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  1. I really like the make up of Halorings bassist K, so I tried it on myself. Didn't turn out that bad, but I'm also not that happy with it Also, have one without make up. Oh, and yes, I stick out my tongue a lot haha
  2. I was hoping for a hoax until the very end ... I'm so shocked and I don't know what to say ... They were the first band I've ever owned a CD of, they were the band that introduced me to Metal ... Rest in peace Chester.
  3. Sorry, sounded like it could be the same problem like the one my sister had in your first post. Anyway, I hope the bank is able to help you, good luck!
  4. my sister got her money back via the shop she ordered her ticket from. she messaged them and they told her that they're waiting for the confirmation by B7 that the tour is really cancelled. after B7 confirmed the shop send the money. probably B7 forgot to contact Weezevents about this or Weezevents 'forgot' to send the money back. I think best solution would be to send a message to both B7 and Weezevents about the problem (if you didn't already) and I'm sure they'll try to help you and the others with it There are also some people complaining they still don't have their money back from the cancelled Merry tour, but I don't know if this is true
  5. I was so bored that I put in my favorite lenses and tried to do cool make up (and failed) to take photos but only those two turned out well
  6. There's still hope that they'll come back - at least for some concerts. After their concerts last year they were all like "we want to tour as Dio again!" and after their final (not the Japan one) Mikaru was like "I want to come back as Dio" (at least thats what I remember lol) so lets wait and see what will happen And I don't think that G.L.A.M.S (or Black Line) is bad. Yes, they're totally different from Dio. I went to see G.L.A.M.S several times already and their live sound is a lot better than on CD. They also play some Dio songs too every time!
  7. I finally got a new job  :tw_bawling:
    I'll be working in services and maintenance on emergency chutes for planes!
    Also I'll probably get the chance to work on the engines on planes too!
    This is so freaking awesome and I'm so happy!

    1. -NOVA-


      Congrats :) 

  8. this. also had an annoying experience during a crossfaith show. the one next to me was screaming the lyrics the whole time in the highest tone he could possibly reach... anyway, I recorded two lives (sound only) while I was in Tokyo, both with my iPhone. the first time the sound was pretty good, the second time it was totally fucked up. So ... any ideas how to make it sound ... less distorted afterwards?
  9. never mind. the show is offline now. pls delete.
  10. https://twitter.com/yu10ki_vo look who's back on twitter
  11. No problem glad I could help yepp, thats Kei he'll also play with them on their concert on July 8 in Tokyo !
  12. you forgot to add the recent bands here you go for the complete list (taken from vkdb) : but I totally agree with you on that PV. Probably there will be a PV one day since they said they want to tour as DIO some day again
  13. never heard of them before but then I saw them for the first time in 2015 on DOAKs first live and fell in love with them during their first song (it was B.A.L.U.S) sadly I only could see them twice, but their lives were full of energy and I had so much fun! They're one of my favorite (active) artists rn
  14. Could really happen, yes. Since this isn't the first tour cancelled because of that reason ... And there aren't many promoters left for Europe. This is what ex promoter Steff from ASTAN wrote about this (don't judge his english, he knows he's bad at it) : Aurelie (highfeel/realive) seems to be more positive, let's hope she's right.
  15. replaying this since they've posted it. I'm literally drooling all over my place because I freaking love it