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    Added new stuff.
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    Added cheki.
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    Added new stuff.
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    Hello! I sell 2 vistlip CDs. vistlip ・Patriot (CD+DVD) 3 euro ・-OZONE- (CD+DVD) 3 euro + shipping (from Italy) Send a private message if you are interested (you can also ask for pics and info)
  6. I am looking for NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST stuff:Goods、poster and cheki (only Masa and Daichi) Thanks!
  7. peachykiss

    tru but the birthdays are different! nao born on 01/25 and yui on 03/03 so i don't think it's the same person? :/ i'm confused
  8. I think that the gt. is not milk from snufkin but Satoshi ex DOAK.
  9. peachykiss

    They look really good!
  10. I think that Dr. is ex Xepher Setsu.
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    Ma quale vecchiooo °-°
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    Ne faccio sedici domenica! Tu?
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    Ciao *_* Provincia di Modena!
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    Anche io sono Italiana! <3