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  1. xriko

    @yurameki24 nice, I was lurking this band recently. I have seen CD on sale but was not in my monthly budget
  2. xriko

    I've never played to the original Dungeon Keeper. But i do like a lot Dungeons 2 and Dungeons 3.
  3. xriko

    9miri and dis are tracks from 9ミリ。 "9miri" is a track that was leaking under the name 恋色シロップ, but it's not the real track name. "dis" can't tell you which track it is, never heard this one.
  4. xriko

    I'm sharing this one. The band is キキオン from 2002. I got only few information, I brought them on vk.gy. If you have more please include them.
  5. 不実の果実 is their latest song to have been played but not recorded. track 03 is a totally new one. This band keeps to stay on low side of vk, but It has awesome track.
  6. xriko

    Can someone describe me "obscure" ? 'kuz most of the band quoted (except those from JRD) had songs leaked.
  7. PSYCHOPASS has been leaked since many years. It was even spreed here on MH It's a trashy track, I hope not he gonna remake this one. I'm voting for ifémǝrǝl, the refrain is really nice. And since he is quite sure about making FLARE, I prefer to vote for this one even if I love more FLARE.
  8. xriko

    DEG members models 3D were implemented in a MMORPG back in 2011/2012...
  9. xriko

    Yes It exists. But not really interesting. It's only a 2seconds flashback showing a live part without sound. Also, Mao(Sadie) voice was used for a song in the live action movie of Beck.
  10. I want to join Awoi, as a producer
  11. xriko

    And did you finally manage to get this specific video ? I need it, it's for a friend...
  12. xriko

    When you are not oversea friendly, you can't blame oversea people for your lack of management 😊
  13. xriko

    If you buy album per album, I would say also ebay or Amazon. If you want to buy a lot in one buying, I will suggest checking Japanese auctions and using a proxy.
  14. xriko

    If they don't sell oversea, they don't want you to got their stuff. If they wanted gaijin followers they would be more open. Avoid shopping service, you gonna spend more money for most of stuff which are gonna leak someday. This way you gonna save the money to do a trip to Japan and go their live. And the best way to give them support(money) is buying cheki at live (500y per cheki), they make the most profit on this.
  15. change my mind


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