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  1. Such a cute dork. I love that shirt
  2. Glad they finally got there and weren't eaten by bears
  3. super happy fun time ITT
  4. my world is a deep unending abyss of pain and desperation I wake up early, work as much as I can until the pain gets so bad that I have to take two muscle relaxers and lie down. I'm unconscious until the next morning when the cycle gets repeated over again. I was lucky enough to get a two-hour massage yesterday, but my muscles had retightened and were spasming again before I could even get back out to my car.
  5. Once-in-a-lifetime chance, we might hit 420 likes on RarezHut's Facebook page on 4/20. I'm dyin' lol, THIS COULD HAPPEN
  6. Once-in-a-lifetime chance, we might hit 420 likes on RarezHut's Facebook page on 4/20. I'm dyin'
  7. 7 more likes on RarezHut's FB page until we have 420 on 4/20.

  8. In an effort to normalize shipping times for both our end and in customers minds, we are creating a policy that customers will receive a coupon for 10% off their next order if we take longer than 3 business days to ship. (This does not apply to held orders)
  9. IT'S 4/20 BIIIIITCHES!!!!!
  10. Nope. X-ray came back normal, but a CT scan might reveal more since it's soft tissue. It's just super painful and can hurt to breathe
  11. I do, often. He has lil weak hands though.
  12. I do, and it unfixxes itself before the next appointment
  13. A Megamasso flyer that promotes the “ベゾアルステーン(Bezoalsten)” single, and also mentions the then up-and-coming release of the “WINTER HOLLOW” single. A bit of a nazi-thing going with their costumes, but still, who doesn’t love 涼平(Ryohei)?


  14. I have so many muscle knots around my right shoulder blade that it's pushing things out of place every time I move or breathe. The perfect way to start the morning, pain so bad your vision blurs.
  15. Details of our next livestream auction are up! A Time of Visual Kei: a $1 auction for the rare and wonderful In an unknown murky darkness, there exists naught but deafening silence. Ages have passed, and only a few whispered stories remain. These stories tell of a time of magnificent music glowing with a light too blinding. As Time continued its eternal march however, the light became harder to notice and the music less distinct. What once was something beyond the Earthly and mundane had faded and blurred until one would be hard-pressed to find any evidence of what once was. But legend also tells of a time and a people who can bring back the light and sound fantastic. Is the time foretold fast approaching? Will you help bring back the music? ITEM LIST: COMING SOON All days start at 11AM MDT/1PM EDT/5PM MST SATURDAY AND SUNDAY JUNE 3-4 SATURDAY AND SUNDAY JUNE 10-11 COUNTDOWN: Link to 2nd Weekend: For those of you joining us for the first time: We continue our trend of giving away crazy amounts of VK just for showing up, this time with even more prizes. (like a truly insane amount) Nearly all items start at $1, so this is a fantastic opportunity to get your favorites for dirt cheap. During the stream, we'll allow people in the chat to buy items as they appear using our automated bidding system. There will be a starting price displayed on the stream for each item and if multiple people want the item then it'll go auction-style and they can bid up until someone caves and loses out on the rarez. A list of specific items will be posted as the date of the stream nears. We will be accepting "ghost bids" from those who cannot attend the actual event. Ghost bids consist of the desired item and your max bid, we will then bid on your behalf up to your maximum