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  1. We gave away 13 CDs as prizes last weekend on the RarezHut stream, and we start giving away even more in less than 2 hours! Who's gonna win this time?


  2. Our first giveaway of the day in 5-10 minutes, get yo butts in stream :)


  3. The auction is LIVE. Go directly to the stream Pregaming for the auction by playing the STYLISH WAVE 2007 event
  4. Good morning, rarez buddies! We're busy getting everything ready for the first day of this month's $1 auction, which starts in a bit less than 3 hours. What item are you looking forward to seeing the most?


  5. The item list for the auction is live! https://goo.gl/46eeAV Join us this weekend for some killer deals Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/362952964138379
  6. if you saw the term "second-hand" next to the name of a store, would you think their merchandise is of lower quality?
  7. RarezHut having a 15% off store-wide sale August 23rd-27th.  Use AUG15OFF at checkout 

  8. We are having a 15% off store-wide sale August 23rd-27th. Use AUG15OFF at checkout to receive your glorious discount. Offer not valid with other coupons, except Lucky Bag discount.
  9. Brace Yourself, RarezHut Lucky Bags Have Arrived Lucky Bags are a wonderful way to discover new bands and find hidden gems! Available in Regular and Deluxe sizes. Each Includes random CDs/DVDs, with a chance to get albums, live-limited releases, and other rarities. $10 - Regular contains three CDs/DVDs worth an average of at least $15 $15 - Deluxe contains six CDs/DVDs worth an average of at least $30 New items on the store! http://www.rarezhut.net/newly-added $6: an - re present $4: Aile - カケヒキ $4: dolore - REBORN $6: Gill'e cadith - お茶の間中毒カテゴリィ $15: Lucky Bag(Deluxe) $10: Lucky Bag(Regular) $15: Sadie - 淡き群青 (live-distributed) $8: Secilia Luna - Eternal Waltz $4: WHITEBLACK - Dragon Flash $4: バビロン(Babylon) - GRAMOROUS 9 Call $4: ルーシー(Lucy) - Discord $6: 東京ミカエル。(Tokyo Michael) - Mr.Selfish $4: 東京ミカエル。(Tokyo Michael) - ハピネス(Limited Edition) $7: 白黒キネマ(Monokuro Kinema) - 朱の甍聳え立ちたり(Regular Edition)
  10. Thanks Scarlet <3
  11. Who wants? http://www.rarezhut.net/signed-avanchick-cheki-giveaway
  12. Signed Avanchick Cheki Giveaway Fresh from their amazing performance at Tokyo in Tulsa, Avanchick impressed us so much that we wanted to do a giveaway for a full set of signed cheki! Thank you to Chaotic Harmony for providing us with the chance to purchase these. Avanchick debuted as an indie group in 2014 with their single Maria. Their popularity continued to rise until, for reasons unknown, they announced their upcoming disbandment in November, 2017. Everyone here at RarezHut can't wait to see what projects are next for Noah, Rey, and the gang, and we'll be cheering them on every step of the way. ENTER HERE
  13. We're unboxing an insane amount of goodies straight outta Japan
  14. RarezHut unboxing straight out of Japan


  15. One of the most dominant bands during the late-1990’s VK boom, this FANATIC CRISIS flier advertises some of their lives from late-1996. It serves as a really cool look at the boys right before they signed to For Life Records and took the Japanese mainstream by storm.