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  1. that's a wrap!
  2. like this? Яanunculus!
  3. lol Yolandi.
  4. 2018.04.16 (神奈川県) CLUB CITTA’ -「a knot」only- 01. Intro 02. 人間を被る / Ningen Wo Kaburu 03. DIFFERENT SENSE 04. てふてふ / Tefu Tefu 05. 禍夜想 / Magayasou 06. 鴉 / Karasu 07. 腐海 (2018 Ver.) / Fukai 08. Midwife 09. VINUSHKA 10. *New Song 11. *New Song (the one played during Mode Of Kisou tour) 12. DISABLED COMPLEXES 13. Sustain The Untruth 14. Beautiful Dirt Encore 15. LOTUS 16. 霧と繭 (2012 Ver.) / Kiri To Mayu 17. 詩踏み / Utafumi 18. REPETITION OF HATRED 19. THE IIID EMPIRE
  5. almost forgot. good to be back though. so the tour has just kicked off and first setlist is already up. also, two more shows have just been added to the schedule: 2018.04.16 (神奈川県) CLUB CITTA’ -「a knot」only- 2018.04.18 (東京都) 新木場STUDIO COAST 2018.04.19 (東京都) 新木場STUDIO COAST 2018.04.25 (大阪府) なんばHatch 2018.04.26 (大阪府) なんばHatch 2018.04.28 (宮城県) 仙台銀行ホール イズミティ21 2018.05.01 (愛知県) Zepp Nagoya 2018.06.29 (東京都) 新木場STUDIO COAST -「a knot」only- (Additional Show) 2018.06.30 (東京都) 新木場STUDIO COAST (Additional Show)
  6. still got me. guess I was vulnerable to all that distracting shock value poo poo at the time.
  7. is it too boring to start with OBSCURE video? anywho, that's how I did. 'twas the end of 2006 and TMOAB was coming soon. I got hooked on every release since then. and yeah, DIR was my first j-rock band.
  8. YES PLEASE @ the Mazohyst remake. just keep it close to the live version.
  9. what a joke. I even smirked.
  10. wow. two singles in two years. productivity!
  11. I banged my head so hard to DECAYED CROW at the Moscow show I almost fainted. it's a great song.
  12. в улице потеплело аж до –26. положительная тенденция налицо. глядишь, завтра уже можно будет нос казать без риска его отколоть и выбросить.
  13. −30 °C. damn cold.

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    2. BrenGun


      Then still I would die... XD

    3. Wicked Teletubby

      Wicked Teletubby

      anywho, that's nothing compared to the city of Norilsk, Russia.


    4. BrenGun





      for real I have respect for people who survive those cold.

  14. yup.