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  1. Disposable

    Same here, albeit with the caveat that I've sort of kept up with them over the years. When I put on a song I think it's 'aight, or at least not reprehensible in what it's doing it, but then after 8 to 10 minutes more I've had enough for half an year again. The synth on this new one is disgusting and their guitarists suck. This is probably the lowest point my relationship with Diaura has ever reached. I keep trying imagine the vocals in english pronounced with a swedish accent and after doing it once I just can't stop because it just seems to make sense for this kind of music.
  2. Disposable

    So it's like, a new album?
  3. Disposable

    oh my god this channel >makes videos about vk >puts out a video where he listens to buck-tick for the first time a scene authority this guy
  4. Disposable

    If you’re wondering whether a venue is operatial or not, google is your friend. Common sense usually helps too since you can see it in the poster and I’m sure it didn’t come to 2019 through a time warp. And yeah, the venues are not small and aside from a few exceptions they are pretty decently filled up. Back in 2007 when lots of shows sold out they were played at smaller venues ( but for example, iirc jigsaw saw gazette in munich in 2007 during the golden years and it was half empty, which I could not imagine happening nowdays. ) The boom is gone, but Gazette and Deg pull crowds ranging from 600/700 to even 1000+ people ( le zenith for gazette last time for one ) and I reckon it’ll stay that way till the forseeable future, or at least we’re safe to say so if gazette does it again, three times in a row with 3 year interwals inbetween. Also about the circus, I am not entirely sure but I think a small part of the venue might have been curtained off for both shows, or it is just my memory playing tricks on me because for some other bigger bands I’ve remembered the venue seeming larger.
  5. Disposable

    No. First tour had some dates sell out, but they also had fewer stops ( and the show they had in like Toulouse was not even close to sellout.) Last time even Helsinki had tickets the day of the concerts and off the top of my head I remember no dates that sold out, but they don't perform at small venues either.
  6. Disposable

    The Global Music General Discussion is enough as it is I reckon, since even that sub section hardly gets any traffic and I don't think a new section with individual band threads would help it any. The taste disparity in non-japanese music here is quite large, and the disparity in knowledge is even greater so it's not really conductive to fruitful or active conversation. The metal and goth post-punk threads work because it's kinda close the vkei anyways so there are more than one user who knows a thing or two and obviously the selfless efforts of people like bear to keep them active help as well. With literally anything else it's a variety of users coming from different musical cultures with different backgrounds so anyone who actually knows something is just going to end up spamming by him or herself. The worst scenario, and a very likely one knowing this board, is that some idiot starts making individual threads for every single shitty local band or hidden gem and then we have a section clogged with shite no one cares about, so in light of all of this I think it's sufficient as it is.
  7. holy shit dude that sounds terrible. everything about it i just straight out of my worst nightmares, like it sounds like as if I got stuck in a time warp while eating at a chinese restaurant and unable to leave the company of the two 60 year old Japanese women sitting at my table.
  8. Disposable

    I remember how dissappointed I was that Hydra 666 was not re-recorded since it sounds like it came from the Moab sessions in every respect from the production to the vocals.
  9. When I first heard Born to be free I thought it was the cringiest shit of all time. Later on I learned they have other stuff coming along the pipeline It’s like, we have this yoshiki here who is still in the 2010’s thinking of taking over the world with some hopelessly outdated and trite poodle rock that would’ve been shit in 1980, 1990, 2010 and I’m quite confident the same applies to 2020 as well. The documentary was embarrassing, X now is beyond embarrassing and anyone even looking forward to this album is the most embarrassing of all.
  10. Disposable

    This one is so bad it’s beyond me how anyone likes it, and the people that do usually like awful shite anyways so it makes sense . I enjoy everything that they ever put out sans a handful of tracks because I am extremely biased, except for this one.
  11. Rest assured all these indies tracks are not only better than this entire album that’s never coming out but better than their entire post blue blood output put together. Taking part in some trash american schlock is totally lame and fitting of Yoshiki’s M.O at this point. No surprises
  12. Disposable

    No chance in hell. Chizuru from the last tour proves that one surprise is possible, but other than that except nothing more exciting than cockroach
  13. Disposable

    did isis cancel this one too or nah
  14. Disposable

    For some reason I have this feeling that they're really banking on getting some dumb gaijin views by wearing those outfits and having reshot that Attack Attack PV, which will be making the white piggus go "omg so heavy but they look like japanese women xDD omg baby metal" etc.
  15. Disposable

    Just started playing the album. First impression is that it's pitch black and very dense, totally committed to being loud, dark and asphyxiating in the way it's produced and composed. Songs are loaded with shit despite being a bit of a toning down from early DIMLIM, and I like it. My first impression is that it's like this mix of early DIMLIM and a little bit some late 00's nu metal like Unsraw and shit like that. The vocals are awesome with enough personality to be able to be picked out from a line, while still being technically totally acceptable even when they retain this roughness that's characteristic of visual kei. Loads of early DIMLIM and heavier nokubura material callbacks in the songs, which is nice although it doesn't really reach the peaks they sometimes did. I haven't even finished the album yet tho so we'll see. For me personally this album won't have as long of a shelf-life as it will to other people who are fans of this style, and for them it should definitely suffice. Edit: Am I getting a little bored? yyeeaah probably Edit 2: This is why you don't write about anything before you've even listened to it. Idk if I'll spin this again but I'll relisten to some tracks in a bit. Definitely gets more early DIMLIM-esque in the second half although I suppose my earlier comments still hold some water. The best moments I reckon are the first two tracks by a country mile, or that one just gets exhausted of this kind of music when it's not top shelf in what it's doing. Anything further I'll suppose I will write in my 2019 ratings list.