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  1. BloodRoses

    IM BACK!!!
  2. BloodRoses

    i feel like i miss everything...i've been gone for a long time... what the hell happen... and my name is golden...omg!! lol well im glad to active again xDD school was giving me a fit.. ugh i wish it was still summer... =.=;
  3. BloodRoses

    Keep. The Devil?
  4. BloodRoses

    NOOOOO ):
  5. BloodRoses

    um i don't know who that is... so um.. Kick? a mask killer who is hot and you fall for her?
  6. BloodRoses

    D- Independent Queen
  7. BloodRoses

  8. BloodRoses

    Sounds good to me..
  9. BloodRoses

    Lives in Vanilla Sky ^^
  10. BloodRoses

    Haven't been to the gym for a while xD so no seen a really big person?
  11. BloodRoses

    ooh him!! XDD i remember him...he's the one with the creepy tongue?well long..snake..tongue... x____x;
  12. BloodRoses

    Sai? XDD
  13. are you kidding?!?! augh!! x___x
  14. BloodRoses

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