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  1. Here's a preview of the song that could be heard on Nack5 radio show where Kaya was present on the 15th. It was recorded by Kaya Addicts Argentina staff
  2. Oh my gosh!! At last!! *TvT* It seems it's going to be a dance tune!
  3. omg, Johannes Krauser II in the XJapan covers XD
  4. old japanese lipstick (red beni...)
  5. Miyavi x Isshi (Kagrra) It's impossible, but I would like to hear something like that someday
  6. I guess I'm one of the few people who voted for the 80s-mid 90s heheeh ^_^u I like bands from all periods but the first period sound wins for me <3
  7. Una pesada desde España también ahah ^^; en mi caso no solo disfruto de la música japonesa, también de la china!
  8. Albums released in 2013? well...I think Kaya's GOTHIC is not bad My non-japanese favourite album is The coming ones (international version) by Sa Dingding
  9. I chose Kagrra because I love them their music sounds very japanese to me (ah, amafurase <3 ) and that without using koto everywhere...it seems that there's no more than koto or flute... well Kiryu costumes are showy and pretty, but their music isn't just my cup of tea (despite I love bands that use traditional japanese sounds), it's messy and loud (for my ears)
  10. Well, if you're looking for something really visual kei with screams, this is one of my favs If you want real growls maybe you should try to listen to another music genres?
  11. hey I liked the "visual moon" guys XD well at least they didn't try to do the tipical old-school thing or sing in japanese (I think they're too influenced by korean music though) the Romantica were the funniest hahah XD
  12. GLAY and Miyavi I think they're really talented I don't like their music though
  13. I think liking all Visual kei bands only because they're visual kei it's really a phase you discovered them and you wanted to listen to all bands but...then...you got bored that's normal still, I think japanese music has very interesting things!