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  1. VkBrutaliaN

    they probably only do it to give their fans anything in a physical format since the finished versions of the 3 demos songs will be on their first digital EP anyway. for me personally since i couldn't care less about digital stuff gotta say well no money from me - give me a physical release and i would've probably bought it but digital big NO THANKS from me!
  2. ...some of you might know i mostly 99% only listen to japanese bands and i admit it i usually dislike female singers cuz most of them sound just nothing special to me BUT holy shit at the band Dream State i just discovered a few hours ago. OMG their music and specially their female vocalist got an outstanding voice!!



    1. God


      i like female vocalists a lot, but i haven’t heard this band before.  good shit.  i’ll be listening to more.  thanks for mentioning them!

    2. secret_no_03


      I know how you feel, I've tried over the years, but I just can't stand females vocals.

  3. VkBrutaliaN

    very excited to hear more from 'em! loved their first maxi single and i was praying for a new release announcement every day! 8D
  4. VkBrutaliaN

    NAZARE - 荊海 CODA > big THANKS @ "..." for helping with the NAZARE CD. (you know who you are.^^) アルケミ - 血塗れ菩薩 エンヴィル - 「白 × 黒」
  5. GRIMOIRE new minialbm はじまりエンドロール (hajimari endroll) will be released on 24.07.2019 for a price of 2160yen. Tracklist: 1.ひとりトピア (hitoritopia) 2.からくりパルム (karakuri palm) 3.ブラッディマイパレード (bloody may parade) 4.「シン」せかい (shin sekai) 5.アルギュロスのはね (argyros no hane) 6.ゼロとくろ (zero to kuro)
  6. VkBrutaliaN

    sucks, but at least they released one great single so they'll be remembered.
  7. DILLINGER will release their first live limited Double A-Side Single 『トカレフ/ルサンチマン』 (TOKAREV/RESSENTIMENT) at their live on 21.07.2019 at 金沢AZ (kanazawa AZ). You can listen to live snippets of the 2 songs at the following video:
  8. VkBrutaliaN

    usually i am not to upset when bands disbands cuz i am most likely always like well sucks but as soon one is down another cool band forms and replaces them... but with DictavE its the first time i experience that really sad feeling since i know there is no Vk band on earth which can replace them for me - i only saw them live 2 times but from these 2 lives i have by far the VERY BEST Vk memories i've ever experienced within all the years being a fan. they will be truly missed and i hope i'll see one or all of them in some other band(s) rather sooner than later.
  9. Seems like DictavE my favorite Vk Band ever is going to disband on 01.08.2019.

    FML! >.>



  10. VkBrutaliaN

    Finally they are mine! 8D ZON - 他ならぬ美学 (Type A) DEVILOOF – 鬼
  11. can't wait i like their new line up (vocalist) more and more with each release.
  12. VkBrutaliaN

    because of their first PV spot i thought like - meh boring but glad i 99% still end up watching almost every Vk related PV nonetheless cuz the full version sounds perfect! really love that song and i was extremely surprised to hear that kind of breakdown from them - now i am super excited what SCREW YOU will sound like. ...if SCREW YOU sounds anything like "I HATE YOU" this will be a killer release.
  13. THIS IS SO AWESOME! although i also liked MOST of their mainly english songs (was nice to be actually able to know what they sing about) i always wanted hiro to sing/scream more in japanese and sounds like my dream finally came true! 8D
  14. VkBrutaliaN

    YAY loved ゴア so this can't be anything but good.
  15. OMFG this style suits them so well - definitely need to get this. SO GOOD!! 8D
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