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  1. joha siellä soittaa joku vitun mie/day ja kaikki biisit tulee salee youtubesta lol Näyttäs olevan tuloillaan suomen keskikesä, eli +10 ja puolipilvistä. Tarkotus olis pistää mukkumeikit ja dokata puistossa kunnes en pääse enää glorialle sisään ja säästän 5 euroa
  2. Not exactly let down by the release, because I was already prepared for the worst after the samples came out. My attitude is rather lenient towards them anyway; like whatever they release I'm fairly confident it'll go in cycles with them and a similar and a different song is eventually going to come up. Although I think it can be said that they've been phasing out the deathcore since like the second single in favor of that nu metally/"industrial" angryman sound. This is unfortunate and it does make me wonder whether it's an conscious effort to be more palatable to a larger crowd. It's not like these dudes could have possibly grown out of deathcore in the span of like 6 months. That core cameo on Zouka is one of their best moments, so I hope it'll at least keep making sporadic appearances if we can't get nomo ame no waruzus I like the Masturbation song, and sort of lukewarm on everything else. They never jump out or really gain an intensity that's impossible to ignore. Tired is how I'd describe it.
  3. FUCK that new shit goes hard. 2017 and numetal is kosher again
  4. I listened to humble and went like "eek." I'm going to try it when I get home, but there is this really off putting smug fedora rap vibe in Kendrick and that might just be something that I get from the fans rather than the artist. I'm a humble ninja who enjoys his Migos and 2 chainz
  5. @saltofstones @Jigsaw9 on the klaha ruiza ter all ur dreams come tru
  6. roppu the vk god uploading the pentagon dvd

    1. emmny


      me waiting for that arlequin too...

    2. gekiai


      I was thinking the same thing...bless them.

  7. >tfw ur pic gets less likes than the comment saying yall thought i looked like a finnish nazi
  8. I honestly want to shoot everyone who wrote mode of missa here. They've played most of the songs on these tours already
  9. late nite airbnb photo session
  10. Hope it's a real album and not some glorified compilation garbage
  11. Dude fuck easter. I am drinking in like the only bar in town that's open, and it's a irish tourist trap where the only other patrons are two dwarf gypsies and one of them is missing a foot. Wouldn't trade this for anything.
  12. Can't they arrest someone from a shittier band instead
  13. Discovered tinder. Can't stop using it. I even walked through a museum left swiping scrubs like, thank you ancestors for letting me have this I've yet to date anyone because I'm just about to change countries, but in the next one some shorty just about to be ready to quit her day job if she puts in work #stackinbandz #finnishMONEY #10sonly #fucboi #overcompensating