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  1. damn that tracklist is awesome! can't wait to see them
  2. ¥1.000 (sealed, pulled by random) Support members individual cheki ¥500 *the Yuuki cheki lottery includes: A two-shot photo session (all taken after the end of the public performance)
  3. Since I'll be leaving to Tokyo in two weeks:

    Are there any places I should visit during the christmas time?

    I have so much free time and I really want to see as much as possible, I couldn't do anything the last few times :(

    1. BrenGun


      always go to kamakura 

  4. missed his voice so much, can't wait for more! I really hope he'll release a CD!
  5. I freaking love that song! Definitely going to get the single! Sadly their only concert while I'm in Japan is in Nagoya and I don't want to travel alone
  6. yes! it's one of the CD's they gave away in those cheki raffles at their shows, it's only a part of the song LICKER he released with DOAK (it's about 50 seconds long), but that's all I know (there are a few more trial versions he later released with DOAK as demo songs)
  7. thx! they officially didn't release anything, if I remember right they only recorded some parts of a few songs and gave those CDs away via atari cheki. the only full song they recorded was OVER and there are only 69 copies of it so I'm like really proud to own a copy haha
  8. yeah! I could ask her if its okay to share her contact on her, but I don't know if she is accepting orders right now
  9. checked the bands out that'll play with my current favorite band on the live I'll attent and ... I'm so sorry but my ears are bleeding... all of them are just terrible :( I'm going to suffer a lot for seeing my faves haha

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    2. Alkaloid


      lol let me guess...it's the crappy Euro-kei bands opening for MORRIGAN?

    3. -Tetsu-


      nope, but yeah, you could count that too, totally forgot about that...
      but no, I'm talking about a band I'm going to see when I'm in Tokyo
      I'ts not vk tho
      and those are the bands that'll be there too, have fun checking them out ...




    4. nekkichi


      well judging by their staggering pageviews (under 5k for first two), you aren't alone in that sentiment


      at least you'll have fun watching your faves 💯


  10. thanks!^^ took me about 8 years to get my hands on all this and I spent a shitton of money and I'm still willing to pay a lot for merchandise and CDs etc. I don't own already haha. It's totally worth it!
  11. UnsraW: -9- Gate of Death Lustful Days Dust to Dust REBORN Kleza in Utero Kleza in Marsh Kleza in Red clay Abel Kein Abel/Kein Abel/Kein 2ndPress GUILTY Calling Spiral Circle -COMPLETE- Spiral Circle TYPE-A Spiral Circle TYPE-B Shower Piano ver. Karma / WITHERIN BLOOD UPLUGGED Ver. -9- /桜の涙 UNPLUGGED Ver. 3月 26日 渋谷 O-WEST 『Holy sink』 Screaming Birthday GATE OF BIRTH KSANA FROM THE WOMB TO THE TOMB Europe Documentation + some comment CDs/DVDs + a lot of merchandise and signs + tons of cheki CoЯe The Child Distribe GROUND ZEЯO/Good-bye 『猪突猛進』Vol.1 『猪突猛進』Vol.2 『猪突猛進』Vol.3 (signed) + a photoset DOAK inside Fear 天井 DEMO Ver. Judah DEMO ver. 剥離 DEMO ver. 糸 DEMO ver. 影と影 DEMO ver. REBELLION DEMO ver. sign DEMO ver. 揚羽-ageha- TYPE-A 揚羽-ageha- TYPE-B + a few comments and other DVDs + signed poster and other merchandise + tons of cheki ERIZA OVER 剥離trial ver. (signed) -273.15°C THE PROOF
  12. I guess it's kinda hart do work with him when he's still acting like he did in UnsraW yepp he did, but never know what he's planning to do, he might won't release it on that live lol
  13. I'm seriously so happy about those news! Can't wait to see him and K again! Hope he'll sell a CD with his new songs too!
  14. anyone who went to a MonstlloW live and knows if it's worth it to go to one of their oneman concerts?

  15. true! but I got a few DVDs that were way more expensive and the sound was sooo bad