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  1. today i reached another milestone within my Vk collection with 1000 CDs. 

    DAMN, a bit over 10 years of hardcore collecting! ~   ;D

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    2. VkBrutaliaN


      thanks. ;D

      since i started listening to Vk it just keeps getting better and better without exception so there's still many CDs to come to make the collection grow even more in the future.

      although i'd say i have only room for about another maybe 1000-1500 CDs tops and then i am out of room again but luckily that means i should be at least safe for the next 8-10 years anyway... XD

    3. xriko


      welldone boi

      have you writed your collection somewhere? you should have pretty stuff 😛

    4. VkBrutaliaN


      @xriko i do actually have a list were i write everything down but its not 100% up to date since i changed from many word files to one big excel sheet and probably a lot of CDs i obrained within my first 1-2 years of being a Vk fan are missing in the list so its not very accurate... XD

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