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  1. Basically me with every album I like
  2. 5/10 Seems like they're attractive but the hair and tight crop is hiding a lot of their face and costume.
  3. Same here. Probably not gonna be a song of theirs I go back to very much if I'm not in a certain mood. LOL I didn't even catch correlation with the title until you said that.
  4. Welcome to MH! I hope you enjoy it here. And if you have any questions you can ask people with blue or red usernames to help.
  5. Welcome to MH! Glad to see you're open-minded when it comes genres. There's too much good music out there to put limitations on it. Also if you have any questions about the site anyone with a blue or red username is here to help. ^^
  6. bi, but I'm probably more pansexual than anything. If I like you, I like you. I don't care about parts, cis, trans, whatever. I don't care.
  7. AMEN!!!!!!!!! That was great lol. It seemed like such an odd choice but I really like what they did with it. They also do a cover of Kuroyume's "Chandler" that's worth checking out if you like them.
  8. Their tech was fun. You could tell he fell in love with coldrain while working for them too lol. The Revelation is one of my least favorite coldrain albums, tbh. When they added the Until The End songs for the deluxe addition I liked it more, but the original version of the album I tend to skip most of it. However, VENA is in a 3-way tie with Through Clarity and The Enemy Inside for my faves. I go back to those all the time.
  9. I might have to come back to take the second test but I know my MBTI is ENFP-T and it's pretty accurate from what I remember.
  10. I love the build up in "Whole" and I feel like they never have written a song quite like that before so it really stands out in their catalog. But I can understand it's not for everyone. VENA is a solid album. It was a bit slow starting for me but every time I listen to it I just love it more now. I didn't know it was possible but VENA just does that to a person.
  11. That's good, I know they are a big heavier now than they used to be but I consider all of their releases to be pretty solid. Do you have a favorite? Yeah, that Emarosa tour was kinda short iirc but hopefully Hopeless releases their next record over here and gets them touring again. They put out a new record almost every year so I'm optimistic! I miss Crossfaith, I hope they come back again soon too. Crossfaith are awesome guys, and they're one of my favorite live bands hands down. If they ever tour here together with coldrain I might cry.
  12. Oooh thanks @seurongfor the tag. If it's the holy trinity Crossfaith, coldrain, and SiM and Crystal Lake I am here for it!! If you're looking for coldrain fans @heresytrash you can count me in. I also saw them with the Northlane/Volumes and Warped tour last year. (I have a live report on it over here. *^^*) It was great, I'm happy to hear you also had a great experience meeting them. They are super sweet guys. I've been a fan since "Die Tomorrow"/Nothing Lasts Forever era. Like.. the last time Masato had his hair black. lol. So when they came to the states I lost it. I'm sad I couldn't see their tour last spring with Emarosa though, were you able to go to that? Emarosa is another favorite band of mine, but the irony is I was in Japan while coldrain were here.
  13. I think this is supposed to be that Kawasaki Warehouse place? I just saw it show up on my twitter feed recently because a friend was talking about DOG inThe PWO filmed a pv there as well. Bless this list. lol. It was a fun read. I definitely needed reminding of some of these. That Tenten-stache whoo boy.
  14. I like the middle of the song, kinda loses me at the beginning and end. Some of it was starting to feel... idk.. a little derivative.
  15. Idk what is up with their outfits but it always feel like they are trying to do a lot with very little. >>; I'm excited for the new album. I was so surprised not to see any of the singles on it.