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  1. https://mega.nz/#!wEQUWArR!wRNcLDqapE7vXV56FZ3XzWhHn1yvNF1AoEOv1kpiYd0
  2. munimuni just posted a new PV for New Order Love Song:
  3. carddass

    It is pricey to maintain a studio where he noodles endlessly while crushing the creative souls of everyone who works under him knowing the work will never see the light of day.
  4. carddass

    Wow, I might have to order Image and Eden in hopes that they actually properly remastered them to sound good. Those first albums Luna Sea-Image-Eden were so poorly mixed and mastered that the sound quality between them and Mother is like night and day. For the best comparison, check out Believe from Luna Sea's Singles compilation and then listen to the Eden version.
  5. And also, Baki's first solo album still has one of the best non-X Japan piano works by Yoshiki:
  6. Sadly, I think his 25+ years of trawling / living in Hollywood has warped his career. It's been all about these shitty B- and C- productions for years now. I mean despite some basic conversations between Toshi and Yoshiki, a horror movie, Saw IV, tangentially gave them the reason to come back for good. Surely for every one of these project we see him work on, there's been 20 times as many parties, events, and meetings that he attended to hob-knob with various producers and socialites in the Los Angeles scene. He has long enjoyed doing this than actually spending time alone composing and refining music with X Japan. A quick Getty Image search will show you exactly what he's doing despite the occasional "I've been working 24 hours straight" Instagram post to troll the fans into telling him "Take care of yourself Yoshiki-sama!" https://www.gettyimages.com/photos/yoshiki?groupbyevent=true&family=editorial&phrase=yoshiki&sort=best#license Hence we will have the XXX4 soundtrack before the new album ever materializes.
  7. carddass

    I've actually been quite a fan of his covers over the years and discovered some jpop gems I would have otherwise never have known about. This album could be interesting if he goes for older classics rather than something recent. His cover of Inoue Yosui's Senaka made 45fun on the Emily EP is syrupy goodness that was a complete 180° turn to hear compared to what he was just doing months earlier when SADS paused the first time around.
  8. carddass

    Although it hasn't been confirmed the album title seems to have changed to the name of his upcoming 2019 tour. 光る曠野 - Hikaru kōya - Shining Wilderness Most likely that the album would be released for sale during that tour. http://morrie.jp/
  9. Thanks, I totally missed that while looking through the page! Now i just have to figure out whether or not to by some god and death stars stuff too
  10. Nice find. Does anyone know if zoisite sells internationally anymore?
  11. There's a bootleg!? Where/how can I find this?! I love me a good bootleg - those 93/94 shows get more spins than memoire nowadays.
  12. carddass

    Interesting. While I'm not fan of Sam L or odd guest appearances this somehow works for me. If it brings a little more exposure to Meev on English language media then it has served its purpose.
  13. A buying/shopping service should have no problem obtaining if the only catch is that it is mail order in Japan only. As Jigsaw says, at least it's being released instead of just being seen by a few hundred or thousand people at the concert. The question is - will they try to keep the setlist in its entirety or will it be some sort of a chopped up digest version of it leaving you wanting more?
  14. Wow, I wish other bands from those days release more shows like this. L'arc, Luna Sea, Kuroyume, Zi:Kill! I'm sure the bands / management have plenty considering the bootlegs that exist but they're probably stranded forever in a sea of licensing issues
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