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  1. Wicked Teletubby

    new album drops November 2nd.
  2. DIR EN GREY NEW ALBUM The Times New Roman
  3. yeah. DIR's become everyone's guilty pleasure lately. hated but loved.
  4. whoa. that's pretty close. me likey.
  5. Wicked Teletubby

    probably because it is. always pay and control your third party workers.
  6. Wicked Teletubby

    yyeah. my translation is way more accurate. in all other cases the guy is surprisingly right. probably because "BLA BLA WE'VE FUCKED THE CAT" doesn't really fit Kyo's Sekai no Pain.
  7. Wicked Teletubby

    @Seelentauoh yeah, just in case you wanna put that on your wikia or something... that screenshot from Ningen Wo Kaburu video roughly says "BLA BLA BLA WE'VE FUCKED THE CAT BLA BLA BLA WE'VE FUCKED THE CAT BLA BLA BLA WE'VE FUCKED THE CAT SO FUCKING TIRED OF DOING THIS TEMPLATE AND IT'S NOT EVEN HALF OF IT BITCH FUCK ASSHOLE DOUCHE" in English transcription.
  8. Wicked Teletubby

    speaking of СУКА.
  9. Wicked Teletubby

    with that said, could the album be around the corner now?
  10. Wicked Teletubby

    worked for Conchita Wurst though.
  11. Wicked Teletubby

  12. Wicked Teletubby

    that's a wrap!
  13. Wicked Teletubby

    like this? Яanunculus!
  14. Wicked Teletubby

    lol Yolandi.
  15. Wicked Teletubby

    2018.04.16 (神奈川県) CLUB CITTA’ -「a knot」only- 01. Intro 02. 人間を被る / Ningen Wo Kaburu 03. DIFFERENT SENSE 04. てふてふ / Tefu Tefu 05. 禍夜想 / Magayasou 06. 鴉 / Karasu 07. 腐海 (2018 Ver.) / Fukai 08. Midwife 09. VINUSHKA 10. *New Song 11. *New Song (the one played during Mode Of Kisou tour) 12. DISABLED COMPLEXES 13. Sustain The Untruth 14. Beautiful Dirt Encore 15. LOTUS 16. 霧と繭 (2012 Ver.) / Kiri To Mayu 17. 詩踏み / Utafumi 18. REPETITION OF HATRED 19. THE IIID EMPIRE