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  1. carddass

    These articles reference other genres of music but you have to wonder how much of streaming is shaping the length of songs in Japan too. https://inews.co.uk/news/entertainment/music-charters-streaming-effect-no-1-singles-songs-shorter-638521 https://qz.com/1519823/is-spotify-making-songs-shorter/
  2. I was hoping Dir's cover would sound more along the lines of what they did with sixugly. National Media Boys seems like a song ripe for that sort of style. And I'm looking forward to Der Zibet's and Cube Juice's contributions. The latter, along with a few other tracks on this one, are nice deviations from the expected rock cover treatment.
  3. Nice, I Iike it. I always enjoyed his manic, sometimes excessive, design style that he does so well for the flzers.
  4. Nice summary. I didn't think of Fashion Song being Oshare in disguise. I always thought NIOI PUNPUN might be nioi but who knows. After The Shadow 2 turned out to be its own song, it wouldn't surprise me if these two songs were new. Btw, is anyone here interested in the DVD "Я#4 "Aのススメ" or "The Doguu album"? I have both of them brand new / unopened that I'm looking to sell - preferably both at the same time.
  5. carddass

    I asked myself the same thing after I listened to it for the first time. Sugizo did a Q&A on twitter and a few fans asked that very question. I can't seem to find all of the posts but here's a few things he mentioned about Steve's contributions. -Suggested the album track order. -anagram's arrangement had the most influence by Steve -Seijaku's narration -Helped cut the composition for Philia (?) not to sure how this one translates. Does it imply Philia was another 8-9-10 minute song a la Genesis of Mind/Forever and Ever/Virgin Mary? It's a bit of a mess to go through but if you scan his teets from Dec 18th, you'll read alot of behind the scenes aspects of the songs via his answers. Sugizo also was asked how Lillywhite understood the message of the songs and SGZ mentioned that he explained / translated them. I guess it would make sense that he would know the most English since his daughter lived in California up until a few years ago.
  6. carddass

    This album might be a grower for me too. While listening to it for the first time I completely forgot that Steve Lillywhite produced this. anagram is good but then in Sugizo's Q&A on twitter, a fan pointed out the similarity to their b-side Ray and then I listened to that again and realized how great that track and their other early B-Sides are.
  7. carddass

    heh, nothing like Kiyoharu and his go-to photographer/ music video director Toshihiko Imai to use their work as a way to include their vacations as a business expense And wasn't 忘却の空 only included on the DVD of Covers?
  8. It probably deserves it's own topic one day but looking at bassist Tomo's twitter page, he has a photo posted of a munimuni flyer mentioning a 'bi neo Full album" next year. As expected, there's nothing on the official website but based on setlists they've had 10-15 new songs kicking around since 2017 or so. There were a bunch of titles starting with 200** that might have been temp titles: 20018 20019 20020 20021 20022 (last played in May 2019) 20023 (first played in May 2019) 20024 20025 20018 to 20022 haven't appeared in recent setlists so they might have officially been named as one of these: 幻のキノコ GHOST OF ROMANCE FUTURE PERFECT MAGICAL MOONIES,YEAH!!! FASHION SONG Hayabiki THE ANIME SONG https://twitter.com/manicure_ojisan/status/1201518485085405185/photo/1
  9. Damn, this is a Yoshiki-level announcement. And really, just 3 videos? It's as if someone in Sony / Danger Crue / band's management think that uploading all of the videos are going to cannibalize the PV DVDs or something.
  10. If they were going to kaisan it would've probably happened a while back. At this point doing their annual or bi-annual shows is like a big fat ATM machine. They just have to show up and walk away with enough money to do whatever else they do. Sure there's a few rehearsals beforehand but as professionals who've done these songs a million times over, I doubt it takes them much effort anymore. Or maybe they're announcing Sakura is back after having performed with Tetsu for the first time in 22 years. Also the setlist was pretty awesome for this session: 黒夢「Beams」 L'arc 「Dune」 TETSU69「蜃気楼」 黒夢「十字架との戯れ」 https://www.barks.jp/news/?id=1000175072
  11. carddass

    COCK ROACH started doing online sales of their new album Mother. For now, this is the only way to obtain the album. I've attempted to order directly with them but they told me they are still figuring out overseas and would get back to me. They opened their official youtube page and started posting older videos and this past week uploaded a short music video from their new album for the track 新進化論エレクトロニカルパレーダー: And they posted a music video for 'koushi no uta' from their 2001 debut album which was never released on VHS or DVD before:
  12. carddass

    Isn't Boris more popular than X Japan in the west? I mean, they've had many records be released by western labels. I'm about to see them in Germany soon. They're not playing the biggest place but they're definitely playing more shows in different cities than X ever did on any one of their tours. I love X Japan but that doesn't mean I have to buy into that Instagram reality he portrays to the new generation of fans. And the simple answer as to why he gets all these deals has nothing to do with his perceived popular - it's all about networking. I keep flogging this link like a dead horse but these search results show him doing the Hollywood party thing more than actually performing in concerts. https://www.gettyimages.com/photos/yoshiki?groupbyevent=true&family=editorial&phrase=yoshiki&sort=best#license Much like in all aspects of life, if you can convince (sell) the right people, you can get results quicker than just doing hard work. Hence we have a Youtube documentary for a guy who has barely released any new music in the last 20 years.
  13. This was the setlist from the show on his birthday the other day: 2019.10.30 清春『THE BIRTHDAY』マイナビBLITZ赤坂 SE.receive a revelation 01.海岸線 02.confusion 03.星座の夜 04.last song 05.悲歌 06.TWILIGHT 07.瑠璃色 08.YOU 09.ベロニカ 10.wednesday 11.妖艶 12.LAW'S EN1 13.EMILY 14.Masquerade 15.VOICE with SUGIZO 16.20th Century Boy with SUGIZO EN2 17.マークはバタフライ 18.SANDY 19.HAPPY
  14. carddass

    I think his voice works best when he's not trying to be a caricature of his former rock self which he plays up at these gigs. His livestream of this song 'Time Machine' @4:00 is definitely better sounding than when he tries to name check his backing band before every solo:
  15. carddass

    After clicking on that teaser video, my youtube recommendations led me to this person who posted recordings from a livestream from one of Toshi's shows earlier this year:
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