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  1. I like it too, but I have to agree with the ones being critical of the vocals. They are not bad (in the VK scene context) but they sound very uninteresting to me. This duck-ish style is very common. I wish for something with a bit more personality. But, overall, I like how it is going. Never heard of Vanikill.
  2. 咲人 (Sakito) from NIGHTMARE will release a full album titled Ejaculation from his solo music project JAKIGAN MEISTER. Release date is 2017.06.14 2 Types: CD + DVD (3500 JPY) and CD only (3200 JPY). Promo pic Tracklist: ・a Relic ・Don't Suck It Up ・Enter the JAKIGAN ・Mercy Killing ・Whatever I May Be ・ヰタ・セクスアリス ・嗜好品 ・薩婆訶-そわか- ・なりたかったくなかった ・名状し難いほど有り余る邪気 ・わるぁふぁ ・ワールズエンド There is no info on any collaborating musicians, if any. Previous live support members have been:  Ba. Ni~ya(NIGHTMARE)   Key. Tooru Yoshida (regular piano player for NIGHTMARE)   Dr. HIRO(Rice)
  3. Wow hamazingly insightfull post. Please comsider putting all that effort towards an nostril chart, suerly very useful for all of us karma fans. Also please help me with these post maybe there is some errors in it. Thanks!
  4. Ad hominem is very convincing every time. But when you mix it with very big caps it just have all the ingredients to a very thoughtful and meaningful contribution. Well played. I concede. Karma is excellent and should be brought up in every single mystery band thread forever.
  5. This karma obsession has to seriously stop. The dude isn't even a good vo.
  6. Oh, no. I wanted to get into them. Hope he is dismissed or just minor stuff... or innocent.
  7. After listening to the song q couple times and letting go of my expectations I think this could be pretty good. I hope they do well.
  8. Just like @nekkichisays, Avex probably just signed them for a set number of albums. And it also probably isjust a distribution deal. Their CD credits have not changed all that much since the VAP days and the most key positions in regards to them in their management agency, C-BLOCK are the same too. Nightmare has allways worked a lot recording and touring. If anything, I would blame C-BLOCK. But The Kiddie was also con C-BLOCK and AFAIK never released as much so I gess Nightmare just like being very productive (?) I mean, thats the most naive thing I could say but I can not think of other reason. On the other hand, Yomi is known for not being very propular with mitsus. ºwº
  9. The last two or three albums was whet it got more "vicious". I follow them very closely and in my experience, ever since Killer Show this band has been doomed for a very vocal group of peole. Since the abandoned the libido-anima-World Ruler negativity was very present in any conversation about this band. It got worse with the last 3 albums because those were much less popular all around so the tone of the conversation around them got worse. On the re-release thing, yeah it got bad, just like Yomi's vocals I suspect TAKE NO BREAK will focus on a style that puts no stress into Yomi's vocal chords so I would expect something more "Chiba sounding".
  10. Nightmare in general is very despised overall, even though they are much more capable, consistent and proven than most VK groups and quite a few regular Jrock bands. Being very popular (at least a few years back) but not being absolutely excellent also makes them an easy target. I am also quite sure that during the late 2000's when VK was more popular they were seen as a "band noobs like" because their music was a geatway into VK for many people due to anime. Most of the older VK fans at the time started to be actively dismissive in Nightmare topics because they associated the band with ignorance about the scene. The trend has persisted as the band's output has been much less consistant but it still existed in 2008, 2009 when their music was more solid and cohesive. There are also people who just don't like the band or Yomi's vocals. Also keep in mind that negative reactions are much more motivating than positive ones and people are much more inclined to show opposition than interest, specially on the internet. This creates a climate that does not encourage constructive talk about the band because bad impressions pile up so much that people who may want to say other kind of thigs feel out of place. Happens in every communty in every place on the internet; everything is, to a degree, a sort of echo chamber of negative feedback. TL;DR - Some peole think Nightmare was too popular for how good they are. Also, it's the internet.
  11. Well, he's kinda egoist you know
  12. Also hoping the actual dude that went missing is ok.
  13. I was very surprised he set this up knowing he has to heal his voice. I expect him to sing withouth forcing it too much. I don't think this is going to be great, but who knows. I would be more interested in hearing Nightmare with other vo. than Nightmare's vo. with other band.