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  1. people really expected Paltrow and Downey to have a black child? i mean, the Iron Man successor being a different race could have been worked into the script (and it still can for the future of the mcu) but going after a child actor because a managerial decision it's pretty fucked up
  2. madygrain

    It's live limited. Regular distribution is still undecided.
  3. madygrain

    6 full new tracks I am soooo ready for this!!
  4. madygrain

    The band seems to be recording these days
  5. madygrain

    preview sounds a bit disjointed but it has nice parts
  6. Still no infinitum? come on

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    2. madygrain


      but i'm talking about shipping, not piracy


      im not a pirate


      why do you think that




      such disrespect

    3. sixblacknine


      Maybe cuz you're on a forum where people upload music idk :^D

    4. madygrain


      wait wat? is what all that premium membership was about?

  7. madygrain

    Yomi is simply not able to use his singing voice as he used to and has to sing in his normal gremblin voice most of the time.
  8. madygrain

    https://twitter.com/LSN_STAFF/status/1131515559940464642 LSN NEW MINI ALBUM [D.E.W] 2019/7/10 Release ¥2500(w/o tax) 1.D.E.W 2.病の地より 3.GAUDY 4.4AM 5.system down 6.MODO NOSTRA and yes there is officially not a dot after the W
  9. madygrain

    Tour just ended. Who's their support bassist? He's a fun guy. Teru seems more and more serious everytime I see him. Kuze seems to have enjoyed the live, him and the support ba. seemed to be the only ones genuinely into it without diva complex holding them back. Their set list was great, though. It was hard not to have fun even though they lacked a bit of diversity. FesFe[M] were pretty fun too, was nice meeting them. Being a smaller band also makes them approachable after the live, a welcome change. VII ARC have a lot more energy and stage presence than expected. They still have a long way to go, though. I even feel their drummer went rogue a couple times. Fun gig
  10. madygrain

    I like lack-co, not huge fan but their album is pretty good. Other despised bands I like: Spiv States GalapagosS Nightmare baroque (I don't actually like them right now but you should despise them, specially Kei)
  11. madygrain

    i am boogieman's only fan in this forum probably the only one in the world it's ok you don't deserve them that's why they went away i blame you all
  12. Oh yeah, she totally might. But motherhood changes people and family life is atractive. This breaks are never short either. Other stuff comes into play. Will the band still be around when she intends to come back if she really takes her time? Will they have a position for her? Will she fit the band's brand as a married mother? I'm inclined to think she ain't coming back.
  13. Bet is she ain't going back
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