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  1. Another band 20+ years in and still underrated af
  2. Hard candy outside, soft nougat-y center.
  3. Oricon will tell you it's Dir en grey, Gazette, then Mucc if you're gonna count sales as the determining factor.
  4. Basically me. I was team #AnyoneButBebe lol
  5. Yeah. I'm curious if their old music was lighter? Because that's what it sounds like he's used to singing with...
  6. I don't really know the previous incarnation of these guys but that music and that vocalist are fighting each other, hooboy.
  7. For a band that started out as a Korean Crossfaith tribute band, they got really good.
  8. Any super sleuths got the member info yet? Can mute-start music videos die already? I fall for that crap every time!!!
  9. To buy tickets for tricot or not to buy....

    1. platy



    2. Anne Claire

      Anne Claire


    3. doombox


      Update: I bought them. :3 

  10. Yes this sounds lit af! I would have never thought she was gonna collab with an entire group but they sound great together. I'm just gonna silently curse the stylists for putting that mullet on JB. Why have mullets been making a comeback?? Please leave them in the past. OTL
  11. I wouldn't mind Morgan or Aja coming back. I think they both have a lot more to show and they just make for good tv. Aja going in on Bebe for taking credit about that dress would be interesting. But that also feels like they'll save that confrontation for the reuniuon.