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  1. Is this decade old vk band disbandment week?
  2. He will surely continue. I really have to catch up with them.
  3. Way too early for a best of indeed. I hope they release another álbum before disbanding. I thought they were working very well. Maybe they are and I am being just too paranoid.
  4. I don't get the hype around this guy. Hope he ends up doing something interesting.
  5. Sad... but they had a great run.
  6. I was hoping to see ex. brq Akira new project around this time now but it seems clear he´s not coming back any time soon. All that The Droop stuff was such a shame.


    Other stable projects I like like Stereo C.K. have been silent for ages and only play from time to time.


    Thank god for Yumeleep, Zonbi, and Sioux  for being new stuff I can follow.


  7. I kinda like it
  8. Same lineup This was an exciting project one... now it has consistency wich Is great but I would love them to surprise me more like with the first release wich felt much riskier and uncommon.
  9. And I will buy it again
  10. Cool last album was very solid
  11. MTV had an interview with them were they said Boom Boom Satellites will be an influence for them so this will surely be... interesting knowing Jun's/Yomi's career so far. That kind of style would explain how he is able to still sing while trying to recover his chords. That CD cover artwork looks pretty amateurish...
  12. Great read
  13. Vocals are a bit weak as expected but sounds very solid!
  14. Nothing new. Sakito said on twitter that the extra song for regular editiom was poorly recorded so it would not be included... but it existence wasn't announced so the latest piece of news is actually non-news.
  15. It is going to be crap lol