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  1. VkBrutaliaN

    really surprised by how good that song is.
  2. VkBrutaliaN

    no problem with the delay to have more time to save up some money BUT please hopefully they don't give us only a digital release cuz F*** THAT!!
  3. VkBrutaliaN

    Just finished listening their their full album and it is really amazing!! Too bad though i'll probably never ending up with a physical copy since it is limited to only 50 copies... https://linkco.re/MYvezTbq
  4. Their 1st live limited single "OSWALD" will be released on 24.11.2019 for a price of 1000yen and will contain 2 songs.
  5. VkBrutaliaN

    Their first full album will be titled "KAMINARI" , contains 12 songs and will be limited to only 50 Copies for a price of 2000yen. From what it seems it will be available digitally at some later point.
  6. VkBrutaliaN

    RONOVELL – Judgement 仮病 - 狂ふ。 仮病 – Yellow Tokyo
  7. Tracklist: 01. 餞 (hanamuke) 02. Letter from 03. Gimme (whoo cover) 04. Rooms 05. in Deep 06. Last Dance
  8. VkBrutaliaN

    another kick ass song by them - and OMG this drums were brutal as fuck!!
  9. VkBrutaliaN

    really liked this one but COME ON!! give me finally a full album to buy - they have tons of songs already...
  10. DEXCORE will release their 1st full album in 2020. 

    here's the announcement from kagami.



    you can even hear a new song at the 2nd half of the video. but since there's no more information other than that i am not sure if it is already worth creating a new topic for it...

  11. VkBrutaliaN

    Tracklist: 1. こっちへおいで (kocchi he oide) 2. うずまき (uzumaki) 3. 呪詛 (juso) 4. バラバラ (barabara) 5. ゆるしてゆるして (yurushite yurushite) 6. 目隠し歩き (mekakushi aruki) 7. いいひとノイローゼ (iihito no iroze)
  12. VkBrutaliaN

    very enjoyable song even for someone like me who dislikes 90% of their stuff.
  13. VkBrutaliaN

    Release date will be on 04.12.2019 for a price of 2400yen (tax out). Tracklist: 1.遂行 (suikou) 2.劣化アリ (rekka ari) 3.焼却炉 (shoukyakuro) 4.這いずる (haizuru) 5.あたし左利き (atashi hidarikiki) 6.花吹雪 (hana fubuki)
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