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  1. doombox

    OOR are one of those bands that could sing me the phonebook and I'll still enjoy it. Is it their deepest most exciting work? Nah. Still something that will fit my work playlist nicely tho.
  2. doombox

    This is the first album in the last ten years that I've enjoyed mostly the entire album. I agree with pretty much everything you said, except I also enjoy Devote My Life. I feel like the guitar tone adds to the mayhem of the track, somehow reminds me of their very early albums. But maybe that's just the rawness in general.
  3. doombox

    3 episodes into the new season of Daredevil and I already feel like the writing this season took a turn for the worse. I'm hoping it picks up in the next couple of episodes or I'll probably drop it.
  4. doombox

    This is the best news, I'm so happy for them!!
  5. doombox

    That could have been it? I didn't hear any backlash (not saying that to be representational, my circle is just pretty small lol), I just saw a lot of people moved on. Easy come, easy go, I guess. I'm kinda picky about ballads, this ones not for me. But it's pretty. A few of the youtubers I follow are doing their mid-year top 10 lists. What are everyone's top 10 songs/releases in K-pop this year so far? Here's mine: 10. DREAMCATCHER - YOU AND I 9. CLC - Black Dress 8. Super Junior x Leslie Grace - Lo Siento 7. Momoland - BBOOM BBOOM 6. Hyolyn - Dally 5. (G)I-DLE - LATATA 4. SHINee - Good Evening 3. BLACKPINK - DDU-DU DDU-DU 2. NCT U - BOSS 1. MONSTA X - JEALOUSY
  6. doombox

    The clip is cute, I'm not mad at it.
  7. doombox

    There is an old mixtape thread that I think people have previously shared trade off mixes in when it's requested. So as long as the mix has been reviewed, people are free to post them over there. Edit: Oops, there's a newer thread made by @platy too!
  8. doombox

    @Zeus I'm glad to see a few artists might be sticking. I knew going in most of these probably weren't your speed but you're a champ for giving them a chance anyway. I wish e;in had longer songs as well. They seem to stick to under 5 mins in everything I have from them. Which isn't much, I'm sad to say. Love x Stereo, 카더가든 (Car, The Garden), and Big Phony are all Korean artists, actually. Surprise! lol
  9. doombox

    Same. I've been much more into the secondary, fan requested groups that came out of s2 like JBJ and RAINZ. W1 is missing some kind of chemistry between the members to me (most of whom weren't my favs on the show either besides maybe Ong for his humor), and I feel I.O.I had better songwriters with JYP and Jinyoung, etc. And it's funny because I didn't even watch s1, I just heard I.O.I after and ended up liking them, where as I watched all of s2 and didn't feel as connected to the boys. And I tend to bias boy groups. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Wow! Yeah, it is such a shame they were being slept on by that point. Even I was finding out about releases late because there was no buzz. Which I don't understand. They had a huge debut and --I feel-- their music only got better as they went on but idk, people just abandoned them. 😕 Ren with long hair was a LEWK.
  10. doombox

    Jinyoung is a great songwriter. I'm curious how their sound will change too. And if Jinyoung will continue songwriting since it seems like the consensus is they left to pursue more acting opportunities. LMAO Beautiful Target is the gift that never stops giving. How much longer does Wanna One have anyway? I want Nu'est back together... I like their music so much better. I'm glad they found a larger audience though, they deserve it. The video for Deja Vu is gorgeous too. Everything they put out is quality.
  11. doombox

    Looks like the 7 year curse strikes again. B1A4's Jinyoung and Baro will be leaving WM Entertainment. From the Soompi report: Seeing the word "restructure" makes me worrisome there will be no intent for joint venture between WM and Jinyoung and Baro's new companies to continue with B1A4's original line up. This is really sad. B1A4 had some great songs and I always thought they had a solid fanbase. I enjoyed quite a lot of their music. In case people aren't familiar, this is one of my favorites.
  12. doombox

    I guess I'll get the ball rolling. @Zeus was my partner and he blessed my ears with some classic vk tracks! Chill Mix #3