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  1. Happy b-day Doombox! <3

    1. doombox


      Thank you. 💞

  2. doombox

    Even though I like the title track, I agree, I liked the rest of the mini more. This video is so retro omg xD Be still my 80s baby heart hehe.

  4. Happy birthday @doombox! Have a wonderful day~ :tw_kiss_wink:

    1. doombox


      Thank you~~ :tw_heart:

  5. doombox

    OoOh snap, @Zeus ?!?! Now I know this is gonna be a good time. Edit: Sent.
  6. doombox

    I already liked Pristin but this Pristin V track is even more my style. I would not be mad to get a full release from this sub unit!! I was really surprised by the Yubin track, I expected her to break from the retro vibe and go more hip hop but this is fun! I've had the new Shinee stuck in my head. It's still so weird without Jonghyun but this song is great.
  7. doombox

    Yes please
  8. I only came back to say they look awesome (Tatsuro looks rather unamused but I ain't even mad about that tbh) and I'm extra hype to hear these new songs!! I've had basically zero interest in vk without them, thank god they are back.
  9. I'm on hiatus (probably overdue). hmu on twitter/fb if you need me. :3 

  10. doombox

    Hyolyn went IN. I can't wait for a full solo record now. omfg
  11. doombox

    I haven't been impressed by Eureka or Vixen's drag all that much. I think it's becoming apparent they're there for the drama. But I ain't really mad. It's keeping this season moving. Also poor Monet getting shade for actually knowing history about English accents changing since American colonization. I hope those queens got home and learned something from google lol.
  12. doombox

    Diru I get, but Mucc? You mean by the 5 Mucc fans on this forum?
  13. doombox

    Just giving a shout out to the staff who put together a seasonal recommendations list, idk if you checked it out or not, but if you haven't you might find some good stuff in there.