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  1. Disposable

    By the way, like a week back I was looking at Nocturnal Bloodlust's live schedule from their OHP, and it has since been removed, but iirc they were not doing anything vk related and in fact were doing gigs with metalcore bands. I wonder if they were also leaving the scene or trying to do both sides of the fence which DIMLIM used to or still does as well I guess. And Rijin selling less than Nazare is just depressing. I wasn't a huge fan but come on...
  2. Disposable

    fuck me, they could probably recycle and entire look from a few years back and no one would notice
  3. Disposable

    Wait, everyone is entitled to their opinions except this one? Unless one cries out #allvkmatters then the breath exits the realm of acceptability and becomes free game to be called butthurt etc. ? I've always written like this with this very same tone by the way, and I like arguing with people who's education and taste I don't respect both irl and online. The only people who take other people trashing shit they like seriously enough to comment with such shite are the ones who are out there either to swipe under the rug their inferiority complex and lack of argument or white knight some shitty band that will disband in two years without a wikipedia article with the balance book of bataar.
  4. Disposable

    You can also go through my posting history where I like things both new and old ( or ask anyone on this board who’s been here for longer than two minutes since they ought to know me if not in person then through the chat and my presence here otherwise) despite mainting a very firm stance on when things were better; and in addition to this I refuse to placate to the people and their opinions who I wouldn’t even piss on if they were on fire, and I most likely wouldn’t have to do that since by the time I’d get there to piss on them, these people have moved on to some other scene to adopt a new identity for themselves.
  5. Disposable

    I've also had the same experience with Das:Vasser. They came up a lot on youtube and everywhere else back in the day when the algorithm still wasn't total shit, and their old looks, name, track titles etc. were all really cool so naturally I gravitated towards everything... except their music. I don't want to say anything definite because my relationship with a lot of visual kei develops and even metamorphoses throughout the years and I've turned on and to bands I never expected to, but what I can say for sure is that Das:vasser I've definitely tried to get into the longest. I think it was last year when I was browsing some compilations when I was first impressed by anything they did ( which might've also been the first time when I approached their music with a sober mind ) and I have to give them credit for unusual bravery when they make these 6 minutes songs from very little. It's the Kisaki song writing syndrome ( pun ) This is cool, and absolutely could've been only 4 minutes long. Anyway, it's cool and raw as fuck so automatically better than almost anything released in the past 5 years at least
  6. Disposable

    where the new live footage at
  7. Disposable

    I hope they usually have more than three people in the audience
  8. I'm tagging along the mob as well. I hold Shinya partially responsible for holding them back after DSS which must've been one of the reasons why they finally became an old man band when they started side stepping instead of taking leaps forward like they used to. The guitars are still farting along but at least that one riff around half way point that comes back by the end is cool for them.
  9. Disposable

    Byou will return to modeling I guess? I kind of like him despite his extreme limitations but the time has passed him by, and this project sucked.
  10. You could say it's the best that the brutal kei scene has to offer, or you could say it's the only that the brutal kei scene has to offer because there's no other bands even making music like this anymore. Rest in peace vk metalcore and shoutout to all the people who thought people would still care about it in a few years. This band will flop too despite it already at least seeming to be better than Jiluka, Dexcore and Deviloof ( then again that's not much of an achievement is it )
  11. Disposable

    I like their sound so I have no problems with it. Definitely not very ambitious though
  12. Disposable

    I remember someone writing on the forum that a lot of their old fans turned on them and probs didn't get any new ones to replace them either. also they ain't sellin' nuffin but tbh I can't decide if they already called it a day and just decided to play music til retirement like this to no ones interest since it's not like yuuki's VANS budget eats that much out of his salary at 7/11 unlike what they used to wear. https://www.oricon.co.jp/prof/448073/rank/album/ Essentially went from selling the best they ever did to the worst with interest still declining. I don't know how or why this happened but I'm just as puzzled as anyone else. It's not like the other guys bailing on the shimizuya yakuza had to retire from vkei
  13. Sounds like if insulated world had another long song idk. It’s dir en grey and that’s about it
  14. Exactly the same feeling from when I saw them live. I left during the last or second last song iirc to skip the crowds. I fucking can't with the lyrics from this album tho lmao "Herostrates for the modern day High on good conscience A noblest of sufferers On disinformation highway" "And the last of misbelievers Will be trampled in the greatest of marches Toward the radiant future Where sheep are promised fangs And only after the graves are filled With remains of dissidents And the frame of reference is torched Together with forbidden thoughts" "And the assassins in rose tinted glasses At the wrong end of the tunnel of light Practitioners of paramount scorn And those who'd rig moral compass rather than bridges" I can't believe that in 2019 we have black metal complaining about liberals on the internet. Embarrassing.
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