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  1. Hi There, I was just planning to buy the above mentioned Sel'm - Choushou no tsuki (嘲笑の月). So I was wondering if there is anyone willing to sell me one, Feel free to drop your price and condition of the item in replies. Thank You
  2. this also sold few months ago Dir en grey 12" single 脈 https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/t528561828
  3. WTF, is it for real? *edit: https://www.discogs.com/Dir-en-grey-Vulgar/release/11166166 already updated here
  4. WTF, is it for real?
  5. check your inbox @Danao
  6. Hi All, searching this single from merrygoround i am desperately to find this, hope somebody can help me to get this... maybe someone want to do trading? i am offering you my DIDEAR - Antichirst single... Thx
  7. looking for merry go round single "君は蜜よりも甘く" CD, pics below, pm me ya
  8. do you still have an invite for JPS? i want...

    1. returnal


      *slides through* if they don't appear soon i have one as well!

  9. i am fucking love this band, but still no chance to listen "INSPAIRAL" from them
  10. HAIL LORD YOSHIKI possible tracklist: 1. Intro~X 2. Triple EX 3. A Head Full of XXXXXXXXXX 4. Adventure of Lifetime 5. Hymn For The Weekend 6. A Sky Full of Stars 7. We are XXX 8. Yoshiki Solo 9. Yoshiki Drum XXX 10. How to play piano like me 11. Dominate of X 12. Self Proclaimed 13. Forever never disband HAIL!
  11. anybody have this?