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  1. -Tetsu-

    This makes me really sad
  2. I missed MUCC quite a few times. when they had their world tour in 2015 I was happy when I saw their tour date for Germany but I was in London that time. Then I saw that they're playing in London as well - bad for me, I was back in Germany then. Luckily I managed to see them in Paris then after 5 years of missing their concerts. I also missed ParanoidCircus when I was in Japan and thought "oh well, lets go next time" ... to bad they disbanded before that could happen. Earlier this year I missed a show of Crossfaith, but only because I was on tour with another band. I also missed some bands on purpose when going to a concert in Japan, simply because I didn't want to see them. So I left the hall earlier.
  3. we just found out that our most visited live hall has closed forever. the building got demolished. I somehow feel incredibly sad now. there were so many memories tied to that location ... and now there won't be a concert ever again. 😔

    1. libertine


      Feel that way about Shibuya AX. It was a cheap looking venue, but so many great mid-size shows were played there. Now it's a parking lot.

    2. -Tetsu-


      That fucking sucks so much.
      For me it was Garage Deluxe, a very small venue in Munich, Germany. I guess Munich will never have small concerts from Japanese bands anymore :(

  4. -Tetsu-

  5. -Tetsu-

    if I remember right they where talking about it after Ryuya left, was before the announcement that two more members will leave since they where talking about a "summer EU tour" 🤔
  6. -Tetsu-

    didn't they plan a EU tour for 2018 already? Hope this time they really mean it. Really want to see them live. Also pretty stoked for their new releases!
  7. -Tetsu-

    woke up to those news and I'm still upset about it. hope they're okay tho ...
  8. -Tetsu-

    saw him last year in december on an event and his show was pretty disappointing and very awkward. felt uncomfortable the whole time he was on stage tbh.
  9. -Tetsu-

    it's me again. picture taken before the GYZE concert earlier this week
  10. -Tetsu-

    Before we went to see GYZE we made a short visit to Neo Tokyo and I bought lynch.s new release, Gokusai by Mucc. Sadly we couldn't get any merchandise from GYZE because the airline lost some of their luggage (including the drumset...)
  11. -Tetsu-

    alien faces with the most awesome idiot ever.
  12. -Tetsu-

    my packages finally arrived after waiting for an eternity
  13. -Tetsu-

    Awesome, as always!
  14. -Tetsu-

    Most of you won't know them but I'm sharing this anyway because I had the most awesome holidays ever with those guys 😊 Not all of those items are bought tho, some of them where gifts by them.