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  1. I'd be happy to move it back as well if the OP is edited.
  2. I've moved this thread to general forum as it is for discussion of a specific topic.
  3. I've moved this thread to the general forum as it is not giving any information on the respective artist. This is an opinion thread.
  4. Song does not sound how I was expecting with those visuals but after a few listens it's not bad. I wasn't crazy about Genki on vocals, I still feel about the same with this new guy so far. Tsukishiro? Is that his name?
  5. I'm glad we had some likes in common! I love New Breed as well but I didn't have any on this mix, and you were close with 08. being connected to cali≠gari. The theme was just keeping an electronic vibe through the songs, nothing too crazy or creative lol. And sorry for the low quality of the FALILV song, if I wouldn't have been so behind on getting this done I would have tracked down a better rip, that just happened to be the one I had on hand. Here's the tracklist.
  6. I guess I'll be the first review this time around. My partner was @Flame-X and they sent me an interesting mix that went through synth, pop, and some vk sounding tracks!
  7. I hope no other companies start doing this bs. LOOKING AT YOU SONY AND UMG.
  8. *prayer circle around Mucc*
  9. Well I hope labels doing this doesn't become the next big trend, wtf.
  10. Wow, that's a hot mess. I've participated in indiegogo campaigns for domestic indie bands I like and it's gone pretty well. One release did take like 6 months longer than planned but they made good on everything in the end. And I know there are bands that have patreon too and do all kinds of cool stuff for perks like putting supporters in their music videos or releasing monthly songs only the patreon supporters get to stream. It can be done well, but people need to use common sense and I wouldn't support any artist that doesn't have open communication about and during the entire project. For any band to do that outside of their domestic market is pretty difficult. And in no way should a fan be doing in the band's stead, that's just asking for trouble.
  11. I finally got all my japanese releases up on my discogs profile. Holy shit was that a pain in the ass.

    1. sume7


      fell for ya bruh. Props. *chest bump*

    2. doombox
  12. This account isn't even a year old yet and I haven't been using as often as I used to so my stats are kinda weak but interesting to see anyway.
  13. This would be better as a bonus disc on their new album. Because I need a new album.
  14. I wouldn't put it past them to be heavily inspired by D'angelo. But if you like this song I highly recommend you check out their previous releases. I have 2 from last year and I like them a lot. Your hard work is appreciated. You're always working to improve things around here and it does not go unnoticed.
  15. Yeah, this is not my favorite song on the album either, I don't blame him lol. But the video was cute. Kinda wish it would have shown them tracking down all 4 members because I'm kind of sick of OOR = Taka's face.