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  1. They sound exactly like they look. Some sort of pop punk menhera, it's kewl
  2. Disposable

    Both bands are good and they have great moments, but Kizu's just has the kind of vk sound I'm partial for, and aside from a few occasions they're pretty dark and heavy without having to resort to too much americore riffing which I'll always be apprehensive towards in my visual kei. At their best DIMLIM mixes it up and at worst they drone in a metalcore song that'll honestly just make anyone who knows a thing or two put on something better from the US/UK/take your pick. Despite that however it does look the bands are in a bit of opposite trajectories where DIMLIM is diversifying more and more whereas Kizu is dangerously close to calling it a day and sticking with what they have. Either way I like Kizu more so my vote goes that way.
  3. Just listened to the single and it's decent stuff that they're going for, and while I was listening to it all I could think was that I wish they would release an album to show how much they're able to do with the sound they have. Not the best, but in the landscape of today's vk I'll fucking take it
  4. Disposable

    If the guy from pura didn’t get surgery for his nose then no one should no but jk i like the transparency.
  5. Disposable

    Soan is the type of bandman who’ll even get his solo project disbanded
  6. Disposable

    a bandman from a fairly noteworthy late 2000's band that will be left unnamed here wanted to fuck my ex girlfriend. vk guys are great if you have some cash for chrome hearts and/or a vagina I can't be mad at kyo for not giving a shit about some stupid Q&A the management set up for some cash and anyone who pays for those VIP's is a dweeb that doesn' deserve look in their general direction ya fucking nerds. i can't even imagine how it is like when everyone wants to talk to you while all you want is just to eat some shitty fast food in the tour bus and sleep.
  7. Disposable

    Not going to lie, I don't listen to Infinitum a lot either. That I respect the concept and the ambition which puts it leagues above the rest of the scene hasn't really translated over to much interest. Adoratio on the other hand I listened to obsessively from when it came out to every once in a while even up to this day.
  8. Disposable

    When the A-side came out I thought I was already tired of the blessthefall riffs with the tapping gimmick and all that having gotten tired quick of their last album, but the B-side got me back. The vocals are sick on the entire single, and even if the wank didn't win me on the first track the funny one second long heavy chug around the 1.49 mark is fucking sick and the chorus hook is something else. The technically most able band in vk hands down if they only flaunted it just a bit less
  9. Disposable

    Feels like it was your first show and not theirs if this screaming at weeb shows was news to you. At rock concerts it’s not a given these days that the audience is young and enthusiastic enough to give a shit so if they were in the UK then that’s great.
  10. Trap king Satsuki dropping more heat for the streets ESKETITT 🔥🔥🇺🇦



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    2. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      can't believe he's able to spit such fire without having to hit his mom to get famous

    3. Disposable



    4. nekkichi


      do you think satsuki's mom physically hits her when she sees her solo sales

  11. Disposable

    Satsuki's got one called Sacred Traditional Kingdom Melody. Never heard of it? Neither has anyone else
  12. Disposable

    Now that'd be value. who's going? I can't be the only one interested
  13. Disposable

    If you can get a separate ticket for this gig without having to shell out 100 bux for some naruto convention then I'm in for sure.
  14. Disposable

    "visual key"
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