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  1. @Saaam-chan in 2014 you said this 

    Do you still have them I would like to purchase cds or even just mp3 rips?

  2. Saaam-chan

    T_T why
  3. Saaam-chan

    Just heard the title track yet.... I read all the youtube comments before the music video started and I was shocked,by how many people can like this ...sorry, crap? That song is so boring and generetic... it was a pain to listen to... I tought.. maybe its going to be better... but.. no its doesn't... bad from beginning till end~ Mejibray used to be a Band I couldn't wait to get their singles... and now... I am happy when I am still like one of their tracks~ I am sure the japanese fancrowd is happy with it trough. since their fans are like 90% female. But for me who can Ingore all the sex in the song.. there is not much left. But I am sure all the fangirls out there will love the track... and his super sexy awesome voice
  4. Saaam-chan

    If you like all the shows you just counted... give Hannibal the serie a try... uh will hopefully love it
  5. Saaam-chan

    Will defenitly go to Switzerland X-Tra one... Maybe also Strasbourg.... but I have school then... crap
  6. Saaam-chan

    Will go to London Sunday and Paris on monday.... Now I just need a place to sleep on Monday in Paris... if anybody has a free couch for me... I am glad to take it!
  7. Saaam-chan

    Lets just say VK Fanbase sucks everywhere except in Japan where people have no balls to stand out
  8. Saaam-chan

    Already booked the Hotel
  9. Saaam-chan

    Have a great stay at this great Forum!
  10. Saaam-chan

    I still miss their old singer... T_T
  11. Saaam-chan

    Alright there we go! Japanese Releases: Sukekiyo - Immortalis moumoon - LOVEbefore we DIE BABYMETAL - BABYMETAL ギルガメッシュ - LIVE BEST Sel'm - Violations Non-Japanese Releases: Lanterns on The Lake - Until The Colours Run Marathonmann - Kein Rückzug kein Aufgeben That year has been bit boring for me so far... I hope there will be more solid releases (Its not like I didn't enjoy any other music... but these few releases upthere are the TOP!)
  12. Saaam-chan

    This album delievers! When I listen to these tracks, everything else which got released in 2014 sounds boring in comparison to me~ Well done! I am sure This Album will grow fast on me! 9/10 points!
  13. Saaam-chan

    Ah how cool! I work at IKEA at switzerland!
  14. Saaam-chan

    I am sure I already spent over 3000.- on all my japanese CDs... have over 250 discs at the moment... countless concerts... and merchandise and all kind of shit.. but the last few months I barley bought anything cuz I don't have even time to unpack the Cds... shitty work -.-
  15. Saaam-chan

    I laughed my ass of with this one
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