube many, many years ago. Although not sure if there are more bands going by the name "HarkenkreuZ" cuz from what i remember they didn't had any nazi theme going on - at least not in their visuals... Soundwise/from the cover art from their i guess 1 and only CD i've ever seen probably yes... Anyway also had a little conversation with their vocalist on ameba a little bit and he told me that he works as a nurse which was quite interesting to know.
  19. VkBrutaliaN

    Cool buy, although i hope you weren't the one paying 30.000yen for it... Specially because they'll plan to revive for one day later this year where they'll release a best album which is the only reason why i refuse buying anything of the many CDs which are currently offered at mercari...
  20. VkBrutaliaN

    THIS! Also i wonder when the other 10million vocalists come into play ... ôÓ
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