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  1. i like the looks and the music - it has potential *don't mind the autotuning in this case at all cuz it fits very well* but something is lacking but i can't tell exactly what.. but definitely gonna keep an eye on 'em.
  2. pretty cool bandname assuming they mean a word play of the word vein (but in this case rather spoken as german wein) and the color red (german rot) so in the end weinrot... english vinered... would at least make sense because of their bandlogo... anyway pretty excited what will come from this 2 guys new band!
  3. hopefully it doesn't take them too long anymore to record a first maxi single or so cuz they sound really nice and i want to hear more.
  4. good look, cool cover artwork, TRIGGAH/GENGAH members - this has to be great!
  5. SICK TUNE! can't wait to read the lyrics to this song once i got my copy! 8D
  6. really like Ai's vocal execution on this release! *too bad i can't get into the music especially cuz i loved early DEATHGAZE...*
  7. drums (especially the snare) sound awefull ~ aside from that this might be the first release of 'em since joining starwave i may consider buying cuz these songs seem to have the potential to be quite good. also pretty nice to know that yuri ex Signal vocalist was involved in producing the PV for ARBITER - although i'd rather wish yuri would finally start a new band again - miss his VoKills!
  8. really digging their new style and the cover artworks - hopefully they'll slightly change up their sound - cuz their heavy songs are really good - the rest, not so much...
  9. thought i should also show just a few things. although I nailed it down to only 4 as of now… オリガミ×GremlinS 会場限定CD 「鬼退治~首のもげる夜~」 this split release was only available at their live at 26.08.2010 and it features 3 live recordings of each band – so 6 amazing songs in total. Golbeza – gracious end this CD was also distributed at shops but this is the version which was only distributed at their sponsored event held on 12.07.2011 which features the bonus track “limbering up”. Signal – Crossing fate this CD was only available at their last live event held on 14.09.2013. 時限式:uadjet - 在る空に傀儡 this is the version signed by both vocalist+guitarist also featuring a special card which leads to a secret website which features lyrics to the song and additional comments of both members. this version was only available if you got some special ticket for their live on 29.12.2015. there was also another version of this CD which came without the bonus card and without autographs.