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  1. Dionixia

    heh' date=' at least you're honest. hope he gets over it soon...... [/quote'] Dude, I'm a dude *gigglesnort*
  2. Dionixia

    Sweet deal! I don't have my bass anymore.... and I don't really know if I want to be demoted to roadie again. lol
  3. Dionixia

    Posting twice in a row, wee! I just found out that someone has been sending out MY pictures from the show (I didn't take pictures of the bands performing, just of my friends and stuff) and taking credit! WHAT THE HELL?! *doesn't like people*
  4. Dionixia

    Positions available: Bassist, drummer, roadie/groupie, _____ lol
  5. Dionixia

    I hate how the thing I had been looking forward to for most of the year is no longer going to happen. (See, this is the problem with having "inside information", things can go awry and you get let down. D: )
  6. Dionixia

    Seriously. XD I mean, I WAS groping this underage (! D: ) boy at the show... I didn't know he wasn't 18 though! LOL But... I wasn't arrested. ^_~ I gout the deluxe tour. I had to bleach the bottom of my shoes afterwards. D:
  7. Dionixia

    Not in jail. XD Well, there were 2 or 3 CAAA-UTE!!! police officers. XD Kenzi's fangs make him rather hot. He has that "really stupid boy" look to him though. D:
  8. Dionixia

    I went to jail today and it was..... interesting. O_o
  9. Dionixia

    Uhh.... I was going to let him sign my boobs, but they called off the meet and greet right as I was getting there, so all he got was the joy of biting me? XD
  10. Dionixia

    KENZI BIT ME! TWICE! XD *happy*
  11. Dionixia

    Ah. I was thinking of the pound to USD. Obviously. XD Yeah, that's a rip. XD
  12. Dionixia

    Well that's about $0.50 to $1 here (if I'm not mistaken, which I might be). They can cost that much, especially if it's stickers or something like that.
  13. Dionixia

    I like the little toy animals from those things!
  14. Dionixia

    Zombie, I'm never good enough in my dad's eyes. My older sister was a drug addicted prostitute and she has ALWAYS been better than my class valedictorian self. So I hear ya, but you have to remember that it's all about perspective. You seem to get it, but you need to keep it in mind at all times.
  15. Dionixia

    Alone Together - 2030 (waited for the song to change so there wouldn't be a kana name XD)
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