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  1. xriko

    gosh. guitar sound effect awful. vocal scream and voice are bad. but I'll follow, bkz is remember me few older indie band
  2. I fell my external hard drive... Big chance, I had made a backup last november of my +300Go of VK... I've probably not lost the most important...    Except my personnal files that I didn't made a backup since +1 years...      Tearsformeplz

  3. xriko

    probably more typing while listening to their record ahah
  4. xriko

    My favorite release will ever be 真っ暗、真っ黒、真っ赤々な朝. This is the true アヲイ spirit for me. I love a lot the way they took year by year. But this heavy and slow instrumental, the otogi deep debut voice. This is what made me love them. My favorite track is 恋愛写真. I love ZACRO a lot, this is the year (2009) when アヲイ really start their change, also with the maxi インソムニア. To let you know, ララバイ was a old track from 子守唄 from end of 2007. But I have no idea if it sound like the release one, or if it was more a demo version. I love a lot the mini ア・カペラ, probably more than 終わりのメロディ. calling is one of those track from them that I have now probably too much listened because I think it was overated (like the abelcain maxi). I took the most pleasure to listen to their new release, with NARAKA & 連鎖. 連鎖 is phenomenal. I don't find that Siva is so bad, the refrain 1m30 is pretty awesome, but it similare to 罠 because the rest is pretty trashy. For me their last release ブラックホール was a pretty good-bye from them. I'm hoping for a * year anniversary, which I would go absolutely also. There is still hope (cross fingers)
  5. xriko

    - The last band that gave me the same satisfaction like awoi was ARCHEMI. Ryo is very underestimate, I wish he had a youtube cover channel do get more known (like girugamesh Ryo Trackmaker) He had previous band : → ZELLCID → CELL HEAD(罪) → LOKI(Tumi)、アイギス( as support) CELL HEAD was really drumly cool. There is a 99% chance of non-return, but we can still hope a **th year disband anniversary, as long as OTG and shou haven't announced they are retiring. -- フテキゴウな林檎 is not my favourite release, and probably not one that represent the most the awoi spirit, but I loved all their release for some of their specificities. SAW has a nice second part (1m51 to end) 拝啓、愛しくも冷たい絶望の雨 is really cool in live, enjoying the rythmic dance a lot. I like a lot the refrain of 午前0時の蟻とショートケーキ, but not a lot the rest of the song. bakemono is really awesome, one my favourite song イヴ is a nice ballad, but not my favourite, ひぐらし is their best. 夢 refrain is really captivating followed by a simple but cool guitar solo. 罠 from 蜘蛛の糸 is one my least favorite from awoi, but the clear passage is really constrating the rest of the song and I like it only because of this ^^ The song is too much trashy for me. I have followed awoi since end of 2007. There was a BIG part of my life, I had spend MONEY and TIME on them. But I have not regret
  6. xriko

    i saw the Dir en grey topic on fire since so many days, and nobody talkin' about awoi anymore x) what a waste ^^
  7. otogiiii   shit nope saw_p.jpg

  8. xriko

    - Intouchables (2011) is a real good movie IMV I already watched it above 5/7 times... and the OST from Ludovico Einaudi <3 -Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain my favourite french movie -"About Time" was really interesting I can advice you also this 2 romance movie that i really love 'Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind' and 'Perfect Sense'
  9. xriko

    @Zeus Thank you a lot for all your explaination and your involving. I will continue to follow my tutorials, I need to really put myself into this, but with your help, I can restructure my "hard base". I will think about the img store, and for sure about the different version of 1 CD, I had forget there was this specificity... @Peace Heavy mk II Thank for your answer, tbh i had forgot that we could put more than one id_ in a table. That's why I really need to learn more ^^"
  10. xriko

    Hello everyone. Years ago (9 I guess) I started to learn a bit web development (html,css,mysql,..) then stop by lazyness. Since, I have a "project" that I want to make, so i'm trying to make me again in those studying. I'm planning principaly the base stuff, but want to understand more how I will have to make it work, this is were I need help (mysql stuff) I want that : My LIVE description will have the "set_list", I want that each track of setlist refer to her own "id_song" page. My discography information will have a "CD" list, and each CD will have the "tracklist", and I want that each track refer to her own also. As far as I remember, I will have to another table refering to [id_live & id_song] and [id_disk&id_song], that the way right? I thing I will really have to follow more my tutorial for a bit, than tryin to remember my old works... If some dev can tell me his advice
  11. xriko

    it's well engaged
  12. xriko

    Barking the enemy 🎶
  13. Ma cherie ange seems really interesting. Wish you luck for your search. I check'd my usual webpage but found nothing in sale. You will have to check everyday until it appears.
  14. xriko

    Somebody for some talk about アヲイ ?
  15. when you have scoured all the web to obtain information about a band, the only way is to find a hardcore fan or getting closer to the members :/ 

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      This so much.

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      lol so true