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  1. Holy shizzle - Boris at it again! :o Bildschirmfoto_2017_06_16_um_15_36_56.pn

  2. The new Foo Fighters MV is way nice! :D 


    1. nullmoon


      This is amazing!! :D

  3. Oh, Japan... You still don't fail to surprise me after so many years! <3 http://www.spoon-tamago.com/2017/05/30/keiko-otsuhata-pigeon-hato-heels/

  4. whitegrey

    Just noticed Odile will release their debut album 'WARMDUSCHER' (xD if you know the german meaning) with 10 tracks on Zankyo at 12th of july No PV's as of yet, and no full song samples, only two previews (Zankyo YT & Soundcloud) - but from judging those I guess it will be something I can dig. Official web: https://odile.themedia.jp/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-956643704
  5. Best LEGO-car crash-test ever just went online! And the chosen music -> just perfect! *__* 


  6. New BORIS UK+EU Tour in August! Wheee! *__* 18557040_1549273785105927_83559002055710

  7. whitegrey

    Aaaand EU-Tour with the new Album announced already^^ F*** YEAH!!! *___*
  8. Best random Japanese wtf-thingie I found on the web today! ^^ http://nurse-web.jp/photo/

  9. whitegrey

    Daemon & Airdrie - China Shop I'm stuck on a loop with this one today... It's just beautiful!
  10. TsuShiMaMiRe concert today was perfect! Better then expected^^ Not my pic but proof enough (Yayoi bass playing style xD) -> 


  11. For German artists there is this 2007 compilation which is called Poptastic Conversation Japan, bundled with a language-course/study CD and released in both Japan and Germany, where German bands / band-members re-recorded their songs in Japanese language (with support of an professional interpreter). I features bands like Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Ärzte, Wir sind Helden, Stereo Total... And is pretty funny and interesting in my opinion (there is also a 'China' version of the compilation btw). You can listen to samples of all songs here (not much up on YT sadly); https://www.exlibris.ch/de/musik/cd/various-artists/poptastic-conversations-japan/ (scroll down to 'DISK 2' on the left side, 'DISK' 1 is the language course CD) YT-Sample from Die Ärzte: Short TV-piece about it in English (with a few cringe-worthy moments, but still interesting):
  12. whitegrey

    Basically because it applies its own rules of resizing & [re]compressing if you don't follow their rules first hand. You can find those rules here; https://www.facebook.com/help/266520536764594/ And there are other things to know and tricks as well if you really care about the quality, but I don't want to get into detail here - you should be able to easily find guides on that on the web; just google a bit... or ask me if you really want to know it.
  13. When you see some german rappers (you actually dig) hanging out in Tokyo in their newest MV... DA.YO.NE!!! 


  14. I still love Yuu! <3 


  15. chat = no more *sniff* D:

  16. Wheee, some laid back BUGY CRAXONE up on Youtube ^__^ 


  17. whitegrey

    Morinaga Caramel Candy! *__*
  18. #strangelyrics: I really do wonder what 'Fuckathon-me' means now...


  19. whitegrey

    Oooh... Canada. I'm always a bit envious because you guys have Steve with his NEXT MUSIC FROM TOKYO tour. Anyways, enjoy your time here!
  20. When you find a very promising band you didn't know on YouTube and the description says - LAST LIVE -  !:oshi:

  21. whitegrey

    Not so bad on the 'understandable'-side actually (there's far worse stuff in existence) but pretty typical 'Engrish' songwriting; ^^^ lyrics ^^^ Ok, it's an obscure Indie-artist, but I see quite similar stuff pretty often... You can even get what he wanted to say/express in a way, it's just not the best English.
  22. whitegrey

  23. Hmm... Afrirampo in Paris next month is very tempting. Still unsure atm but I totally love PIKA so it might be worth the hassle.

  24. whitegrey

    solarium - kimi ha oboreteiku sakana They have 3 singles out so far and I have high hopes for future releases, definitely on my 'to follow'-list. Female vocals, light use of electronica (even glitch elements), some piano, 3 minutes in the guitar turns shoegazey... They're pretty much down my alley, especially this one. The single is available on bandcamp btw; solarium03.bandcamp.com
  25. I stumbled upon this cuteness overload animated indie-pop PV with cats in it... Usually I don't care... but the music is really nice too... and... CATS!!! -> something for you@CAT5?
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