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  1. futoshi92

    Katuję na okrągło nową płytę Sex Machineguns
  2. futoshi92

    Dir en Grey in Progresja, Warsaw were amazing as ever. The only problems, it felt like it ended too fast and Kyo barely have made any contact with audience. Still awesome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7Bi31Rv-7Q
  3. futoshi92

    A bit late news, but the album cover and tracklist finally got revealed. 10 songs in total, including two re-recordings, Metal Venture Man and sone other song probably used for some kind of pachinko game. 1. みかんのうた (Re-Recording 2018) 2. BURNING FIRE 3. バイキンの逆襲 4. うなぎの王様 5. ネイチャーパワー 6. コインランドリーサンドマン 7. NO サーモン 8. CRUSH クリスマス 9. メタルベンチャーマン 10. German Power (Re-Recording 2018)
  4. futoshi92

    Returned from Diru live in Warsaw yesterday. Overall it was awesome, fans were jumping and headbanging like crazy 😃 My only two problems was that the live felt too short, despite a good setlist and Kyo didn't seem to have such a contact with audience, like Loudness did. But back to the topic, am I the only one who thinks that Die looked badass the most?
  5. futoshi92

    It's been comfirmed that one of the greatest modern day J-metal legends are releasing a new 12th album called "Iron Soul" in November 28th. Further info soon to be revealed. http://sexmachineguns.smg-fire.com/?p=782
  6. futoshi92

    Super! ^w^ W razie czego będę w koszule Loudness
  7. futoshi92

    Pozwolę sobie wskrzesić temat, bo czemu nie? Ktoś może jeszcze wybiera się na Diru do Wawy?
  8. futoshi92

    For now I'm listening to the album on Spotify waiting for my physical copy to arrive. Ordered it from CD Japan, in early August, so hope I won't have to wait for it as long as for The Kanmuri's recent CD 😐 Back to the topic, I'm liking Keibetsu no Hajimari, Rubbish Heap, Utafumi. Also Keigaku no Yoku and the way how it starts calm and slowly progresses into total fury. Plus, what be a Diru album without a more mellow song, like Aka or Ranunculus? Overall, I've noticed ever since TMOAB came out, Diru has been putting out aggressive and calmer albums in turns. Uroboros had their fair share of heavy and soft, melodic songs. DSS was dominated by much harder and rocking songs, save for Lotus and Vanitas (which even were the highlights in my book). Arche was in some ways similar to Uroboros, with more Kyo's clean singing and even progressive songs. And now we have Insulated World, which leans on the heavier side again Anyone else has that feeling?
  9. Just watched the video. Not only the song is very upbeat, it's their first song entirely in English, or should I say: Engrish. Odd video setting and Nawo's costume just add ore awesomeness. Still the good old Maximum the Hormone we all know and love 😊 And the end there's an announcement of the new single on Novemver 2018. Quite funny how it abrupts at the end, then "around" kanji gets written 😃 One thing is sure: MtH is not dead!!!
  10. futoshi92

    Sex Machineguns
  11. futoshi92

    A bit of photos, a bit of artworks https://www.instagram.com/kacper_takasaki/?hl=pl
  12. Damn, I forgot how much I loved MtH and how I saw them live way back in 2011. Gotta listen to their good old albums right now 😊 Back to the topic, I have the 3rd deja vu feeling, but it's not directly written that Nawo's going to have another child. Wonder if are they ever going to produce any new material. Six years passed between Buikikaesu and Yoshuu Fukushuu. Now it's another 6 since Yoshuu dropped. Anyway, wishing then the best in their family life 😊
  13. futoshi92

    What's up with Kyo's grandpa-like look? 😂 I guess he never ceases to surprise with his image. If I'm not mistaken, there was an early album pick-up party at the Paruko shop in Nagoya, where Kyo was signing the album copies. I've just gotten jealous, but on the other hand only 10 days left till the album drops, so I can wait 😀
  14. futoshi92

    I may post the romaji and eventually translated lyrics but here you go 😉 1. 奪冠 2. ただ単に 3.待てど暮らせど 4. やばい 5. ヘビーメタルで 6. 恐怖のベルが鳴る 7. 奇祭 8. 夏したい 9. イロモノ 10. 冠、メロイックサインやめるってよ
  15. futoshi92

    What happens when you combine Udo Dirkschneider and Lemmy? Kiba from Gargoyle, nuff said \m/
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