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  1. My partner was @robkunand they sent me a killer mix! (pun intended!) They described their mix as "songs that serial killers would dig." Not all the songs suited my personal taste but I can see how they fit your theme and why you chose most of them. Conceptually, you did an amazing job (and the artwork is perfect for this. Actually, I need to throw in a 10/10 for that artwork.), I'm just sorry I couldn't dig my teeth into the first half of this mix more. Allthesame, thank you for exposing me to songs I would have never heard otherwise. It was a good stretching of my musical horizons. T'was fun.
  2. I respect what you're saying, but it's not ruined because I wasn't into them yet in the first place. I only had a piqued interest and they've let someone ruin their image. If they kick him to the curb I'll come back. I really don't like dealing with bands who have this kind of drama surrounding them. It's not fun for me.
  3. I was just talking about how I wanted to check out more from this band last night, but after reading all of that lol nevermind.... That's so immature and terrible. If he really felt that way about it he should have simply asked to take it down and not commented further if she followed instructions. He sure thinks a lot of himself. Yikes.
  4. Not the biggest fan of the lead track... but I'm not crazy about their ballads in general. They're okay but feel a bit one note compared to their other songs. It's probably intentional but *shrug*. 3rd track sounds interesting, I'll be looking forward to hearing the rest of the songs.
  5. This is cool if Die keeps a rotating line up. At least it gives me a reason to keep checking them out.
  6. @Tokagewe appreciate all guest submissions, maybe you want to try it yourself sometime?
  7. Just sent mine off to @robkun
  8. why is he so attractive it hurts me in my soul
  9. Ooooh, interesting. My scrobbler still works for now but I'm thinking of buying an new computer over the holidays so I might try the new scrobbler out then.
  10. Here's some old Miya caps I had for a mood theme a while back. The king of silently judging you.
  11. Thanks I'm looking forward to listening to it soon. I know a few songs from this band but never listened to a full album.
  12. Non-Japanese musics
  13. Mid-thirties here and still don't want kids, or even a serious relationship, tbh. Everyone in my family looks at me like I'm an alien because I don't give a shit about marriage or children. I also get tired of people insinuating I'm selfish for not wanting children, like living my life for myself is a bad thing. The world is scary, not to mention over populated as it is. I don't feel compelled to add to it.
  14. Spoopy trade offs are my favorite trade offs. Sign me up.