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  1. VkBrutaliaN

  2. I kinda like the song BUT still even though it's cool with all the german within the video i only can say in quite a few cases it doesn't make much sense at all...
  3. Really liking the atmosphere of the song so far.
  4. VkBrutaliaN

    It's a good song but nothing more for me. Mostly i think it's a shame that the song is complete in english... I LOVE UNLEASH and i would've hoped that they'll continue this style of music but lets wait for other new songs which will definitely come sooner or later.
  5. I only liked one entire maxi single from Crimson Shiva and with SHIVA its kinda the same. A few bits that are great here and there but nothing which makes me wanna buy something as of now. However with that new song they got me kinda intrigued so lets see. In the video description they mentioned that release of the full PV should be soon... But because of the german, i think this is the only song where they use some german lyrics...
  6. Release date has been changed to 01.07.2020. * Although i think it's cool that they use german within their lyrics i guess now i understand english native speakers when they say the english sucks or alike. Cuz seriously as cool as it is to see some german lyrics they are pretty strange... Like what the hell is "WIRSON BAUENDE DIE" even supposed to mean!!!?? XD
  7. VkBrutaliaN

    I am very late to the party but since i listened to this album yesterday for the first time (2 times as of now) i wanna give my brief opinion as well. Imo definitely still album of the year contender. The Only band they need to worry about is DEXCORE with their 1st full length. I only can say what an AMAZING album. Lots of variety and i think the rerecorded vocals for their 2 previously released singles are at least as good as the originals - really couldn't choose which version i like more. But i don't see where the guitars sound repetetive... You get a lot variety here. From the songs where the other members overtake vocals i have to say their guitarist was pretty nice and Issei definitely wins the cake. He sounds quite raw at some parts but he could easily also switch to full vocalist at any time with his current potential. Uta definitely tried but compared to their other members i would never see him becoming a full time vocalist in case he would like to - still very nice hearing him. * The only thing which kinda irritates me *and i think its kinda strange that no one pointed it out yet...* is that the vocal pattern in アソビ i totally heard them before. I even got the "original" straight in me head but for the hell of it i can't think of the bands name where i heard it before... Anyway as expected an outstanding 10/10 album for me. * Now i finally remembered the song which the vocal patter from アソビ reminded me... It's from the 1st song of the 1st live limited maxi single from -真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ - 愛シ貴女狂怪性. But now that i figured that out i gotta say the similarities are SO SMALL that it for 99% can't be intenional if it is not even just me making things up.^^° Although it would be pretty interesting to know what other people think about it...
  8. VkBrutaliaN

    Good cover but overall i like the original from the GazettE a lot more.
  9. VkBrutaliaN

    Luckily i was able to score my 2 most wanted HOLY GRAILS within the last year... However today i was just reminded of a band i wanted to own something for FOREVER but still to this date i don't own anything from 'em... And the band i am talking about is Suicide≠cult. I basically would love to own any CD by them but honestly i guess that will never happen. Because i NEVER saw anything from them at some auction except for today and at first i was like: oh cool only 3000yen, i have to get this and on the 2nd look... well it says 30.000yen, not only 3000yen so FML... XD
  10. VkBrutaliaN

    Can't have been any better news than that! 8D
  11. VkBrutaliaN

    Here's a 2nd teaser. What a shame this will be digital only unless it will be available physical at some later point which would be great...
  12. VkBrutaliaN

    They definitely don't screw around when it comes how to label their band! ;D "Multi-stringed post-metal shoegaze brutal djent death hardcore band FROM THE BEGINNING"
  13. VkBrutaliaN

    Oh damn... If i catched that myself i guess there would've been no point in even creating this thread. Well at least in case some of their members will appear in a new band people might know them now...
  14. VkBrutaliaN

    New Band "inThe" has formed in late 2019. The Members are: Vo.カオス (chaos) Gt.和音 (kazune) Ba.音喰 (neku) Dr.えいしん (eishin) Here's their first look: And something short to listen to...
  15. VkBrutaliaN

    What the hell is this look?! Anyway kinda curious how they'll sound...
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