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  1. Sounds like it's probably his acoustic solo project: https://www.kobashara.com/blank
  2. I'm unsure if this has been pointed out before, but the "demo tapes" are really just pictures of demo tapes with the download code on the back. That's why they call them "Demo tape cards". Also, apparently the CD they were supposed to release today got postponed for unknown reasons!
  3. Hey! I need help buying something from the Shinjuku Gewalt concert on the 26/5 in Tokyo. Either if someone is going, or if someone is up for going if I pay the ticket. The merch sales start at 17:00 so there really no need to stay for the concert if there no interest to do so. I'd, of course, compensate for the bother/time etc!
  4. Now that their (every other) monthly consecutive self-released CD-R thing is over, Aimai Chuudoku is releasing a compilation album called 黒盤 (kuro ban) with two new songs through Baby sitter, making it the third official Baby sitter release (after ザ・シンナーズ/The Thinners and THE NOSTRADAMNZ latest albums). The CD till be released at O-West on the 14th of august, and in stores on the 15th. Tracklist (according to Puresound) 1. エートス≠パトス (Ethos ≠ Pathos) 2. はなまるぴっぴはよいこだけ (Hanamaru pippi wa yoi ko dake) 3. アダムスキイ中学生日記 (Adamsky chuugakusei nikki) 4. シェリィ=パトス (Sheri = Pathos) 5. 君のヴァニラ (Kimi no vanilla) 6. はかせのサメといぬ (Hakase no same to inu) 7. HEAVEN 8. DOWN BY LAW 9. 桃色吐息 (Momoiro toiki) 10. 修羅の花 (Shura no hana)
  5. I listened to one of their old singles (Etranger) a few times for similar reasons, I think it looked like Kago Shintaro did the cover for that one. They sort of remind me a bit of Zombie Lolita who used to perform a lot at Angura events back in the days, so I guess Angura idols are a thing?
  6. Hm, not sure what to think of this. I agree it sounds a bit generic, but I hope it's just a bad sample.
  7. gwsm

    I never expected a VK cover of this, so I think that's a pretty fun idea. But the song itself is probably nothing I'd ever listen to again.
  8. gwsm

    Well, that sucks :/ I didn't even know he was ill...
  9. I had no idea Hotaru were back. That's awesome!
  10. gwsm

    I'm completely undecided about kids. I'm mildly annoyed by other people's children, but I guess that's how it is for everyone. I never really considered having children myself though, and nobody's pressuring me. I don't know. I did take the huge step of buying an Olive tree the other day though. I don't know what that means, maybe I subconsciously want the responsibility. Perhaps it's one of those "one day you get an Olive tree, the next day your life is full of toddlers"-situations. I guess time will tell. Anyway. My view on not wanting children is that it's probably a great reason not to have any.
  11. gwsm

    I really liked their first single (except for the Oshimai. Hitomidori is my favorite track so far), and had high hopes for this. I'm a bit disappointed to be honest, the songs feel structurally messy (and not in a artsy/nice way). I was aware that it's hard to fairly assess a band after just one single, and that this release potentially would differ in style and quality, but I didn't expect it to be this bad. I really hope it will grow on me though.
  12. I never liked them, but I'm somewhat interested in their new single now.
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