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  1. madygrain

    Wasn't said on this thread the fanbase wasn't very welcoming? Not that it matters now, their gigs with Deadman are both sold out lol
  2. madygrain

    Starting to get scared to go to their lives... should I be concerned?
  3. madygrain

    Ayabie disbands again, then reforms again then goes into hiatus Nightmare releases 2 CDs this year and then disbands Creature Creature announces a new Album Stereo C.K. continues not releasing anything Baroque's Kei gets arrested again Hector releases a new mini album in march. 3 songs are about Shinjuku. Kaya reveals he was a man all along Hakuei and Sharaku Kobayashi release a duet song. They are arrested shortly after Ex-BeaU/Sinners/boogieman/DAV Junno appears on japanese national press LM.C Aiji becomes unable to hide his balding by october 2020 Dinamite Tommy becomes a politician Plastic Tree new album Yoshiki's Scarf gets her own instagram account, 89% of followers are bots Goatbed releases a Ken Morioka tribute Metronome new single by fall Amber Gris revival Gotcharocka new album Other 3 VK band bassists jump into solo projects as vo. & ba. The Alfee new album
  4. madygrain

    Hey, this is nice
  5. madygrain

    Is kizu bigger? Maybe they want to double down on that and shuffle the LEZARD instrumentalists into other bands.
  6. madygrain

    Nice, they're solid
  7. madygrain

    No, it's perfectly normal. Sui manages the webshop himself and reaps from it, that's why it's great for the stuff he and just him produces. If CULA wanted to use that service a payment agreement should had to be made among Sui and the other members. Spliting CULA and Sui it's better because it causes less conflict among people.
  8. madygrain

    Cula is under a Starwave sub-label
  9. madygrain

    The EP retail print was ridiculously low. The live distributed limited singles are their rarest stuff, but I really think they are a lost cause. We were really lucky video gayton ended up online since it was the same thing (only physical).
  10. madygrain

    Yeah, all their CDs are stupidly limited and you really have to chase them down. But it seems they are investing more into this? Maybe they have a bigger press.
  11. madygrain

    Last limited mini was eventually released on regular shop. It was limited as hell but still, was aviable at some point.
  12. madygrain

    They should try very hard to sound OK because that look isn't winning anyone over.
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