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  1. Osaka from 2002 to 2009 had a plenty awesome band. I wish I was there...
  2. Iphone 5 did a great work and can't get caught with this. Last time it was with a Samsung S6edge+, clipped as f**k, absolutely disguting. There is so live exclusivity in Vk concert that I wish most of them were recorded by fan (probably done but so hard to find those traders). But I did like Biopanda, it's recording but don't care about it, live the event, it will happen only one time (for most of us).
  3. 【UNDER THE SHIT】is the only single from them which was never leaked. And never saled on auction or another japanese website.
  4. and I had another track similare of "Swallow Rain" by Sadie in mind, I thought this was from LAGING, but I didn't found the track, I'll check more.
  5. Is this working ? edit:It must not, I didn't read at first the paragraph about copy/paste of musical band. And the story under isn't probably a kind of "Most Sincere Form of Flattery" from Dio XD Dio - Distraught Overlord : INSTRUMENT OF HELL The lyrics are inspirated by a letter writed by a serial killer "Albert Fish", sent to the parents of the victim. Story here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Fish *EDIT: Warning, be careful, hardcore story
  6. -got noticed by "faze" vocal (need to ask my friend if this was the right band, he bought their CD after show) we were 2 oversea boys, alone in the background corner. the vocal noticed us, talking a few to us during the show (do you understand japanese?, jump with us, ....) -got snubbed by 緋絽(hiro) from ヴァリル (varyl). I went to this event to see him. I was in front of him, 2nd row, just behind the witchs (fangirls). He never looked at me. kinda dissapointing. I had bought most of his release.
  7. オトギ (otogi) active : 2003 to 2014 Notables band : アヲイ (awoi) ---------------------------------------------------------------- mar active: 2004 to 2011, retired Notables band : It, As If In The Darkness ---------------------------------------------- 緋絽 (hiro) active : 2002 to now Notables band: Visage, gossip, ヴァリル ----------------------------- 龍司 (ryuuji) active : 2008/2011, retired Notable band : Re:dis
  8. C'est pourtant un mets délicieux (trnsltd: frog legs are tasty) Welcome there. I think I've never listened to SuG, I'm more into angura/nagoya-kei personnaly. And got more pleasure of discovering indies band than following the Major. But, I'm gonna try SuG Welldone for your fanblog. I wish I had the courage to hold a website about my favorites bands, but getting a little lazy lol Also, enjoy your trip in Japan ! I went to Japan for my first trip for a 10th anniversary also ^^ but 10th anniversary live and last live in same time :x Wish you to enjoy the community there
  9. does anyone have ever used mixi.jp ?

  10. I know a guy who is happy to hear that And it has a number, so maybe they will distribute more
  11. that feel when u open your dusty boxes of VK, and re-discover what you bought some year later and totally forgot them    *ashamed*

  12. since few week i'm in a 90's mood. se.re.nade.. sound very nice.
  13. fanserv is here. i didn't except anything from him anymore, but why not. have to wait for a preview.
  14. llll-ligro
  15. Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4