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  1. For those who bought the normal version of the CD, here are the download available (on 20th Jan) for the M card provided: 【収録曲】※全6曲収録 ・ヘルニア Ⅲ ~20191223@Veats shibuya_Live ・夢遊病 ~20191223@Veats shibuya_Live ・ヘルニア Ⅱ ~20191223@Veats shibuya_Live ・ヘルニア Ⅳ ~20191223@Veats shibuya_Live ・ヘルニア Ⅰ ~20191223@Veats shibuya_Live ・晴天仕掛けのルサンチマン ~20191223@Veats shibuya_Live ・クソバカゴミゲロ ~20191223@Veats shibuya_Live https://www.kyakusitsu.com/msp/content1/?&no=YUfPCnF9SCfXC23dSrc5Ce3 What a great bonus! @Jigsaw9
  2. sads123

    Nah, the fans, as with any other fandom, generally mind their own business during concerts. During one of their gigs where they threw fake money (with the member's faces on the fake notes) into the audience, the fans at the front passed the notes to the fans behind them, stating those who didn't get it (cos Ao can only throw so far XD) take what they want and pass it further backwards. I was at the tail end and I still managed to get more than 10 notes! And during a recent concert where I was at the 2nd row (I got a ticket with a low number so might as well), it was squeezy (chest to back) but never violent. Just note that once the lights dim, those in front will surge forward; I once experienced standing on the 10th row waiting for the gig to start and once the BGM spikes up in volume, I found myself at the 4th row 🤣 The 14th Mar & 4th Apr gig's tickets will be sold to the public on a 1st come 1st serve basis on 25th Jan; there's still a chance. I got my 18th mar & 19th mar tickets already 😁
  3. sads123

    Its going to be live songs from the recently concluded 「三角と工業」 tour, as stated here: https://www.kyakusitsu.com/content1/?no=Nu6XcN67scV8SPsyC43SswS Unless they changed their minds AGAIN.
  4. sads123

    No concrete dates yet but Ao has stated that he will be releasing his solo works (didn't state its an album or single) and tour in 2020; details to be released soon.
  5. sads123

    Its from 2019's FC membership gift; there's 1 CD (or 2) every year. Here's the link to its release: https://www.kyakusitsu.com/content1/?no=OUV9sn6RC3VXsQc23Psgcrs Here's the translation for the tracklist: 1. Time Capsule (Original song for this release) 2. Kimi to boku [cali gari - (2002.10.30) 舌先3分サイズ] 3. Kaminari ga saitara [FIGURE'71 - Live Limited CD] 4. Shitsuren planetarium [FIGURE'71 - (2005.09.14) 東京負け犬エレジー] 5. Koibito wa ramune iro [FIGURE'71 - (2005.09.14) 東京負け犬エレジー] 6. TOWN OF SIREN [Lab. The Basement - (2006.02.14) Town of Siren] Oh, its available for 9900yen for 2nd hand: https://puresound.co.jp/user_data/sp_artist_product_detail_purchase.php?pid=101021181&aid=kurotoao&bck=%2Fuser_data%2Fsp_artist_product_purchase.php%3Faid%3Dkurotoao I got mine for 5000yen at mandrake though :X You beat me to it!!!! XDDD
  6. sads123

    True, their limited release songs ain't all that great (with the exception of '淫美まるでカオスな' where its a staple at EVERY concert. I prefer 'アレガ☆パラダイス' and 'いつか花は咲くだろう') and they'll play it once or twice straight after its release and then never play it again. 'Last Dance' was really good though; it's in △15th Caliversary 2018 LAST GIGS「オヤスミナサイーーー。」@ディファ有明 DVD that was released to the public. Here's a photo of the album of Ao's re-recorded versions of cali gari/lab the basement/solo songs that comes with a BL manga: https://ibb.co/TLzF8pH Yeah, i still have no idea how to post photos into the posts. Moderators, help me edit to embed the photo if possible! The other BL manga which Ao released a song for (download code found in the book) was mentioned in his twitter last year and I'm not going to search for it so you gotta take my word for it! Edit: Nevermind, I found the 2nd BL manga: https://www.rainbow-shoppers.com/jp/www/list.cgi?id=G000713000012 I tried asking my agent to help me buy it for me but I suspect he's a homo-probe and made no mention of it, despite buying my concert tickets & yahoo auction stuff. Oh well.
  7. sads123

    cali gari's official website do feature their live-limited/buy A, B & C to get D/lucky-draw only (I'll elaborate on this later) CDs like: http://www.missitsu.com/disco/ZAVY.html http://www.missitsu.com/disco/digitable.html but they stopped updating since 2017 and its missing a few releases. I have my own list, which is by no means exhaustive: [2002.04.03] ただいま。enf disco dub MIX edit (live only) [2002.03.14] 極秘 (FC only; basically songs from a live gig) [2012.XX.XX] 初恋中毒 (Kenjiro Vocal Version); live only [2013.06.22] 『1』 (狂信盤); FC only [2013.11.01] 『2』 (狂信盤); FC only [2014.02.01] Kenjiro instrumental track (buy 10000yen worth of kenjiro goods at a gig and you'll get it for free; see link below) [2014.02.01] 非金属の夜 (given out free at their live; recording of their live gig of the same title) [2014.03.16] 俺≠俺 (instrumental track; buy 10000yen worth of goods at a gig and you'll get it for free) [2014.09.27] トゥナイトゥナイ ヤヤヤ (Demo version), given out free at their live [2015.11.07] みんなの発狂 (Demo version), given out free at their live [2017.09.02] マグロ-電車は急に止まれない篇-, given out free at their live [2017.09.09] 舌先3分サイズ ver.2.0, given out free at their live [2017.09.23] 青春狂騒曲 凌雲立志篇, given out free at their live [2018.03.14] 『3』, limited release [2018.04.04] 『4』, limited release [2018.09.11] オヤスミナサイ~2018新録, comes with preorder of concert DVD [2019.01.14] 二十五周年記念贈呈盤「0」, buy "14", get a coupon inside and exchange for the CD at "14" concerts [2019.06.23] ヘルニア (comes with 3000yen pamphlet) [2019.12.13] ある職業病への見解と、それに伴う不条理な事象とか” <椎間盤> [2019.12.23] Secret Demo (Lucky-draw only) https://twitter.com/sakurai_shouten/status/1209033210614542337/photo/1 I'm not including the live limited DVD releases (there's ALOT) and CDs that are sent to your address, as long as you are a FC member and re-recorded version of cali gari songs by Ao that he releases only at his birthday lives and collaboration with book releases (yes, its a thing. He did 2 so far, from what I know). You can find photos of some of the releases mentioned here: https://item.mercari.com/jp/m93776161440/?_s=U2FsdGVkX19gthRZeMjGDdI_ZTdFA9j17kBfA0MKTaVmafMiqwmR7n92z6TU1Hvd5LKNZF0-UD9low0oatdW5n6aACYIfTxbgfc0t3g32a2jx4OymyPdfoj0oaXrOW1c https://item.mercari.com/jp/m97179718757/?_s=U2FsdGVkX1-qyFN8FF7xkY5MCRl9S97JaArEq6EZhYtnb9GpWF1k7OkySH0T99ugK4ZI4oKRS34M8Nb6w25p75SvwfNGn3aw7NFLQeYKwPJA9cnwJJl_NwquGM3WRO4A
  8. sads123

    oops I can't delete this post. Move along~
  9. sads123

    Video Gayton is selling for cheap (less than 1000 yen) in 2nd hand VK hands like Closet Child so I suppose there's a large print of it? You can get it as long as you bought a copy of 艶℃ at HMV or Tower Records: http://gbunof.web.fc2.com/xavat/disc-en.html Be glad you don't follow goatbed; they will 90% release a live limited CD ALBUM at any of their concerts like this: and as of now, the number of live limited/mail order only releases are much much more than their public releases. And their website don't even bother documenting all these releases. I'm trying to collecting all of Ao Sakurai's releases (including Lab the Basement's) but its hard when he has a couple of CDs (on CD-Rs!) given out for free on his yearly birthday concerts where he remake some of his old songs, including this beauty: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m271448939 But no way am I paying 22000 yen for that!
  10. sads123

    I know it was supposedly available in CDJapan/HMV at one point but I still question whether was it a accidental listing and it was never actually available to the public. The public release of the CD was not mentioned on their official twitter and why would I purposely print like an additional 500 copies just for public sales? Unless they solely underestimated the demand, else, if they want to keep the CD exclusive, its exclusive enough as it is as a live-limited CD and should keep it at that. Anyhoo, I still see it listed for around 5000 yen at mercari/yahoo auctions just last week but I can say its not really worth the trouble 😜 The real exclusive release is the 2 songs that comes in the download code found in the pamphlet that you can only buy in their recently concluded tour in 2019 that's going for 8000yen in mercari now: https://item.mercari.com/jp/m35445298313/?_s=U2FsdGVkX1-XxR6AFIPaJZKWqmKTZD8nyGkSNsvfYyrP86p26XjrrHo3Jzkt1CJv_266rPJmS9JFyYcCvpxxTBKEL2mlXibxkDIFMpSg8RfOPdANQJQbv9WgG4Jv2bVL There are some that goes for 4000yen but the download code is not mentioned in the description so I assumed that the buyer has already downloaded the songs via the code and its only valid for a 1-time download.
  11. sads123

    Note to self: hunt down the mini-album down in Mercari and yahoo auctions on 15th Feb.
  12. Just to add to Jigsaw9's post, the 3 gigs are sold out so they added another 2 more dates: I got the tickets for the 18th & 19th Mar already!
  13. sads123

    I attended the gig in Nagoya so here's the setlist: deadman tour2019 -twilight- 名古屋クラブクアトロ 2019.12.16 (月) SE. Starfuckers 01. 色別の亡い空虚 02. 盲目の羽根と星を手に 03. 受刑者の日記 04. please god 05. 溺れる魚 06. blood 07. family 08. monster tree 09. 銀のパラソル 10. ドリスからの手紙 11. follow the night light 12. bodybag No. 13. rip roll soil 14. raison d'etre 15. 雨降りの向日葵 16. moniz 17. Through The Looking Glass 18. Dim Quiet 19. re-make 20. 蟻塚 Encore 01. lunchbox 02. Quo Vadis 03. 25 I was disappointed that they didn't play "additional cause for sorrow" but I should count my lucky stars that I didn't attend the osaka one where they didn't play that AND "リスからの手紙". "Circus" (one of my favourites) missing from all their recent setlists since they reformed so we can most probably don't expect it in future lives.
  14. Hi, I have tried increasing the natural volume of my recordings via free online programs but the end result is the distortion was amplified greatly as well. When I listen to the original recording and increase the volume manually, the distortions are not that distinctive so I wondered if there's any programs to recommend to increase the natural volume of MP3s without increasing the distortion? Thanks in advance for any recommendations!
  15. Weirdly enough, the official twitter didn't announce this: https://www.larc-en-ciel.com/news/detail.php?id=2356 There'll be a BIG announcement on 11th Dec. This is also reflected in all the videos in the new youtube channel as well:
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