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  1. Great read
  2. Vocals are a bit weak as expected but sounds very solid!
  3. Nothing new. Sakito said on twitter that the extra song for regular editiom was poorly recorded so it would not be included... but it existence wasn't announced so the latest piece of news is actually non-news.
  4. It is going to be crap lol
  5. Gotcharocka keeps impressing me. I did not hope them to top Royale, but so far Screamy is up there.


    I really like the consistency of the quality in their work.

  6. Another one of these? Boooring
  7. Raise that video editor's salary
  8. lol
  9. He is playing a character. It's so clear it is funny you are talking about it with such intensity. Nightmare has been around with this lineup for ages. Ruka has been the most prolific songwriter in the band. He went on and did sendai kamotsu with them and wrote songs for it. He joins Yomi and Hitsugi on their dumb nico nico crap sometimes. If he disliked the band so much and was annoyed by silliness that would not had been like that. He is putting on a show to seem more interesting because he's probably a fairly boring anime/visual novel/idol otaku.
  10. Sakito will act as Vo. and Gu. Confirmed
  11. The amount of glorified solo vocalist projects on the show makes it look like it is like the kid's table. Didn't knew 168 was still doing stuff.
  12. Wow I missed all the excitement around this band. Will check them out.
  13. Glad it's a regular... the mini costs a fortune because is web limited...
  14. It is kinda like Japanese Bunbury actually.
  15. Yes, I know. But again, I just want to keep my expectations in check and warn others. Chances of being how I said are still fair enough, as far as I heard from what was played at that live.