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  1. VkBrutaliaN

  2. Tracklist: 1, 心霧 (kokoro kiri) 2, 蒼華 (souge) 3, Mirage 4, Certainty 5, sin of pride 6, Scarlet
  3. VkBrutaliaN

    Their very last single "an never die to before die" will be distributed at their last ONEMAN live on 2019.05.14 at shibuya O-WEST.
  4. VkBrutaliaN

    pretty exciting!
  5. VkBrutaliaN

    NETH PRIERE CAIN released a choreography video for both songs from their upcoming live limited maxi single a while ago. i really enjoy "Believe in me." so i might consider buying the new release of both bands - just wish NETH PRIERE CAIN would produce more songs like "Believe in me." since imo this is their best song to date for me.
  6. VkBrutaliaN

    Their first minialbum 【事件簿録】 (jikenbo roku) will be released on 01.05.2019 for a price of 2160yen.
  7. VkBrutaliaN

    well thats at least a legit argument i can live with. but again to say if you post a yt vid you HAVE to write the info is kinda pff... people don't always have time to do that and if you have read a few of my considered "news" posts you should know if time allows it i most likely write such information in my posts/do japanese to romaji translation for the song titles etc. anyways lets just move on.
  8. VkBrutaliaN

    you really can't tell me that there is any human being with a brain who doesn't read/overlook the part about their first single in this pv. also in this case 90% of all MH users who simply copy/paste yt videos shouldn't do so cuz there is most likely almost always info about either a release or some sponsored lives etc. in PVs. but lets stop this garbage, its getting nowhere anyway like always.
  9. VkBrutaliaN

    Haven't forgotten about it but i think most people who are online here should be able to read. ;D
  10. VkBrutaliaN

  11. VkBrutaliaN

    This is pure perfection and Mio showed off even some slightly more vocal skills he's capable of! ;D
  12. VkBrutaliaN

    YAY - super excited! 8D
  13. VkBrutaliaN

    can't wait to listen to their new album this weekend - so far both PV's for it are awesome. they have really interesting songwriting which makes them extremely unique.
  14. VkBrutaliaN

    HOLY SHIT - this is exactly what i needed. NOW I AM HYPED AF for more! Just gimme a CD i can buy already! XD
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