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  1. I remember when I liked this band for like, two minutes. Jesus Phobia single/mini (?) and that mini with Popcorn Monster were quite fine, and the rest not so much.
  2. I don't know what to do with my life anymore. Tzk is my refuge from the world please come back
  3. Ruki's ripping off vetements now for the new merch lol
  4. Not surprised. Afaik ( don't quote me on this ) Jin's vocals are polarising even outside of this forum and they have a style that is just a tad too hard and dark to not be in vogue. I remember late Nega sales being brutal and Black Swan is kind of like an extension, or a natural development of that sound. The real reason I believe is that they lost all their fans after Rena cut his hair
  5. Happy b-day Dis! <3

  6. Yeah Tzk is obviously having vocal problems. I just today saw that the live dvd was out and it is, from what I could tell from the bits I listened to in the morning, easily their worst and their latest before that was the lamest thus far so. That 15 song set is like, what. Maybe the shortest full price vk dvd ever?
  7. They're not even gone yet and I already miss them. The announcement of the hiatus was so sudden and the cloud of mystery surrounding isn't helping any; there's probably more info somewhere now like on the blogs of the members but I don't have access/couldn't read it anyway. I wonder if tsuzuku is doing fine and whether he'll even stick around in the scene afterwards. ( if anyone has any info to relay then please do so ) Really took the wind out of my sails this one, like I holistically lost interest in vk with my boiz going away... well it's more the straw that broke the camel's back but nonetheless.
  8. Either Warsaw, Prague or both. Hope they put out the ticket prices sooner than later
  9. gaijin death note goes out in ignoring the shallow Dostoyevskian spirit of the original with an emphasis in American television melodrama that has now just about ruined the sensibilities of an entire generation. I don't hold the original in much esteem, but I watched it with a person who does and talking about this film and the source material did make it an interesting watch in just how many small details were changed for very questionable ends that sometimes give a very contradictory reading of the psychology of the film when you get down to it. Contrary to above I absolutely loathe Adam Wingard, who I think is both an imbecile and an arsehole who makes films of such pitch black fatalism that even I can't take them. I had to dig up the notes I did on his blair witch remake "In Blair Witch 2K16 A great evil lurks in the woods that adheres to no rules, logic or sense, other than all the 2010's horror tropes of course. Forest spiritz seemingly able to alter the principles of time and space itself; trees wend at will and time literally ceases to function as normal! And yet it's satisfied to merely bully our heroes for a good hour until it unemphatically finishes them off. Nod to the Blair Witch mythos or the writers taking artistic liberties? Who cares when it's anathema to tension and suspense in its sheer stupidity. It's morose in the same cynical way Wingard's VHS series is; after the gag reel is done the rollercoaster inevitably crashes, and there's no hope for anyone. Stylistically the naturalism of the original is discarded in favour of the caricature of 2010's horror filmmaking; tightly edited together found footage from multiple cameras averaging about five cuts per ten seconds. The haunted forest trekking crew must have known a professional team was going to edit their death footage into a slick 89 minute feature, because they all conjure their best American stage acting impressions for cameras ( and a drone, that ceases to work once the mad forest spirits tinker with the reception of the signal. What can't this great evil do!? ). If the long scene inside the tent set the tone to the original, here it's the characters walking into the woods with the editor blowing his wad over the keyboard in preparation for the next loud noise to come. Trash."
  10. XXX's album is trash. His affinity for retrograde musical forms was always there and he just them loose for 20 minutes of singer song writer tripe that's not even particularly charming in how vapid and seemingly honest ( or deluded, although this does give the album an interesting dimension to it ) it is when it's just... so fucking stupid. Wouldn't be the first time I've done a 180 regarding a new rap album, but I think I'm just going to stop listening to music entirely if I hit my head on something and start thinking that this is good stuff. Lil Peep's album is one that is also preoccupied with the vulnerability of it's author, but it does this without taking a step backwards in form and with a far more introspective character, so I'm just going back to that. Now listening to uzi's album.
  11. i'm on the side of global warming and nuclear holocaust if that is what the public voted for