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  1. sads123

    Its the same cassette tape; in the blog entry you linked, the writer stated that she used a 'mystery card' in exchange for the cassette tape. If I remember correctly (from what my friend told me, cos I was unable attend the last day), on the last day of the 6 day gig, there's a special counter for you to change your 6 ticket stubs for this 'mystery card' and what this mystery card is for will be revealed in future. I suppose this "[collector] Tour Extra ~Mystery Day~" (and maybe other gigs during the period?) is where you exchange the mystery card for. Basically forcing you to attend ANOTHER gig on top of the 6 you already attended but its MERRY so whatever hahahaha However, there is one more cassette tape that was released; the demo version of "SIGHT GLASS"; it can be seen here: http://merryweb.jp/goods-archive/5384/ I took a quick glance; its missing: 2005.09.10 - rareケミカルレトリック (live versions「迷彩ノ紳士」&「溺愛の水槽」, given out for free at one of their gigs) https://puresound.co.jp/user_data/sp_artist_product_detail.php?pid=101004612&aid=merry&bck=%2Fuser_data%2Fsp_artist_product.php%3Faid%3Dmerry%26psd%3D99%26mt%3D1%26perPage%3D20%26sk%3D1%26zk%3D2%26kwdstr%3D%26pd1%3D1%26pd2%3D2%26pd4%3D4%26pd5%3D5%26pageID%3D5 2005.09.07 - 首吊りロンド B-ver (comes with that month's issue of Fool's Mate) https://puresound.co.jp/user_data/sp_artist_product_detail.php?pid=101007879&aid=merry&bck=%2Fuser_data%2Fsp_used_product.php%3Fpageid%3D29%26pageID%3D2 2005.09.07 - さよなら雨(レイン)~リバース~ (lucky draw prize for those who bought the "PEEP SHOW" album) https://puresound.co.jp/user_data/sp_artist_product_detail.php?pid=101005389&aid=merry&bck=%2Fuser_data%2Fsp_artist_product.php%3Faid%3Dmerry%26pageID%3D4 2009.12.24 - チック·タック (acoustic ver.) (live distributed CD at TOUR09 under-world [ ] final) https://www.bilibili.com/video/av5106345/ 2010.02.24 - THE BLUE HEARTS 25th. Anniversary TRIBUTE (cover of 皆殺しのメロディー) 2010.11.10 - ピエロとスイカと88ライダー (cover of -新宿ナナ) 2011.07.27 - Beautiful Days・ F.A.D YOKOHAMA (live recording of the gig in title. For those who bought the 2 limited editions of beautiful freaks. Ditto for the Freaks Day CD) http://merryweb.jp/bf0727drop/sample.html 2011.08.28 - Freaks Day・名古屋OZON公演 (live recording of the gig in title) https://www.mercari.com/jp/items/m36498110141/?_s=U2FsdGVkX19r1yXiVV9PqxoKwxFkJQS2GQcyt0LhfLJ2cDbsfiv7K-m9RDYpM9nwxAItQuhIfx-IAFlB-bcF_I3qAbusTaFQbAKaOirpFNLV7w1Lnp3R9jArR6sIEO2N 2012.07.04 - PARADE II - RESPECTIVE TRACKS OF BUCK-TICK (cover of 悪の華) 2017.00.00 - Demo version of "SIGHT GLASS" http://merryweb.jp/goods-archive/5384/
  2. sads123

    Its a gift that you get when you submit ticket stubs from all 6 different gigs of "10th Anniversary NEW LEGEND OF HIGH COLOUR" (each day where the band will play all the songs from 1 specific album) in 2011. There are 2 versions; 1 with the cover in red & the other in black. There is no difference in the content though. I attended the 1st 5 days and passed the stubs to a friend who attended the 5th & 6th day, after which she used to exchange for the cassette tape then
  3. sads123

    no tokyo dates, which is hella weird. Maybe more announcements to come?
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=2U_KDvQ7JqM Preview of the collaboration song is out. Nice infusion of the use of an elevator into the reveal.
  5. sads123

    Thanks for the update! Tricky part is that the physical tickets are with me in Singapore so if there's a need for 1-for-1 exchange, I'll have to mail the tickets back to my agent zzzzzzz. And that's assuming the gigs will happen in May cos the virus situation is changing constantly. Already wrote off my air tickets for this trip. Sigh.
  6. sads123

    I hope I can use my existing tickets for the new dates; hard enough to even get the tickets initially.
  7. sads123

    XA-VAT is going to sell QR-code cards where you can download their live concerts (snippets? whole concerts? Who knows!).
  8. sads123

    Had a brief look at the website and it awesome! Just a suggestion though; for the live history section, it would be good to include the name of the tour (to indicate the theme, whether its a best of tour or for a specific album) and if possible, the setlist that day? There's alot of ready information on setlists here: http://livesetlist529.blog133.fc2.com/ , even going as far as early 2000s. I notice some errors in the cali gari section; will make comments on them when I have more time over the weekend
  9. sads123

    Great, I already bought tickets to another gig in Osaka on 21st Mar and the bus to get there from Tokyo and the plane ticket from Osaka back to my country on 22nd Mar zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. sads123

    Thanks for the summary! Wow, alot of them are my favourites; there was a time when I was absolutely bonkers over Blind Romance, Shaite no Parade & komorebi Ga Boku Wo Sagashiteru phrase cos there was a no sound like these songs then (and even now, actually). I wonder if the upcoming tour will consist of songs mainly by Kenchi; it'll be a good sendoff IMO. Realistically, their popularity has dropped drastically (playing in smaller & smaller venues and frequency of releasing DVDs of their concerts lowered since "Underworld" album) so it's unlikely there's a DVD of this upcoming tour. Maybe FC only where they produce confirmed orders with minimal risk. Btw, anyone has any idea if the anime version of 'Shaite no Parade' was ever released in CD format? As you can hear above, its different from the single & album versions, especially the instrumental portion at the end that was longer.
  11. sads123

    Is there a source where we can see who contributed to the songs in every single & album. Even their Japanese wiki doesn't touch upon that much. I wonder if their current songs require any rewriting to cater to only 1 guitarist during future concerts.
  12. sads123

    deadman announced another gig to commentate their disbandment gig in 2006 on the same day & month & venue. I reckon there will be more announcements after this, since the expiry date of their comeback is in Sep 2020. But if the setlist will be same as that in 2006 (41 songs), we'll be in for a treat! And will they play that collaboration song with cali gari? (Nope, most probably not)
  13. For those who bought the normal version of the CD, here are the download available (on 20th Jan) for the M card provided: 【収録曲】※全6曲収録 ・ヘルニア Ⅲ ~20191223@Veats shibuya_Live ・夢遊病 ~20191223@Veats shibuya_Live ・ヘルニア Ⅱ ~20191223@Veats shibuya_Live ・ヘルニア Ⅳ ~20191223@Veats shibuya_Live ・ヘルニア Ⅰ ~20191223@Veats shibuya_Live ・晴天仕掛けのルサンチマン ~20191223@Veats shibuya_Live ・クソバカゴミゲロ ~20191223@Veats shibuya_Live https://www.kyakusitsu.com/msp/content1/?&no=YUfPCnF9SCfXC23dSrc5Ce3 What a great bonus! @Jigsaw9
  14. sads123

    Nah, the fans, as with any other fandom, generally mind their own business during concerts. During one of their gigs where they threw fake money (with the member's faces on the fake notes) into the audience, the fans at the front passed the notes to the fans behind them, stating those who didn't get it (cos Ao can only throw so far XD) take what they want and pass it further backwards. I was at the tail end and I still managed to get more than 10 notes! And during a recent concert where I was at the 2nd row (I got a ticket with a low number so might as well), it was squeezy (chest to back) but never violent. Just note that once the lights dim, those in front will surge forward; I once experienced standing on the 10th row waiting for the gig to start and once the BGM spikes up in volume, I found myself at the 4th row 🤣 The 14th Mar & 4th Apr gig's tickets will be sold to the public on a 1st come 1st serve basis on 25th Jan; there's still a chance. I got my 18th mar & 19th mar tickets already 😁
  15. sads123

    Its going to be live songs from the recently concluded 「三角と工業」 tour, as stated here: https://www.kyakusitsu.com/content1/?no=Nu6XcN67scV8SPsyC43SswS Unless they changed their minds AGAIN.
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