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  1. xriko

    My 1st purchase in at least two years... tyria 「Trigger-Happy」 I have always loved their track from the V.A 「Eccentricity」
  2. xriko

    I remember having this image also.... Those are not tereko, but video live record from the ガゼット... All of that is to say that : there is somewhere, someone who have most of every live recording you'll ever want.
  3. xriko

    I used Share and Perfect Dark back 10 years ago, don't even know if it's still actually used in Japan, the nodes I had are probably dead as f*ck. I remember I had the sadie one's and Unsraw one's on there. But I haven't kept them, back those day I wasn't in lol Now most of trade are done by webhost (mediafire) or real exchange. There is a beautiful picture of tereko which was posted recently...
  4. and I have another song who came in my mind but I can't find it... It's sung in japanese, chinese, korean... something with "number one, ichiban, ..."
  5. xriko

    Yes I knews this DEG tereko was leaked. I saw them live one time, probably gonna go this automn also Just sayin' your blog is a beautiful place (and well organized) or Dir En Grey indies era information Back to tereko, yes they are mostly trade show for show. The asking people have to generally offers more than the receiver. Once the trust is working, tereko are easier to trade or share with this person. It's really hard to get in for a Western (less show to offers...), language barrier, untrusting past... I contacted some people who got live recording I would love to hear, rarely get any answer.
  6. CD cost 220y

    Buy fees 300y

    Shipping in Japan 164y

    Forgot your CD on warehouse and pay fees : 1034yen

    Shipping to home : 710


    Total price : 2428yen for a 220yen CD.


    Now I remember why I stopped buying vk years ago

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Shadowtear


      I make it atleast 20 :v

    3. Komorebi


      20 means I'd have to get EMS and spend about 50 just in shipping ugh


    4. Shadowtear


      Depence on your country aswell as which proxy you use i suppose.

  7. xriko

    Tereko have those special things ❤️ They are really interesting for band who never release live DVD... Lot of band (indies) can't afford proper live recording, so this is a way for Western to hear live version... They also have oftenly jewelry (unreleased tracks, alternate version, band cover, session band...) ! But they are so hard to get, you can't come and ask for trade any tereko if you don't have your own originals... Most of live are probably terekoed but kept under the counter. Bkz it's illegal, bkz of fanboyism, ... But this is understandeable. I already have listened those Dir En Grey tereko, Seelentau is doing an awesome work !
  8. xriko

    agreed, I bought a cd/dvd drive to usb at 15€ about 3 month ago... a USB2.0, and he does his job very well you'll need to rip at low speed to have the perfect copy. also, it depends of what kind of rip you are looking to. only .vob, just have to copy-paste .iso, you will need a software to do image copy (easy) .mp4/.mkv, i will not advice you any software, have no trust on most. i do my own rip and transcode.
  9. xriko

    hello gaz, what is on this tape ? thx
  10. During few times , サディ (sadie) released unplugged.
  11. xriko

    This is what I was going to say. Those band are disband since few years, I loved every of them (except Peace that I don't know) gosh, I wish I could go there...
  12. xriko

    ※Warning: This topic is far from full information, every information you could bring to us will be added. If you find any mistake, please be kind and avertise us. idiot Members: 飛鳥 is the founder member, he start idiot on October 2005 and dissolve the band at the end of August 2008. 逢 (Vocal) joins idiot on October 2005, then left the 15 January 2007 萌 (Guitar) joins idiot on January 2006, then left the 04 January 2007 響 (Guitar) joins idiot the 13 July 2006 but he had participe to the previous live, then left the 15 January 2007 沙遊 (Guitar) joins idiot on [still on defining] and played until the dissolving at the end of August 2008 Discography: [unknown release date] 紫の風, contains 2 tracks [this CD was leaked on old TW, anyone remember the original ripper ?] this CD seems to be saled at 2007.08.16 live [unknown release date] 黒の炎, contains 2 tracks [this CD was leaked on old TW, anyone remember the original ripper ?] this CD seems to be saled at 2007.08.16 live [unknown release date] 雀蜂, contains 2 tracks, ¥500 [unknown release date] 愚者 , contains 6 tracks, ¥2,000 Tracks: *ふぁっきんA *Haze color *Black.egg@... *悪餓鬼恋情歌 *XXXxX恋愛日記 *最後に・・・ *★青春逢歌★ *琴ノ音 *OD【52錠】 *スズメバチ *Pomeranian *【SE】靄色~Metallic purple remix~ Schedule: 2005.12.29 いわきSONIC 2006.01.13 郡山CLUB#9 2006.01.31 いわき SONIC 2006.02.03 新潟CLUB JUNK BOX 2006.02.26 原町バズロック 2006.03.16 郡山CLUB#9 2006.04.03 郡山CLUB#9 2006.04.13 いわき SONIC 2006.04.30 大宮HEARTS 2006.05.08 いわき SONIC 2006.05.27 郡山CLUB#9 2006.06.02 郡山CLUB#9 2006.07.02 いわき SONIC 2006.07.03 いわき SONIC 2006.07.13 郡山CLUB#9 2006.08.22 郡山CLUB#9 2006.08.31 仙台HOOK 2006.09.07 いわきSONIC 2006.09.13 郡山CLUB#9 2006.09.19 仙台HOOK 2006.09.21 仙台ジャンクボックス 2006.09.22 福島アウトライン 2006.10.18 仙台HOOK 2006.10.19 郡山CLUB#9 2006.10.26 仙台HOOK 2006.10.30 水戸ライトハウス 2006.11.07 郡山CLUB#9 2006.11.11 秋田スウィンドル (秋田Swindle) - 響 refers to this live as the 2006.11.12 2006.11.12 盛岡チェンジ (岡Change) - 響 refers to this live as the 2006.11.13 2006.11.26 仙台BIRDLAND - 響 is missing at this live. 2006.11.27 郡山CLUB#9 2006.12.20 いわきSONIC 2006.12.24 仙台HOOK 2007.01. 04 郡山CLUB#9 2007.01.15 郡山CLUB#9 2007.03.26 いわきSONIC 2007.05.27 郡山CLUB#9 2007.05.29 すぱんきん 2007.07.27 福島アウトライン 2007.08.16 いわきSONIC ※CD were on sale at this date 2007.08.29 郡山CLUB#9 2007.10.05 仙台HooK 2007.12.12 福島アウトライン 2008.02.18 仙台HooK 2008.05.28 仙台HooK 2008.07.30 いわきSONIC 2008.08.26 仙台HooK 2008.08.28 いわきSONIC About the editing:
  13. xriko

    They will announce at the beginning of the video the "condition" if privilege shop, they will announce the shop, for which release, ...
  14. having Goldren Grahams for lunch & listening to the neightbour crappy electro