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  1. madygrain

    Wow the ayabie comment nailed it. I wonder what went through among them. I gess not all of them want to play the same kind of stuff now?
  2. madygrain

    It's bad. It doesn't capture the spirit of the property it was designed to be attached to. It is not very memorable, original or well executed. It's not going to be liked. And I don't say this as an anime weeb. I really like what X has done in the last years. I really want to have that album. But this is not interesting at all.
  3. It saddens me so much that after 11 years of waiting, XA-VAT, hector and DAV limit their CD aviability to their concerts...

  4. madygrain

    Holy shit this is bad
  5. They will have a split CD release with Mimizuq but it's tour limited... What the hell is wrong with this guys!?
  6. madygrain

    Does anyone know we're can I buy this? Is not on any regular shop I know...
  7. madygrain

    I wish he had the PK Orchestra back, this style doesn't suit him at all...
  8. madygrain

    Is this... Live limited?
  9. Lol I don't believe that about Kei for a second. He has been arrested for fighting and he confessed to punch Akira... But that's too much.
  10. Baroque were known to be abusive at least Kei has some record of physically fighting in public or confessing to physically hurt others.
  11. Not talking about anything that isn't the samples posted earlier.
  12. Lol this is the most predictably boring shit they could have done. The biggest one trick pony in the scene.