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  1. Signing off from the Dezert war wagon. Conceptually they've changed from the Japanese middle school suburban child murders of the 2003 vk vein into clean-cut jumpdafuckup catalogue boys. DEZERT of the early minis and the first album is filthy, as much looking as sounding. And while DEZERT has struck and missed plenty of times since they started, their most unhinged moments still stand on their own, not even close to being in the same ballpark as their very unfortunate previous and no doubt future renditions Happy Song
  2. Gets right into my core
  3. Immediately this band gets so exciting when they do something different, like that darker look. Wish they did it, you know, more
  4. in anticipation of our lord and saviour karma sama Strong contenders
  5. 12-15 would be unprecedented and absurd. I'm here just hoping that it's not all France and Germany.
  6. Their initial run up to the first album is legendary. Really a perfect example of those initial post-explosion bands that retained a lot of the classical form while also ramping up the musicianship and weirdness. Kichigai TV always reminded me of Madeth Gray'll being interpreted by a newer vk band; and I mean this band's early output is so rich in different influences and it's just top tier vk.
  7. oh god so that's what people were talking about. What makes kaoru's hair look especially bad is that it looks burnt, like aggressively bleached and then straightened with two hot spoons. Awful
  8. IN MEMORIAM I will first and foremost remember Grieva from two things: Their 妄想主義者ノ背徳。 mini from 2015 and their track for the AINS VA. That mini I don't think has their strongest singular tracks or anything like that, but I think as a whole it's the strongest with unique songs and perfect length. In a way it also condenses their whole thing well, having those brief flashes of their own intensity ( I thought they were always a more furious band that was held back by the times they tried to 90's melody their way to a hit ) marred with liberal amounts of IP theft, albeit in a far more subtler way than on their first album for example, which I haven't really warmed up to. Second album was a little filler heavy and by the third I was a little like "whatever. " The AINS VA track is awesome, and their madeth inspired look for it is even better. In fact I think the AINS VA is one of the better vk releases of the past 5 years.
  9. I desperately want to fuck with their new stuff more than I actually do. The band is tremendously talented, conceptually impeccable and Gara's is just about everything I want from a visual kei vocalist, but the stuff they do now has this degree of polish and poppy finesse that I can't really get behind. That said, it's a band that could get back to me any day now just because of how good they are and how independent their direction has always been. the covers are nice
  10. Got drunk during the day and checked out if there were any bands in town and August Burns Red was, so I went to see them. I hadn't heard their music aside from a few snippets here and there, but my impression was that they played emocore until settling into some loungy major deal post-hardcore territory to cruise control it a career. And I was wrong. Apparently they've played more or less the same music their entire career, and it still averages two breakdowns and a "GO!" *parkway drive riff* sequence a song. Naturally I had a decent time despite having my energy levels sapped by the flu.
  11. this band is good, their releases are uploaded nowhere, the vocalist is really ugly and five types for a live limited has to be a record of some sort
  12. I don't... think anyone cares for that matter
  13. You can tell there actually aren't that many unpopular opinions in this thread, because the second you actually post one it turns into a page long polemic within the span of a single day @CAT5 I agree. Their alt-rockiness feels more western and direct, and it's something they took straight from the source to fit their own sound and concept, and not like how it usually works in vk where you get the western influence second-hand by looking up to a domestic band. I also don't think there's a vk band that sounds like d'espairsray, so that's something. RAN OUT OF POSITIVE THINGS TO SAY i can't even listen to stuff like maverick these days. I immediately get this mental image of whatever comes up when you google "fishnet goth"