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  1. Not bad, needs a few more listens I think. I love Sono’s voice most of the time, but there are those times where it is just not working. This is one of those times for me.
  2. darkindastad

    Super excited and not that far away!
  3. darkindastad

    Wait, didn’t his family have trouble contacting him? And why didn’t he just tell the other band members what was going on?! I am sure they would have given him some time. It’s not like bands play without a memeber here or there often 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. darkindastad

    I am liking what I hear so far. I think I will enjoy this one as much as the last mini
  5. Hmm, instrumentation was good at some parts, but it is kind of bland for me. Maybe it will grow on me with the rest of the mini. They look good though!
  6. darkindastad

    Ah, I must have missed the best of, but thanks for answering that
  7. darkindastad

    My thoughts exactly! I adore Kaya, but this sounds like every other queen releasing a song.
  8. darkindastad

    Sounds very promising so far! But 5th album? I thought this was their 4th. Did I miss something?!?
  9. darkindastad

    Sounds good! Not sure I like it as much as Kawazu judging by the first listen. But I guess I am one of the few who liked that song initially, haha
  10. darkindastad

    This is awesome news and hopefully it is all new songs!
  11. This is upsetting.....things don’t bode well I fear.
  12. I was hoping for a few more new tracks, but it is more than their first album so progress, haha. Still excited for it!
  13. I was hoping the older songs were re-recorded as well. Maybe they will be....or at least remastered. Still very excited for this! These two together are always pure gold for me
  14. darkindastad

    I liked it! I didn’t listen to their first single and checked this out because of what people on here say about them. I don’t think the vocalist is bad at all.....there are certainly worse. I like how this song heads in a complete different direction then how it first starts. Not what I was expecting.
  15. darkindastad

    I agree! I do think this song was one of the weakest off of the mini, but I find it more interesting now. Definitely A LOT of layering, and maybe could use a bit better mixing, but I am digging it.