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  1. ZZZoo just released their 3rd album 'Monster ZZZoo' featuring brand new songs recorded in studio. https://thezzzoo.bandcamp.com/ ZZZooOO3 credits released June 29, 2019 ZZZoo "Monster ZZZoo" 1. SYLVIE  music : Yamaji, Kazi&Den 2. SUSAN  lyrics : Yamaji  music : Tabata, Morikawa 3. JACQUELINE   music : John Stafford Smith   collage&edit : Yamaji, Morikawa, Tabata 4. KATE-MING   music&lyrics : Tabata All Arranged by ZZZoo Kazuhide Yamaji : Gtr Seiichirou Morikawa : Ba&Vo Mitsuru Tabata : Gtr&Vo Kazuya Wakabayashi : Sax&Cho DEN : Per KAZI : Dr Recorded by ZZZoo. at Noah, Takadanobaba, Tokyo, 4th February&12th June 2019 Mixed by Kiyohiro "Doronco" Takada, Mitsuru Tabata at Mr.T-ST, Kodaira, Tokyo, 17th-22th June 2019 Mastered by Kiyohiro "Doronco" Takada at Mr.D-ST, Kodaira, Tokyo, 24th June 2019
  2. He's gotta make up for all the sales and advances he would have gotten from Sads and kuroyume had he not buried those bands~ They were good cash cows while they lasted!
  3. Yeah, it really makes you feel for guys like Pata and Heath who literally make nothing off X, since they don't have songwriting credits, and only ever earn a few bucks when they perform live which is seldom these days. Poor guys are slumming it while Yo$hiki is doing what he does best.
  4. In translations of Tetsu's biography he speaks in detail about how during the whole Sakura incident, he pushed the band forward and some other band members didn't agree with his decisions (pushing forward, pushing out Sakura etc). Being that there was only two other members he was referring to, it seems Hyde and/or Ken didn't like the way Tetsu handled the whole thing. As much as I like those early albums, I think most fans would agree that Tetsu's decisions leading to that grueling recording / touring period between 1997 and 2000 yielded some of the band's best work so he made the right moves in hindsight. Ken also started a band with Sakura, so you know their still on good terms. And Hyde's has had Sakura or Ken at his events. So the only person really not partaking in the other's activities is Tetsu. Also, in that same biography, Tetsu explained how Hyde wanted to quit the band during that post-Real hiatus. So yeah, they're just in it for the money via the one or two Tokyo Dome shows they do every year or two.
  5. carddass

    Did anyone get any of the vinyl versions yet? If so, are they newly remastered or remixed? Do they sound better or worse than the original CDs?
  6. I'll just leave these here:
  7. ZZZoo's second release 'Human Lives!' was just posted on bandcamp: https://thezzzoo.bandcamp.com/album/human-lives Live Recorded by Toshiaki Sudo at ShowBoat, Koenji, Tokyo 29th January 2019
  8. carddass

    I'm pretty sure Kiyoharu traveled to the US (west coast / California) for a few video shoots. The last one I remember was Nazari which has clearly google-able locations. Besides that some of those Mellow era PVs were shot in southeast Asia with just him and his go-to PV director / photographer Toshihiko Imai. Being that most of those videos (much like Nazari) are essentially just him without any band doing random stuff, it's safe to say he probably shot those videos with Imai as a excuse to do a tax write-off on his traveling. That said, Imai's has an amazing eye and he makes even walking around with Kiyoharu look great on camera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYItE-ciRAQ
  9. carddass

    An outside producer eh? And a big name producer too? I haven't really listened to Lillywhite's work outside of an occasional U2 song in passing but isn't he one of those producer's whose touch is virtually invisible? Someone who helps the band get the best version of themselves out there like Rick Rubin? If so, will he really be able to add much to LS during the band's album making process? Does the band even have a process anymore or has it just members sending each other demos back and forth? Would Lillywhite even be sitting in during sessions or just giving pointers remotely? No matter the results, I guess you could at least say Luna Sea is trying to spice up the marriage. It's more than could be said about other bands of their vintage.
  10. carddass

    They definitely do. At all of their recent lives, Tetsu announces to the audience that there's one song in which they can record and youtube gets flooded a little bit with all of the different angles. That said...the voting on those top 12 tracks all received about 15,000 - 17,000 votes and then the numbers drop drastically for song 13,14,15. Unless all of the fans are in alignment, it seems a little bot-ish but who knows. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=zigzo&sp=CAI%3D They just let fans record their performance of 'my problems at the most recent gig. It features Tooru Yoshida, their quasi 5th member, who did all of their organ / keyboard work on the first album, and occasionally appears at lives now.
  11. Zigzo is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a tour throughout the year and an upcoming fan-voted best-of album to be released on July 1st - 20 years to the day when their first single 'Chi to Ase to Namida no uragawa happy' was released. The top 12 songs will be re-recorded and a new song will be added. The songs voted by the fans are: 1. Sleep 2. Chelsea 3. everlast 4. fukai mori ni ita 5. mou 2doto aenai kime he 6. Chi to Ase to Namida no uragawa happy 7. tonight, i will fall 8. white, daydream 9. Fashion Monster 2 10. warau tsuki 11. my problems 12. nani kara nani made More info here: 2019年7月1日(月)発売!! ファン投票による ZIGZO BEST ALBUM ( ベスト12リテイク + 新曲1曲) http://zigzo.net/book/ http://zigzo.net/zigzo_best/ And, I'm quite happy with final selection as I personally voted for 5 or 6 of those tracks myself. I'm surprised fukai mori and mou 2doto came up at the top as those are some of my favorites after sleep.
  12. carddass

    I lived in New York my entire life up until a few years ago - since then I've missed so many J-rock / Vkei shows that took place there but the one that stings most is Morrie performing at those small intimate spaces. And now Kiyoharu doing his Elegy act alongside him! I was just listening to light / shade / elegy yesterday too. ~_~
  13. carddass

    Isn't the resilience of CD sales there tied to the fetishism of physical objects? Heck, it's why Vinyl is making a comeback elsewhere in the world. People want to value music beyond the simple files that they exist in on a harddrive. And bands should embrace bandcamp or direct sales. It's easy to host files or using file sharing services to distribute. However all of the stores, labels and whatever other middlemen probably wouldn't like that much.
  14. carddass

    Didn't know it was meant as a Julie song first. I actually grabbed the album Miscast with Senaka made... a while back but never gave the whole thing a proper listen. Jumping around on youtube, I've heard Sawada's 70s output which sounds very 70s-ish to my ears. Senaka made... feels like a detour from his earlier style. I'll have to check him out some more. Thanks for the heads-up!
  15. ZZZoo is a super-group comprising of members from indie bands such as Z.O.A., Zeni geva, dip, Redrum, and Bacteria. Their first album was just released on bandcamp after having been only available with a download code when buying a t-shirt at their concert. https://thezzzoo.bandcamp.com/ This is definitely an album for fans of space-and-krautrock circa the 60s and 70s. Here are the liner notes from the bandcamp page: HUMAN ZZZoo 人間動物園(にんげんどうぶつえん、「民族学的展示」「人間の展示」とも)とは、19世紀から20世紀にかけて行われた、社会進化論や人種差別、進化主義、植民地主義に根ざした、野蛮・未開とされた人間の文化・生態展示のことである。。みたいなw wikiより HUMAN ZZZoo Human zoos, also called ethnological expositions, were 19th-, 20th-, and 21st-century public exhibitions of humans, usually in a so-called natural or primitive state. It became of theme for this album...maybe lol ZZZoo "HUMAN ZZZoo" 1.Henry(music : Kazuya Wakabayash) 2.Oscar(music&lyrics : Kazuhide Yamaji) 3.Reynard(music&lyrics : Kazuhide Yamaji) 4.Tereshkova(music : Kazuhide Yamaji) All Arranged by ZZZoo Kazuhide Yamaji : Gtr Seiichirou Morikawa : Ba&Vo DEN : Per KAZI : Dr Mitsuru Tabata : Gtr Kazuya Wakabayashi : Sax Recorded by ZZZoo at Studio Noah, Takadanobaba, Tokyo 5th January 2019 Mixed by ZZZoo at Mr.T-ST,Kodaira, Tokyo 11th January 2019 Thanks to Kiyohiro Takada
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