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  1. goddamn flamingos! I have absolutely no idea why but those birds are fascinating me since years and I'm having a hard time not to buy everything with flamingos on it (mostly because it wouldn't look good in my all black&white apartment ...) also alpacas would make some awesome cuddle buddies
  2. -Tetsu-

    mostly I try challenges that make my life more healthy / make me loose weight but I always fail after a few days already due to lack of motivation, being exhausted from work or dealing with my illnesses ... If anyone has ideas / experiences with those problems I'm open for suggestions that could make me pull through lol ...
  3. Happy b-day Tetsu! ❤️

  4. Happy birthday, friendo! Hope you have a fantastic day 🎉

    1. -Tetsu-


      Thank you!! Sadly we had to cancel all of our plans because it was raining heavily all day long but it still was a great day :)

  5. -Tetsu-

    I'd be happy if someone could translate Kiras statement 😞
  6. Got a notification in my postal services app that my package arrived yesterday while I wasn't at home. It only says that a neighbor with the given name Maria accepted it.
    There's no Maria living in this house. None of the neighbors in the other houses in this street are called Maria.
    I didn't get a notification on paper and after calling the service they told me they don't have any other information and that they're going to question their driver ...
    I still don't have any idea where the fuck my damn package is at.

  7. -Tetsu-

    saw that picture somewhere on twitter and had to use it as wallpaper.
  8. Ayyyyy, thanks for the follow! :D

    1. -Tetsu-


      thanks for following me first haha

  9. -Tetsu-

    I'm a fucking Killstar addict I guess.
  10. -Tetsu-

    From my own experience: Small bands mostly use some kind of sponsors, the agencies for Mikaru for example pay the tours from their own pockets partly, also some artists that really want to come over also pay a part of the costs. All the other money comes from ticket sales and merchandise sales. They also stay in a house from the agency to save on hotel costs. I dunno if there's enough left to give money to the artists tho. I only helped with one tour so that's all I know for now.
  11. dunno why, but I kinda like the samples. also their bassist is cute ?? keeping an eye on them for now ...
  12. -Tetsu-

    pls make it happen
  13. -Tetsu-

    recently discovered a burned CD while tidying up and found an N64 emulator on it ... playing Super Mario now since a few days already ... feeling nostalgic.
  14. -Tetsu-

    NO dammit ... was so looking forward to see them again on my next trip at the end of the year 😭😭😭💔
  15. -Tetsu-

    First I went by Tetsu (still using it on here tho), changed to Yoma but I started to hate it pretty soon after realizing it's used in some Anime and now I'm with Midori since a few years already. Guess I'll keep that one 'cause everyone now knows me with that name. But recently I've started to introduce myself with my real name too so ... maybe I'm not that into nicknames anymore
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