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  1. Yasupon

    Pretty cool new ones Jig.
  2. Yasupon


    Welcome to MH!
  3. Yasupon

    Hi again Kagura. *waves and gives you a cookie*
  4. Yasupon

    Are you kidding me
  5. Yasupon

    Turkey bacon.
  6. So ZIN is basically the vocalist from SLOD? That's a bit surprising, but not in a bad way. He has an interesting voice.
  7. Yasupon

  8. Yasupon

    You're a good artist.
  9. Yasupon

    Sup, you've probably seen me around. I'm Yasuhiro1 on last.fm
  10. Yasupon

    Doesn't like Scandal, SID, or Gazette.
  11. Yasupon

    Welcome to MH!
  12. Yasupon

    Welcome to MH!
  13. Yasupon

    Welcome Kazu! Nice to see you on the minichat.
  14. Yasupon

    Very interested in this band!
  15. Yasupon

    Welcome to the forum!
  16. Yasupon

    I must have had 2 votes for most useless then, although I thought only one person voted for me. Best looking male: my vote - awesome! Also @Tokage, because your humor is awesome.
  17. Yasupon

  18. Yasupon

    Linh showed me his PV. It was pretty good!
  19. Yasupon

    Welcome to the forum!!
  20. Yasupon

    I like these again, good job.
  21. Yasupon

    Welcome to MH! Do you have a last.fm?
  22. Yasupon

    Welcome Hideaki! Have fun.
  23. Yasupon

    Happy Birthday to Pinkmakona.
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