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  1. tried some halloween make up although I won't attent any event I hate that there's nothing close to me because it's so much fun to put on some make up lately I tried to do some D13 from Leetspeak Monsters inspired make up, didn't turn out how I wanted it to be but I'm kind of happy with the result anyway.
  2. I fucking can't wear normal sized contact lenses anymore what the fuck?!
    They're so freaking annoying and I can feel them move around on my eye when I blink oh my god...
    Guess I'll  be wearing sclera for the rest of my life lol

    1. nekkichi


      you aren't serious about that aren't you??? scleras are awful for longwear D:

    2. -Tetsu-


      I don't have any problems wearing them for up to 9 hours each time and I'm only wearing them on weekends . I know I shouldn't wear them this long but I sometimes forget that I'm wearing them because I don't feel them at all. (Mostly its only about 3-4 hours tho)
      (I'm also not really sure about if I understand what you meant haha)

    3. nekkichi


      I wasn't sure I wanted to overshare this lol but w/e


      I started wearing contacts v. early, and because it was long time ago, and they were less "breathing" (idc what is the proper word that describes oxygen penetration quality) than the current regular use ones, I had the tiny blood vessels that are normally present in the sclera expand and grow out, thus leading to a permanent stoner-ish red-eyed look. they won't go away even if I do the visine drops (which aren't recommended for everyday use anyway), and I feel lowkey uncomfortable if certain people notice that.

      I suspect that a year or two of wearing scleras might potentially do the same


      also, I do remember scleras (as well as other decorative contacts) are only recommended to be worn for approx. 3 hours at once.

  3. had a good day yesterday so I decided to go out and enjoy the rain. I really wish I could wear those lenses every day, my face looks so much better with them T-T
  4. My computer died last weekend and the only game I've installed on my laptop rn is Dungeon Siege 2, so I guess that'll be the only game I'll be playing until my new computer arrives. But damn, this used to be my favorite game when it was released and I still love it so much!
  5. the weekend just started and I'm already bored and don't know how to spend my time ...

  6. this freaking awesome pusheen pants
  7. Having no friends living close to you kind of sucks pretty much ... especially when everyone is busy and you can't talk to anyone for the whole weekend :(

    1. Komorebi


      That really does suck :/

  8. Tried to request my postal vote papers but it tells me my address does not exist. I knew I live at the worlds end but that's just ridiculous

  9. had a mental breakdown right in front of my doctor and now I have to stay at home for the whole week... I'm so scared that I'm going to lose my new job because I'm already missing in my fifth week ...

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    2. sheepprincessgara


      You should tell them that you are in fact having medical issues, and have a doctor's note to let them know it's legit. I hope that works; I'm sure they'll understand.

    3. -Tetsu-


      send them a mail now with doctors note ... sadly it doesn't make a difference if they'll understand or not, I'm still on employment probation until February :( that's why I'm so scared to lose that job... 

    4. -Tetsu-


      okay, update: just got a call from my company that there's no need to worry about losing my job T-T thank you, really, makes me feel better a lot T-T

  10. I looked so forward to going to fun fair today but got a social anxiety attack and panicked so much when I wanted to leave the house that I had a mental breakdown ... I managed to go outside and I'm actually proud of myself that I did it and was able to have fun for at least a few hours.

    1. lichtlune


      That's good. It's important to put yourself out there as much as possible to combat Social Anxiety. My problem is I'm trying to get my drivers license but I have the most intense anxiety behind the wheel. But I'm working at it...

  11. I really like the make up of Halorings bassist K, so I tried it on myself. Didn't turn out that bad, but I'm also not that happy with it Also, have one without make up. Oh, and yes, I stick out my tongue a lot haha
  12. I was hoping for a hoax until the very end ... I'm so shocked and I don't know what to say ... They were the first band I've ever owned a CD of, they were the band that introduced me to Metal ... Rest in peace Chester.
  13. Sorry, sounded like it could be the same problem like the one my sister had in your first post. Anyway, I hope the bank is able to help you, good luck!
  14. my sister got her money back via the shop she ordered her ticket from. she messaged them and they told her that they're waiting for the confirmation by B7 that the tour is really cancelled. after B7 confirmed the shop send the money. probably B7 forgot to contact Weezevents about this or Weezevents 'forgot' to send the money back. I think best solution would be to send a message to both B7 and Weezevents about the problem (if you didn't already) and I'm sure they'll try to help you and the others with it There are also some people complaining they still don't have their money back from the cancelled Merry tour, but I don't know if this is true
  15. I was so bored that I put in my favorite lenses and tried to do cool make up (and failed) to take photos but only those two turned out well