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  1. StriderSubzero

    Anyone have any recommendations for cool stuff to see in Shinjuku?
  2. StriderSubzero

    Yeah I really can't get into this album but not much of Sukekiyo's stuff has done much for me in the past either. There's a few songs that are okay but the songwriting just doesn't make any sense to me. It's messy in a Dillinger Escape Plan kind of way but maybe a little more proggy but with less structure? Very odd
  3. StriderSubzero

    Yeah, this makes sense. The only advantage I can think of really is that being on a compilation album could almost be a "stamp of quality," whereas the wild west of Soundcloud etc. and Myspace before it meant that you could stumble on music of wildly disparate quality. That can be overwhelming to some people too, that might just want a curated playlist by a page they already trust (which could be done digitally).
  4. StriderSubzero

    I really can't hear any "censorship" in the clip you guys are talking about. I kind of hear what sounds like a either a bass pluck or some kind of rim-shot or something
  5. Hi all, I have the artbook/CD/vinyl/decal boxset of Uroboros for sale. Based on sales history I'm hoping to get somewhere in the $120 range, but am flexible. PM if interested. Thanks!
  6. StriderSubzero

    So does anyone have any insight on the politics of Merry/Gara (assuming he writes all the lyrics)? I haven't followed them in awhile, but the nationalist and vaguely anti-imperialist lyrics in Japanese Modernist are interesting to me. Political lyrics seem somewhat unusual for VK.
  7. StriderSubzero

    Oh I had no idea what that was supposed to be. I had a bootleg of that album for the longest time so I thought it was a pressing error. I was really surprised later when I heard it on the real pressing too.
  8. StriderSubzero

    Sorry, yeah the Embryo single
  9. StriderSubzero

    Does anyone have any insight in to what they were going for with that remix of Embryo on the KR Cube single? Is it supposed to be like Showa-era pop music?
  10. StriderSubzero

    I always liked Kyo's Drain Away look. And of course all the Gauze-era stuff is very iconic. What about worst/funniest? Kaoru's bug head/helmet thing in Filth is pretty funny
  11. StriderSubzero

    You all are making me sad. I love Aoi tsuki and Pink KIller
  12. StriderSubzero

    So what's the worst DEG song? It's gotta be Berry right?
  13. Here's that page in the booklet for those wondering about Wake and kanji:
  14. StriderSubzero

    For me it's Celebrate Empty Howls, Rubbish Heap, Followers, Keigaku no yoku. I actually really like the rapping part in Values of Madness but the rest of the song falls a little short IMO.
  15. I didn't know people did that but, personally as a fan since 2004ish, I always thought Macabre was a lot weaker than people made it out to be. The consensus used to be that Macabre was far-and-away their greatest album. Kisou confused me the first time I listened to it, because it was so long and diverse I thought it was some kind of greatest hits album. It might be my favorite album of theirs, though.
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