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  1. New band DIEPAST has formed. Members: Vo. M・O・G Gt. Ryuya Gt. SiN Dr. 詩乃 Their first live will be held on 2018年04月09日(月)心斎橋(shinsaibashi)FANJ. https://twitter.com/DIEPASTofficial
  2. GOD DAMN i wish NAINE back! they were the band which made it possible for me to love electronics within music. also they had such strong meanings and amazing lyrics!!!

    like the line in the song THE WALL: "DEATH CANCELS EVERYTHING BUT TRUTH! etc.

  3. their 0th single contains one song tracklist: 「フィクショナルダイブ」 (fictional dive) also it seems that the guy which went together with the vocalist to various Vk stores to promote themselves with flyers is guitarist ルイ (rui) https://twitter.com/zekkooo_rui_
  4. like everything from JILUKA this was pretty cool!
  5. Hm... somehow i expected something completely different....
  6. nope - its quite about the same but definitely NOT heavier.
  7. its a really cool song but imo the refrain doesn't really connect that well with the rest of the song... maybe i just need a few more listens but thats my first impression.
  8. ZON – anima
  9. ^ i've saw them live last year and i was quite surprised that there wasn't that much screaming... also they have this kinda oldschool-ish vibe with their sound so i already know (unless they changed their sound which i doubt) they won't be my thing...
  10. imo that bandname isn't THAT bad... i even think its kinda cool! also because at their official twitter they don't name any members and on the flyer they distributed there's also only the vocalist on it maybe its just a temporary thing and at some later point they announce like the band has a total of 5 members and here is our new "serious" name... with Vk you never know.
  11. new band #zekkooo_lalala_ held their first demonstration live on 20.01.2018. as of now nothing is known about the vocalist/who the other members are in case it is not a solo thingy... their 0th single called 「タイトル未定」 (taitoru mitei) is available at their lives and at Vk store like an edison, ltd. to 100 copies. price: 1000yen tracklist unknown...
  12. just finished my display shelf for my most favorite Vk band - super happy with the outcome! 8D



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    2. patientZERO


      Bro, you need to post a collection pic. I'm super curious to see your massive collection.

    3. VkBrutaliaN


      @Hanielyay i am happy there is one more person on this forum who enjoys DictavE - really don't get why now one cares about them since they are super nice and fun guys and extremely talented!


      @patientZEROwell originally i wanted to post a Vk room tour in December - then at the end of january.... and now stuff happened (nothing negative) but therefore i have absolutely no clue when i can upload it to my yt except that it'll definitively happen this year.

      like i am 90% done with everything but don't have the time to complete it yet so therefore don't know when i can finish everything... but it'll surely take me probably at least until mai....

    4. Komorebi


      I second patientZERO's request. I would LOVE to see your huge collection.

  13. DELUCIDE - ETERNAL PAIN > mission accomplished! sometimes you just need some crazy mad infinite luck! 8D

  14. 2/14 The live house soma [WILL] Set list SE. Delusion Of Genocide 1. Bloody tear 2. Crazy Junkie Party 3. ETERNAL PAIN 4. Suppression 5. Bleeze End SE. Bloody tear