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  1. They just did another live stream concert yesterday that will remain viewable until the end of day (23:59 in Japan / 14:59 GMT) on July 14th. This one was about a hour long: https://loft-prj.zaiko.io/_item/327976
  2. carddass

    It's an extreme metaphor for sure and half serious.
  3. carddass

    I agree, the fans would eat it up but music simply doesn't make money anymore. Touring does and that involves alot of work too. And I think alot of us agree he does release crap music for anime tie-ins. Red Swan, Hero, Scarlet Love Song and maybe some others I'm forgetting. All mediocre. It's also probably partly to do with that perfectionism and work-ethic he claims to have. Most creative people either live in the past and ride on that success (he peaked at Art of Life) or they keep moving forward slowly grinding away at making and releasing what they think is the next best thing. And it's just easier to make money doing other things. How many weirdly co-branded things or CM appearances has he done in the last 10 years? Bands used their songs in commercials as a way to get some extra money but now he doesn't even need the song because of his cult status. He can just show up on set for a day and drink some beer and he probably made more money in those few hours than spending weeks or months on one song. Ugh, part of me hates myself for thinking so deeply about him at this point but I find it always fascinating to see how a creative person becomes warped and detached from the things that made them great in the first place.
  4. carddass

    Interesting, I hadn't read about this but good for Toshi! If this sort of behaivor came from a person in any other non-creative field, this sort of dicking around and procrastination wouldn't be tolerated for very long. It's just unprofessional. Hopefully Pata and Heath or doing okay because I had read they weren't that well compensated for much of the X reunion. Agreed. Toshi went through hell with Masaya for all of those years and it ruined almost every aspect of his life. X arguably saved him by allowing him to return to a great thing and be received by the public again but at this point if he just stuck with the X brand, he'd be broke and penniless again with no career. He knows that and it's why he's branching out and doing his thing. I would even say that Yoshiki is not too far removed from Masaya. Yo$hiki is shilling crap products and services like Masaya did. Yoshiki then pushes this feel good life to create this aura around his brand (cult) that gets the majority of his followers to buy anything that's put in front of them. Whether they buy into the product or not is not the point, Yoshiki can then go to some sucker American business person showing the last project to fund his next project and his lavish lifestyle. How else does he afford his LA, jet setting life and constant charitable donations when he has barely done anything with his musical career in years? I doubt residuals on old X albums pays for much.
  5. carddass

    I plan on buying a ticket to this show. This one is pretty cheap compared to the Shinjuku Loft shows which are 3000 yen for a one hour show. And I've purchased two lives through Zaiko so far and it was pretty easy to create an account and purchase tickets. My credit cards didn't seem to work and I had to use paypal which incurs a 300 yen fee on top of the base price.
  6. They just streamed a live from Shinjuku Loft which will be able to view until June 25th. https://loft-prj.zaiko.io/_item/327133?show=7fb98cf34b4d8de3e30249c6e5831715 It's roughly 55 minutes of the band playing new songs and a few older ones. The editing, video and sound quality are all excellent. If you skipped out on that other Tetsu solo gig from Shinjuku Loft recently, this one one is definitely worth the 3000 yen!
  7. carddass

    Hmm, my Japanese isn't good enough to make sense of the original text. Hopefully it is a completely new album of song and not just a physical release of the 12 re-recordings they put out over the next year. That would be pretty anti-climatic for the 10th anniversary of their reunion.
  8. carddass

    munimuni and the god and death stars are having a two-man live streamed next Monday, June 29th, via the Zaiko system. The tweet says the live will be available for up to 3 days afterwards. I've purchased other Zaiko lives recently that were from Shinjuku Loft and they have used vimeo as their streaming method in which case it will be pretty easy to download the stream via a browser plugin. If that's the case for ikebukuro Chop and zaiko, it should be easily equal to rip. https://streaming.zaiko.io/_item/327315
  9. carddass

    Alongside this re-recording announcement, they will release a new album on June 20st 2021 with the already announced titled "'21620". This date marks the 10th anniversary of the band reuniting. Strangely, this bigger announcement is seemingly buried on their discography page as such: 2019年にデビュー20周年を迎えたモンスターバンド、 ZIGZO。 20周年記念としてリリースされたファン投票によるオールタイムベストアルバムに続く本作は、メンバーセレクトによるリテイクシリーズ第一弾。 ZIGZOの今を示すと言えるこのシリーズは、毎月1曲をリリース。 このリテイクシリーズは、5枚目となるフルアルバムの発売を予定している、 記念日とも呼ぶべき2021年6月20日(21620= ZIGZO)まで連続12ヶ月続く。 Auto-translation: ZIGZO is a monster band that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019. Following the all-time best album by fan voting released as the 20th anniversary, this work is the first retake series by member select. This series, which can be said to represent the present of ZIGZO, releases one song every month. This retake series is scheduled to release its fifth full album, It will continue for 12 consecutive months until June 20, 2021 (21620= ZIGZO), which should be called an anniversary. Also from: http://vif-music.com/2020/06/20/zigzo-7/ そして、21年目のZIGZOは「今できる事やるべき事」を協議の末、過去曲のリテイク2020ver.を制作する事となった。2020年6月20日から翌2021年5月20日まで毎月1曲を配信でリリースする。今回のリテイク2020ver.は、昨年のファン投票を反映させたものとは異なり、ZIGZOからファンの皆に「今」を示すものとなる。まず第1弾は「今」のZIGZOにとって聖歌にも値する「FOREVER YOUNG 2020 ver.」となり、6月20日に配信がスタートする。 今年2020年6月20日はZIGZOにとってデビュー21年目の「21620」、来年2021年6月20日はZIGZOにとって5thアルバムによる新たな「21620」。「21620」はZIGZOにとって特別な数字でもあり、一年を通して活発な活動が行われるZIGZOの動向を注目しておこう。 Auto-translation: Then, after discussing 'what can be done now and what to do', ZIGZO in the 21st year decided to produce the retake 2020 ver. of the past song. From June 20, 2020 to May 20, 2021 the following day, one song will be released monthly. This retake 2020 ver., unlike the one that reflected the fan vote of last year, will show “now” to all the fans from ZIGZO. First of all, 'FOREVER YOUNG 2020 ver.', which is also worth a chant for 'now' ZIGZO, will be delivered on June 20. This year, June 20, 2020 is ZIGZO's 21st year of debut '21620', and next year June 20, 2021 is ZIGZO's new '21620' with the 5th album. “21620” is also a special number for ZIGZO, so let's pay attention to the trend of ZIGZO, which is active throughout the year. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tetsu had mentioned this plan of the 21620 album almost 1-2 years ago from things that I remember reading but was never sure how serious it was. He's been all-in with The Black Comet Club Band that it felt like Zigzo was just an afterthought and secondary.
  10. carddass

    I saw that song listed on itunes a few days ago but couldn't find any information about what it meant. This should be interesting...since they re-recorded most of their classics on Zippy Gappy Zombies last year based on the top voted fan favorites, I can only assume that they'll be picking some other deeper cuts. Here are a few I want them to work on: nani kara nani made flow Butterfly toroimerei MADAMADA kimi wa itsumademo I Cult You Here are a few I expect them to work on but would probably be just meh about: himawari (they re-recorded this on Forever Love in 2014 already and it wasn't better than the original) everlast white,daydream Most of what's on Forever Love
  11. carddass

    And here are the recent livestreams. He just did one 5 days ago too!
  12. carddass

    Shit....this one is heartbreaking and tragic. I just watched a few of his livestreams he did recently and he was amazing and on-point as always. I even got to say hello to him via the live chat during a steam just to send him some love from a fan outside of Japan. He actually read it, since it was one of the messages in English, and responded a bit. I'm sure we all have our favorite songs by him. Song of a Lunatic is mine and the extended live performance is one of the rare cases where I believe it rivals the actual studio version. The CD release of this concert has this song going on for longer at 12 minutes and every second of it has always been magic to my ears. Rest in peace Yuji!
  13. True, I forgot about that. The fact that they used vimeo to distribute the stream also costs more money than average and is a good move on their part. Vimeo uses a better bitrate and the encoding generally has little to no macroblocking compared to nearly most of the other platforms except maybe Netflix and Amazon. I just hope after everything somewhat gets back to normal that all of the Japanese artists will continue to do online lives. I've been waiting years for this to happen, whether live streaming or selling pre-recorded concerts.
  14. carddass

    Ah yes, my Livejournal for better or worse still lives on. And I've been going by carddass or some variation of that for the past 25 years or so on various forums, mailing lists, and even IRC so my listening habits are somewhat traceable. Those translations look good. I actually discovered a new translating website deepl that does really excellent German / English translations that are much better than google. They are amazingly really human sounding with the grammar and phrasings. I haven't attempted to send Japanese lyrics through it yet but it potentially could be great as well. https://www.deepl.com/translator Here's a direct copy-and-paste of shissha ressha from deepl which can be compared with the one I posted earlier by a native speaker with some edits by me. Train of the Dead Black moth-strewn night sky A mourning procession walks through the city. Each with a balloon of a different color. You slipped past the invisible me. Let go of the balloon and it's high in the sky It made me float in the air. When we arrived at the empty moon station It only sounded like a bellwether of departures. The night I started running, in the open air. I'll never forget you. The night I started running, in the open air. I'll never forget you. I can't remember when I opened it, like a piece of jam bun. Exhale clear, dry, cold air. I can't remember when I opened it, like a piece of jam bun. I'm leaving without anyone noticing. The night I started running, in the open air. I'll never forget you. The window of the train that just started running is beautiful. I don't want to kill you. I'm not going to be around anymore. I guess I'm going to die. Crossing the river of flowing moths Aiming higher than the sky
  15. I just purchased the live before they stop distributing tomorrow. It's only 57 minutes long and it's just Tetsu Takano performing solo on plugged in acoustic guitar. In the past he has played some amazing setlists as a solo singer. This setlist is just meh. He performs songs from The Black Comet Club Band, The JuneJulyAugust , nil and Zigzo. Although none of the slower / ballady ones that would sound amazing on semi-acoustic. (Sleep, nani kara nani made, Sayonara DaVinci, etc) Here are some of the songs he plays: nil - Longing Long The JuneJulyAugust - Every Single Night Zigzo - Forever Love TBCCB - La Vie en Rose The video and sound quality are excellent. It's 1080p from what looks like a proper camera / DSLR lens and the soundboard audio is crystal clear which hasn't been the case for many lockdown gigs I've seen so far. As a die-hard Tetsu fan (any Mega 8 Ball love here?!), I don't mind paying 3000 yen for this. But if you subtract the intro and outro stuff, it's roughly only him playing for about 50minutes. As a casual fan, the money would probably be better spent buying the Black Comet Club Band albums digitally.
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