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  1. If they are with GCR they are going to be good.
  2. Kamijo wrote tons of stuff for Versalles and is generally well-liked. Did this dude ever wrote anything good?
  3. Does he have a actual fanbase? (Besides himself I mean)
  4. They are rushing It a bit, aren't they?
  5. Is anyone here going to the live and/or getting the debut CD? PM me if you're going please.
  6. Good support. Looking foward to all of this developing.
  7. I don't want anyone in here anymore
  8. Sooooo... One secret member among nobodies? Not very excited. Secretly hoping he's Akira just to continue this trend of fooling myself. Ba. HAKUA Twitter https://twitter.com/HAKUA_sarcastic?s=09
  9. They're good but they could use a lot more of personality in their sound. They could mature into something interesting or just remain safe but I can see them having success either way. They look good and sound well above average so I don't think they would be inclined to go the extra mile with their sound.
  10. Is it? Most Starwavve bands now are stablished and reliable. I don't think just Kiwamu is the (sole) problem. Junno is very unreliable too, even though he swears two times a month he's not bailing this time. I wonder if he really wants some old glories to join him but just can seal the deal. He does not strike me as picky with bandmembers but if he really wants to return and take off he can not do it alone and he probably is blasting every contact he can make.
  11. Starwave domain still hosting DAV's web site. No other starwave band has this. Maybe the removal of the link is due to him getting an actual website like the others. Also the "Junno from DAV" thing means he wants yo have a band but nobody commited so far. DAV's Twitter profile also states it's a band. Maybe he failed at recruiting in time.
  12. So weird. Fallout with starwave alreday!? Don't think so since DAV still a thing (apparently). Also "Junno from DAV" sounds like he ido just a partir of DAV, not the whole unit. Maybe the other member(s) can make It to the live where they were going to be announced?
  13. Vocal. junno Support Guitar. Tak Support Bass. ティル Support Drums. Hakuya For the first live only so far. He will also be playing song from some of his previous bands: Sinners and beaU. He will also hug you for 5K yen. I don't recognize any name but I am terrible at this regardless. I think ba.ティル and Tak are form Calmando Qual? Drums from NightingeiL? That would be interesting.
  14. I agree with chemicalpictures, it's so odd it has me interested. I don't think it seems to go the run-of-the-mill heavy VK way from the shoot. There is potential for something mature (even if it's jazzy... sorry chemicalpictures)