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  1. -Tetsu-

    curious about those re-recordings
  2. -Tetsu-

    they came up with that name when Charlie, their 'leader' wanted to create a name that is christmas related because he loves christmas (and alcohol.) thats all behind that name haha since they don't really have a label they're paying the production themselves, guess they can't afford an expensive studio, sadly. As far as I know they even recorded and mixed it themselves with the help from a staff member in the studio they have their rehearsals in. but they improved so much since their last release, can't wait for their EU tour! Oh by the way, their vocal and bassist is ex UnsraW/DOAK Yuukis current support bassist, for those who didn't know.
  3. told mom that I started listening to Korn, since her music taste is nearly the same as mine and I thought she might enjoy them too ... only thing she replied was: 'oh I know who else likes them. I don't know if you still want to listen to them when I tell you ...' ?????????????????????????? WHAT THE FUCK
    what kind of logic is that???????? why the fuck should I stop listening to them just because someone I can't stand listens to them too?????

    I ... I just can't get over this.

  4. -Tetsu-

    I have UnsraWs logo on my back since 2012. Wanted to integrate it into some more back tattoos but I'm way too lazy to think about anything. Also want some more band tattoos but money says no since I'm spending way too much on travelling and merchandise, whoops.
  5. When you booked your trains to see your faves again but then SNCF decides to strike on exactly both days you'll be in France ... Worst timing ever.

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    2. -Tetsu-


      I just saw someone complaining about that it'll be at the two lives that take place in France, it's the first time I've ever heard about it. when I booked my train about one month ago the SNCF site didn't say a word about that there could be a strike and since its not in German news I didn't know anything about it. It's now written on the website tho, but no informations about the trains I've booked, only that I won't get my money back if the train is cancelled lol.

      Thank you, but I won't get on a car with strangers. Especially if it's another country. Way to risky.

      Edit: I just got an answer by SNCF that all trains that are listed as available will definitely NOT be cancelled. So I might be lucky haha.

    3. xriko


      nice that u got answer from SNCF. .i hope you will can go to your live :)

    4. -Tetsu-


      yeh, but I still don't trust them. looking forward to that tour since october already and I won't let that strike ruin it.
      thank you :)

  6. -Tetsu-

    Can relate to this. I live in a very small village in the middle of nowhere, nothing related to my interests close to where I live. I had a really good friend living here with me but she moved away to town and I don't have much contact to her since that day. Lost another friend when she met someone else she shared more interests with and now I don't know anyone close to me. My closest friend lives 5 hours away by train and we can't see each other often. We mostly meet only on concerts because it's really difficult to find a weekend we could meet up. Meeting new people is very difficult for me since I'm introvert and shy as fuck and I only speak to others when they start talking first, no matter how hard I try. I'm even struggeling writing here, haha. At least I get along kinda well with my coworkers although it's very exhausting. People think I'm weird because I don't talk much and I'm always scared I'll annoy everyone when I talk about things I like... I also don't chat a lot with others, mostly only with that one friend I mentioned above. I'm always so happy if I get a message by someone else, haha.
  7. -Tetsu-

    Here is mine. I post selfies, landscapes, planes, my rats, weird stuff.
  8. I wish more people would listen to my faves, they're so damn underrated.
    They're the nicest people I've ever met ...
    I really can't wait to meet them again in June.


    1. Bear


      I guess you haven't met many people?

    2. -Tetsu-


      well, I went to a few lives of them and there weren't many people (In Japan always around 3 people for them, at one I was the only one that came for them, at the european concert I was there weren't even 30 people) and the interest for their new tour isn't big too. Also, there isn't much interaction with them on social media too. so yeh, I didn't meet many people, because there aren't many people to meet.
      I know I can't tell by this that there aren't more people listening to them, but nowadays you can tell a lot by the interaction on social media.
      Compared to other bands they're definitely a band with a small fanbase.

  9. I'm finished with booking trains, hotels and planes for the tour through Europe in June ...
    just one date is missing, hoping it will be confirmed soon. I don't want to cancel it just because its announcement was too late.
    makes me kinda anxious :<

  10. -Tetsu-

    Dates: FRI June 8 / Lille / Bobble Café (FR) SAT June 9 or 10 / Paris (FR) TBA THU June 14 / Rock Classic / Brussels (BE) | Free Show (21:00) FRI June 15 / Ink&Music / Mouscron (BE) SAT June 16 (18:30) / Animecon / Den Haag (NL) SUN June 17 / Le Garage / Liege (BE) THU June 21 / Tsunami Club / Cologne (DE) FRI June 22 / Chapeau Rouge / Prague (CZ) SAT June 23 / Krakow / Magnificon (PL) SUN June 24 / Marie Antoinette / Berlin (DE) Tickets and information: https://highfeel.jp/2018/04/16/x-made-alcoholic-santaclaus-back-to-eu/
  11. Only one hotel and a few train connections missing and my tour through Europe is complete. I'm so excited!
    I hope I'll meet a few new people then ♪

  12. -Tetsu-

    it me again. didn't want to post a picture again but I've been playing around with my new make up and some editing programs and I like the result so much that I wanted to share it. I like those colors so much
  13. -Tetsu-

    finally got the only missing CDs and their new parka ♡
  14. So I'll be travelling through Europe for my favorite band soon ... it'll be the first time I'll travel that much in such a short period of time so ... every tip is very welcome and I appreciate any kind of help!

    1. Komorebi


      Good luck!!

    2. -Tetsu-


      thank you!

  15. if the single is not limited to one copy per person beautifulparade on twitter is happy to get some copies for you! just DM her she's getting me one too