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  1. Ikna

    Sadly the guy is too well established in the VK scene, despite his shitty behavior. Imo it's not just that japan thinks differently of people like him, but guys like him have so much support behind their back they really can get away with a lot of shit. See also Marilyn Manson or Chris Brown. They too did some horrible, abusive shit and still have so many people cheering them on and excusing their acts. And this is why idolizing people, really any people, in the media and entertainment industry is wrong.
  2. Despite google translate, that English wasn't so bad. Better than his music.
  3. Ikna

    Found image of Kiryu's new lewk
  4. Ikna

    God, I wish soundlcoud rap would have never became a thing to spare us from sights like these.
  5. Maybe I am overreacting, but shit like this makes me a bit angry. You've got a band promoting itself, hyping itself up with some nice demos and promos and then delivering some fairly decent work with lots of potential and then they simply throw that away right before they even really start to do become more interesting and good at their work. This is some kind of anti-climatic shit á la overhyped video games that have a great fun demo or alpha, but when the final product comes to the market it is unripe and the entertainment dies instantly (and then it gets completely abandoned by the devs). That really makes me question why some bands even bother to form and do anything in the first place when it's clear in the beginning they can't work out. In Rands case, either they really expect to live off 15 mins of fame or Karma is really that hard to work with (in which case I'll never see him having a project continue for longer than maybe a year). Ofc the group isn't officially dead, but I don't know how Karma wants to continue this…
  6. Ikna

    This discussion brings back some memories of the time the tokyo damage report about the inner workings of the VK industry was posted on the net and so many overseas fans were in total disbelief and denial. Most of us overseas fans never had been to a live in Japan and most of had no idea how the scene truly was in its home country. So it was really hard for many to stomach to hear that their beloved oh-so-perfect and "better than plastic, mass-produced 'murrican pop music" bands were just as fabricated by labels and couldn't write their own music or play their instruments. Even then many new VK bands were just talentless hacks who wanted to get their 15 mins of fame and easy access to pussy, and that was maybe 8-10 years ago? Around that same time LUNA SEA's Sugizo and Dir en grey Kyo commented on the then contemporary scene, that the newbies are not passionate about making art and music, but only care about attracting chicks. I remember how much hate and flack they both got then, with some fans accusing Sugizo to be jealous of the young bandomen, because they were hotter and got more girls, lol. How naive we gaijins were back then. Ofc we would also believe that there are no kusomen - our fav bandomen are all perfect, because they are hawt! It's good that the scene nowadays is more open about discussing what's going on inside and that we are not foaming at our mouths because someone "insulted" our fav bands by pointing out the obvious… like Kisaki's misdeeds. If that would have become public ten years ago I bet you there would have been at least a small army of people defending this guy. At least now most people see him for what he is. That said, VK always rubbed along with a bit of delinquency and depravity. Since the hosts entered the scene that got even more amplified, but that transition has taken place since a whole decade. I think we reached a point where almost none of the "original" spirit is left behind. Ofc you get the occasional band that's truly concerned about doing art, but for every honest group you get 10 forgettable ,mass-produced trash ones.
  7. Ikna

    Oh, that's a shame to hear… they were really good and had potential. Maybe for the better if they had stayed in their hiatus then.
  8. Ikna

    I didn't know they were still active… thought they went on hiatus some time ago, or am I wrong?
  9. With Sacrifice… that makes three Reusing names is so common in VK, it's really annoying when you want to find info on a specific group…
  10. AvelCains legacy, I see
  11. So what's up with Kiwamu not putting up Scarlet Valse's and La'veil Mizeria's latest releases to stream? 😕 Doesn't he need that streaming money while corona is cancelling lives…?

    1. BrenGun


      Well, ask him? 😛 

  12. I love how optimistic they all are. Everyone knows nothing's gonna happen this summer. 2020 is cancelled.
  13. Ikna

    I spare you a wall of text and get right to the point: I got into VK, because I was an edgelord weeb that liked fem boys, and VK was edgy and japanese and has crossdressing. Nothing deep about it, honestly. Tho I also like goth rock shit, hence I like oldschool crap, but that wasn't the initial or main reason why I liked VK. Plenty of gawfs don't give a shit about VK.
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