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  1. madygrain

    That cover looks like a prolapsed anus
  2. Really hoping for a new Ryohei band next year. I already kinda miss Megamasso.

    1. PIZAZ


      Same, I always had a soft spot for them and their last two albums were really good

  3. madygrain

    this already happened at dog vs galaxies lol they're on hiatus now
  4. madygrain

    I don't think DAV was ever featured on starwave's artist page. It was weird.
  5. madygrain

    He probably left again. Official twitter is still up, though. He talked about working on music with Kisa not too long ago so there's still a chance they do something. But he did nothing for almost a year now. Not holding my breath. Hia twitter was very clear he wasn't coming back. Don't know if that's twitter or music. Or both.
  6. Can't wait to see Elephantman cross over with everyone else in Avengers 4.
  7. madygrain

    Oh noooo now I have to buy 2 types...
  8. madygrain

    It seems it is/was aviable at Little Hearts. Not on the web shop, as far as I can see.
  9. madygrain

    Ni~ya still plays with JM. What I'm more interested in is knowing who the support members for Bull Field are, since it was implied they were the other Nightmare members. I wonder if Yomi sings for Bull Field.
  10. Ni~ya's new solo project BULL FIELD will relese a live limited CD on the first live of the band at Little Hearts on october 8th BRIGHT 1. Bright 2.Don't look back http://image.emtg.jp/artist-site.jp/nightmare/static/static_nightmare-1_10003761.jpg The band will be joined at the live by the other NIGHTMARE members' side projects. Full line up: gremlins / JAKIGAN MEISTER / LSN / BULL FIELD / TAKE NO BREAK
  11. madygrain

    Let's not believe everything tanuki says now, please. Yes, but the notion that this was done because he's madman is a bit of a strech. He made a serious, rational decision motivated by whatever circumstances he was going through. And history tells us that he's more OK with some baroque members than others. Because Akira wasn't leaving the band at the time. The first time he decided to leave everyone did, they disbanded. Only if you care about your contract and if you are willing to put up with a burocracy driven, slow solution to the problem and you are willing to remain in contact for procedures. If you don't want a new contract and a restraining order or the offender to be fined, you just want to get out of there because you're being abused, you leave. You can do that. Wich is an adult and lawful thing to do. The majority of people do that when they change jobs. Most people don't make the desision between their coworker's punches, though! The situation was: Kei has a record of hitting people. Kei hits Akira, Akira leaves because he doesn't want that. Also, the asumption that Akira would want Kei out of the band is unsubstained AFAIK. He wanted to play with him, that's why they all got back together. But if playing with him involves getting hit he probably doesn't want it anymore. It's not about "keeping the band for themselves". At least not for Akira or Bansaku. Maybe, but the reunion was literally free when it kicked off. By the time they left they just had released like 4 singles that cost like 500 JPY each. They probaly were not millionaires by the time they ran away. It's worth noting that: The reason Kei punched Akira was that after the workload each of them had to deal with after Bansaku left was too great for their timeline and he was allegedly stresed about it. Also, ever since Akira also left, Baroque's releases are have slowed down to a crawl. Simply because Kei doesn't do or even can't do everything. When they disbanded they did it because it wouldn't be the same with Bansaku, meaning the band and their work would lose some of it's identity. Nothing points to it not being a group effort and a Kei puppet show instead. Oversimplified again. Too eager to reduce everything to Kei (understandable, given how much he really loves to put out there of much he works on the post-Akira baroque, but it wasn't allways like that). Yes, composers tend to use similar structures, of course. But the style, the atmosphere and texture of the song, the upper layers, are decided upon by the whole of the band to set a direction they all find good, interesting, motivating or whatever. You can play any composition in an infinite number of ways. Not saying it's not important but it's not the end all be all of music. Non fiction was a good compropmise between Akira's trademark rock inclination and the mellow stuff Kei and Ryo usually do. Now that Akira and Bansaku are gone, that aspect of their music is mostly completely absent or done in a way that is uncharacteristic compared to what Akira was putting out. So, yes, a huge chunk of their appeal was lost. The fact that it doesn't affect you or that you don't care because you like that style too doesn't change that fact. But even someone who loves sweets wouldn't have lunch at their favorite italian restaurant if it became a candy shop overnight.
  12. madygrain

    I don't, thats your own hyperbole. Citation needed. He didn't want to leave when he was in another band. He just left everytime he was in baroque. Maybe Bansaku and Baroque don't gel too well. But knowing he was with Akira in another band, it would seem like the problem for him were Ryo and Kei. Wouldn't you say this is more reasoned and grounded that "he's fucked in the head lol wut do u expect bruh"? Being an adult is not a factor, sounds you're just dismissive of the actual situation here. Leaving a band without notice in the middle of production of an album for a major label is the kind of stuff that gets you blacklisted, regardless of how much of an adult you are. And Akira didn't leave because he wanted. He left because he was dealing with physical abuse. But hey, Akira should be the bigger man here and behave like an adult! Sure, man. Sure. This is true. But the situation generated by Ryo and Kei prevented Akira to have a real second chance at music with boogieman or else. This is a oversimplification. Rock bands are a group effort and every single member contributes and the resulting music is somthing that fits all of them in some way or another. The main composer is important, but arrangements and production mold the style of a song and that wasn't exclusively done to Kei's wish: the sound makes it self evident. If Kei's and Ryo's tastes and inclinations were the same as Akira's and Bansaku's Kannivalism would not had continued after baroque was formed. There wouldn't be the need for branching off again. Sug Life and Nonfiction have a sound that is distinct from kannivalism and Kei's solo work. This does not happen with Planetary secret onwards. Plus: when brq disbanded in 2004 the reason cited was "it wouldn't be the same without Bansaku". They temselves considered him an integral part of the band. Now they're ok with that AND Akira leaving. But they're not hypocrites, not saying that. They just openly abandoned what makes baroque, well, baroque.