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  1. Hi All, searching this single from merrygoround i am desperately to find this, hope somebody can help me to get this... maybe someone want to do trading? i am offering you my DIDEAR - Antichirst single... Thx
  2. looking for merry go round single "君は蜜よりも甘く" CD, pics below, pm me ya
  3. do you still have an invite for JPS? i want...

    1. returnal


      *slides through* if they don't appear soon i have one as well!

  4. i am fucking love this band, but still no chance to listen "INSPAIRAL" from them
  5. HAIL LORD YOSHIKI possible tracklist: 1. Intro~X 2. Triple EX 3. A Head Full of XXXXXXXXXX 4. Adventure of Lifetime 5. Hymn For The Weekend 6. A Sky Full of Stars 7. We are XXX 8. Yoshiki Solo 9. Yoshiki Drum XXX 10. How to play piano like me 11. Dominate of X 12. Self Proclaimed 13. Forever never disband HAIL!
  6. anybody have this?
  7. DONALD! hail hail, eh , who is DONALD?
  8. Hey!, DL Section already move to TRUMPH TOWER!
  9. sorry sads123, DONALD J TRUMPH make a wall, so you cant see the DL Section, so sorry
  10. still better than yoshiki's news
  11. Thanks jigsaw9!
  12. miss the free download... anybody willing to upload the wav ver. please?