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  1. It confused me at first when I preordered my copy 😂
  2. darkindastad

    I must be searching wrong because I can’t find it on the US store 😕
  3. darkindastad

    Sounds like this will be another solid single
  4. darkindastad

    Yes! I have been eagerly waiting for some previews
  5. darkindastad

    I can’t wait, these two together are pure magic! I thought it was just a mini though? And don’t get me wrong, I will always support Kaya. These past two single just do nothing for him. I love me some RPDR queens, but stylistically and vocally Kaya is on another level than what most (if not all of them) do. And these songs just sound like something they would do.
  6. darkindastad

    This! I wish he would stop trying too. We all know (have known for a long time) that he has more talent in one of his front lace wigs than any queen out there. I am all for more exposure, just without this western assimilation mess. The song isn’t bad and Kaya looks amazing as always, but I want my Goth synth queen back
  7. darkindastad

    I checked this out on a whim and love what I hear! I will have to check out some more from them
  8. Title track is banging for me, the rest is okay. FAKE sounds exactly like I thought it would. This will probably be like the Pornograph single, where I only enjoy the one song
  9. darkindastad

    I thought there was a preview already, I was so excited, haha. They sound so good live. I haven’t been this excited about a VK band in a while. I am here for them
  10. darkindastad

    Completely agree. This is the first album in a while I can listen to the whole way through and not need to skip any tracks. As Zeus said, they cut the fat from this one. I am an album oriented person and always love when there isn’t the need to edit tracks out. I would rather have a solid album like this, then a bunch of singles. I didn’t think I was ever going to get another album like this from them. A solid album in my opinion and a job well done
  11. Not bad, needs a few more listens I think. I love Sono’s voice most of the time, but there are those times where it is just not working. This is one of those times for me.
  12. darkindastad

    Super excited and not that far away!
  13. darkindastad

    Wait, didn’t his family have trouble contacting him? And why didn’t he just tell the other band members what was going on?! I am sure they would have given him some time. It’s not like bands play without a memeber here or there often 🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. darkindastad

    I am liking what I hear so far. I think I will enjoy this one as much as the last mini