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  1. I thought the same, this news really sucks! first was CPS, now MBHI, i'm so sad right now.
  2. Kazuhiro

    is Schwartz/Meku playing the guitar on this new recordings? I'm curious about knowing that.
  3. Kazuhiro

    Yuuto should comeback to play the bass
  4. Kazuhiro

    Full album release please!
  5. Hello guys, I have recorded a CPS guitar cover, amazing band; if you haven`t listened them, I recommend you to give them a try! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPpSoel6gD8&feature=share
  6. Even though Schwarz's work in CPS was awesome, he would have fit better in this tenten's project cause the style of music. He is a monster at guitar!
  7. I would have liked to see a PV with this release, but anyway I'm really expecting to hear it.
  8. Kazuhiro

    no they don't, but at least they appear with the fadeless outfit, btw superb perfomance by the Gazette in Chile, this guys really know how to make people crazy with their music!
  9. Kazuhiro

    Chile's turn today!! It seems as it's gonna be great!
  10. Kazuhiro

    Yuuto and Taira together in a band, awesome!!!!!
  11. Kazuhiro

    hahaha thanks! yeah heineken is my favorite one! here in Chile there aren't so many good beers nevertheless there are a lot of good wines!! wow thank you really much. here one of my latest artistic ones link
  12. Kazuhiro

    well here I'm posting some pics form 2012-2013 In batman the dark knight rises here having fun with some friends here joking hahaha here mirror photo here and myself alone here here here here here
  13. no way dude it can't be real!!!! why CPS why?!! they were so original in making music, this new absolutely sucks!
  14. Kazuhiro

    even if CPS is on hiatus Tenten doesn't stop rockin'.
  15. dude this suck so much but I hope they won't disband
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