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  1. Hm, not sure what to think of this. I agree it sounds a bit generic, but I hope it's just a bad sample.
  2. I never expected a VK cover of this, so I think that's a pretty fun idea. But the song itself is probably nothing I'd ever listen to again.
  3. Well, that sucks :/ I didn't even know he was ill...
  4. I had no idea Hotaru were back. That's awesome!
  5. I'm completely undecided about kids. I'm mildly annoyed by other people's children, but I guess that's how it is for everyone. I never really considered having children myself though, and nobody's pressuring me. I don't know. I did take the huge step of buying an Olive tree the other day though. I don't know what that means, maybe I subconsciously want the responsibility. Perhaps it's one of those "one day you get an Olive tree, the next day your life is full of toddlers"-situations. I guess time will tell. Anyway. My view on not wanting children is that it's probably a great reason not to have any.
  6. I really liked their first single (except for the Oshimai. Hitomidori is my favorite track so far), and had high hopes for this. I'm a bit disappointed to be honest, the songs feel structurally messy (and not in a artsy/nice way). I was aware that it's hard to fairly assess a band after just one single, and that this release potentially would differ in style and quality, but I didn't expect it to be this bad. I really hope it will grow on me though.
  7. I never liked them, but I'm somewhat interested in their new single now.
  8. てんさい。-センパイの彼女
  9. Right now I'm really happy about owning 少女教室 by サンドイッチで120分?. I don't have an interesting backstory or anything. I bought the first version when it was still for sale in the Toketsukuma online store, and the second version at a live show. It's just my favorit album by them, and I love the homemade early sanpun cd-r production, it's super nostalgic.