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  1. THIS - and OMG Nao's voice is just A+++
  2. VkBrutaliaN

    ...and my interest in them completely vanished - i think i liked IGGY even more than this...
  3. out of curiosity today i visited shimizuya records webshop to see if they have anything new and i got this: "清水屋SHOP JAPAN はクローズ中です" so basically their shop is closed... wonder if that means anything in regard of LAY ABOUT WORLD will be ever releasing their album... ôÓ
  4. VkBrutaliaN

    i also dislike live limited releases for the most part but i am sure there are TONS of japanese fans out there who also hate live limited releaeses which we oversea fans often tend to forget. cuz within whole japan i am sure there are still hundreds if not even close to thousand of Vk interested persons who don't live in tokyo/osaka area so unless they are lucky on auctions they also have zero chances in ever owning live limited releases... so basically every Vk band doing live limited stuff don't only fuck over oversea fans but their potential japanese fans big time as well. and imagine how shitty it must be to know you live in the same country as your beloved bandoman and still you aren't able to obtain this or that...
  5. VkBrutaliaN

  6. VkBrutaliaN

    I LOVE THIS!! just wondering where it is on sale... Óô
  7. VkBrutaliaN

    ...well with 3 re-recorded and 2 completely new songs and everything else being remastered now we're talking and i can call myself officially interested now! 8D
  8. that short MV spot sounds awesome - but again too bad it'll be a digital only release... i get that it is cheaper for bands to distribute their songs in digital format but i really wonder if really more people therefore buy their songs or if their might be a lot of people thinking like me like: give me something physical or keep it to yourself i don't buy digital files - couldn't care less for that unfortunately... >.>'' like at least it would be nice bands could do it like SLOTHREAT with their first minialbum. release it a few weeks in advance digitally and make it available physically later on even if it's only live limited... anyway enough ranting...
  9. as an insider tip if you want to check out the most choatic band i've ever heard in my entire life thus far make sure to check out braqkotone! 

    their first full length is absolutely mindblowing!!

    although i gotta say i've listened to their songs so often by now, i don't think of them to be that chaotic anymore but it sounds just extremely sick but listen for yourself! ;D



  10. VkBrutaliaN

    ...although i LOVE JILUKA i am not that much excited since it's just a best of album but if they'll really fully re-record all songs including vocals this surey would become an instand must buy for me.
  11. VkBrutaliaN

    well maybe it will be a best album with the last track being a new one to get at least some people to buy it...
  12. VkBrutaliaN

    i would've hoped for them to release at least one more CD cuz i would've been pretty curious what direction they'll go in the end with their sound... also すまいる。 is cool - really liked that song and still play it ever now and then.
  13. VkBrutaliaN

    imo City of Mirage was the weakest song and i am still not 100% convinced by their sound but they are close so pretty curious about their next release... but again WHY starwave... unfortunately the soundquality seems quite bad like with most starwave releases unfortunately...
  14. VkBrutaliaN

    I'd love to see Vk bands incorporating some downtempo deathcore elements - would be sick!
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