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  1. This is upsetting.....things don’t bode well I fear.
  2. I was hoping for a few more new tracks, but it is more than their first album so progress, haha. Still excited for it!
  3. I was hoping the older songs were re-recorded as well. Maybe they will be....or at least remastered. Still very excited for this! These two together are always pure gold for me
  4. I liked it! I didn’t listen to their first single and checked this out because of what people on here say about them. I don’t think the vocalist is bad at all.....there are certainly worse. I like how this song heads in a complete different direction then how it first starts. Not what I was expecting.
  5. I agree! I do think this song was one of the weakest off of the mini, but I find it more interesting now. Definitely A LOT of layering, and maybe could use a bit better mixing, but I am digging it.
  6. I was waiting for this! Not that long of a wait either, which means previews soon
  7. Sounds great! I like that they changed the title track between the two versions. Makes it feel like you are getting four different songs with the two types. I like that they are pretty consistent as well. I keep waiting for them to delve into the old Xibalba songs to cover, but as much material as they release they have only covered one song.
  8. Ah, thanks for the info
  9. What is this from? Since it doesn't look like it is on the track list for the mini
  10. Always ready for more MO!
  11. So, the track Truth downloaded but is not working, same withe Akayashi. I am uploading what tracks did download to mediafire now. Send me a PM if you want the link and I will send it to you. I am not going to post an incomplete album download in the download section, especially since it is still early for the release date. Hopefully somone can share the other tracks, or a full rip soon. Sorry guys.
  12. I will try and upload it later; of course in the process of downloading it, an error occurs with the song Truth. Hoping it will be fixed in a bit. Not sure what to do as I have never come across this on itunes.
  13. The album is available to download on iTunes already (at least the US iTunes).
  14. They do, but it is just an effect from the make up
  15. I think that is the point