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  1. fair fucks to anyone who goes about shouting their opinion about this and that with a sub 500 artist last.fm chart, but I do also know that they're not much farther removed from pre-school children in their opinions and ought to not be listened to. the only people triggered by a comment like this are the ones who recognise themselves as the targets of it.
  2. The people who fuck with new dezert are for the most part to me like the people who listen to deviloof and nokubura but ignore western metalcore. There is so much superior indie shit out there that this cannot come off as anything other than as flaccid mediocrity to anyone who’s familiar with the stuff. Then again knowing this board where for some people avoiding classics and canonical albums is almost like a point of pride, the wilfull ignorance doesn’t surprise me one bit.
  3. Disposable

    I don't think this is a debate thread, but I really do take issue with calling a band like Baiser uninspired when they changed up the formula with each album they released. The first album and demos don't even sound like the same band that made the second one, and by the last one they'd tightened up their game considerably from the third. La'mule also showed healthy progression throughout and the BERLIN single sounds like they would've had another chapter ahead of them had they not disbanded.
  4. Disposable

    While plebs argue about which maximum the hormone slipknot rip off album arriving about a good decade too late to be relevant in the rest of the world was the best, real g's listen to
  5. Disposable

    How anyone prefers the fucking maudlin saccharine syrupy dog shit they did later to Vanishing Vision is beyond me
  6. Good shit. In like three months time they're already showing development. I knew I could trust these guys
  7. Disposable

    i despise that album cover
  8. Disposable

    In the west Mejibray seemed to skip that phase entirely where a band steadily builds up hype and a fanbase over the months or even years, and instead headed straight from first release into canonical status with fangirls rabid enough to withstand comparison with The GazettE's. Already during their first year of existence they were talked about in the same breath with the older bands of much more prestige. I think I've seen something close to like this only with Kizu, but only in far lesser scale since the vk fanbase in the west has again shrunk to about 20% of what it was in 2011 or even in 2012. But back then and couple of year onwards you'd see facebook and etc. littered with profiles from generic weebs that centered around The Gazette and Mejibray, while the more hardcore community had yet to be completely estranged from the hype with their never ending singles release campaigns. The hype around this band was so real until 2015 or so, and I'm actually still surprised how big they got with such an unique sound ( anyone who disagrees is obviously an idiot who doesn't know what he's listening to. whether someone thinks they were good or not is besides the point, but the fact is that MiA's florid guitar work and Tzk's unorthodox vocals made them stand out from the scene right from the start; and while still in the topic their production was always so fucking weird too, like it was this mechanical, hollow sound that's quite unlike anything I've ever heard. I can't decide if it sounds like it was recorded in a studio or a rental space at a public library. ) I think it goes how important branding is over there, and they sure did it right at least in the beginning.
  9. flop in japan is the big in japan of the 2010's best of luck to your future endeavours yohio
  10. Disposable

    Yesterday evening I done went and saw Incantation with some other bands in tow. Incantation at their best were, I would say, the darkest early US death metal band with an unparalleled density and impenetrable sound. What in large part makes the first two records is patience, a good ear for tension and atmosphere unlike other bands at the time. Of the highlights of their run I'm such a big fan in fact that I think in the style it's some of the best stuff out there. In 2019 however, Incantation brings a rockin' show to your town! I don't think I hate anything more than the old, moldy rock 'n roll bullshit of aging rockers disparaging the dignity of both artist and audience alike. This wasn't the worst case of it that I've seen, but I just can't with any "hey what's up motherfuckers!!!" "this one goes out to you fucks in the pit!!" it's quite frankly humiliating even to be there and to bare witness from the back with a beer in hand in an attempt to separate yourself from the festivities. After I've hit my drink quota all I was left with was an existential crisis about what I was even doing there. I think it's about time I take music seriously and draw a line somewhere, a line I'll never cross and stop going to any mickey mouse rock bullshit or any other poser cave that'll just end up taking me to the grave. The music was acceptable when they were playing good songs tho, although maybe I found the drum sound and/or drummer a bit lacking. Didn't create the mood of the first two albums, but at least the songs themselves were good. That said tho, fuck that shit. I know people like to make fun of the Mgla type of performance where the band has its face covered or another where they don't even face the audience; it's still provides a welcome distance from the worst, despite not challenging the entire culture and its molecular form. The best thing about raves is brutal face checking and anti-commerciality and I hope the record industry dies out completely so that the deck gets shuffled from top to bottom. edit: oh yeah and there was some shit metalcore as an opening act. fuck
  11. Disposable

    This I could live without. The PV reminds me of when I was young and downloading all the early 2000's J-horror I could find with mixed results
  12. Same as always... Did I already say this earlier somewhere? Their super formulaic single format doesn't help any matters either. The wild use of synth in the first and last tracks is quite fine and a welcome addition if you're hard into them and even the slightest novelty will you over a few releases longer.
  13. Okay fuck it I liked it as well. They're limited af so the way to make up for it is just by being crazy; batsu sounds fucked up, the arrangement is retarded and the riffs just eek out enough variety to bring things back to where they left off about an year ago.
  14. Disposable

    There's no nyappy in the world til the jews are eradicated
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