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  1. sangan

    Hola, algun discord en español de música japonesa? ojala activo
  2. sangan

    Listening to メルヘン殺伐 album by Elekki Bran ( エレキブラン )
  3. sangan

    I think screen recording is (sadly) the only method for timeshifted streams for now, if someone knows a way for download would be useful
  4. sangan

    Grim Dawn, a nice diablo clone game 😃
  5. Thanks! I want to watch the whole live BD now
  6. sangan

    Thanks for your reply, although the only method that works for me for those "protected" songs is Tuneskit Spotify Converter, as far as I know this software record the song from spotify at high speed, but not as high quality rip.
  7. sangan

    I don't know if this is against the rules, but there's any method for download songs from Japanese Spotify? I mean, a playlist transfer to deezer that actually works with japanese songs, since I have found some japanese exclusive releases that are "protected" and can't be transfered with my known sites. Thanks!
  8. sangan

    Many thanks! I can't see where is it though, is it on the d o w n l o a d forum? If so, I can't access that forum -yet-
  9. sangan

    Nice! I was looking for bands like this, now I will search for their albums. I hope they are not hard to find 😅 Thank you!
  10. sangan

    Thanks, I'm looking more for the vk side though. I know The Novembers, but I haven't listened to them properly, I will give them a try once again
  11. Hi, I listened to baude-laire recently and I'm looking similar sounding bands. I know they are influenced by Coaltar of the Deepers and shoegaze. Some Plastic Tree albums comes to my mind, but I'm looking for more Thanks!
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