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  1. Japanese music was my gateway the entire Asian music scene, so without it likely no Korean or Chinese music for me either... At one point prior I was digging into a Spanish language rock and Japanese competed with that (and totally won out) so I might have spent more time in that area without the competition. Otherwise, definitely more American/British/Australian groups would be on my radar.
  2. There are spoilers under here regarding leaks, not just currently aired and book content. You've been warned. Okay regular show-centric spoilery stuff under here. I heard that the final season is going to have 2 hour episodes? I need next season to kick so much ass. D&D better not disappoint.
  3. Early on I used it because it was fun seeing what my friends were listening to and using the recommended artists feature to find more stuff I might like. Being an MH user helped me develop a whole new appreciation for the website, though. When I started reviewing and cataloging my favorite artists/releases of the year I had all my listening statistics and artist information at my fingertips... so that is also exceedingly helpful. So I guess now I've grown to appreciate more of the listening statistics side of the website, but it's still fun to see what friends have been up to once in a while.
  4. Due to issues with the scrobbler, I gave up my old account a while back and this new one has only been going a little over a year now. So it's probably vastly different than it would be if I still had my old account. But either way I'm still curious as to what your most played artists are! Please share (and if you post your username I'll follow you because I need more fmbros).
  5. I agree, I think the chances are really slim for those two. Especially KnT, I don't think any changes to that album would go over too well anyway. lol It's so beloved by fans.
  6. Zekuu gets into songs the band wrote when they were inter-fighting a lot/almost breaking up, revisiting those songs would be really interesting if they chose to do it. I think recapturing the mental state they had at that point would be near impossible, but I can't lie, I'd be far more interested in reworkings of those songs than the 2 albums they've chosen so far.