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  1. hugh I actually liked Silk Tree's more upbeat parts, they were fun. This new release seems like it's going for this larger than life transcedant space whale screeching as black hole collapses in the distance kind of sound. A bit too depressing and obnoxious for me to stop shitting on the man. At least I gave him a fair chance I gess.
  2. madygrain

    I am amused
  3. madygrain

    Maybe they change the band's name to make it even worse: Gotchacoustika
  4. madygrain

    Major contract?
  5. Yeah, smelling his own farts gets him pretty hard apparently
  6. madygrain

    He will no longer participate in band activities from 04/05 on. No further explanation has been given at this time. https://twitter.com/takenobreak_com/status/1097692262031491072
  7. madygrain

    I was super pumped about this, was already trying to preorder it anywhere. Now I really don't know what to do. I though Morrie could do no wrong. If it's one song that's no big deal. But what if it's two songs? oh no oh no oh no nononono
  8. madygrain

    -Daisuke is discovered to be still alive and is thrown to jail along with his secret husband for life insurance fraud - Cosmo-Shiki covers Galneryus' Angel of Salvation
  9. madygrain

    Oh no, I Fucking hate that guy's voice.
  10. A band composed of cheap sex dolls is the only thing that could rival Babymetal. Good idea.
  11. madygrain

    I like 14 much more than 13. It was a bit hard for me to get into 13 but got into 14 instantly. Felt much more like the cali≠gari I like. Liked 12 more as well.
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