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  1. anyone knows how much a copy of velvet eden's madame tarantula tape is worth?

  2. What even is your signature? :S :tw_astonished:

  3. happy birthday!!♡

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      thank you ;) 

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  5. elias

    "take away the black, silver, and green marks woohoo visual kei. and they are ebracing them looking sexless japanses guys." this way anything can turn into visual kei (or anything else) after 2 or 3 steps regardless, the KISS look is rumored to have been inspired by an early 70's band named "Secos & Molhados" which by its turn once stated that they were inspired by japanese Kabuki Theatre
  6. elias

    I'm pretty sure nº2 is 姆 (Monariza)
  7. there's a brief band history with gigs and all for his Levia here: http://www22.big.or.jp/~yunisan/vi/levia.html I don't believe he'd have the nerve to fake that too, it'd be way too barefaced and easy to uncloak... Once Levia is proven to have existed, the dubiety is about all the incredible coincidences involving songtitles
  8. also noticed that none of those supposed members of his supposed two first bands Levia and LAYBIAL have ever been in any other band after or prior to them, that's weird and feeds the conspiracy theory... I'd guess KI$AKI faked them but as inartistic already stated he owns a KI$AKI's Levia tape... members of the non-KI$AKI Levia if anyone's interested:
  9. KI$AKI is a reptilian from the hollow earth and supreme master of the Illuminati srsly now.. there's also another band from the 90's named Levia never saw a single trace of the actual existence of KISAKI's Levia other than those originally comming from own KI$AKI's sources
  10. I like them mostly due to the strong emphasis on the bass. something I don't hear very often in BM... why you find them so awful? Also, have been looking for some raw bm with more differentiated drumming, something tribal, medieval percussion... or at least more hollow, cavernous, echoing beats.... it's something you can hear sparsely in some of Darvulia songs... unsuccessful to find something really similar so far
  11. of course.. some favorites: Darvulia, Velvet Cacoon/Clair Cassis, Manierisme, Judas Iscariot, Peste Noire, Belkètre, Celestia, Murmuüre, Xasthur, Blut aus Nord, Lifelover, Lonesummer, Mütiilation, I'm in a coffin, Infernal Necromancy, Vlad Tepes, Burzum, Rebirth of Nefast, Glossolalia... etc
  12. elias

    I've got a question regarding Eze:quL A complete version of "呪縛" have ever been released somewhere? ...some cryptic VA or whatever, any clues... the ~Ver.S~ running 1:08min can be found on the demo "契約の印…嘆願の書"
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