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  1. Wicked Teletubby

    could just be a triggered acoustic kit. no need of elecronic pads therefore to produce any sounds he'd like to.
  2. Wicked Teletubby

    HA. HA. HA. and let me point THIS out: HA.
  3. Wicked Teletubby

    yay. losing weight is fun!
  4. that was expected for a year now, wasn't it? oh well.
  5. Wicked Teletubby

    shit I missed my third Moscow show.
  6. I just love the way Diru threads always dramatically escalade from "fuck these guys" to "OMG I love it." truly the most hated and loved bands ever.
  7. aw crap. guess I'll have to hit the gym without it. gonna check the piracy machine for leaks in a couple of hours. it's better be there or else.
  8. Values of Madness had me O_O in a good way.
  9. Wicked Teletubby

    I mean, huh? ohhhh. now that I read this, it sounds easy to understand. thank you.
  10. Wicked Teletubby

    what IS the joke though? anyone kind enough to explain? nice song and vid BTW.
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