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  1. -Tetsu-

    it me again
  2. -Tetsu-

    You don't know how much I'd love to hug those cuties again for at least one last time ...
  3. for me it was Nightmare when I stumbled over Death Note and their opening and ending was the first thing that caught my attention so I've looked them up. Gotta say that Hitsugi is still pretty much my inspiration and his looks were my goals all along. Sadly somehow lost completely the motivation to check on the newest stuff by them and I've most probably missed all their last releases 🤷‍♀️ the Gazette followed soon after but not following them anymore since ... uh, DIM I guess and sold all my stuff I had by them haha. I don't know much about the bands that came after those two but there were a lot at the same time ... Dir en grey (don't listen to them any more and gave all my stuff to my mom because she loves them lol), DEATHGAZE, UnsraW, Miyavi and (shame on me) An Cafe definitely were under the first bands I've listened to. for non vk bands it was Crossfaith back in 2012 when they came to Germany for the first time. We were like 20 people max at that concert but damn, it was goddamn awesome and I've only missed one of their tours so far. But tbh, I have no clue which bands followed, they were just ... there one day.
  4. -Tetsu-

    damn, that look is awesome! already excited for their new release
  5. -Tetsu-

    woke up like this, hi.
  6. -Tetsu-

    wohnt irgendwer im Raum Frankfurt? Bin letztes Jahr im August erst hergezogen, kenne niemanden hier und hab Schwierigkeiten Leute mit den selben Interessen kennen zu lernen ...
  7. -Tetsu-

    I don't have any pets atm but during the past 8 years I had several generations of rats living with me. Sadly I don't have enough space for a big cage to get some again in my new apartment and I horribly miss having rats so much ...
  8. -Tetsu-

    I wanna see them live so bad that I'm nearly crying rn.
  9. -Tetsu-

    mine are grey and the only thing about my face I really like
  10. I am so done with today, I just want to hide under my blanket ... I don't have a problem with being the only woman at work, working with about 50 men ... I also don't have a problem when they tell some jokes about women, it's a normal thing to do when you're male I guess ... but aiming those jokes directly at me like one of my coworker does lately is the most fucked up thing ever.

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      I totally feel you... most people live up for spread their ignorance and hate towards who they don't think to be suitable for them... It's a fucking damned plague... I can only say to not care about their silly words and to go on, with your head held high, but if they go beyond the jokes, then you have to react, not aggressively, as is what they expect from you, but with conscience, talking with someone who can legally help you getting out from this situation...

    2. -Tetsu-


      Thanks for your words. I try my best to ignore his hurting behavior but it gets me every time as soon as I'm back home ... I will talk to my supervisor for sure if he won't stop with that, but I have to wait because he won't be at work for the next few days ... meanwhile I just hope it won't get worse

  11. -Tetsu-

    some Gyoza and Karaage and while playing I snacked some Edamame. love the asian super market close to where I live!
  12. -Tetsu-

    I've bought both Darksiders games in the steam sale last summer and last weekend I finally decided it is time to start playing ... and goddammit, I love it. Already beat the half of the first game (the normal version tho, I'll play the warmastered version later I guess) and it's by far one of the most awesome games I've played so far.
  13. -Tetsu-

    I don't really care about brands but I really love the clothes acdcrag sells (sadly I don't fit into most of their stuff because they seem to produce their tops for girls without boobs lol), drug&honey and at the moment I'm kind of addicted to killstar.
  14. -Tetsu-

    I fucking love it! (my neighbors most probably don't share the love, oops.)
  15. -Tetsu-

    I'm hyped.
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