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  1. If I never heard Japanese music I wouldn't have made many of the choices I made the last fifteen years. I have honestly no idea where I'd be now, or what I would listen to.
  2. I usually just wear/buy a tote bag for merch, but I'm rarely jumping or moshing etc. at concerts.
  3. Kizu's first single ( A and B ), and some Jully, Kalimero and Monokuro kinema stuff I was missing.
  4. I'll probably pick this up at some point.
  5. Great read! I used to keep track of Yukika's various label endeavours, but it's really nice to see such a comprehensible compilation!
  6. First of, I can definitely relate. I'm just starting to get back to VK now from a 3-4 years hiatus. I don't find the current state of the scene to be particularly bad though. I mean, like 90% of the new bands I hear are just not for me, but I think it's always been like that. If anything, I have a hard time finding new angura bands, but I hope that's just the nature of angura bands and not because there aren't any around anymore.
  7. Didn't love the title track from their first single, but the other tracks were amazing so I'm psyched!
  8. Tack, det stämmer! Marcus? I know I'm late to the party, I just found out about them earlier this year. They are amazing though! Thanks, I'll let you know!
  9. This is great, it's got that deadman/the god and death stars vibe.
  10. Thanks! I listen to a lot of different bands, ムック (Mucc) is probably my favourite band, I don't really follow their new releases anymore though. I have been huge into bands like M, Kyokutou girl friend, ハッチ (Hucci), ヒトツメ (Hitotsume), 白黒キネマ (Monokuro kinema), 犬神サーカス団(Inugami circus dan) anything Yukika- or Eiji-related, amongst many others, but I listen to anythings that's good, sometimes I just listen to the Hero song "Banzai" for a few hours, when I have one of those days. My latest obsession is the band キズ (Kizu), the new one. Here's a link to my last.fm if anyone's interested: https://www.last.fm/user/GWSM I have just got back to using it after like five years of not bothering to download the scrobbler plugin.
  11. Hello everyone! I've been a member since 2011, but I've only signed in sporadically thought the years to read news and check out the market. I don't think I've every properly introduced myself, so I just thought I'd step out from the shadows and say "hi". I'm not going to drag this introduction out, just hit me up if you wonder anything, or for any reason. See you around! Btw. I'm Swedish, so if my english is full of childish grammatical errors and spelling mistakes that's probably why! Not making excuses, just sayin'.