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  1. madygrain

    He is free to do what he wants with the CD, but 1) his music does not advocate for being like him 2) More people other than him also make that music likeable. I don't like kisaki or his music in any special way, sometimes at all. But I really don't think a work he contributed to is suddenly worse because he turned out to be much more terrible as a person than anyone expected.
  2. madygrain

    You already bought them, don't be dumb.
  3. madygrain

    I just read through all of this... I think I'm gonna barf... It's so shocking that this person had trouble getting the police involved with all that was provided and Kisaki having a track record with them. I really hope they step in soon and everything gets cleared up and dealt with. I can't shake the feeling that child has had her mental heath ruined forever. Holy shit, Kisaki. How the fuck did this dude get to run a record label and be so influential? How come word never got out if that's how he develops relationships? Holy hell.
  4. madygrain

    Hope this doesn't ruin Hector and XA-VAT's activities too much...
  5. madygrain

    Their album was surprisingly good... But this single seems like they are back to their shitty ways and wasted voice...
  6. Come on, lets have some fun speculating, Suji!
  7. Lineup? I remember being interested by them but I don't know why...
  8. madygrain

    they have some potential but the vo. needs to get out.
  9. FYI they're treating Cukoo's songs as their own, basically. Who's the woman in the new artist pic?
  10. madygrain

    I hope this thing of letting your cat walk on your keyboard doesn't become a scene trend...
  11. madygrain

    This is hilarious on so many levels
  12. ヘクトウ demo tape downloads just let you download the file once and if your connection fails your're screwed lol... this band is really not generous. Still haven't found a way to buy the codes at a livehouse or a shop tat will let me preorder their upcoming CD... this is fucking madness. XA-VAT and ヘクトウ and being absolute assholes when it comes to making their work aviable. They operate like if it's 1998. Maybe that's their charm but, hell, SELL MORE DIGITALLY DAMMIT. Live limited stuff for not-small bands like this makes no sense.

  13. Reminder: this is vo.Jun (A.K.A. Yomi form Nightmare) new band that released an album earlier this year. Tracklist: 1. dirty_white 2. EneMy 3. Sightless Love Release on 2018.10.03
  14. madygrain

    6 songs, apparently includes the 2 songs from the CD distributed on the last tour. 4 new songs that is.
  15. madygrain

    Ruka said he wandted to release a full album in 2018, probably isn't happening. But it seems like this will be the last release with the current lineup.