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  1. I want to start working again in my learned job so bad that I don't care if I have to do the same apprenticeship again ... If this means I'll get a job I'm totally fine with going through exams again although I'm already panicking while only thinking about the finals ...  But I fucking want to work! I love my job :cry:

  2. I'm bored so I typed "UnsraW" into the search and ... I'm surprised that there are actually so many people that like them. I really never met someone who loves them as much as I do. I never thought that there are so many fans ... I feel stupid now :< I wish I would have known earlier :(

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    2. -Tetsu-


      oh my ... I really never heard about that tour although I looked up all the informations I could find back then. But ... I'm glad that I've started liking them after their Reborn release. All those rumors during that time were... terrible haha

    3. Elazmus


      Yeahh I was a fan since they were new and it did seem like they were more popular than  most VK bands of that style !

    4. -Tetsu-


      woah, seems like I talked to the "wrong" people then haha
      It makes me really happy that they actually have more fans than I thought! :wub:

  3. FUCK NO ... goddammit garu ... I wanted to see them at least once and missed the only live I could have gone to last year ...
  4. this awesome tshirt dress that doesnt suit me but I fell in love with it a few weeks ago and I couldn't resist any longer and since this was the last one they had... I had to buy it.
  5. oh damn, thats gonna be a long list ... a lot of signed UnsraW thingies, DOAK, Core The Child, Jiluka, D'espairsRay, Plunklock, Nega, Black Line, Anlipollicino, TheMicroHead4Ns, Orochi, G.L.A.M.S, Killaneth, REIGN, Awoi, girugamesh, DEATHGAZE, DIO, dirtrucks, X Made Alcoholic Santa Claus (are they VK? I don't even know... haha), Hizumi (umbrella stuff, does this count too?), Miyavi, Luzmelt, MUCC, PURE Q&A, Amaranyx... Also got some chekis from different bands with random things written on them, but I don't count them as signs I think thats all. most of them are signed on concerts
  6. ooh fuck I can't wait for this! Their look is also freaking amazing
  7. since people are writing about concerts that weren't in Japan, I'll add some things I want to share too that happened to me in Germany/Austria PLUNKLOCK: not exactly during the concert but the signsession that took place before the concert. Halo was signing with a green marker and when he looked at me he got so excited about that his marker had the same color like my hair that he had to interrupt Haruka who was signing another fans poster and made him look at me and his marker. pinky freaked out completey and was like "I'M PINKY YOU'RE GREENY" the whole time. Never seen someone being so excited about colored hair. DEATHGAZE: We already caught AIs attention during the concert because we were singing along the whole time and me and a friend were ... uhm ... dancing in the middle of the crowd and he pointed at us several times to show it to the other members. after the concert we were sitting next to our car not realizing that it were parked next to the tourbus (it was really small, probably thats why) and that friend I was 'dancing' with sat down on the hood of our car, but the friend who owned the car said that she should get off. She ignored her so I got up and stood right in front of her, bowing down to grab her arms ... when everyone around us started screaming and laughing ... I turned around and there was Kousuke, looking at us with his mouth open, unable to move for a few seconds until he started smiling in a really creepy way ... we went to another concert two days later and when Kousuke saw us he asked were my "girlfriend" is because she wasn't there. awkward ... but kind of funny.
  8. SaTaN: I didn't pay attention for a short time because I was talking to the girl next to me when she suddenly started laughing. I didn't know why but then I realized that Mr.SaTaN wasn't on stage anymore. He sneaked up behind me and it scared the shit out of me when I turned around because he was so fucking close. There were only about 40 people around so it wasn't that difficult to see that I wasn't looking at the stage ... After their show we talked for a short while and he was so excited that they had fans outside of Japan and he kind of ignored the japanese fans just to talk to me (I guess he was like... really excited haha) DOAK: I don't know if this is something special or interesting, but a nice japanese girl switched place with me so I could be closer to the stage during DOAKs show when she heard that I just came to Japan to see their last live. So this was my first time in the second row for seeing one of my favorite bands. Everyone around me was so nice and they integrated me in everything. I was used to be ignored for being a foreigner so this was really exciting for me. Never felt this happy before. Meeting Yuuki after the show made it the most perfect day of my life. K: Cazqui where his support guitarist during this live and when he threw his pick I was about to catch it but instead of closing my hand I hit it and it fell behind the barrier. I politely asked a staff if he could give it to me but he said no and gave it to another girl that was screaming on him to give it to her instead ... I'm still pretty mad about this
  9. you could, but it would hurt a lot more during the progress of healing. got my rings two weeks later and it still hurt like hell when they moved so I definitely recommend studs until they're completely healed. But I have to say that my sister has a lot of piercings in her lips and she didn't have any problems at all with changing to rings so I guess it also depends on the person. Also, in my opinion, rings affect your teeth and gums less than studs. my ring doesn't touch my teeth at all while my stud does quite often while talking for example (but this is because it's longer than it should be)
  10. got mine about 5 years ago and they didn't affect my teeth at all altough I'm always biting on them (probably not long enough to say this) also asked my dentist about this because I was really worried that I broke one of my teeth with the piercing last year but she said there's nothing I have to worry about.
  11. with make up vs. without make up. do I really look this young that they need ask me to show my ID everytime I want to get some beer?!
  12. Sad news for those who wanted to go to see sick. the tour is cancelled for more informations please check here
  13. this. and dark chocolate.
  14. I was so scared when I've seen the announcement but now I'm really excited
  15. mine is actually from UnsraWs Tetsu my friends were like "you make the same faces like him" and they started to call me Tetsu using this name since 8 years now