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  1. I've always been wearing what I've wanted to and what I felt comfortable with. I don't care about being the only one looking different (I already do because I have turquoise hair and there aren't many people with unusal colors, at least at those lives I went to) and nobody cares about what you're wearing. Already seen girls being dressed as lolita, some in short skirts and blouses and even some that looked like they just came out of their bed still wearing their pyjamas. Most of them do dress up tho just to get the attention of their favorite bandomen I also could carry whatever I've wanted into the live houses, nobody checked the bags, no matter how many I was carrying with me. Got into the hall with a bag filled with drinks and food. They might ask you to put drinks and food away (without checking, if you say you don't have any you just can go on lol) but I've never seen anyone to do so.
  2. Anyone ordered from Deviloofs mailorder before? And how long it takes for their reply?

    My shopping service messaged them a few days before the deadline for an order but there's still no reply :(

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    2. -Tetsu-


      it was about one month ago already :< but well, maybe they're just like really busy with their new single right now, didn't think about that before. thanks for your reply!

    3. patientZERO


      The English Deviloof twitter (fan) account has offered to do a shopping service for Deviloof goods and I'm sure they'll get back to you faster if you're interested. 



    4. -Tetsu-


      yeh, I'm in contact with them already, but I'll wait a little longer because I've ordered some more things with the other shopping service for saving on shipping^^" anyway, thank you!

  3. I regret so much that I didn't go to their oneman ... can't wait for their next releases
  4. To be honest, I don't know how to answer most of the questions above (I'll try later, brain isn't working as it should be rn). I have to admit that I did download most of the music that's on my computer/phone/whatever. I just couldn't/can't afford to buy every new release plus I like to listen to it before I buy it since I was disappointed by some releases already and I regret buying those CDs. But if I really like a release I'll definitely buy it sooner or later, as soon as I have enough money left. I'd buy a lot more if shipping wouldn't be more expensive than the CD itself. Yeh, I know, there are cheaper options, but some of my orders got lost when I was still ordering with other options than EMS. In my opinion it's mostly the shipping that keeps people from buying the CDs, like a few others already mentioned.
  5. wait, they filed copyright to a video that was released when they were with Sword Inc? Or is Sword Inc part of GLK? Don't think so tho... Damn, it was my favorite song, I regret not downloading it. I'd be happy too if someone could share it again!
  6. Adding to that list:
  7. It makes me kinda depressed that there aren't any lives announced for this year ... Two bands that'll come, but no dates yet. I really need something to look forward to ...

  8. it's tomo from dadaroma
  9. I really hope there'll be a release soon. His voice is so damn awesome.
  10. Travelled to Tokyo again in December to see my favorite band, X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus and Yuukis first live with his solo project. Met XMAS after the first live I went to and I was so damn nervous, but they where so damn nice and cute and talked to me in english, also took some pictures with them. Went to one of Another Story's lives too, XMAS played there as well and when they've spotted me in the crowd after their show they hugged me again, talked to me and even gave me the setlist as a gift (along to some other merchandise). Saw them a third time a few days later. Had a mental breakdown right after their set but their drummer, yu-ta, wouldn't stop hugging me and asking me if I'm better now. Then spend quite a long time with them after all bands finished their sets, talking about everything that came to our mind. Went to see Yuukis live then, my ticket number was quite low so I managed to be in saizen for his set, right in front of K from Haloring (aka KEI from XMAS) and he smiled at me when he recognized me, made me really happy. Met Yuuki after the event again and he was like "I know you!" and I nearly started crying because he remembered me. Got three cheki with him but couldn't think about a last pose, so I've asked him if he's got an idea. Well, you can see his idea on my profile picture. He told me to sit down and he sat on my back. Most precious memories so far!
  11. wanted to do some creepy make up for carnival but ended up with this I really like that look and I wish I could go out like this every day (It was really cold, so I've put on as much clothes as possible ...)
  12. got myself some new lenses and tried some make up for carnival on Saturday. not really satisfied but I still kind of like the result.
  13. Yuuki just added another date and got some other awesome news! He named his solo project "kallistie" (I guess that name will be very familiar to you) and his first live with that name will be on 13. April at Ikebukuro EDGE. Supportmember will be: Gt.xxx Ba.KEI(X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus) Dr.しゅう He'll sell cheki again for 1000yen each, old cheki for 500yen each. There'll be atari cheki for a two shot cheki with him too! Support member cheki will be 500yen each. the official twitter account is: https://twitter.com/kallistie_ofc he also mentioned that he is already planning new goods! (nothing about a CD release so far...)
  14. Hopefully they'll add a few more dates and make it a tour through Europe. I really want to see them!