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  1. doombox

    My boys are back and s l a y i n g
  2. doombox

    You can see my pink hair in the front row on MUCC's Kyutai DVD. Also catch me at 1:57 in this Geek's video. It's outside the venue before the show at SXSW.
  3. Most recording contracts are for a number of albums, so it's likely the contract expired and one side or the other didn't wish to resign. It's also likely they took the time off because they filled their obligation to Sony and were free to do what they pleased for a little while. Looks like they're also taking advantage of being indie and doing some weirder stuff than they could do on the big label. Either way, it doesn't look like it's stopping them.
  4. doombox

    I love it
  5. doombox

    I don't think the artist gen works but albums still do. Worth a revisit.
  6. doombox

    Ladies ruled 2018, and it sounds like they're gonna keep slaying in 2019 too. I'd kill for at least one more f(x) comeback, but Luna and Amber are getting me through.
  7. I am very interested to see what you and others would have to say on this topic.
  8. Oooooooh, they have my attention (but who are we kidding they always do).
  9. I'm just gonna also point out for many of my friends that fit the narrative of jumping from J-rock to K-pop, and not just J-pop itself... I can tell you the number 1 reason was accessibility. Japan labels started closing many inroads to the west, region blocking their channels, having all the fan videos deleted, and making it very hard to buy stateside unless you went to a type of convention. Where when the "boom" of interest happened that wasn't the case. And also.. the price. K-pop is DRASTICALLY cheaper to collect. So in a way, yes it fills their need for ~exotic Asian musics~ because it's still fun and brightly colored without being so time consuming and wallet draining. I won't even go into the difference in fandom cultures here. But I don't think a lot of J-music fans see it from the other side and how much Japan intentionally shut out a lot of the more casual western fans.
  10. I wonder how many younger fans this would win over. I love a good throwback, but idk if this feels a little dated in an uninteresting way. I like the line up so I hope something more exciting comes down the line... but this was kinda underwhelming.
  11. Impromptu plug.dj session! Let's start off 2019 RIGHT! https://plug.dj/monochrome-heaven

    1. CAT5







    2. Jigsaw9


      awww I was already asleep... :(