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  1. Seems they're doing OK.
  2. Interesting approach. One of the few newish bands worth keeping an eye on.
  3. Everything looks awesome. Need some more info on track credits!
  4. This 0th thing has to stop. It's not even a thing and it doesn't actually mean anything.
  5. Some stuff we can expect from DAV (ex. boogieman junno new project)

    -I would bet ther're no other permament members so far (actually a solo project for him).
    -No known support members, (or real ones if there are any) probably due to not being many bands in Nagano (only Pierrot and LM.C come to mind and I think they left long ago).
    -Probably at least one support member from Nagano VK band MAD Night, since they're friends with Junno (it also seems Junno has written for them or still does). They have also played with a couple Starwave bands so they're probably the ones who made that bridge.
    -Since the DAV flyer has no venue on it, and it was sent nationwide from Starwave we can assume the 1.1.2018 date refers to OHP being launched with first live date. Late january at the earliest.
    -OHP does not have it's own URL, and instead is hosted  on Starwave's server, unlike other Starwave bands. Junno's bad reputation for pulling out of things and the cost of him being in Nagano probably don't make Starwave want to overexpend on him. Small gamble.

    1. Mamo


      -Crappy generic Pop/Rock music

  6. Does this mean we still can't get Cuckoo and XA-VAT back yet?
  7. That would be just too good. It's not happening. I'm do glad at least Junno is at it again with the backing of Starwave instead of starting from scratch.
  8. I really want to like them but, honestly, I can't think of the vocals as something that's not just... bad. Maybe it's an style I just don't get. If so, I would love to read how others find them likeable. Because as they're now I find them absolutely unappealing.
  9. I'm surprised by how much confidence seems to be around this despite Yomi's situation and all live reports and CDs cementing it sounds like ass. It's so dumb to risk your career like this for no reason. Everyone ones he should be taking that break.
  10. Majestical Parade, it's that you?
  11. This is what happens when bangyas complain about one bandman's ass loud enough. You did it girls!
  12. je suis very fucking confused
  13. Can't shake the impression gibkiy is holding stereo ck back. Kazu is too active for that band to make any progress. Hope gibkiy makes more progress but it would be great if stereo ck members can move on a little.
  14. Not in the slightest lol Nice song, very majestical parade-ish