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  1. some oldies artists i really like... happyend YAhB9rcXnI8 *who the fuck doesnt like happyend anyways... INU MNej8mY3c0g Murahachibu TvvVefeljdQ Zunou Keisatsu Ao6Yyz6nEYo Yamaguchi Momoe C_hLfz4foys Saori Minami 0IbEmu25nYE and some Morita Douji i guess. not sure about GroupSounds, since i only ever actually listend to The Tigers, and maybe Elephant Kashimashi, but they're still around right? wouldn't call that much "oldies" too.... there's a lot more of the 70's/60's bands out there with a sound of the era... still discovering new shit every now and then.
  2. general sense, non just japanese, i was practically half-metal, half-prog head, and a great deal of 90's rock. i dig stuff like Megadeth (which is why i like AKB48, idol music, etc), as well as... something as far off as Genesis (my taste for post-rock i guess comes from being exposed this). Then there's Smashing Pumpkins. (straightforward rock) but for japanese music: my holy trinity advantage Lucy gave me a taste for poppy "shibuya kei" sounds, (which is why i like capsule, and jazzy/bossa bands) Supercar introduced me to electronic(a). (from post-punk to glitch, all from this) NUMBER GIRL simply spoke to me on a personal level, musically. (which made me into an 'indie' fag, and helped me appreciate math, jazz, rap, folk, and enka) NG being the most influential to me, overall. and Mukai Shutoku, a hero of mine. *wankwank* and from there you can tell what branched out from what. when i was 15-17 i was obsessed with Gackt too (like everyone else at that time)... but i honestly did not take anything, musically, from him.
  3. ^cool stuff, yeah i've come across them before i think, oh , has quasimode been mentioned yet? a friend recommended them to me, seems like good straightforward jazz in the likes of PE'Z/Soilpimp... EK2vOcrO9PY they have a lot of albums already, any are approachable enough
  4. i like this one ellegarden song
  5. tokyo jihen cant's tolerate this shit now for some reason.
  6. ive been reading through the thread, and a lot of nitpicks most have i find to be quirks that i find attractive in most artists/bands. and as much as i love electronic-based music, i have one major gripe that i can never stand eurobeat.
  7. wow, uni-birth is tight stuff... what a letdown that they've only done one album, want more :V vocals win. thanks for these anyone have a hook-up for alma plus? i've got no luck in my searches lol edit - its more of a rock sound i guess, but does NATSUMEN count here? i really dig those guys, and their live album is def one of my favorite live albums, probably ever.
  8. draw/doodle fap browse gravure/mags various combinations of those
  9. +1 for zeuhl
  10. ^good call, i'd like to blame it on the post-mukai syndrome. which is basically, anyone who has ever worked with mukai, and then left... goes on to pick up rhythm guitar an starts to sing/be a front man. i guess ill take a roll on yura yura teikoku vPd3zidPEao _uakXjerOqE 6fXl3_qouZA its just amazing how this band went for almost a decade of the samey "band boom" / motorcycle-fast rock n' roll sound, while very good and very energetic, its generally, 'conventional', very good technique and very retro vibe... and like most bands, as they got older, they hit the tempo down into a more controlled and mature sound... what's amazing to be is how amazingly brilliant their 2007 album is, Hollow Me. while not a sudden shift from their previous work, (album before that had a slightly similar theme, musically), its like, they finally found THAT unique sound that would set them on a higher level, and like most bands, their (arguably) finest work is also their last proper album.... while they didn't go out with a bang, they did leave us parked in a nice hill view from a cadillac. or something :V
  11. Straightener kidding aside... these guys (or maybe just the vocalist) are pretty good candidate(s) ToWkurGw8n0 cool song anyhow, catchy edit - band name is liek DRINK PEE
  12. koenji hyakkei has... an operatic chorus... and yoshida on drums. and zheul. not specific instruments, but unusual enough. also quite noteworthy is Ruins, which is bass+drums only
  13. technically not a japanese act, but Asobi Seksu has a shoegazey vibe in some albums.
  14. they uploaded the FULL GIG from 2.25 c/o HMV 0a38YvQmax4 \o/