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  1. New Sukekiyo. Fuck
  2. Veering off the Dogma stuff in the visuals a little bit maybe? Good riddance, on to the next.
  3. From DADAISM 1 this band was always more multi-faceted than some treated them as. I remember being disappointed even back then that this band wasn't just going to do 6 minute metalcore epics, but instead we got some goofy shit like MONEY and SEX. That was a seminal release for them however, and it's evident that most of the things they've done stylistically already had their precursors in their very first release. Stuff like Saishuu Densha, Risley Circus and etc. I think is all within reason for this band. What I do take objection to however, is the toning down of the metalcore in favour of some middle of the road Lynch rock dog shit that finally seemed to have gotten the upper hand for the first time on DADAISM 3. I used to think that they're going to do things in cycles and go through their respective stylistic gamut in the span of 4 to 5 releases, but it's kind of warranted to be lead to believe now that a recognisable shift has started to take place on the very molecular level of their musical palette. Rushing to conclusions based on two releases? Possibly, but the fact of the matter is that we've seen this transition happen so many times already, and if it quacks like a duck in a pond with twenty of them it's not hard to become worried. Btw you're already starting to see the same key phrases with this band that you saw with Girugamesh back in the day like "progression" and "if they rewrote X people still wouldn't be satisfied," going even as far as to "you just don't understand what they're about."
  4. Seen this visual kei career trajectory so many times in my life that I don't even recognise the feeling of disappointment anymore. The A-side is cute I like it, and I wish the section at the end had been in a song that banged a bit more in general.
  5. DISPOSABLE 2017 MASTERPOST work in progress Herein is listed what made my year. Migos - CULTURE Soundtrack of the first half of 2017. Infectious is the word I'd use to describe most trap and this is definitely it; songs that lurks into your subconscious gradually, and eventually you'll succumb and accept your fate. When it first came out I only cared for the hits, but now Slippery, Get Right Witcha, Deadz, What The Price are all bangers distinctly unique from each other, yet very similar in form and language like oldie time campfire songs. For people complaining about "mainstream rap" subject matter I'd ask you what else to write about? All that metaphysical 70's prog shit is worth fuck all once you're dead. What we have here is very visceral, immediate, masculine and straight to the point. I can imagine those things scaring away people who like their music fit for fundraisers and family gatherings. Mike Will Made It - Ransom 2 More 2017. The sound every street, every party and the sound of every conscious household. About as subtle as a punch in the face, and the older I get the more appreciate things like that. Mike Will productions are also the only context in which I can stand Big Sean so that has to count for something also. Rae Sremmurd - SremmLife 2 More bangers. Swae Lee has gotten better and better and at this point he is like a wolverine tearing a carcass sherds. His verses on Set The Roof just rip things apart. Awesome. Whether this is as good as SremmLife I don't really know yet. Some songs aren't as good as the others, but the others rank high with a suaveness not really found anywhere else. Case and point see By Chance. Young Thug - EBBTG Young Thug is incredible for multiple reasons. First is how he consistently disregards popular opinion has managed to stay uncompromisingly left field and making hits almost by accident; and the second people got used to the sound he changes it up again! In EBBTG he develops the sound of JEFFERY further and at this point it's a flubber-esque abomination of Young Thug doing RnB. Both the beats and Thugger's flow are like molten lava of trap channeled through his queer alien personality that encompass all the fears of the boring complacent rockist bore and the dullard who hopped aboard with Stoner.; unabashed and unapologetic. Arca - Arca I fuck with gay Björk. Whenever I've seen criticism towards it kind of manages to reinforce my fondness of the it; musically as much as it's formless it's also pure spirit. Very masculine, very abrasive. The sheer theatricality of it reminds me of visual kei almost. Good stuff.
  6. Was there any vk travel in Japan help thread on here? I'm completely inept about finding shows and about how to exactly cop tickets and all that other nonsense I'm desperate in need of help with. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Takadanobabaalien


      Some of my favorite live houses when I lived in Tokyo was as follows:

      Meguro rokumeikan
      Takadanobaba area

      Daikanyama unit
      Takadanobaba club phase
      Shibuya Rex
      Shibuya club quattro
      Shibuya o-west/nest/crest
      Shibuya star lounge
      Shinjuku birth
      Shinjuku holiday
      Shinjuku loft

      Shinjuku Urga 
      Ikebukuro cyber
      Ikebukuro chop
      Ikebukuro edge
      Harajuku astrohall


      google them and check their schedule. If you decide to go to one of them I could probably help you find the way. I think they have maps/gps description over at askabangya.tumblr.com as wel! 

    3. WhirlingBlack


      Urga is closed, RIP

    4. Takadanobabaalien


      Really? Damn.. it was even more intimate and shitty than ikebukuro cyber, which is why I liked it. 

  7. Same. I'll maintain that 420 was their peak and I think it's a very aesthetically consistent record that stands out from the rest of their discography. I was always hoping they'd have another go at a full length that isn't just a stack of singles. Now I'm heavily leaning on going to Japan for most of the tour. Got my hitchhiking guides read and my 10 euro a night lodgings bookmarked.
  8. That is not a bad idea actually. If I went I would kind of want to stick around for the New Year's events tho and October 30th to January is a bit too long. I suppose I'll end up deciding once other bands start announcing dates for the end of year as well
  9. SO HOW ABOUT IT MEJIBOIS tour finale on the 16th of december and that's presumably the last live too. Now I'd be a piece of shit if I didn't go, because even if they return an year later it's nonetheless an end of an era when the GOAT is herded into the stable for slumber. if there's any time for me to go to Japan for the first time this is it. Anyone else?
  10. Yeah in all fairness it's pretty strange for a band to go from a dozen releases an year to disbandment without either a cataclysmic fight between the members or label issues. Don't think they'll do a Lycaon though since they're not disbanding.
  11. Can see myself going either way with this. The way it progresses kind of suggests that there could be some cool sections in it like in Zouka, but we'll see. Very much doubt it'll be heavy though.
  12. How are the lives? One could be lead to believe from a 15 song tour final that they just can't wait for this shit to be over with.
  13. A lot of people tearing them to shreds on FB. I'm actually kind of surprised that there are so many ragging on them outside of this board's sphere of influence, because this is place is kind of an echo chamber. It's very telling about the amount of frustration that's there though + that there are people still waiting for refunds on their merry tickets is just embarrassing & ought 2 b grounds for a suit. like watching a car wreck with different reasons for the cancellation coming from multiple angles and one of the band members "huh what it's cancelled?"
  14. yikes lol whoever introduced those moody shots of animals and ruins into vk should be held accountable for his crimes.