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  1. VkBrutaliaN

    yup track number 44 ;D just a bit stupid that they had to make it over 50 minutes long and only the last like 5 minutes or so are the actual instrumental...
  2. i really like this song - specially for the awesome vocal performance.
  3. VkBrutaliaN

    i LOVE them so much already!!! 8D
  4. VkBrutaliaN

  5. VkBrutaliaN

    ZON – GAS ジグソウ - SEAMLESS SUICIDE フシアナ - 節穴 NETH PRIERE CAIN&i.D.A 結成記念カップリングCD - 「CAIN×ABEL」 泣キ虫 - 「正直者は馬鹿を見る。」 DOBE – ADDICTION
  6. VkBrutaliaN

    HOLY SHIT this is so right up my alley!! the pv is so good and good lord the vocalists growls/screams/pigsqueals are easily one of the BEST in Vk!!! also imo Issei never looked better! absolutely can't wait for the album and super curious with 16 songs already how diverce they can get with their sound - but so far all is 10/10 for me! 8D
  7. VkBrutaliaN

    DEXCORE are killing it again with ther PV song! i personally love the way how the bridge goes into the chorus and the breakdowns > HOLY FUCK, they've outdone themselves again! 8D
  8. love the song already and the PV is pretty nice as well! 8D
  9. Ex DISGUST and BLAZE vocalists new project "peach" has formed. Members: Vocalist: K (ex Disgust) Vocalist: Ryu (ex BLAZE (Raki)) Guitar: 鴃-MOZ- Bassist: 葵月 (kizuki) Drums: けんぼー They have held their first live on 27.10.2018 at LIVE HOUSE Rumio at which they have released their first live distributed demo "OUT OF GREED". Setlist of their first live: OUT OF GREED(オリジナル) (original song) 以下 マキシマム ザ ホルモン (Maximum the Hormone) What's up, people?! え・い・り・あ・ん 絶望ビリー 「F」
  10. VkBrutaliaN

    i guess we can expect something really great according to that guitar recording snippets.
  11. VkBrutaliaN

    awesome and catchy song as usual! 8D just hope this time the b-sides will be equally as good.
  12. can't wait - their minialbum was pretty good and with that new look i am super curious what direction they'll take with this song.
  13. VkBrutaliaN

    haven't liked anything from them in ages but this song is pretty amazing!