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  1. madygrain

    Was expecting a hector announcement. What a shame.
  2. madygrain

  3. JAME had some new info not showing up anywere else afaik
  4. madygrain

    wait the deadman x cali gari disc is live limited? shit
  5. I preordered it as it was announced. Talking about nightmare and showing exitement about it is useless because it never leads to an interesting or constructive conversation.
  6. madygrain

  7. Nice, at least they get in the studio
  8. madygrain

    I'm OK if this sets a trend
  9. madygrain

    What a bunch of jokers
  10. madygrain

    Was this canceled or postponed?
  11. madygrain

    Oh. Interesting
  12. madygrain

    Such an absolute legend, so sad. Rest in peace.
  13. madygrain

    It was leaked that he'll be on the new black and decker infomercial so maybe hell announce that
  14. Really hoping a rival band by the name of Sapo suddenly appears
  15. madygrain

    What's with those prices? Holy hell
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