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  1. I just realized the guy in your profile pic is a neo-nazi and your cover photo is also nazi related. Big Yikes birthday boy. 😂

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    2. Disposable


      Yeah it's not like anyone who posted here has any say on finnish culture or memes or anything of the sort when no one can even speak the language enough to know that this is a local celebrity who was a fortune teller, an alcoholic satanist and generally a joke and a meme to this day due to his appearances on public television. Imagine if I went googling some completely obscure Kenyan figure and then went on telling people how to feel about it.  

    3. lichtlune


      Okay so you're not a nazi. Just making sure. Happy birthday bro! Though there was that time you called for the eradication of all jews in the Naziploitation in Visual-kei thread. Just a (((joke))) I know. ;) Jk. 

    4. Zeus


      cut the bullshit everyone.

      @Disposable has had this avatar for as long as I've known him and for as long as many of you have too. He probably has had the header photo for just as long. No one noticed any nazi connections until just today, and now people are getting indignant as if you knew all along? are you fucking serious?

      no but like are you fucking serious? cut the public shaming.

      maybe you can assassinate character everywhere else on the internet where you can still remain relatively anonymous without fear of repercussions, but not here. not as long as my name is green. use your brains people. disposable has been nothing but a good member on the forum and he has contributed far more to MH than 95% of the people reading this update. sometimes he is polemic but this is the internet, who is not? he has more than explained himself, he has not spouted nazi and/or pedo gibberish like some troublesome incel trolls we have had in the past, and i know disposable on a personal level better than most of you do. the staff is fine with both the profile picture and the banner. you see one nazi symbol and a meme and suddenly that erases 8+ years of activity? getting to know people on this forum actually means something. life is not so cut and dry. people are not so easily reduced to 140 character text bytes. learn to see the grays between the black and white.

      some of you in here got twitter fingers like you're gonna go off and actually do something about it. you don't even have the ban hammer at your disposal. use the moderator function or send a PM next time if something bothers you.

      and I told you people to also keep politics off this site. continue to categorize people into political parties and i will start jettisoning people off the site. try me.

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