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  1. I hope this and the last mini are eventually added to Spotify or iTunes. Almost everything before the member change is
  2. Sounds really good! It’s on iTunes already if anyone is interested
  3. I like what I am hearing so far, especially the first two songs. I am glad they put out a preview earlier this time, haha
  4. darkindastad

    While there are a few weak tracks, for me their b-sides are pretty stellar, especially the Kizuato ones. I completely agree that an album should have a concept and love when they do that. Unfortunately I don’t find that too much anymore with VK bands releasing albums, haha. I don’t care either way, as long as new material comes out regularly
  5. Bring it on! Just ditch the last mixing experiment.
  6. So far I am digging this as well
  7. darkindastad

    I just hope it’s release in the American iTunes Store 😬
  8. darkindastad

    Yay for Yume! Bring on the previews
  9. Oh man, that sucks! I wonder what this means for the band then
  10. I am pretty impressed and satisfied with this album too! I knew I was going to love Monster based off the previews
  11. Previews sound decent, so I am optimistic. Sounds better than Pantheon pt 2 anyways. And it sounds like Sonic reigned in is voice, so no awkward pitchy moments.
  12. That’s great and appreciated! I know for me personally, I haven’t been so interested in a VK band as much as I am them in a long time
  13. Thank you for the additional information. I guessed there had to be something about those ages, but it makes sense now. You can just feel it, but my Japanese isn’t good enough to fully understand, so thank you 😁
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