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  1. Sepertinya sepi disini, but halo anyway Saya juga orang Indonesia
  2. I can't really watch it, I feel like betraying Master Kobayashi-san and the kitchen is too fancy I'm watching Ando Natsu for now. God, i love foods
  3. For now, I'm watching Lunch no Akko-chan, Oishi Kankei, and Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san. All about foods
  4. Scream's pilot episode
  5. Sweet, i love 'Crisis Moment'-vibes. Its gonna be awesome, then
  6. Currently watching Glass Mask along with the remastered version. Masumi-sama is way too awsum
  7. Finally, I've watched it. Yes, it's interesting. Kurumi is just too cute and dumb, and Tomoda is so cool. I'd like to see the development of their relationship but, the ending is pfffft.....I hope there will be a second season or an SP because there are many things left unsaid. And has somebody here watched Last Friends? The drama is so breathtaking and I'm looking for some dramas which has a great plot like that. Any recommendation?
  8. Wohooo....He's back! Waiting for the other members now!
  9. Dat title. Very impressive, Byou.
  10. きのこ帝国 - FLOWER GIRL
  11. I love watching horror movies. Any horror movies, whether it's just a typical gore or something psychological and here are some horror movies that stuck in my head until now : Shutter (Thailand version), Let Me In, Three Extremes, Tale of Two Sisters, There is something about Kevin, Rosemary's Baby, Psycho, and some Stephen King adaptations (Sleepwalker, Children of Corn, The Mist, The Shining, Dreamcatcher, etc). Though there is just one movie that gives me a deep impact, that Thailand version of Shutter. I can't sleep in darkness and afraid of being alone. Even, just close my eyes scares me, because it reminds me of the ghost. Thanks God, I'm pretty much normal now
  12. Nice thread, I've been into some Japanese and Korean dramas lately. Just finished The Master's Sun and Boss. Both are great, especially The Master's Sun. The casts are excellent and the story is kinda different than any other dramas that I've ever watched. Now I'm planning to watch Hard Nut and The Winter, That Wind Blows (I've watched the Love Me Not version, just curious with this Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo chemistry)
  13. Okay. So, this is what he's doing right now. Hope his exhibition going well