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  1. Yohio is not just some dude like the guys from Emmuree or like Aie who do visual kei as a lifestyle for the love of the sport. He is a sunglasses-indoors-wearing blowhard who's portraying himself as a living legend hot shit CEO. For him to not reach a certain level he aspires to would be devastating. It's make it or break it for him to get there right now with the vision he had envisaged years ago with KEIOS, Desaiha, Lovelipop etc. And I actually have to disagree, I don't think he is that productive. Right now is the only time he has been consistent since the melodifestivalen hype when he put out two albums in short order, which ended after they forgot about him in Sweden and his second attempt at Eurovision flopped. His release schedule right now is making me so angry, like why does he put out single songs constantly without even really promoting them before he moves on to promoting the next one! The only good rollout he has done recently was for his previous solo track. It'd do better to have put out all the english DISREIGN tracks as a EP because they're already super mediocre so at least you could put 4 or 5 in one package with a PV and a ballad and promote it for weeks and not move on from one to the next without anyone caring. No one has a relationship with the English DISREIGN and I've seen even his fans being confused and unenthusiastic. Right now there's a new DISREIGN track coming up with almost no warning and he already has three DISREIGN releases in the bag without a PV, and those PVs are his most popular content. He should've put out the DISREIGN tracks as an EP as well that he really actually promoted, and done the legwork in Japan if possible. I just don't think he can stomach playing second fiddle at a multi-man event where only 3 people came to see him, because unlike what his socials would tell you I don't think he can even draw a decent crowd in Stockholm, let alone in Japan. My armchair booking for him would be releasing YOHIO solo tracks as stand-alone and build up for the album like he's doing, then DISREIGN and english DISREIGN tracks as either 2 track singles or minis with PVs. And it's better for him to put out one release a year that he'd promote right, instead of shitting out tracks without promoting any of them. Less is more etc. And while I'm sure he is busy playing CEO right now with dad's cash, he could even take a video of him recording something and post it as a daily Vlog because his ( small ) fanbase loves that. The way he abandoned his Patreon too just lowers the value of his brand and decreases the trust between him and the people dumb enough to pay for this trash. And this thread is great because after all, I think all this western stuff does deserve attention. For one, it's an outgrowth from vk culture so it is interesting in like a scholarly sense, and second the ones that are doing this are the ones who are brave and stupid enough to realise the dreams that more than a few members of this board have had myself included; and as an extension of that it's our duty to savagely tear down their hopes and dreams if necessary. If I was doing music I wouldn't have it any other way.
  2. Yeah I also think there's a good chance he has bought at least a good portion of those views. I just find strange that he doesn't apply the same philosophy to the rest of his content. The Mitsugi guy struggles to get 200 views even, and half of the comments are yohio commenting under the Yohio account, Keios entertainment account, Rehn music group account and others. Anyway I find him very fascinating and endlessly entertaining. He was really unproductive around 2018 and early 2019 and seemed to have been in depression around that time according to twitter, only to self-help himself back to shape for the latter half of 2019 when he started his big campaign to get KEIOS finally going after numerous false starts the 8 odd years prior. On the website they have purged the labels real history, like his girl group, Mitsugi Senior Oskar Bruzell or something like that who appears to have become a member of the Swedish liberal right wing party since; and speaking of right wing, the Ex-Yohio drummer who was also the drummer for Marduk was caught ordering nazi merch with Arioch/Mortuus lmao. So Yohio the band is actually, according to the logic of guilty by association, tied to the far right. I'm going to hedge my bets on him continuing almost until the end 2020 before he gives up and becomes inactive again, but I wouldn't put it past him to give up by mid autumn either I imo the Keios resurgence is already losing stream. If they're paying for views then the majority of their income has to come from being featured on Melodifestivalen playlists on spotify, and that can't be a whole lot of money in 2020.
  3. Recently I've been wondering about the seemingly gigantic social media following of certain Swedish visual kei personalities, and how little traffic they actually do get despite of it. Case and point: The Weebkei King Yohimbe has been on a massive release and promotion campaign for his record label. Having previously been in the habit of starting something and abandoning it only moments later, he's now been on this kick for more than a few months, even putting out new stuff by DISREIGN, English DISREIGN, some gaijin chump who nobody listens to and sings with a really hokey put-on gravely voice called Mitsugi and then his solo stuff. He still hasn't gotten rid of all his old habits tho, since he has in the meantime stopped doing both his podcast and daily vlogs, and is extremely unproductive on Patreon for his astonishingly perseverant 21 patrons. All of this hasn't made him get any bigger numbers than before, and I think we all know that he has hit the ceiling with his flop career a long time ago. That's not what I'm trying to get at though. When he puts out a PV it goes into 100k's of views in relatively short order, but when he puts out anything else it literally makes no numbers whatsoever. He put out a new song two days ago and it ended up auto-generated on Youtube under his channel name, and in two days it has gotten only 2.7k views. What about the tweet with the preview of the track? 374 likes. Somehow while my boy is more active than he has ever been, he only does huge numbers for a selected handful of songs with PVs just like he always has, his twitter numbers continue to trend downwards and the spike he got for his Youtube channel subscribers a long while back is highly suspicious to say the least. Even the attention that he appears to get for his PVs doesn't translate to anything else, because his label and projects that are in it are languishing in obscurity. How does that work? I know Nocturnal Serenade was promoted by the Youtube algorithm, but surely not all his PVs can be that lucky, unless he has come up with a way to really game the system. How does this shit work
  4. Disposable

    The inventor of air-instore will debut his air-CD
  5. Disposable

    Yeah obviously the best time would've been to finagle his flop festival lives in the west around the release of IV and then utilise all the good will they had from the Japanese press and their old global fanbase and put out that hunk of shit right after it, settle for whatever attention came out of the novelty of these old washed up Yoko-ono looking retirees being back and then commence on a world tour consisting of dozen dates in big venues. Lol nope tho, he'll wait forever because in his mind, they're just one big break away from being the "biggest band in the world" and he already has his managers and yakuza people calling in favors to get him to play piano for the animated corpse of Joe Biden in the white house once he's elected. He'll settle for nothing less.
  6. Disposable

    It's not going to come out. Why? He's still after all this time waiting for his break in the west, and the album rollout will commence only after that happens or he gives up in the market completely ( which is unlikely, he'll have to have terminal cancer and a desire to Blackstar himself for that to happen ) and not a moment before.
  7. Disposable

    Inb4 drum machine
  8. Disposable

    To me they sounded really dated even when they came out three years ago. There were already different fads and cliches in operation rather than Royzsynth and big budget Heisei Ishin. I just went to check out what they had done recently, and yeah they had updated their sound and look to go along more with what's hot now. They look and sound like a Sims 2 character creator R-shitei cover band another recent track is more in line what they used to be, but the PV was uploaded three months ago and it has only 22k views. That's absolutely woeful for a band with a budget like that and it's pretty self-evident that GOEMON pulled the plug on them.
  9. A fantastic live. The guitarist is a real talent and I doubt the band will recover from losing him, unfortunately. Him crying through the last song was heartbreaking to watch
  10. karma's been foreclosed on damn
  11. Disposable

    Fuck, there's too many to remember. Lately I've been playing early UCP singles like anything from Vidoll, Depression Sign by 12012, Hurts and then also Dolly peaked on their early singles as well. The above mentioned 麗しき仮面の招待状 is my favorite Gackt era MM song too. I'd love to get back to this with a few days to prepare
  12. Yeah I also thought this was super mediocre, and my enjoyment of their two prior singles had a good helping of wishful thinking and good will. As much as I still do like the A-sides from those, I have to say there isn't really anything there that puts them over other recent stuff from the scene that I like for me. I just love Ai's voice and aesthetic enough to color inbetween the lines thinking all of this is just a prelude to a sick second act where they bring out the big guns. Real talk: what's here are middle of the road heavy riffs that Ai is able to elevate into something that's kind of cool. The two metalcore riffs are nothing that we don't see from all the other bands too. What I wanted from this band was Ai to go all in, abandon the uwa uwa Korn shit and sing that undead school boy haunting the country road from school when the moon is full and cicadas sing shit. Maybe some Grieva-esque old school riffs too, creepy stuff like what KtK was every once in a while. Sousaku Negai, Hesonoo, you know that stuff. So far this imo just a shittier and occasionally poppier KtK that also has metalcore riffs. fourth track 0.51- is also without a doubt from something else. the fucking la la la part too I reckon.
  13. Disposable

  14. Disposable

    Well, at least the guys from Gosan were in tons of bands before and progressed very slowly. They've been around for five years and their early stuff sounds pretty rough both production and composition wise compared to the way they've streamlined that one song they can do into an entire career later on. POIDOL has only one guy with previous band history, and they sounded really polished straight out of the gate and were basically headhunted by Cindykate guy. If there ever was a ghost writer in vk, this is one of those bands that would've had one.
  15. Disposable

    wasn't this the "shitty band that uses a ghost writer" according to Gosan Really the worst band from their label. I think I did see them on the oricon like once or something but I have to imagine they had huge expectations for these guys that weren't cashed in
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