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  1. Wicked Teletubby

    HA. HA. HA. and let me point THIS out: HA.
  2. Wicked Teletubby

    yay. losing weight is fun!
  3. that was expected for a year now, wasn't it? oh well.
  4. Wicked Teletubby

    shit I missed my third Moscow show.
  5. I just love the way Diru threads always dramatically escalade from "fuck these guys" to "OMG I love it." truly the most hated and loved bands ever.
  6. aw crap. guess I'll have to hit the gym without it. gonna check the piracy machine for leaks in a couple of hours. it's better be there or else.
  7. Values of Madness had me O_O in a good way.
  8. Wicked Teletubby

    I mean, huh? ohhhh. now that I read this, it sounds easy to understand. thank you.
  9. Wicked Teletubby

    what IS the joke though? anyone kind enough to explain? nice song and vid BTW.
  10. Wicked Teletubby

    the band that ditched visual almost two decades ago looks visual AF.
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