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  1. Disposable

    I fucking love the hotarubi performances on the blitz and mode DVDs
  2. Disposable

    Everyone was trying to forget about it
  3. Disposable

    I like the set too. With two long songs it's pretty long as well, and it'll be the first time of me seeing them play an entire album.
  4. Disposable

    he was having problems during the gig before and during that song his voice crapped out completely
  5. Disposable

    If you actually like early DEZERT and other kind of more macabre visual kei from about 10 to 15 years ago and don't like this song and a couple of others from the album, then you're basically just fucking stupid. One of the riffs on this song could pass for something from Aicle or something, and I understand that the tone is very different starting from voice first of all but I don't know what you want every song to be brooding in the same carbon copied way or what. TODAY stinks and then that Knife Koufuku no melody they released suck too. This album does too but only occasionally when it's droning away something blase and TODAY-esque, but at other times it's just about the best thing going right now. I don't know how they managed to shit out two terrible albums before the Moran guy actually started playing guitar like he was from Moran. There's some really cool and crazy stuff in here that's pretty much what I had hoped he'd do when he initially joined the band, only to cash in on this promise literally just once with the riff from Kimi no shikyuu wo sawaru. By the time he started doing something more reminiscent of him, they were doing that indie sound to Call of Rescue and stuff but fuck now in the context of this album it's ok. Since I didn't get the DEZERT I hoped for with Moran-esque guitar playing with the imagery of title nashi and vocals of OG-Chiaki, this is the second best and I'm settling for it. This is better than their second album by the way. I get it that the mood is dark and occasionally things get brutal; what I don't get is how two three songs being sort of vaguely hardcore ( not even close to anything from title nashi ) everyone ignores the dog shit middle part with its terrible ballad and the rest of that nothing of an album. It has to be said also tho that DEZERT was even up to title nashi quite diverse, and even that album has songs that could fit in this new one. It's just that you do a Korn or a Suicide Silence riff once and then the gaijin expectation are set forever ( case and point: dadaroma ) So in short, art kei DEZERT is my friend and now if on the next one they cut out the slacking and get even weirder, then I'm back on board full time. Decent album.
  6. Disposable

    Jesus, you add Akane to the mix and you have the most fucked up selection of bandmen to have ever shared a band together.
  7. Disposable

    on a huge early undercode kick
  8. They're going to make it sound like values of madness I reckon. That's the only way I see it going other than sticking so close to the source material that there's no point. I wish it was sukekiyo doing maboroshi no miyako, hyperlove, victims of love...
  9. Disposable

    It's just so far away and so liable to get cancelled...
  10. Disposable

    He's just completely illiterate to western culture and completely out of touch with the music business in general. In his mind, they're just one big break away from performing Endless Rain at the Superbowl in front of legions of crazed fans losing their minds and John and Jane decorating their bedrooms with X Japan posters. The Japanese rock sensation takes over America! It sounds like big in Japan, except over 30 years ( in some cases 40 ) after the fact. They make fun of Japanese game developers and etc. sometimes for being so rigid and resistant to change or whatever, but what about an aging "rock star" thinking that letting people know how big of a rock star he is that he'll make waves with a fucking poodle rock band in 2019 fronted by an asian grandmother who looks like fucking Yoko-Ono and where the second guitarist has the hair of someone who went to Woodstock 1970. I can't get enough of this saga, I hope they'll eventually write a book on how held on his dream of American conquest until the bitter end* *and just in case someone doesn't know, their movie was literally only 100% a prelude to this big american break happening — and so far that hasn't happened.
  11. Disposable

    Conspiracy theory: the new album has been finished for a long time, but Yoshiki and the label are waiting for X to become a household in the US with all these promotional gimmicks before releasing amid every single bribeable corporate media outlet touting ”THE LEGENDS ARE BACK.” In Yoshiki’s mind the western breakthrough is due any day now, and only because of backroom dealing, share owning and yakuza favours from back in the day when X was printing money everyone is going along with his delusions and Japanese SONY execs are essentially obligated to make all these phonecalls stateside ”hey it’s me again. I owe this guy for all the coke and underaged hookers back in the day so can you just get him on the lineup? Just put him somewhere in the back it doesn’t matter and we’ll sell it to him that he’s going head to head against Beyonce and she’s scared out of her wits that he’ll steal all the buzz. Yeah no worries he’ll buy it, he’s fucked up most of the time anyway...”
  12. Disposable

    It’s obvious the label owes him favours/he invests his own money on this. There was a shill article on the Conde Nast owned pitchfork about the movie that was coming up on p4k’s sponsored fb adverts for well over an year, and writing about a band like X is 100% out of their usual MO. Another one to get such a baffling spotlight on p4k is BTS where their ”How BTS stays radically korean” is still appearing on my feed. This is obviously a paid deal with Conde Nast, and I have no doubt in my mind that this and stuff like X’s american festival gigs are more backroom deals than ”fuck guys, we got to get this dude from the market where no one speaks english and who’s recognised in the west only by crusty power metal fans and weebs who grew up in the early 2000’s on this next to Grande and McCartney.”
  13. Disposable

    Something about this has disaster written all over it
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