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  1. Ah, thanks for the info
  2. What is this from? Since it doesn't look like it is on the track list for the mini
  3. Always ready for more MO!
  4. So, the track Truth downloaded but is not working, same withe Akayashi. I am uploading what tracks did download to mediafire now. Send me a PM if you want the link and I will send it to you. I am not going to post an incomplete album download in the download section, especially since it is still early for the release date. Hopefully somone can share the other tracks, or a full rip soon. Sorry guys.
  5. I will try and upload it later; of course in the process of downloading it, an error occurs with the song Truth. Hoping it will be fixed in a bit. Not sure what to do as I have never come across this on itunes.
  6. The album is available to download on iTunes already (at least the US iTunes).
  7. They do, but it is just an effect from the make up
  8. I think that is the point
  9. LOVE IT!!!!
  10. Samples are up! http://www.indie-psc.com/born/vigour/index.html
  11. Sounds like I expected it to! Excited for this
  12. Always ready for new Kaya!!! Super excited
  13. Previews sound amazing!!! Very excited for this release
  14. Day after my birthday!! Can not wait
  15. According to CD JAPAN, they will be releasing a new single on 10.19.2011. It is currently untitled and will come in 2 types. I tried checking their OHP, but there was no announcement on there to confirm. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/list_from_code ... key=423547 BTW, they have been playing a new song "Imperial Riot" on their current tour "Beyond the Helios". They will also be making their first US appearance at ANIME USA in Virginia in November!! http://www.animeusa.org/component/conte ... -appearing I am so excited by this, I have wanted to see them live for sooooo long!!