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  1. tbh, I'd rather have their new album they announced aeons ago than this DVD… ;/
  2. Ikna

    I know I am going to open a big can of worms, but being active in the goth subculture for so many years and knowing people in the scene personally who have been part of this thing since the early 80s, I say the whole thing about gawf being a counter-culture misanthropic youth fashion trend is wrong and some cliché that the media came up with during the age of the Satanic Panic and ran with it. It's been (and will always be) about the music and not so much the clothes or hating everyone (lol, most old wavers and goffs I know are so perky you'd think they are all untrve poseurs if you didn't knew any better). I know that's an argument many people do not like, because that means it takes more than heavy eyeliner and tacky shillstar clothes made in Bangladesh - such as actually liking some post-punk and goth music. And many people think they need that dreaded "G" label to prove how different they are from mainstream society and will fight tooth and nail that they "deserve" the label because of how they dress, which is something I don't get. Also I have never met any of these people who wear 800 euros and more on their skin in the actual real life. These people primarily exist on the web, where they belong in the same bin with every other cancerous social media clown and influencer, or they walk around big festivals to get photographed (but never actually engage with anyone or pay attention to the music). I feel most of these "goff" people who are sponsor for some brand are just some regular alt chicks who realized that selling themselves as rebellious, edgy person makes them somehow different (and thus more authentic) than the hundred other people who do the same, but for some "normie" brand. Then there are the few cases where people from the scene did become greedy and partake in this shit. But right now there is a nice backlash against it, so it#s not like everyone is okay with it. In fact, people have been arguing a long time that it#s not a fashion contest. Most people at goth (and adjacent) events, club nights and concerts are piss poor or know to spend their money for more important things. If they wear that awful blunder then they usually buy it secondhand. And considering how the scene is slowly falling to gentrification, many don't even dress up anymore, and that's totally okay. It's only in web communities that people get so uptight and act like assholes. Which isn't so surprising, but that's also why I really recommend to get outside more and leave the internet for some time. Ever since I started to go out more again, meeting real people and reducing my online presence to a bare minimum, I have been much happier. Anyway, my stupid cents on this topic, since it seems to have made some big waves online. And I am glad it does. I think the same can and should be applied to any music scene, culture or just society in general; one doesn't need to worship some fucking brand to feel better about themselves and looks aren't everything. Sadly people give influencers way too much credit, even when they know that these people are paid by companies to sell their trash and will base their entire self worth on some criteria tailored by the folks that run good old capitalism.
  3. Ikna

    ^to be fair, almost every 90s and early 00s VK bandomen had these sharpie brows, lmao. It was a very 90s thing, as seen with Gwen Stefani. It was over the top and ridiculous and I love it.
  4. Ikna

    Pretty telling how people dislike it because it involves Karma, but since it's not br00tal and AvelCain-ish enough it's regarded the worst of all (even tough AvelCain was even shittier, since additional to sucky vocals no one could write or play instruments). The same people however praise nostalgic indie shit like La'veil Mizeria to the heavens, despite Kikyo being just as incompetent in holding his notes. If this band had some no1curr vocalist people would be creaming themselves, yelling "true saviors of Visual kei!".
  5. This thread needs a revival, there's been so much good stuff in the scene lately! New Skeletal faces are a pretty dope deathrock band and my recent find: Trashlight are making some heavily shoegaze inspired post-punk/goth music, their EP is fresh and new: Another great deathrock band that recently released a debut EP, Nox Novacula: Also kaelan Mikla and Whisperign Sons are going to drop an album in the following weeks. The songs they have released for preview are already very promising:
  6. Technically I should like this, since this group seems to aim for a very similar direction as Ganmi did and I liked them, but it isn't even nearly as enjoyable. Could be the vocalist… or the shitty synths. And the uninspiring riffs. A shame, because I really longed for more early 00s Undercode style shit and Ganmi were doing it so well (but unfortunately existed for a blink of a second).
  7. His old band Mist of rouge was on Matina and then produced through UCP. I thought more people were aware of that, since Mist of rouge did have some cult following back then (especially in the 00s, when UCP was the shit).
  8. They are really on a roll. So far i liked the last singles, thankfully they didn't changed their sound so much under starwave (which was everybody's concern). I just wish they'd finally release a full lenght album though. But I guess splitting albums into a shitload of singles and selling them individually makes more money :V
  9. Not just vibes, I actually think they took that elody from a MM song. It is so oddly familiar…
  10. Ikna

    Who needs kids when you can have cats.
  11. Ikna

    Are you a gay man? Do you know gay guys? Because you sure are generalizing things based on your subjective "experience". And that whole "feminine men are not wanted by gay guys" thing falls apart even when you take it to reverse the orientation. If all gay and bi men only like men who are stereotypically masculine how come straight and bisexual women who are also into men can be attracted to androgynous and feminine guys? By your logic absolutely no one would be attracted to fem guys. And we all know that's not true. Also go ask some of the gay guys here on MH if they find bandmembers hot. I am sure you will some crushing answers.
  12. Ikna

    Man, I used to be addicted to this band, especially the early stuff from 1999 to ca. 2004, but listened to their post 2004 religiously as well. Then Daisuke died and I kinda stopped listening to them... no idea why, because the death of any other musician has never influenced me in my music listening habits and I never stopped listening to a band or musician just ecause they/a member died. It's not even like I am in grief, though I was certainly extremely shocked when news of daisuke's death reached me. Maybe I should try and revisit them...
  13. Ikna

    Strange. I am a registered user there and never had this problem, even when I downloaded a lot of files. But then I also use their MEGASync app and not the download button. Maybe try that?
  14. Actual, TRVE Gaijin Vkei: 


    1. Peace Heavy mk II
    2. Keiyuu


      It's that secret Soleil session band

  15. Ikna

    So, they had their first live. Any new infos on that single? has it been released already? They probably mentioned it somewhere on twitter, but I can't read japanese. Also btw good to see more bands emulating the early 00s sound. They remind me, stylin-wise, a bit of early UCP bands or Mist of Rouge.
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