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  1. DarkPaladin

    It can be downloaded from vk.com within their fan community: https://vk.com/anotherstoryjp or you can use the following provided direct link: https://vk.com/doc-71121456_457371449?dl=4dfb65114f5967cace Please keep in mind it's not my rip and I have no clue who provided it. The filename says it's an 320kbps rip. My CD will arrive later this month. I wish you a happy new year.
  2. The band Another Story is going to release nearly after two years a new album, which will be titled Yours Truly. The album will be released on the 13th of December this month, so next week. It will contain 18 track (see track-list below) from which five songs were written by PABLO from Pay money To my Pain. Cover: Track-list 1.Gone 2.End of story 3.Five 4.The greatest plan 5.Untitled 6.Masquerade 7.The clown in the light 8.System 9.Sanctuary 10.The Other Side 11.Nobody 12.Ring 13.Cynical, Magical 14.Dying Breed 15.Hollow 16.Underworld 17.Closer 18.Happy Deathday Price: ¥2,484 (Tax in) It can be ordered via CDJapan. May be it will also be available via iTunes like their previous album Truth or Dare or Signs http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/INRC-26
  3. DarkPaladin

    Tracklist 1.Return to Zero 2.Before I Fail 3.Power of Life and Death 4.LLLD 5.To Catch the Right Way 6.Interlude 7.SHINE 8.Set Your Goal 9.Accept Each Other’s Sense of Values 10.Fight Against the Limit 11.The Sun Also Rises Cover:
  4. DarkPaladin

  5. DarkPaladin

    Can somebody bring the link back to life? BREAK THIS FAKE sound great.
  6. DarkPaladin

    new look
  7. They will also release a new album on 10.25 according to their homepage
  8. DarkPaladin

    MY FIRST STROY announced two days ago, that they will release a mini-album which will be called 「ALL LEAD TRACKS」 on the 07.19. For more information's please visit thei OHP link below: http://myfirststory.net/news/article/0/8934/
  9. Does anybody knows when the song REVIVER from MY FIRST STORY which they make for the game horsaga (sega) will be released?

  10. Do we have some students from the University of Wisconsin - Madison here? I have a question regarding the Luenberger-style-observer with the PID controller and I would be really happy, if I could get my hands on a script from Lorenz.

  11. DarkPaladin

    I really like the wallpaper. Could you share with us this wallpaper if you don't mind?
  12. Does anyone here uses a application called WeChat in order to chat? In the western atmosphere WhatsApp is quite popular but in China WeChat is dominating. If anybody is willing to chat from time to time feel free to leave a message.

    For all international students which are currently studying or are going to study in China and they need some help with daily life there is an application called NiHao. Another useful one is Pleco. 

    1. ruki11



      welcome practice Chinese or English(x) or Japanese(x) with me lol, you can add ruki11

    2. ruki11


      ...looks not, 3 hours ago was 5 a.m.

      (though I was awake at that time today)

      glad to see somebody interested in Chinese

    3. DarkPaladin


      My Chinese "skills" are kinda rusty but I have some basic knowledge which weren't used for a year now. I will add you

  13. Purple Stone should have released their single Panic Panic! today. I would fit more with the PV  :-)

    1. hiroki


      the band had been doing some recording recently so hopefully they will announce a new release soon! :D

    2. Mihi
    3. DarkPaladin


      They have released so many singles lately so I would really appreciate an album with mostly new instead of old songs.

  14. Does anyone know a good free (open source) program which allows you to convert music files from a CD into mp3 and other files?

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    2. DarkPaladin


      unfortunately its only available for OS X

    3. ghost


      foobar2000 is fantastic. Lightweight program too.

    4. DarkPaladin


      I will try it within the next week