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  1. Disposable

    I don't know if you've someone's alt or have been lurking here for how long exactly, so in case you were not aware I was referencing the way people here write circles around the production of some shitty Japanese mallcore as if dicking around with a few sliders and switches would've made it any different. Even if The Insulated World didn't sound shitty it'd still thoroughly retain it's fundamental essence, which is shit.
  2. Disposable

    I also don’t like the lives during the DSS and Arche period. It’s after Sukekiyo and during the Mode lives that I got back on board and Kyo is killing it. The DVD that came with TIW has the best available lives of almost all the songs included, especially Vinushka and Different Sense are great
  3. Disposable

    Nice, even worse than expected.
  4. Disposable

    the best stuff on arche is really good. Kaishun, magayaso, rinkaku, midwife and tosei ranks high in late dir en grey to me and some other songs are good as well
  5. Disposable

    I fucking can’t sometimes. I hate nothing than when you have to buy bus or train tickets only at the station because who the fuck knows if it’ll be already fully booked or whatever and then you’ll be spamming ubers for nothing. Today I tried to be clever and booked a bus to Moldova from Ukraine online and when I arrive to the station it turns out they cancelled it and according to the desk I should’ve known about this because they farted out the information on the speakers two hours ago. Why would anyone be at the station two hours in advance? At least the wifi works lol
  6. Disposable

    Good indicator is that the richer you are, the less you release and tour. With that said the list goes: X, Luna Sea and L'arc, Glay and other bands dads listen to. These days you can't make the same money as in the 90's and early 2000's but some bandmen still make due for even if they have to tour constantly to get it. Ruki and Kyo for example are most likely not poor and starving when they sell clothes and other shit on the side in addition to fronting the two biggest bands of the generation that are still actively touring, and a guy like Sena from Raido has so much expensive stuff according to IG that if it isn't his then at least his gya are rich.
  7. Disposable

    I don't like the look or the cover still goin' to end up being solid I reckon
  8. Since we're all here, what is people's top release this year? Mine will probably stay the same for the rest of 2019
  9. Business division Marbuck is for ladies when you have the real deal ( Sigrblot is also good and that's most likely Mortuus on the vocals. ) I was trying to find Aryan Terrorism's Crush the lies for this occasion but it does look like youtube is cracking down hard on anything NS with even a little bit of views Oh god. For some reason they still drag Marduk to every funderground festival probably because they're the Value Brand of the bands from the 90's ( they must've come to Finland at least once an year ) and the last time I had to see them was when they performed Heaven Shall Burn and as if the music wasn't bad enough, the rock star shit on stage was even worse. The stage moves, the MC's with shit like "black metal maniacs!!" etc. you could've thought it was Wacken. This experience was unsurpassed until I had the misfortune of seeing Rotting Christ live stinking up the place last year after being blown away by Profanatica.
  10. Disposable

    I'm also of the opinion above that all the heavier stuff is at the very least funny to have around, whereas the lighter remakes of everything but Undecided I can't stand. The amount of songs from them that I just won't listen to is not great and it's mostly the remakes like Kasumi, Wake, Final and then also Obscure from the heavier ones.
  11. Disposable

    I like this band these days. Releases range from meh to solid and I like their concept quite a bit from a forgotten mini that I liked and expected others to like as well
  12. Disposable

    I'm also in support of gatekeeping like mentioned before. Even the conversation of things like toxicity and other internet fads doesn't belong to any serious scenes and is best kept at the Harry Potter and Marvel Universe communities that people dabble in for an year or two before teetering off. The lack of effective gatekeeping and scene discipline allows for trend hopping and superficial identity searching normies to barge in and blow in the doors and unleash the absolute worst tendencies in anything. Do you know why clubs have face control? It's to keep out weekend clubbers who are objectively awful and ruin nearly every club in Europe that doesn't arm itself to the teeth with bouncers and rules about cell phones and attire. Fuck, look at what happened to most gay clubs and spaces after all the straights started going to them because it became fashion and some vultures saw they could make a buck. From techno to black metal to rap on the street the music journalist went to excavate them like alien cultures and then brought out the carved up husk for the idiots to consume, to make a mockery of. It's true that the seeds of destruction were already in the commercial nature and historical origin of the music and it can be argued the death of subcultures is an inevitable course always, but isn't like people haven't tried to take them out of that sphere and build genuine communities around them and reinforce the so far latent political subtext that's there to be brought up to eschew mainstream commerciality and normalcy. To me the subcultures I take part in aren't just some joke you come to experience and then leave a good review on tripadvisor for. They're my life, visual kei is my life, among great many other scenes with which I've worked very hard and listened to a lot of shit for years just to give them the respect they deserve, and those who only come on Sundays or even entertain to think that they have the platform speak their mind without a proper education ought to just get spat on their faces and sent back to the business school they came from.
  13. Disposable

    Been putting on some lives lately In general this three disc set is great also nice and they can still go on a good day. I haven't watched BURST INTO A BLAZE 3 yet bust I reckon I'll dl it in the near future if it's around already ( ? )
  14. Disposable

    sup nerds and virgins
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