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  1. @Zeus Thank you a lot for all your explaination and your involving. I will continue to follow my tutorials, I need to really put myself into this, but with your help, I can restructure my "hard base". I will think about the img store, and for sure about the different version of 1 CD, I had forget there was this specificity... @Peace Heavy mk II Thank for your answer, tbh i had forgot that we could put more than one id_ in a table. That's why I really need to learn more ^^"
  2. Hello everyone. Years ago (9 I guess) I started to learn a bit web development (html,css,mysql,..) then stop by lazyness. Since, I have a "project" that I want to make, so i'm trying to make me again in those studying. I'm planning principaly the base stuff, but want to understand more how I will have to make it work, this is were I need help (mysql stuff) I want that : My LIVE description will have the "set_list", I want that each track of setlist refer to her own "id_song" page. My discography information will have a "CD" list, and each CD will have the "tracklist", and I want that each track refer to her own also. As far as I remember, I will have to another table refering to [id_live & id_song] and [id_disk&id_song], that the way right? I thing I will really have to follow more my tutorial for a bit, than tryin to remember my old works... If some dev can tell me his advice
  3. it's well engaged
  4. Barking the enemy 🎶
  5. Ma cherie ange seems really interesting. Wish you luck for your search. I check'd my usual webpage but found nothing in sale. You will have to check everyday until it appears.
  6. Somebody for some talk about アヲイ ?
  7. when you have scoured all the web to obtain information about a band, the only way is to find a hardcore fan or getting closer to the members :/ 

    1. togz


      This so much.

    2. Mamo


      lol so true

  8. My MAXE~メーゼ~ - Time of Graduation is still unopened since the buying, would you mind to rip FLAC and upload the .VOB PV ? if yours is open lol
  9. here is my organizing method for music principally, but sometimes I had the few scan or live I got in those Visual/Artist/[yyyy.mm.dd] title (codec*) *I don't write oftenly the codec, principally when I keep HQ and LQ exemple : V.A/omnibus/coupling goes into the same V.A folder
  10. Hello everybody I've just heard for the first time this version of CONCEIVED SORROW by Dir en grey. demo/プリプロ (pre-prod) Does anyone have some information about it ? Where does it come from, date ? Thanks. @Seelentau i tagged you since you seem informed about DEG
  11. this pastebin link is easily foundable on google, I got it since few years in my fav link, I used it sometimes in order to find some release information.
  12. Osaka from 2002 to 2009 had a plenty awesome band. I wish I was there...
  13. Iphone 5 did a great work and can't get caught with this. Last time it was with a Samsung S6edge+, clipped as f**k, absolutely disguting. There is so live exclusivity in Vk concert that I wish most of them were recorded by fan (probably done but so hard to find those traders). But I did like Biopanda, it's recording but don't care about it, live the event, it will happen only one time (for most of us).
  14. 【UNDER THE SHIT】is the only single from them which was never leaked. And never saled on auction or another japanese website.
  15. and I had another track similare of "Swallow Rain" by Sadie in mind, I thought this was from LAGING, but I didn't found the track, I'll check more.