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  1. Ioto

    i'm so exciting ! they don't deserve it! chileno weon culiao fome culiao aweonao fome culiao
  2. Ioto

    with OBI is aesthetically beautiful
  3. Ioto

    I think these demo tapes KREUZ - ~華ト影~type;A キュア - [独白…] PERSONA - 神欲の果実 Silu:Et - 「Film」 麗音 - 『~永遠~』
  4. Ioto

    last month's purchases I'm happy to get more distributed CD of Hannya band
  5. Selling Uruwashiki Kamen no Shoutaijou single (signed) $160 (price dont include shipping fees) MY JMUSIC STORE : FB: YumeShokuStore shipping is from Chile I ship worldwide
  6. Ioto

    the last coupling released yesterday, 蛇 影 (x2) of La’veil MizeriA†Crucifixion
  7. Ioto

    in auctions its value is x6, an abuse
  8. Ioto

    sorry, it's for a friend
  9. Ioto

    La'veil MizeriA x Crucifixion 「暁鴉」x2 らせん (Rasen) 「NIGHTMARE」 x2 「狂」x2 I waiting for the next coupling CD (蛇影)
  10. Ioto

    tapes and more tapes & CDs last month purchases
  11. Ioto

    when you open the package it is the best part! I will soon upload my reaction to lot of demo tapes ps: go to wash
  12. Hyura, I love you very much Thank you
  13. Ioto

    La'veil MizeriA - 死枷 (Autographed by KIKYO, He wrote my name (David) and nickname(Yoto)) La'veil MizeriA - Photoset 死枷 La'veil MizeriA - cheki Tapes 月蝕 - schwarz weiß 月蝕 - ECLIPSE 月蝕 - -schwarz weiß- GA≠ZE - pass each other
  14. Ioto

  15. Ioto

    La'veil MizeriA 緋い縷 poster らせん /『冥狂死祟』 らせん /『明鏡止水』 般若 / 霧 ライブバージョン 般若 / 生成 ライブバージョン 般若 FLYER
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