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  1. Wicked Teletubby

    I mean, huh? ohhhh. now that I read this, it sounds easy to understand. thank you.
  2. Wicked Teletubby

    what IS the joke though? anyone kind enough to explain? nice song and vid BTW.
  3. Wicked Teletubby

    the band that ditched visual almost two decades ago looks visual AF.
  4. Wicked Teletubby

    oh shit. I have this shirt.
  5. I'm getting tons of Enigma cover artwork vibes.
  6. so the artwork has just been posted and... yeah.
  7. hype train is now on its full speed.
  8. Wicked Teletubby

    fair enough.
  9. Wicked Teletubby

    @Seelentauany chance on getting those uploaded somewhere?
  10. Wicked Teletubby

    new album drops November 2nd.
  11. DIR EN GREY NEW ALBUM The Times New Roman