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  1. Disposable

    So this now makes it their worst selling major album. I wish I knew how and why their sales from DIM to TOXIC sunk as much as they did, because they were probably lowkey positioning themselves for that SID & L'arc spot with the dome show and anime OP. Before anyone says it's the quality of the music they should know that has literally never mattered when the bands on top are L'arc ( numerous years if not two decades since last decent release ) and SID ( never released anything good, unique or groundbreaking outside of like their fucking first single or something )
  2. Disposable

    If you don't like their first two EP's then stop listening to vk
  3. Disposable

    Solid renditions of the old songs on that DVD by the way. Very surprised just how well they transitioned over
  4. Disposable

    can't listen to this shit without crying anymore. he's the one bandman who's lyrics I identified with really hard.
  5. Disposable

    Mejibray's riffing style was always very uniquely MiA though, so there's must've always been massive contributions coming from him for pretty much every song. The only hope I had left is that they'll somehow end up coming back in an year, but seeing this and MiA's project I'm not sure if I want to. I don't even know what happened to this band in the first place, like they were totally going to places around 420 Roses playing at decently sized venues and pretty much being the talk of the town in the internet community... and then after shitting out a dozen singles campaigns they cap off their career by playing at the clubs bands like Kizu and Mamireta are already at after an year. What happened
  6. Disposable

    Yeah the weirdest thing about him is how fucking hard he went at the lives, in the lyrics and the music and allegedly in his personal life; and then all he wanted to do all along was to play baroque covers.
  7. Disposable

    Tzk is a big fan of oshare and all that, and they probably figured that being an IG model with a who gives a shit music project will rake in big bucks far easier than doing all the rigorous touring and whatever else it is that VK bands have to do just to scrape by. and tbh I don't even know what direction they could have taken VK to after Mejibray without MiA also being on board. That's why the thought of a post-mejibray project with just the two of them was so exciting, but impossible to imagine
  8. Disposable

    Well the reception youtube seems to be overwhelmingly positive. This pretty much proves all the negative stereotypes about their fanbase lol I refuse to believe a person who fucks with Sou to utsu to kyoukai and Distance.exe would ever fuck with this
  9. Disposable

    damn no one came out looking good from the mejibray disbandment I mean it's not good even for what it is. This is the sort of shit that plays in dentist's waiting rooms or in mom's car while picking up the kids from football practice. It's fucking trite and that's the saddest thing about it. fuck my life tzk why did you do this to me
  10. Disposable

    dude what the fuck is this shit
  11. Disposable

    Ruki's a bit chubby if you ask me
  12. Disposable

    so awkward and sad I'm still not if they are actually friends or just label mates owing a few favours
  13. Disposable

    I would go as far as to say that Beautiful Deformity might have sounded they even on its release, it had way more variety than DOGMA or NINTH. The ballads and IN BLOSSOM might even be a little underrated in the gazette ouvre.
  14. Disposable

    Yeah I was referring to the youtube culture not at bandomen on youtube, which would actually be interesting and ok. Like the Girugamesh guy he's fine Honestly MacRyanMac is not the worst but even looking at his thumbnails give me a stroke
  15. Disposable

    Literally one of the best in vk history tbh