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  1. Every time I see a post about Sonic Death Monkey I think of this.
  2. That reunion episode was the best episode all season! Why couldn't have all the untucked episodes been this real, damnit.
  3. I'll attempt to get this thread back on track here *cough*
  4. What I would give for a FL show. *sigh*
  5. Preordered this badboy for the concert in July. Gotta be ready.
  6. 2NE1, Wonder Girls, T-ara, now Sistar. RIP 2nd gen girl groups.
  7. MUCC, Chanty, Meteoroid, Blesscode, Versailles ( w/ Jasmine You), Rentrer en soi, Ayabie (Aoi, Yumehito, Takehito, Intetsu, Kenzo lineup), and 2 members of Dir en grey. I could have sworn I had 12012 and Vidoll autographs at one point but it seems I can't find them now so maybe I sold them and forgot.
  8. If Alexis doesn't go home next week I'm done. How is she still there.
  9. @SparrowNero is freekin great. I remember him talking a lot, "you are Merry's sixth member!! 8D" it was cute. lol I'm sad I missed the furi since it wasn't in Japan not many people knew it (and 10 years ago we didn't have as much access to learn it anyway. >>;; ) but I bet it was fun. Merry have so many songs at this point knowing them all is a feat for anyone. X"D I have fallen way behind on their recent work but this has me excited to go catch up now.
  10. Welcome! VK may not be as popular as it used to be but it still has a strong standing here! I got to see Merry about 10 years ago when they played in America. They were great, Gara is so intense on stage I really loved it. How did you like getting to see them?
  11. Has anyone been checking this release? I was just listening on spotify and holy shit. Not what I was expecting but still awesome????
  12. I didn't think I was crazy about this song at first either until I was singing along by the end of it. It's unexpectedly catchy af.
  13. This is me for basically every genre I actively listen to. Even most bands I like I don't like all of their music, I only like a few albums here or there.