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  1. Aesma666

    oh yes . this is good news for sure
  2. Aesma666

    omg im seriously shocked poor Isshi may he rest in piece. but how did it happen.
  3. Aesma666

    I'm so happy i got to meet them last summer. but so sad they are disbanding. Hizumi please get better
  4. Aesma666

    well it all started during the concert they were performing and Karyu walked towards hizumi and pointed at me and my friend ( and I know this for a fact cuz the way my friend was dressed she was wearing bright pink dress in the dark you can totally see it ) and while Karyu was playing his guitar solo he kept leaning in and looking straight at us. hizumi had the biggest grin on his face. then when they were throwing stuff into the crowd lol Karyu hit me with a bottle cap from his water bottle ^^ . during the autograph session that was the moment. ppl were talking with Hizumi but he kept looking at me with this smile. when i got too him Karyu tried to tell me something but I didnt hear him cuz I couldnt stop looking at Hizumi he had this huge grin even after I left the line he kept looking at me. O.O it was so embarrasing. and I think Karyu was trying to say sorry for hitting me lol but Hizumi ruined that moment. that damn grin almost killed me. the worst part was ppl kept staring at me . because it was so obvious Hizumi was staring at me. so Im determined to meet this man again. lol.
  5. Aesma666

    wow I would love to buy merch from Hizumi lol. I need to meet that man again. the last time I seen him he embarrased me so badly O.O
  6. lol the pv is hilarious. typical golden bomber ahahha love it
  7. Aesma666

    omg as if. holy jeez horrible way to start the week
  8. noooooo I seriously want to cry . jeez I love this band
  9. Aesma666

    ahh I wish i could have gone to that live . I so wanted to hear Yuukie sing.
  10. Aesma666

    ahhhh Im in love lol. the new song is so awesome. love the new look too. though the title gravy sauce makes me laugh
  11. wow I should really check these events out.
  12. Aesma666

    jeez that sucks
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