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  1. Disposable

    DIMLIM who I only know Hated
  2. This is the actual recording quality of the album so everyone rustles their jimmies
  3. Disposable

    It's the sort of loud, farty jumpdafuckup guitar wall of sound mallcore garbage that they've done lately that I can't stand, and the production just emphasises the fact and I'm praying it won't be too prevalent in the album itself. The shit they did to the remastered Uroboros tells me that someone, either in the management or the band or otherwise, suffers from an acute case of bad taste to which the only cure is death. They'd sound more tasteful recording everything through a xbox 360 headset
  4. Disposable

    how do people drink in moderation fr
  5. Disposable

    First thoughts: best nu track is 2. That fucking Aie riff with the prog elements are the shit. The vocalist really goes all out on this one, and the best stuff he does is usually fairly subtle, like how he alters the tone of the whisper and the incomprehensible screaming from song to song. the worst are 7 and 10. The first is almost a nokubura song ( probably intended for lives ) and the 10 just a snoozer 'cause it lacked the cool progressive elements they did before, so it doesn't really surprise at any point, just lulls ahead. 4 and 8 are so over the top they're good, especially the latter. it shows that they're still not that far gone from their early output, even if it now contains more superior songwriting elements and straight up experimentation with computer efx and all that other shit. the tracks that were released before are still awesome, and almost kind of surprisingly I think they're at their strongest with tracks like Vanitas and GROTESQUE where it's not _all that_ stupid heavy without getting rid of the elements and techniques. That long scream in Vanitas is still incredible What I think pretty much everyone wanted without getting was that long song, but I think the pre-released tracks and GROTESQUE and the last track are kind of already that, except shorter. None of them is formulaic by any means and have a lot of cool stuff in them that a band like say, DIR EN GREY would never have in a track they'd put out as a single. You know it's probably a matter of time before they churn out that 10 minute epic, it's just a matter of them disbanding before that 'cause one of the members impregnated a member of the royal family or something.
  6. Disposable

    Seeing as these days his career has gone to performing at the BANANA HALL with The Flying Pants, this release makes more sense
  7. Disposable

    This sounds like a bad april fools prank someone here would make
  8. Disposable

    Only now I realised they didn't include the sort of heavy title track from the previous single ( which I also hated. ) Shows they're def gunning for them charts with this one. In another context I wouldn't mind tracks like 4, I mean DEZERT was always kind of diverse as long it sounded a little weird. Here it is surrounded by the sort of sarariman oricon rock shit, a bmth rip off and just really tired and flaccid punk rock vibes.
  9. Disposable

    it wasn't enough to release bad music, they felt the need to go back and destroy their back catalogue as well. Both songs sound like shit
  10. what happened to their budget? I think even their recording quality has taken a slump!
  11. I still want to believe that the last two tracks were shit left on the cutting room floor while picking the tracks for the last singles campaign that they decided to include to sweeten the deal on the cash grab album. It also could be that they're just done, but who knows. Their looks have been getting worse and worse tho
  12. Disposable

    Goodnight sweet prince
  13. I was like "fuck dali is still around?"
  14. Disposable

    I like the cover if it wasn't for the way the logo is arranged. Reminds me of what I thought this band would have been, but alas the last two tracks stink and their last two looks also.