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  1. sads123

    Seimeisen was referring to '[2017.09.09] 舌先3分サイズ ver.2.0' that was given out at one of the 3 anniversary gigs. It used to sell for 20000yen in mercari and people actually bought it. The other 2 are: [2017.09.02] マグロ-電車は急に止まれない篇- [2017.09.23] 青春狂騒曲 凌雲立志篇 Or maybe you got a great deal and got the 2.0 version for 240yen???? I remember fans snatching the "Album 13 commentary Disc" (which you are supposed to play the disc at the same time as the '13' album where the members comment on the tracks) at 4500yen a piece in mercari/yahoo auctions after it was 1st released at live concerts. Now no one wants to buy it at 1300yen; weird. https://www.mercari.com/jp/items/m81235012656/?_s=U2FsdGVkX1-D1Q4mdrzm7uaiArgJrAs9LEDr9u6aF8BJSfTouDHO42es1vsTFhxpUu2zOmAhXGm57uDfpgc4RwQ6kM_NRQI7irHqLW6vJjgWfNIGuOj8SM2zv4B-QZD3
  2. sads123

    Ah... the elusive Rha's Al Ghul Gorgoneion CD, sold at 1 particular sold out live at a tiny venue. Good catch! Hope you didn't pay an arm & an leg for it 😬 I don't get why the price for this in the 2nd hand market is so high; its a pre-order bonus for the オヤスミナサイ DVD so there would have been quite a huge number of fans who have it, no? Even the DVD boxset itself isn't sold for such a high price. I remember observing the prices of the 3 live distributed CDs (that are now included in the オヤスミナサイ re-recording EP) in 2nd hand markets plummeting once the EP was announced LOL @Tokage, are you a major shareholder of Mercari stock????
  3. sads123

    @anakuro, argh, I don't like lotteries and there's no prize that really interests me other than that mystery CD with a demo song that was supposedly also one of the lottery prizes for buying badges (different variations from this ) at their "2019 LAST GIGS 極月喰らい、三つの煩悩 -akuśala-mūla-". I suppose no one won it then? And I could have sworn that ATM bag was sold during one of the tours.... OMG, that's another thing that I identify with Ao; we are kindred spirits!!!!!!
  4. cali≠gari has just released 「淫美まるでカオスな -BRAND NEW 2020- 」on trading cards (?) with a download code at 500 yen a piece on Ao's online store from now till 18th Jul: http://www.sakurai-shouten.shop/shopdetail/000000000123/ Sneaky move to make fans subconsciously buy other merch on top of a card.... Unless you are fine with paying for shipping & postage for a mere card.
  5. sads123

    The band also just released 「淫美まるでカオスな -BRAND NEW 2020- 」on trading cards (?) with a download code at 500 yen a piece on Ao's online store from now till 18th Jul: http://www.sakurai-shouten.shop/shopdetail/000000000123/ Sneaky move to make fans subconsciously buy other merch on top of a card.... Unless you are fine with paying for shipping & postage for a mere card.
  6. I rechecked the source; oops, you are right! Had a brain fart moment. Edited accordingly.
  7. sads123

    ... "クソバカゴミゲロ" suddenly doesn't sound all that bad now. yeah, I never liked that song, sue me.
  8. cali≠gari will be releasing 「Blue Film」20th Anniversary Edition on 30th Sep 2020. They will also embark on a 3-date concert tour: プライベート▼エロチカ2020」 2020年10月3日(土)愛知県 ElectricLadyLand 2020年10月25日(日)大阪府 BananaHall クライマックス▼エロチカ2020 2020年11月15日(日)東京都 KANDA SQUARE HALL
  9. sads123

    SELLING MY TICKETS NOOOOOW~~~~~~ But to be honest, I got a feeling the rest of the 2man gigs might be cancelled cos it doesn't make sense for them to broadcast this 1 week before the next 2-man gigs. This news will surely affect fans who are on the fence about whether to pay 20000+ yen for the gig. But at least they can recuperate more money out of this situation via fans all over Japan. They are REEEEEALLY optimistic huh. Isn't Shuuji the youngest of the 3??? And embraces the technology the most??? Its stated as a cover song in the setlist: https://twitter.com/caligari_offici/status/1280502512638885889/photo/1 I googled for various "sex on the beach" songs; I cannot fathom which is the one they covered cos they are all so.... tropical! Anticipating the 2020 version of "真空回廊"; I love that song! Just to add: it'll be released on 30th Sep why do I sound like a needy partner here.....
  10. sads123

    Ohhh.... I was not aware that the goatbed gigs are on weekdays with 2 sections. I suppose just before concert goers enter the venue, they would be on the phone with their superiors going "I'll be in a teleconference with a major client at home; under no circumstances will you contact me for the next 2 hours & 30mins!!!!" XDDDD
  11. sads123

    2 section would not be ideal cos the gig is on a weekday (Tuesday) so there will be ticket holders will not be able to attend in the afternoon due to work/school. Even if they opt for 2 section route, there can only be 50% of the maximum number of attendees (25% + 25%) and this will piss off 50% instead of 75% of the ticket holders anyway. It has to do with mentality as well; I may pay 20000yen in the 2nd hand market for a sold out gig but outright asking me for 20000yen directly rubs me the wrong way. But if that new ticket price includes a back rub from Ao... 😶
  12. sads123

    So cali gari & deadman has decided to proceed with their 2-man live on 28th Jul.... in a reduced capacity where only 25% of the maximum number of audience can attend (social distancing and all) with alot of caveats & rules. Hence, anyone with tickets for this gig who wishes to attend has to ballot for ANOTHER ticket that costs 15000yen (comes with a gift, drinks excluded). Other ticket holders can opt for refunds. I don't get why they opted to do this when Japan's daily cases crept back to triple digits. I'm preparing to refund my tickets if a similar program is implemented for the shinjuku holiday gigs in Aug.
  13. sads123

    Ah, you paid for Ao's 3 birthday stream! I wonder who paid for the 15000yen tier ticket, which doesn't seem to offer anything more than the 1500yen one. I'm not fluent in Japanese enough to warrant buying a ticket so I passed on that 😚Will you be watching CRUSH OF MODE -ENDLESS SUMMER’20-? Is it? Maybe he knows that his cut from goatbed is bigger than cali gari's so he put in more effort 🤫Nah, I know goatbed's the music he wants to make. I just wish Ao is as productive as Shuuji is in releasing songs, sigh.
  14. Yes, you are right that the article mentions "第一弾", which suggests this is 1st of many activities planned. Erm, after some thinking, I have to correct myself; in this pandemic where jobs are lost and the economy faltering, buying luxuries will be the last thing on anyone's mind so releasing a DVD now will be shooting themselves in the foot. Its best to release CDs/DVDs when the economy is well enough for people to not 2nd think their spending.
  15. sads123

    Don't push the buck to me just like that yo; take some responsibility! 😁 I love shuuji's vocals but not really into goatbed's music and attending one goatbed gig (I was there for Lab. The Basement; marry me, Ao!) didn't change my mind. And goatbed's 768723498097509252 FC/live limited releases made me glad as hell 😋 If you are just returning to cali gari, this might be a worthwhile buy: https://www.mercari.com/jp/items/m42402593425/?_s=U2FsdGVkX182sQjvZeIs_yIiY1QZUCt9nrhycF1m6-DKDZG7g1g1Yx-59gAtMOJZSK76QkWv3MMy1U0dJZ1C26jsyqUdM6Ss9PjZEqChK5ClJ3O9uYFbucxIZ9DK5SLW And despite your love for Shuuji, you use Ao as your display pic? DOES.NOT.COMPUTE. deadman just extended their revival so the deadman/ cali gari gig will most likely be postponed again.
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