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  1. Tapping out from the fandom. Corny, awful and inexcusable and it's not like they've been on top of the world lately anyway
  2. oh god i can already hear it being exactly like this
  3. This legend posted a live of sentimental na onigokko that would afaik be the only one out there for people who just don't happen to collect gazette terekos. Fuck this band was so good back in the day that there's no way you could have ever predicted that one day they're making their living by ripping off vetements for merch. edit: and fuck me the third song appears to be unreleased. christmas came early edit 2: at times it vaguely sounds like backdrop junkie. the chorus would lead one to believe that this is a previous version of the song
  4. I do think Sludgy Cult also counts as a cover
  5. They were on the Kuroyume album and there's a reason why everyone forgot about that
  6. 食べたい
  7. They, the vocalist with his pterodactyl screams especially, sound impeccable. This band is such a character and you'll never catch them out of gimmick even for a second, and it's the best vk band in years so i'm all in on this
  8. In case someone didn't see. Upcoming PV song is included
  9. Can we pin this thread to the front page or something? It's glorious to see everyone be so excited and happy, only for them to eventually lose all hope and leave the thread for the birds. i still have iria on facebook and for that i love him unconditionally
  10. I must have jinxed it because I thought their latest mini boring as shit
  11. the Raid. ( est. 2011 ) OHP Youtube Vocal: 星七 (Sena) Guitar: bo_ya (ex. Яe:sK → the Raid.) Guitar: 由羽 (Yuuha) (ex. NeXuS → リルト → the Raid.) Bass. 庵 (Iori) (ex. LICKER(support)→ the Raid.) Drums: 一陽 (Kazuhi) (ex. Vanishlaiz → マディーデュオール → the Raid.) Former Members Guitar: 祐太 (Yuuta) (ex. the Raid. → Sicks → The Misery In August) ( courtesy of last.fm ) This band is actually alright and they've been around practically forever with a seemingly unproportionately tiny western fandom compared to their japanese following. I'm not an expert on their discography, but they appear to have started out as a rather average Royzcore unit 'til having fleshed out their sound and aesthetic with some desperately needed colour. From what I've heard the early shit can be pretty good at times, even though for me personally it pales in comparison with the dare I say a little r-shitei esque darker oshare stuff they've put out later.
  12. Aicle & Metis Gretel revivals being so close to each other is a good opportunity to not to go to Japan again and regret it later
  13. from this thread
  14. Watched the preview a dozen times now. This band and its aesthetic all I want from vk right now and ever
  15. Any news on Minami ( RoNo☆Cro ) ?



    1. Axius



      This is all i can find this was 6/21/2017 i think