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  1. ...that feeling of relieve when you listen outside music via headphones and all of a sudden  you think like: fuck someone behind me is probably shouting at me...

    but then it turns out it was just a spoken word passage in the song you've never noticed before... XD

    1. Gesu


      I always use headphones when I'm outside, so people sometimes think I'm just being rude when I don't respond to them until they notice. Nowadays, everyone just waves their hand in front of my face if they want my attention X)


      This meme is basically me:


    2. Aferni


      Literally me every day listening to llll-ligro- & Morgue/Noulla

    3. VkBrutaliaN


      yea it also happens to me a lot when i am walking around with headphones that people just try to ask me something and i only notice it because they look at me and i see their mouth is moving and i mostly always just think like: hey i'm listening to music if you haven't noticed so why don't you ask the person next to me... must be either because i look so charismatic * ;D * or they are just plain stupid...

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