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  1. Ain't this guys like 45 now? Nice seeing full revivals like this happening. Was this band popular with so few releases?
  2. Vo. is wasted in this absolutely boring and uncreative style. Looking forward to their disbandment and next project if they don't step up their expressive and creative game. They don't sound bad, that's for sure.
  3. Vanity S was kinda different and decent but their album kinda did everything they come of with the concept so perfectly fine disbandment. This is not very interesting though.
  4. is this the first VK band ever to take their profile pics with natural lightning? I don't think it's cheap, it's average. Having too much undirected light does not mask it like in other shoots.
  5. It seems Type B will contain a secret track titled "Tohokuzawa Standing Drinking Blues". Seems like including secret joke tracks is going to be a regular thing. I hope Sakito takes some singing lessons too. He's not bad but there is room for improvement.
  6. I hate when this kind of stuff happens.
  7. Band history?
  8. No this is a pen? That song is legendary. Actually surprised they are still around.
  9. Interesting lineup...
  10. First thing I thought when reading the title... but the image tells me this isn't that. Totally keeping an eye on this... What's the source? Image is twitter-hosted.
  11. Confirmation bias: the thread
  12. After thinking about it for a long long time, ex boogieman vo. Junno is comming back from retirement. I wonder how long will it take to announce the new projects and what old faces we see again.

    1. nekkichi


      omygod baby Kirito finally switched ha meds, I am so happy for her and excited for w/e semi-forgotten flops she's gonna hire for ha next projects <3


      maybe some ex-res hussiez could resurfase given she worked w. both yukari and firewall div. 

    2. madygrain


      Pie in the sky fantasy for me is coming back with Akira and Isuke but not gonna happen.

  13. I don't like arlequin or pentagon but did enjoy their release. I want to think there's potential.
  14. I'm... not good at faces. Any clue?
  15. I do hear fukusuke in Metronome and The Beethoven