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  1. xriko

    Shopbonus DVD with commentary of the band.
  2. xriko

    Do you have any interest about DVD comment ? I'm gonna get one or more in few weeks.
  3. xriko

    I'm in the Awoi last live DVD, too many close from the camera :s And I can hear my disgusting tone during the public sing at the last song :s But still happy to been a part of this !
  4. "Details will be announced later" so we can still hope a bluray edition rather than a DVD... There is no mention of DVD in the tweet.
  5. xriko

    Today's reception V.A 音飴缶 *bought this for the 2 ~If~†Dia† tracks, still have to listen the rest but the V.A seems really cool Arc-turus やられる前にやり返せ! *bought this 'cause I had love a lot EROS shit stuff, I can finally listen to a decent quality of this Visual-kei DVD Magazine Vol.4-V-ROCK SPECIAL- *I already own the .iso of this, but still haven't buy it in 8 years, for アヲイ collection カナリヤ DT 孵化 *bought this 'cause I like CANARY Not a huge package, but totally cool IMV
  6. good stuff like all the last. but they kept the fucking 60fps on pv gosh that I don't like this On live ok, but not on PV...
  7. xriko

    the 1st track ADDICTION is a fucking mess
  8. xriko

    @Axius All tracks on 五月の思ひ出 are incomplete. This release could be classified as a "live sample" 1.2006/5/1ライブ are 桃色三輪車 (unreleased at studio version) and こどものうた. 2.2006/5/12ライブ are 雨途 and 明日. 3.2006/5/18ライブ are 独唱 (unreleased at studio version) and 桃色三輪車. 4.2006/5/22ライブ are こどものうた, 明日, 独唱 and 黒い消しゴム. If my remembers are correct, this CD was gived freely to the people who went to the 4 live at 西九条ブランニュー live house during the may month. 五月の思ひ出 means "memories of may" For sure it's not a studio quality, but for a live record, it's real good. Directly took from the mixing desk, not recorded by camera or tape recorder. There was lot of free stuff younger than this who has more creepy sound, here an example : And there has a Live DVD sold with a creepier quality... So this アヲイ release is really a good one imv. Also yes, I think I love more the debut era from アヲイ than the second period. The heavyness, the deep and unskilled OTG voice, the rythmics... But I have followed them until the end because I also liked their others work. The only tracks from them I probably don't like a lot is 罠 (but there is a clear part at 2m32 which I love a lot). Also バースディ is their more extravagious release. Sounding like no others one, but I loved most of the track, specially Anti-music Funny Man and unhappy birthday to me.
  9. xriko

    @Axius, About 五月の思ひ出, I'm in the total opposite of you... This is a real decent audio recording, no saturation, all instrument are clear and the bass are here. And there is on it a sample of one of their unreleased track. Don't forget that Awoi was still indies at this time, recording cost a lot ! 2006 is the only year they released live stuff ! Until 2013 there was NONE ! All tracks from 五月の思ひ出 where re-recorded or remastered on AWOI THE SECOND or AWOI BEST (except 2 tracks) in exemple, 恋愛写真 have 4 version, and the definitive version had 1 remaster and a re-record 五月の思ひ出 is the only official way to listen to live "debut" from アヲイ I was so happy when I was able to listen to it.
  10. xriko

    the release has no booklet. we can only for hope to find a transcription did by someone
  11. xriko

    @SakuraFox512thanks, but we are looking for the lyrics of the track "-------" from the single "Shippai no Boku, Seikou no Kimi" ^^
  12. xriko

    Personally I don't own the lyrics. There is no booklet on this release. You need to find a japanese speaker for a transcription sorry
  13. xriko

    3rd track of 失敗の僕 成功の君 from Nightingeil " ------ " this was ripped by byou in 2008 i'have always love this track, even if back in those days I had never understand this
  14. xriko

    My 1st purchase in at least two years... tyria 「Trigger-Happy」 I have always loved their track from the V.A 「Eccentricity」