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  1. doombox

    Oooh, I got just enough time to jump in on this one before my vacation starts. Count me in, please!
  2. doombox

    Mucc, Aki, B-T, Junho... All yes. ♫ But G.G. is probably my favorite from the list. ❤️ Even though, the Junho song is making me very sentimental with his enlistment right now. ;-; 1. 六合 - 身鏡 2. Glassjaw - Pink Roses 3. Alice Nine - SHADOWPLAY (Supernova Edition) 4. ヒトリエ - サブリミナル・ワンステップ 5. フレデリック - シャンデレラ 6. Conquer Divide - Eyes Wide Shut 7. Deftones - Drive (The Cars cover) 8. 夜の本気ダンス - SEA 9. MANNEQUIN - KIZUNA 10. Adore Delano - My Address is Hollywood I was jamming to this entire list tbh but old vk strikes again! I haven't listened to MANNEQUIN in ages. There are arguably better songs on this list if I'm more objective about it, but this was the one that made me excited when it started and was the most happy to hear.
  3. doombox

    Oh lort. Sounds like his freak out over it made it worse than it had to be.
  4. doombox

    Why am I just now learning Grey Worm got bops?
  5. doombox

    Big thanks to my trade off partner @Shir0! Their trade off mix was based on the year 2014 and our tastes turned out to be very in line that year!! I hope I didn't sound too critical, old reviewing habits die hard, but I loved this mix, so many great artists that I enjoy! Thank you for being my partner when I joined so late, this was so fun!! 10/10 would trade with again. ❤️
  6. doombox

    Sent my mix off to @Shir0, hope you like it!
  7. doombox

    I'm definitely buying that new NU'EST album, songs sound great and Baekho wrote so much of it. I'm so proud of my bias. ❤️ BOYCOLD definitely falls more in the indie khh side of things but I've been jamming to his album so much. Really good if you like chill/vibey stuff!
  8. doombox

    I'm so mad I missed the boat on this trade off. Next time. 😣
  9. doombox

  10. doombox

    I gotta agree about D&D. They're running to the end as fast as they can and I feel like they don't really care about what plot holes they leave behind. The books are going to be 100 times better, if GRRM ever finishes them....
  11. doombox

    That is one A+ list. DIV's Teddy is one of my long time favorites. I definitely understand why it was hard to pick lol. 1. FEAR FROM THE HATE - スパイフロムマーズ 2. Dirty Old Men (MAGIC OF LiFE) - I'm Ready (Album Version) 3. Avenged Sevenfold - The Art of Subconscious Illusion 4. FAKE? - Retina 5. LEO今井 - Lazer Rain 6. DuelJewel - 生命の輝き 7. Emery - A Sin To Hold On To 8. [Champagne] - This is Teenage 9. Block B - 넌 어디에 10. City Your City - Night I always love doing this because I get so many blasts from the past. Maybe I'm just in a mood for old vk today but I was really into the DJ song. The recording quality is so terrible at this point lol but but I still wish I could see it live. It gets me in the feels.
  12. doombox

    This episode, while it had it's problems, still probably my favorite episode of GoT.
  13. doombox

    I've heard of La'Cryma, Arashi, and Angelo before but I can't place any of those songs offhand, unfortunately. 1. a crowd of rebellion - Never Say A Gain 2. 10-FEET - What's up? 3. BABYMETAL - 4の歌 (Yon no uta) 4. デンジャー☆ギャング (Danger☆Gang) - Free Sky 5. Kimonos - Miss 6. Central 2nd Sick - Monster 7. BUCK-TICK - 鼓動 (Kodou) 8. 2PM - 미친거 아니야? (Michingeo Aniya?) (DJ Nure Vs. Fingazz Remix) 9. Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas - Are You Ready to Blast Off? 10. NoisyCell - Insomnia It's a shame the last two songs were interludes, but there was lots of fun stuff and blasts from the past on this one. acor wins out though, their songs just kick me in the face and none of the other songs really got the energy back, even if I love them too.
  14. I'm so happy we were so compatible musically, @platy. I did have pause at that zigzag song but I really wanted more harp sounding songs in there (I see you noticed it too!) and the flute reminded me of the howling wind one might have on a cliff (but now I see the artworks looks rather wind-less lol) so I sacrificed a bit and then I tried to convince myself maybe lyrics weren't as important as ~mood~ lol. But it's all good, thanks for rolling with it. I'm also happy you were digging ARCHEMI.! I feel like they're one of those bands people either love or hate. My approach to the mix was a little more abstract, some of the songs were directly intended to follow Sappho's mood, but some were also meant to interpret the weather, the dark clouds, the crashing waves, the calmness of the gulls passing by... in a way of giving myself just a little more freedom with song choice because I didn't want the mix to feel monotonous. I'm not sure if there are different versions of that BONNIE PINK song but a 4 minute version probably would have gotten a little better rating.
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