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  1. we just found out that our most visited live hall has closed forever. the building got demolished. I somehow feel incredibly sad now. there were so many memories tied to that location ... and now there won't be a concert ever again. 😔

    1. libertine


      Feel that way about Shibuya AX. It was a cheap looking venue, but so many great mid-size shows were played there. Now it's a parking lot.

    2. -Tetsu-


      That fucking sucks so much.
      For me it was Garage Deluxe, a very small venue in Munich, Germany. I guess Munich will never have small concerts from Japanese bands anymore :(

  2. -Tetsu-

  3. -Tetsu-

    if I remember right they where talking about it after Ryuya left, was before the announcement that two more members will leave since they where talking about a "summer EU tour" 🤔
  4. -Tetsu-

    didn't they plan a EU tour for 2018 already? Hope this time they really mean it. Really want to see them live. Also pretty stoked for their new releases!
  5. -Tetsu-

    woke up to those news and I'm still upset about it. hope they're okay tho ...
  6. -Tetsu-

    saw him last year in december on an event and his show was pretty disappointing and very awkward. felt uncomfortable the whole time he was on stage tbh.
  7. -Tetsu-

    it's me again. picture taken before the GYZE concert earlier this week
  8. -Tetsu-

    Before we went to see GYZE we made a short visit to Neo Tokyo and I bought lynch.s new release, Gokusai by Mucc. Sadly we couldn't get any merchandise from GYZE because the airline lost some of their luggage (including the drumset...)
  9. -Tetsu-

    alien faces with the most awesome idiot ever.
  10. -Tetsu-

    my packages finally arrived after waiting for an eternity
  11. -Tetsu-

    Awesome, as always!
  12. -Tetsu-

    Most of you won't know them but I'm sharing this anyway because I had the most awesome holidays ever with those guys 😊 Not all of those items are bought tho, some of them where gifts by them.
  13. -Tetsu-

    ah dammit.
  14. the tour is over, I'm home again and the guys are in the plane back to Japan ... it feels so weird.

  15. That moment when you open the new CD from your favorite band and see your name in the "Special Thanks" section 😳

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    2. -Tetsu-


      damn! did you know about this earlier? in that case your proxy could have said its a present for someone else so they could have used your name then :o

    3. xriko


      yes, this was announced, but I never thought about telling him to aks for this as a present ahah

      however I can see myself in another DVD of them, so it will remain a good gift ^^'

    4. Komorebi


      Wow, that's so great. Congrats!