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  1. Oh well here we go again...

    Live houses opened and immediately Bands announce new Live Limited Stuff. It sucks ass to be back at this again but i totally understand it since its the best way to draw an audience to your lives.

    Although i gotta admit when it comes to being total "collector scum" like some People call it, its always an amazing feeling to score some live Limited Stuff.


    Also it felt kinda depressing even as an oversea fan when you see some Vk Band opening up some Webshop where they sell a Live Limited CD and still they aren't even able to sell 10 copies within a week.

    Made me wonder how there can be so many Vk Bands around when probably 70% barely make any Profit off of it.


    Anyway done with the rant... 😅 

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    2. Seimeisen


      I agree with Zeus that it doesn't bother me as much. Most bands I still listen to have stopped doing them, and now I just avoid new bands that do. Keeps me in a bubble, but it's a wallet-saving bubble~

    3. DerKnecht


      Selling copies in live only is a lot less hassle for the bands. Getting your CD into retail stores, webshops etc is very costly. So this way they don't need to be worried to be left with a huge pile of unsold CD's. 

    4. VkBrutaliaN



      Definitely agree about the wallet saving thing and in general thats probably the smartest thing one can do but unfortunately that doesn't Work for me since i'm a huge sucker for new Bands... XD 

  2. If you like underground Post-Metalcore i urge you to check out the band ONE LAST STAND. They fuckin' slay!!




    1. patientZERO


      The vocals on STAY REAL sound like they're with the mic halfway across the room. There's some real potential here, but I think they need more polish.

  3. After around 2 years and 3 weeks i finally finished copying all my 1100+ Cds to my PC.

    I don't even know what to do with my newly won free time... XD

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    2. VkBrutaliaN


      I guess i am getting old - i have no idea about what you mentioned... XD  

    3. Aferni


      GC = Gamecube

      Dolphin= Gamecube Emulator

    4. VkBrutaliaN


      Although i have to give your suggestion a huge no, at least i learned something new. ;D

  4. It's pretty much exactly 2 years ago since i started the project of copying all my CDs to my harddrive and STILL i am not finished.

    Who would've thought that it will take so long. Sure time and motivation plays a huge role in this but still...


    At least i hit finally the V section yesterday and once i am finished with V-Z i only need to rip plenty of caseless CDs... 

    So probably around 200 CDs to go until i'm done...


    But once i am finished it'll be surely worth it. Alone the fact that i "re-discovered" tons of bands which i haven't listened to in years or CDs i remember i disliked when i bought them and now i really love them.

    And so far luckily there was only 1 CD-R which got fucked over time. it still plays but there's a constant screeching noice over the song which makes it kinda unlistenable. Luckily it's only one song from a band i don't care about and a ballade - still sucks though.


    Anyway - got work to do... XD

  5. In case anyone cares Akane posted a very long story on his twitter about pretty much broke middle-aged bandman?! óÔ



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    2. anadentone


      I just picture Akane screaming "Abe-Ue!"

    3. Tanishi


      It's criticizing middle aged bandmen (pro musicians) who were against japan's government/claiming to be anarchists/all that rock and roll stuff, who are now hypocritically begging Abe for money. Music is a high risk/high reward game so he's saying these times are what they should have expected being experienced musician and that they should step up and inspire their fans to dream in these troubling times (despite being middle aged/going nowhere with dead dreams themselves) using the power of determination or something. That's what public figures are supposed to do and if they can't do that they should quit music because this begging is pathetic.

      It's incredibly blunt and aimed at a very specific audience but it's a fun read (as expected of Akane).

    4. BrenGun


      Thanks for a better sum up.

      But he is right tho...

      And we all know, and many of us don't do it...

      We know that we shouldn't spent all our money but that we also have to safe up money, so that we can survive for  3 months or longer.  Because it always can happen that something in the world happens or that you will lose your job. 


      And Abe said, he will help everybody....

      Do you really think he will let go the "red district" / "entertainment" die?  


      But well it goes slower than in the west... but isn't Japan much bigger than most European countries...

      So then stuff also takes longer isn't? Also we shouldn't forget that Japan is still a "Paper"  country.

      While here (Europe) 99% goes digital. 

  6. Because i felt like it i've posted 1 song from the DEXCORE×NAZARE split in the "Requests" forum. (didn't know where else to put it)

    So if you are interested to listen to it go watch it since i'll delete it within roughly 48 hours...

    1. o0sofuck0o


      sorry but where is the "Requests"forum located

    2. VkBrutaliaN


      @o0sofuck0oif i remember correctly you can few it only if you have at least 100 posts made on here...

    3. o0sofuck0o
  7. I hate it... out of all Vk live streams of course RONOVELL which had one today and i would've loved to see that, they haven't archived it on their yt channel... >.>


    Well at least i was able to watch L.A. bate about a week ago which was crazy cool!

    1. IGM_Oficial


      It's on th liv archive

  8. I am probably the last person on planet earth who has listened to MISC. by DIMLIM but i finally did it. And DAMN what a positive surprise!! When it was released i only listened to the samples on amazon and had very low expactations because of all the negativity around it and to be honest the 30sec samples all sounded super samy which got me extremely worried.

    But now that i have listened to its entirety i gotta say i LOVE the album!!! There's not one single song i dislike and Sho's voice is so powerful that i don't even miss his harsh cuz he delivers so much variety within his clean vocals its just amazing in every single way. HUGE THUMBS UP!

    (listened to the album 3 times for get some thoughts together)

  9. ...cuz why not and it sounds good...


    Yuta Kobayashi - FUCK RESELLER (vocalist of PRAISE)



    1. seys


      i feel like this guy doesn't like resellers

  10. For those who liked the Vk band NvM (like myself) their vocalist tomo has a new 2-Man none-Vk band called BLACK SUIT AMARYLLIS which plays basically the same music as NvM.


    They are really amazing so far!



  11. Quite surprised Demo1 and Demo2 of the M-Card for NAZARE's INNOCENCE reg. edition even include fully recorded vocal lines...

  12. I am sure i am pretty much alone on this one BUT richardland by 8P-SB is such a great album!!

    i dislike everything else they've released so far but richardland is really amazing.

    If they can keep up this quality or even TOP this then i can't wait for their next release.


    *and just in case - NO i am NOT joking*

    1. Komorebi


      I’m with you on that. It’s catchy and Koichi’s singing has improved. 

    2. platy


      It's fun and has great ideas. But I think 8PSB's format works better with short songs. Like 2mins 30.

  13. If you like heavy Vk bands please check out the band BLOOD SQUALL.



    I created a topic for them in the news section yesterday.

    Unfortunately no one seems to care but since they are pretty damn new i just wanted to give them another shout out if you want cuz they are really good. 

    So if you haven't checked them out yet please give them a try and if you like them feel free to discuss about it in the respective news topic.

    If not, well i tried my best to get their name out there... ;D



    Also from what i could gather from their vocalists twitter account it seems like they are around with the same bandname since 2016 but only played covers of other Vk songs and now they are finally starting out with their own original music.

    1. sleepy coffee

      sleepy coffee

      Thanks for the headsup on these guys, I dig what I hear so far

  14. This year was pretty successfull. Was able to obtain 2 of my most wanted Vk CDs by coincidence.

    Its always such an unbelievable feeling when it happens! 8D

    1. Gesu


      Awesome, congrats~! ^_^

  15. Finally, after a little bit over 1 year and 6 months i am halfway through with slowly but surely copying all my CDs to my harddrive.

    Still quite some time will have to pass until i finally digitalized my whole CD collection.

    And all only because i used to delete everything i didn't listen anymore for more than a few months... >.>''

    1. Arkady


      It's something that I need to do myself too, but never found the time/courage.

    2. VkBrutaliaN


      ^ Good to know i am not alone with this... XD

      I don't even wanna think about how many hours i've already spent doing it...

  16. DEXCORE will release their 1st full album in 2020. 

    here's the announcement from kagami.



    you can even hear a new song at the 2nd half of the video. but since there's no more information other than that i am not sure if it is already worth creating a new topic for it...

  17. as an insider tip if you want to check out the most choatic band i've ever heard in my entire life thus far make sure to check out braqkotone! 

    their first full length is absolutely mindblowing!!

    although i gotta say i've listened to their songs so often by now, i don't think of them to be that chaotic anymore but it sounds just extremely sick but listen for yourself! ;D



  18. currently i am hoping like an edison won't be the next Vk shop to dissolve...

    cuz like zeallink etc. they haven't posted anything new in their release category for about a week which seems pretty strange...

    with zeallink it was the same they didn't post anything in ages and then the announcement > we're done...

    EDIT: as soon as i posted this i checked like an edison just now (check them every day...) and today they finally added some new stuff so i suppose like an edison seems save for now!^^° *what a coincidence*

  19. ...some of you might know i mostly 99% only listen to japanese bands and i admit it i usually dislike female singers cuz most of them sound just nothing special to me BUT holy shit at the band Dream State i just discovered a few hours ago. OMG their music and specially their female vocalist got an outstanding voice!!



    1. God


      i like female vocalists a lot, but i haven’t heard this band before.  good shit.  i’ll be listening to more.  thanks for mentioning them!

    2. secret_no_03


      I know how you feel, I've tried over the years, but I just can't stand females vocals.

  20. Seems like DictavE my favorite Vk Band ever is going to disband on 01.08.2019.

    FML! >.>



  21. ...that feeling of relieve when you listen outside music via headphones and all of a sudden  you think like: fuck someone behind me is probably shouting at me...

    but then it turns out it was just a spoken word passage in the song you've never noticed before... XD

    1. Gesu


      I always use headphones when I'm outside, so people sometimes think I'm just being rude when I don't respond to them until they notice. Nowadays, everyone just waves their hand in front of my face if they want my attention X)


      This meme is basically me:


    2. Aferni


      Literally me every day listening to llll-ligro- & Morgue/Noulla

    3. VkBrutaliaN


      yea it also happens to me a lot when i am walking around with headphones that people just try to ask me something and i only notice it because they look at me and i see their mouth is moving and i mostly always just think like: hey i'm listening to music if you haven't noticed so why don't you ask the person next to me... must be either because i look so charismatic * ;D * or they are just plain stupid...

  22. that feeling when you searched for almost 2 hours for some new bands and it pays off at the end! 

    these 2 japanese hardcore bands are really amazing.  8D

    if you like bands like: A Soulless Pain, Justice for Reason, May Silence Prevail us etc. you should definitely check them out! ;D




  23. My Visual kei Room Tour which i already announced in the middle of 2017 is finally live! ;D 

    *well better late than never i guess*



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    2. Befafes


      God cant wait till this is me. 

    3. monkeybanana4


      Super neat collection! Also I love the way you organized everything. Kudos for the Homer homage, lol.



    4. VkBrutaliaN


      @-NOVA- at first i was thinking if i should "handle" them with my normal CDs since basically except for FEVER 333 everything in my collection is japanese but then i was like screw it... XD


      @monkeybanana4 thanks! took me tons of hours to make everything the way i want it and i still have a few ideas to implement but for now i thought this is the right time to film the video cuz otherwise i know i would've pushed it back for forever eventually cuz if you have such a big room only dedicated to your biggest hobby you always find something that could be slightly better etc.^^°

  24. yesterday i finally finished up my room and filmed the long overdue Visual kei roomtour. 

    well its far from perfect since today it was all rainy so lightening could be better but aside from that i think the overall outcome is OK.


    so expect an upload on yt by the end of next week. ;D

    *unless i decide to drop it last minute...*

  25. although they're not Vk i love this guys SO much already - and i usually never get "really" excited about none-Vk bands!



    1. 123Sandman321


      Gotta love the nu-metal revival, but nowadays it's finally done right. I also recommend Cane Hill (them especially), Darke Complex, DED and 生 Conform 死. 

    2. VkBrutaliaN


      checked them all out but nothing really that gets me pumped - thanks for the recommendations though!^^

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