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  1. VkBrutaliaN

    i LOVE that song!! only a bit sad that again starwave made an already amazing song a bit less awesome because of pretty bad production cuz here's the original version: ...guess they only re-recorded this song because it'll be probably included in their forthcoming 1st minialbum "THE NEW DAYBREAK".
  2. VkBrutaliaN

    隼耶 (toshiya) from DictavE! 8D
  3. My Visual kei Room Tour which i already announced in the middle of 2017 is finally live! ;D 

    *well better late than never i guess*



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    2. Befafes


      God cant wait till this is me. 

    3. monkeybanana4


      Super neat collection! Also I love the way you organized everything. Kudos for the Homer homage, lol.



    4. VkBrutaliaN


      @-NOVA- at first i was thinking if i should "handle" them with my normal CDs since basically except for FEVER 333 everything in my collection is japanese but then i was like screw it... XD


      @monkeybanana4 thanks! took me tons of hours to make everything the way i want it and i still have a few ideas to implement but for now i thought this is the right time to film the video cuz otherwise i know i would've pushed it back for forever eventually cuz if you have such a big room only dedicated to your biggest hobby you always find something that could be slightly better etc.^^°

  4. ^ 3rd track (only inlcuded in the limited edition) is ラグリ (raguri) anyway i really dig their new vocalist by now and since i listened to "安藤の憂鬱-非日常なtea time-" by them i love them even more since i know even with their new vocalist they can bring out some pretty damn heavy bangers! although i love their catchy side a lot as well! ~
  5. VkBrutaliaN

    they look cool so hopefully they'll sound good as well.
  6. song lengths if anyone cares... 1 月曜日:朝勃ちの朝にー。 0:45 2 火曜日:ハミガキ 3:37 3 水曜日:Gepp 3:22 4 木曜日:もしもし 3:28 5 金曜日:足裏の天使 4:07 6 土曜日:桜フェラペチーノ 3:24 7 日曜日:ため息の夜にー。 2:41
  7. VkBrutaliaN

    WTF at 1:26-1:27 - its never good to have lipstick on your teeth ~ other then that like i already thought because of the description they have on visunavi not my type of music. i'll keep an eye on them though cuz the part from the earlier preview was definitely good but for the rest i pass for now....
  8. yesterday i finally finished up my room and filmed the long overdue Visual kei roomtour. 

    well its far from perfect since today it was all rainy so lightening could be better but aside from that i think the overall outcome is OK.


    so expect an upload on yt by the end of next week. ;D

    *unless i decide to drop it last minute...*

  9. this sounds like the ACME i love! ;D
  10. VkBrutaliaN

    i really like this a lot! too bad there is no phsysical release of these 2 songs ~
  11. pretty cool song and I loved the synth - sounds super haunting and fits the song perfect imo!
  12. VkBrutaliaN

    アンドゥー - 『安藤の憂鬱-非日常なtea time-』 MEIDARA – 鬼来 Bloom – DJV-dejavu-2 アザレア - 赫い報復 MICBAM - スクリプト (Type B ) 悪者 - 「はじまりはじまり。」 NAZARE - 1x サイン入りアー写セット + 5 チェキ big thanks @xLIZ4 for helping with the NAZARE stuff! 8D
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