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  1. Ikki

    I haven't been able to post what I have purchased recently because I've been working 12 hours/7 days a week since November. Too lazy to post exactly what I got. The Dog in the PWO single is extra copy of one that I already owned, but I haven't opened it to see which bonus cover was included. Also, here's my recent KPOP trash haul just because no one asked for it.
  2. Ikki

    Be warn, I have crap taste in music. Also, this list took me forever to make. VK: Kamaitachi BY-SEXUAL Strawberry Fields Aura GLAY Color Decameron Baiser La'Mule Lareine Aion NéiL Panic Channel KuRt Vasalla Ladies Room Tokyo Yankees Wizard Kuroageha Irokui Lolita 23q SuG D=OUT MASK Gilles de Rais Dog in the PWO DuelJewel Aliene Ma'riage Japanese Metal/J-rock (some of these bands can considered VK, but I don't consider them VK): Loudness EZO/Flatbacker G.D.Flickers Ziggy Sharam Q A-Chief Earthshaker Grand Slam Gastunk Passion Rose The Street Sliders Pink Sapphire Shady Dolls Wands J-pop: Morning Musume KAT-TUN Dream (the original line-up releases) SweetS C-ute Namie Amuro K-rock: Sinawe TRAX The Buzz Boohwal EVE Crash K-pop: Girls' Generation KARA Twice BTS Red Velvet Wonder Girls H.O.T Baby V.O.X Western Music: Hanoi Rocks ABBA New York Dolls Mott the Hoople Iron Maiden Judas Priest Cinderella LA Guns Faster Pussycat Megadeth Exodus Power Trip David Bowie Slade Prince Bauhaus The Cure The Cramps Chicago Deep Purple Rainbow Clara Moroni (aka Cherry, Leslie Parrish, Priscilla, Vicky Vale, and a tons of other Eurobeat artist aliases.)
  3. Ikki

    Small haul of oldies, but goodies. test-No. - test-No. 004 Malice Mizer - Beast of Blood Malice Mizer - Voyage Redian Mode - Hysteric Eliphas Levi - 黒死館 V.A. - 革命~Voice of Rebirth~ Je*Reviens - univers~未知なる扉~ Flatbacker (EZO) LPs Strawberry Fields VHS tapes
  4. Ikki

    Nothing too crazy other than I bought a boat load of Glay CDs because I've been on a Glay kick the past couple of weeks. Fatima - M:I-44 Fatima - Downer Glay - The Frustrated Glay - One Love Laputa - e.m.a.d.a.r.a Glay - Beloved Glay - Unity Roots & Family, Away Glay - BEATout! Fatima - Noble King Snake Fatima - SSB Kneuklid Romance - Puzzle Kneuklid Romance - Love Song Dog in the PWO - Doggy StyleX
  5. Ikki

    I'm really sad I couldn't choose oyaji kei for my favorite type of visual kei. I'm also with everyone else with the last question. Maybe you could have mixed some more mainstream or other types of vk acts from that period into the selection pool or include a wider generation range of artists by including some earlier era vk acts and/or some recent vk acts.
  6. Ikki

    Gaz is now forever going to be replace by someone that's been in a band with Okamoto Ryoji and Oonishi Hiroyuki whenever Malice Mizer or Kneuklid Romance do their one off revivals? First Sakura, and now Kaede. It amuses me to see this as a fan of both Zigzo and test-No. to see this as a pattern.
  7. Ikki

    The only VK-related movie I ever watched was Dynamite Tommy's Attitude and I own it because why not have a horrible movie with a bunch of musicians from the first wave of VK or the late '80s Japanese hard rock scene that can't act what so ever. I don't know how many people here have seen it, but it's one of those movies you have to watch to see the how much of a hot mess it is as it is super hard to describe what's going on 90% of the time.
  8. Ikki

    I wasn't really a huge fan of Matina, I always prefered bands that were from Soleil and Tears Music/Enamel/Key Party more. The bands from Matina that I did enjoyed a lot were Madeth Gray'll, Mist of Rouge, and Vidoll.
  9. Ikki

    Kamaitachi tapes; two of them are supposed to be live shows and the rest are demo tapes. Decameron - Merry Christmas for you demo tape Decameron - 30th Anniversary live distribution Kamaitachi concert dvd Decameron PV vhs VA - Face of Soleil II Cats in Boots - Kicked & Clawed Cats in Boots - Demonstration D'erlanger - Basilisk D'erlanger - La Vie En Rose
  10. Ikki

    Just a quick post of my most recent haul before I go to work.
  11. Ikki

    Here's my newest haul. First off, all of my factory seal buys. Genkaku Allergy limited live dvd Lareine - Blue Romance Eliphas Levi - 冷たいアトリエの魔術師 Shulla - XII [tweleve] The rest of the haul: Various Vasalla and NéiL CDs Various Madeth gray'll CDs Some more Lareine CDs VA - Face of Soleil Mazohysteria - Tight. Deep and Violent Gauzes - 揺篭 + bonus DVD Seamonkey - ちょうちんふかし (First Pressing) Sleep My Dear - ReMIRAGE GLAY - 灰とダイヤモンド (Extasy Pressing) With Sexy - Colours A bunch of La'Mule photosets
  12. Ikki

    To be honest, I have gotten more friends, although most of them being in their 40s or 50s, in real life for being a fan of Loudness and EZO than VK ever did for me. However, VK did manage to snag me my boyfriend of 15+ years. It's hilarious to tell people that we started to date because I had pictures of Dir en grey and Malice Mizer hanging in my locker in the 8th grade and my SO overreacted when he noticed because he was a closeted VK fan and thought he would never find another VK fan in our tiny, country bumpkin town. We ended up getting a lot of our close friends into VK during high school, but I'm pretty sure most of them don't listen to anything related to VK anymore.
  13. Ikki

    Just a tiny haul this time around. I have a really huge haul coming within the next couple of weeks, as long as it doesn't get stuck in shipping limbo.
  14. Ikki

    I went with what albums I think are the best VK albums, not necessary my personal favorites. Amphibian - DOPPELGÄNGER (1993) L'arc~en~Ciel - Heavenly (1995) GLAY - pure soul (1998) Dir en grey - Gauze (1999) Luna Sea - Mother (1994) If I went with my personal favorites, it would more or less look like this: Aura - THESAURAS (1990) Color - 激突!! (1989) BAISER - 華 (1999) BY-SEXUAL - Culture Shock (1990) Decameron - 名曲アルバム (1990)
  15. Ikki

    Waaaay back in 1998, I first discovered visual kei while I was staying at my then 21 year old sister's dorm room for the weekend. This was the first time in my life I was ever on the internet. I was searching on Yahoo or some other very 1998 search engine for Pikachu/Pokemon stuff since as a 9 year old kid, I was crazy about Pikachu. I some how managed to stumbled upon an English languaged Dead Pop Stars fansite and was really weirded out that one of the members (Kenzi) was a huge Pikachu fan. I totally forgot what visual kei was after finding that site until a year later. So in 1999, we finally had a computer and internet at my house. Also, I was now super into Digimon and was active in a lot of the Digimon EZ Boards that were around. On one of these forums, I had two forum besties that were into visual kei. One was a HUGE Glay fan and liked all of those visual kei bands that were more mainstream/not over the top looking groups. The other one was more into groups like Malice Mizer and Dir en grey; the more over the top the group's look was, the more she liked them. The one that was into the more over the top groups one day sent me a link to La'Mule's song "Inspired" that was hosted on someone's Geocities website. I remember it took me over an hour to download the 96kbps mp3 file. Oh the pain and the horror of dial-up internet. But after I was able to download the song, I couldn't wait to listen to it since I thought La'Mule looked so cool and really wanted to like the band. I don't remember my reaction was because that was like 20 years ago, but it was a positive one as I am still a huge La'Mule fan and I managed to stick with visual kei for all of those years. I just try not to interact with the fandom that much in the last 10 years due to the toxicity that some times reeks the vk fandom.
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