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  1. 1 Death★Rabbits - へぃぽーの逆襲 2 般若 - 報い 3 般若 - 夢喰~ばく~ 4 REALICE - 猥褻どらっがぁ
  2. Ioto

    malefice dia x La'veil MizeriA - 悲愴第三楽章『覚醒』 サディスマリィ x La'veil MizeriA - 『 』 サディスマリィ x La'veil MizeriA - Ruin Mizerius 憬架-keika- x La'veil MizeriA - deep[SLAY] Besides Malefice Dia, サディスマリィ, 憬架-keika-. WHAT ANOTHER REVERSION OF EX-BANDS SONGS CAN BE SURPRISE OF THESE FUCKING LOOSE BOYS? Six Years Making remasters and covers of another songs? Fuck! They are very Loose band, but still love them thanks to me & @TomoMAD
  3. my dream fulfilled , sui female cosplay <3 i love you guachita carnua' <3
  4. Ioto

    http://www.last.fm/user/Grado3/listening-report/year my band of the year is.......... PERSONA
  5. add me http://www.lastfm.es/user/Grado3
  6. Ioto

    really? I thought it was ex hannya T_T
  7. Ioto

    ah, eres chileno, mish !
  8. Ioto

    holaaaa, tratare evitar decir que soy de Chile para no tener problemas pero creo que ya las cagé, spero que aun no seamos el terror de los gringos por cosas pasadas en TW.