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  1. Riki

    Wasn't this actually DaizyStripper's alter ego band? Why adding four members and keeping just one of the original ones? Seems like they re-record World End. I had hoped for new songs by the actual lineup and not new members and just a re-recording.
  2. But actually, that mini album had 6 new songs. Plus 5 re-recorded that were acoustic versions. Considering their last full-length albums have been released in January 2012, June 2014 and January 2017 there's still some time for the next one left. Between these they released a mini album in August 2012 and May 2015. I hope this won't be the hint on a disbanding. But they're still doing releases within a time span they've been going by before. They just had that extremely high release output with three albums in 2011 and those five consecutive months singles ahead of their Tragus album in 2013. But after this things slowed down. By the way, voting takes place in a two days rhythm for each album. There's not the option to vote for all songs from now until the end of the voting time span.
  3. Riki

    According to Shattered Tranquility members' comments translations it's yuji.
  4. I had that feeling about TOSSY joining since he's been doing quite some of the session lives.
  5. No, it's their third, I think. They released another one, Humaloid, in 2012.
  6. No, originally it wasn't because I had the same thought when I read it first but had no time to comment.
  7. Riki

    Is there any more detailed information on who will do the vocals on the album except for "ex-members and several big-name voice actors"?
  8. Track 11 is romanized Awairo no yume.
  9. You're welcome. I wouldn't have known for sure, if he hadn't put it there in hiragana and katakana.
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