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  1. This is so 2008 😍😍😍😍
  2. Splendor of beauty

    It’s pretty boring!
  3. Splendor of beauty

    I don’t understand why they can’t just say ‘we don’t ship overseas anymore ‘ LOL Anyway, thanks!
  4. Splendor of beauty

    Did somebody order it ? Because I try to order but puresound says it’s already sold out
  5. The single it’s available on Spotify
  6. Splendor of beauty

  7. Splendor of beauty

    Hi! If u can go to Phobia revival on 7/5 id love to get Phobia 2nd press demo tape (+CD-R) I don’t know if it’s a live dist or a live sold
  8. Nice but I was expecting more. Let’s see about self titled live sold!
  9. She is a WOMAN !! QUUEN 🌹
  10. Splendor of beauty

    Condition : Played once Price : 27 dollar ( 3000 yen) NOTE : not come with the bonus cd, comes with obi +password Payment : paypal only
  11. Splendor of beauty

    Yeah, I saw that they ‘ re doing a LOT of instore event! They look so cute ❤️ Can’t wait to see the report , thank you
  12. Splendor of beauty

    Guys the album it’s available trought itunes jp, OTOTOY ,mora and maybe some other digital platform YAAAS
  13. Splendor of beauty

    A cd called Call -raison d'etre- was distributed on 27 January
  14. Hey there! How much for all kalavinka cd ? Edit: sorry I didn’t see the price lol anyway I wanna get all three
  15. Splendor of beauty

    30 usd + shipping non negotiable
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