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  1. DerKnecht

    I think a big reason why some people would like VK to get more traction again is so that the younger bands can start to play overseas. Sure, there are still some bands coming over but not as many as it used to be during the hype-phase. For many people, me included, it has been the only chance to see my favorite bands live and not just through a screen. I'm very grateful for that and I hope other vk-fans that are young now can make the same experiences.
  2. DerKnecht

    Very cool!
  3. DerKnecht

    The reason why the VK hype came to an end after 2010 was because of the lack of original music and ideas. There were tons of bands coming out with the same copy-paste formulas, both visually and musically. People including me just got bored of listening and seeing the same uninspired vk-copycat bands. The reason why nobody cares about VK right now is not because VK is bad but because those bands play rock music. Face it, rock music right now is pretty much dead in the whole world, not just VK. What is popular with teens right now? Yes, Hip-Hop/Rap/Pop/. It's definitely NOT rock music. I'd go as far as to say that few people under 18 listen to any kind of rock . They'll rather play fortnite and listen to the latest Post-Malone, Billie Eilish, Machine Gun Kelly, ASAP Rocky, Travis Scott tune.THOSE are the rock-stars of the zoomer generation. Imho K-Pop is a lot closer to this style of music than VK so it's only natural that people can get into it. I'd say the people who are into K-Pop now are basically the same demographic that would be attracted to VK. But unless rock as a genre makes a comeback, I don't see a VK revival any time soon.
  4. DerKnecht

    I sent you a message 😊
  5. For me, "Deviloof" is too all-over-the-place but "The Desperado" strikes a chord. It has a nice mix between melody and breakdowns. I didn't know Nero before but I like his kyo-inspired style. BIG LIKE
  6. DerKnecht

    Not a fan of your band name but the music + video is sick. good stuff
  7. DerKnecht

    thanks, I'll give them a listen
  8. DerKnecht

    I'm looking for any bands that are a little bit similar to Orcalade or Dexcore (old bands example would be meth/Maverick or Deathgaze, Since1899). I also like weird vocalists similar to yumeleep (or old example-> ganeisha). If anyone has a recommendation, I'd be happy
  9. Hey! Thanks for your post, I found it verrrrrry useful! I really like yumeleep now, if you know other recent bands with "weird" vocalists like him, I would be very happy Zombi I also found quite good! Definitely very promising music. And ORCALADE.... I didnt know about them before and it turns out the ex-singer of MaVerick and Eat-You-Alive is singing for them, which is so awesome ! I used to really like his bands and I still love his voice. So thanks a lot for your recommendation ❤️
  10. I'm excited for this! Glad to see he is back in the VK Game
  11. DerKnecht

    http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=NEODAI-3175 for example here...
  12. DerKnecht

    good thing I snatched anything I could get my hands on before it was too late... these sure are sad days, I will miss Kaname. A lot.
  13. DerKnecht

    Anybody lucky enough to be able to order?
  14. DerKnecht

    thank you!
  15. DerKnecht

    Any news from Kouta, singer of Since1889 Kyotaro, singer of eight / Black:List
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