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  1. madygrain

    Yeah. Weird. He has a Starwave gig comming up. He either bails out or the thing gets relaunched.
  2. I ddon't get it, were are the screams suposed to out of? Sorry, I mean who, who, who are they comming from?
  3. madygrain

    Plot twist: it's Jasmine You
  4. madygrain

    Did Eros/Ice's solo gig take off?
  5. madygrain

    do u even noodle?
  6. madygrain

    I really like their last album, hope this doesn't change their sound too much.
  7. madygrain

    I bet many of the more sucessful bands are recruited like that.
  8. madygrain

    Hahahahahahahaha VK at its finest!
  9. madygrain

    World wide
  10. madygrain

    Album just released today on Amazon as MP3 download.
  11. Out on may 16th 2018