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  1. Ikki

    Here's my newest haul. First off, all of my factory seal buys. Genkaku Allergy limited live dvd Lareine - Blue Romance Eliphas Levi - 冷たいアトリエの魔術師 Shulla - XII [tweleve] The rest of the haul: Various Vasalla and NéiL CDs Various Madeth gray'll CDs Some more Lareine CDs VA - Face of Soleil Mazohysteria - Tight. Deep and Violent Gauzes - 揺篭 + bonus DVD Seamonkey - ちょうちんふかし (First Pressing) Sleep My Dear - ReMIRAGE GLAY - 灰とダイヤモンド (Extasy Pressing) With Sexy - Colours A bunch of La'Mule photosets
  2. Ikki

    To be honest, I have gotten more friends, although most of them being in their 40s or 50s, in real life for being a fan of Loudness and EZO than VK ever did for me. However, VK did manage to snag me my boyfriend of 15+ years. It's hilarious to tell people that we started to date because I had pictures of Dir en grey and Malice Mizer hanging in my locker in the 8th grade and my SO overreacted when he noticed because he was a closeted VK fan and thought he would never find another VK fan in our tiny, country bumpkin town. We ended up getting a lot of our close friends into VK during high school, but I'm pretty sure most of them don't listen to anything related to VK anymore.
  3. Ikki

    Just a tiny haul this time around. I have a really huge haul coming within the next couple of weeks, as long as it doesn't get stuck in shipping limbo.
  4. Ikki

    I went with what albums I think are the best VK albums, not necessary my personal favorites. Amphibian - DOPPELGÄNGER (1993) L'arc~en~Ciel - Heavenly (1995) GLAY - pure soul (1998) Dir en grey - Gauze (1999) Luna Sea - Mother (1994) If I went with my personal favorites, it would more or less look like this: Aura - THESAURAS (1990) Color - 激突!! (1989) BAISER - 華 (1999) BY-SEXUAL - Culture Shock (1990) Decameron - 名曲アルバム (1990)
  5. Ikki

    Waaaay back in 1998, I first discovered visual kei while I was staying at my then 21 year old sister's dorm room for the weekend. This was the first time in my life I was ever on the internet. I was searching on Yahoo or some other very 1998 search engine for Pikachu/Pokemon stuff since as a 9 year old kid, I was crazy about Pikachu. I some how managed to stumbled upon an English languaged Dead Pop Stars fansite and was really weirded out that one of the members (Kenzi) was a huge Pikachu fan. I totally forgot what visual kei was after finding that site until a year later. So in 1999, we finally had a computer and internet at my house. Also, I was now super into Digimon and was active in a lot of the Digimon EZ Boards that were around. On one of these forums, I had two forum besties that were into visual kei. One was a HUGE Glay fan and liked all of those visual kei bands that were more mainstream/not over the top looking groups. The other one was more into groups like Malice Mizer and Dir en grey; the more over the top the group's look was, the more she liked them. The one that was into the more over the top groups one day sent me a link to La'Mule's song "Inspired" that was hosted on someone's Geocities website. I remember it took me over an hour to download the 96kbps mp3 file. Oh the pain and the horror of dial-up internet. But after I was able to download the song, I couldn't wait to listen to it since I thought La'Mule looked so cool and really wanted to like the band. I don't remember my reaction was because that was like 20 years ago, but it was a positive one as I am still a huge La'Mule fan and I managed to stick with visual kei for all of those years. I just try not to interact with the fandom that much in the last 10 years due to the toxicity that some times reeks the vk fandom.
  6. Ikki

    幻覚アレルギー - ゲリラライブ会場限定 MERRY - VIC 〜VIDEO ID COLLECTION〜 Zoro - Nishiki Royz - The Best 2009 - 2019 MASK - 合わせ鏡の裏の仮面 V.A. - 狂乱激突 BOX 1990 La'Mule - fit to naked the heavens AILE - SOLE FEATHER~たった一人の君へ~ JUSTY-NASTY - RAIN KuRt - 純潔詮議支離滅裂 Two double sided La'Mule flyers
  7. Ikki

    Here's my hauling I've done since December. Dog in the PWO - 星月夜 (Type A) Blu-BiLLioN - Unlimited World (Type A) Dir en grey - The Insulated World (European version) Dog in the PWO - DOG inTheSUPER BEST【初回盤A】~10th Anniversary Edition~ Girugamesh - Music (European version) The Gazette - Ninth (European version) Phobia - 妄想ノ虜 Penicillin - Limelight Penicillin - UNION JAP Panic Channel - Ray (Limited Edition) FANATIC◇CRISIS - [ONE -one for all-] Cynthia - SENSUOUS Shulla - 架流空路 Shulla - 炎上烈火 Shulla - 金縛り天国 (Regular Edition) Shulla -【茶番劇】其ノ壱 Shulla - いたずら (not pictured) Hime Ichigo - Loudly Riot (Type A) Hime Ichigo - 西九条秋の空 Hime Ichigo - re:alice Hime Ichigo - 姫苺白書 (Regular Edition) Irokui - 間喰-あひだぐひ- La'Mule - 情景ノ都 Rouage - Self-title album (First Pressing) Two Kamaitachi DVDs La'Mule - 浮遊月~唯我乃寄性経典~ (still factory sealed) D=OUT - 金魚蜂 (This my replacement copy since my first copy ended up getting broken during shipment. It was really sad.) La'Mule 結界 1999 tour booklet Rouage - Bible (Vinyl) Ladies Room - Toy Girl (Flexi Single) Rouage - Children (Vinyl) Bunch of early Rouage stuff Gastunk Mother Tour 1988 tour booklet
  8. Ikki

    Welp. I think nothing I previously listed will ever top this CD. Color's Galaxy (European Pressing), which broke the bank on how much I ever wanted to spend on a rare release.
  9. Ikki

    I didn't realize that J-XYZ rebranded itself as Japan Discoveries. I have never used them as Japan Discoveries since I thought the website looked shady as hell and I figured they sold bootlegs. I remember having bought from them when they were J-XYZ and had two vastly different experiences with them. The first time I bought from them, I got my item (a hide plushie) in a timely matter. But then I bought from them like a couple months/a year later, and they never shipped out the item (a D'espairsRay CD) and I never got a refund for it.
  10. Ikki

    My most recent haul. I was so happy I was able to get my deputy service to order those Kamaitachi DVDs off of Kamaitachi's webstore since the DVDs are limited run release. TT I didn't want to spend how much some people were trying to sell them on Y!AJ.
  11. When ever I think of Japanese rap, I always think of songs like these.
  12. I finally got around to rip my copy of AZZ's Electric Body and I can't find a tracklisting online that I can copy and paste.  Who would have thought an obscure VK/glam rock album from 1995 would be impossible to find some kind of a tracklisting online.

    1. Lestat


      There isn’t even the slightest bit of information available on this band anywhere. 

  13. I think when VK/J-rock tried to break out into the Western music scene in the mid to late 2000s mirrored the Japanese metal scene trying to break out into the Western music scene during the 1980s. The only main difference is this time around, most of the groups didn't try to sing in English or try to recruit a Westerner at some point for their band to make them more marketable (looking at you Loudness and Bow Wow). Even back during the 2000s, I knew that VK wasn't going to make an impact outside of Japan due to how the majority of them were being marketed to people who attended anime cons. I was just excited I could buy VK albums that were released outside of Japan for a fraction of what CDJapan was selling them. I decided to compile a list of Japanese artists that have released albums in the West that charted on the Billboard charts. There is a few things to note right off the bat: The following Japanese metal groups that only released in Europe during the 1980s: Anthem, Earthshaker, Vow Wow The following Japanese metal groups that had albums released in the USA, but did not chart: Dead End, Gastunk The following VK groups that had albums released in the USA, but did not chart: D'espairsRay, MUCC, Kra, the GazettE, Alice Nine, Versailles, Mix Speaker's Inc, L'arc~en~Ciel Albums by Loudness, EZO, OK ONE ROCK, and Utada Hikaru that charted in the USA on this list were recorded in English. I listed everything from highest charting spot to lowest charting spot. I did not include record sells since a lot of the older releases, I couldn't find what the sales were for the date when the record charted at that spot. Sakamoto Kyu - Sukiyaki and Other Japanese Hits (1963) [Billboard 200: #26] BABYMETAL - Metal Resistance (2016) [Billboard 200: #39] Loudness - Lightning Strikes (1986) [Billboard 200: #64] Utada Hikaru - This Is the One (2009) [Billboard 200: #69] Loudness - Thunder in the East (1985) [Billboard 200: #74] ONE OK ROCK - Ambitions International Version (2017) [Billboard 200: #106] EZO - EZO (1987) [Billboard 200: #150] Utada Hikaru - Exodus (2004) [Billboard 200: #160] Loudness - Hurricane Eyes (1987) [Billboard 200: #190] Dir En Grey - Uroboros (2008) [Billboard Heatseeker: #1] Dir En Grey - Dum Spiro Spero (2011) [Billboard Heatseeker: #2] BABYMETAL - BABYMETAL (2015) [Billboard Heatseeker: #4] Dir En Grey - The Marrow of a Bone (2007) [Billboard Heatseeker: #8] ONE OK ROCK - 35xxxv Deluxe Edition (2015) [Billboard Heatseeker: #17] Pizzicato Five - Happy End of the World (1997) [Billboard Heatseeker: #32] Shonen Knife - Rock Animals (1994) [Billboard Heatseeker: #39] Dir En Grey - Withering to Death (2006) [Billboard Heatseeker: #42] From what I've posted, I do think that not singing in English could have hurt any success Dir En Grey and other VK-related bands could have had in the Western music scene. I also think the type of music Dir En Grey did also hindered them in some ways. Before someone brings up BABYMETAL sings in Japanese and managed to sell well; I view them in a similar light as Steel Panther, a group that's not super serious compare to a group like Dir En Grey.
  14. Ikki

    I actually got this back when it was released last month, but I never got around posting about it. Ignore how messy my CD bookcase is at the time being. This is what I got in the mail today. Some Gastunk vinyl. Banana Fish album and two Sleep My Dear singles. Girltique flexi-disc and Tokyo Yankees autograph board. This cool special issue of Rockin' f magazine from 1994. The magazine featured a lot of early 90s VK and late 90s VK groups, so I was super excited to see some less featured early VK groups (like Amphibian and Red Tail Cat) get some attention in this magazine and seeing early versions of Baiser, Shazna, Vasalla, and La'cryma Christi.
  15. Ikki

    I've have had added a few releases over there a couple of weeks ago and was getting ready to add all of the Tokyo Yankees discography items I own. (I just had to dig them out of cluttered bookcase of CDs.) I have a few requests: Could we get artist pages for the following artists: BY-SEXUAL, Color, Kamaitachi, Billy & the Sluts, Decameron, Ladies Room, Strawberry Fields, Sister's No Future, and Genkaku Allergy. I own a lot of releases by these artists, so I could provide the data for what I have to help out. Can we get get some vinyl options for the physical medium section on the add release/edit release page? I own some VK releases on vinyl that are LPs, EPs, and even some flexi-singles. I'm pretty sure a lot of VK fans know that Justy-Nasty's Pleasure of the Sluts and Color's Gekitotsu!! had vinyl releases, but how many fans know that Rouage had both their Soup and Mind albums released on vinyl? Also, I know that in the early 90s, a lot of the VK bands that were signed to major labels had cassette tape versions of singles and albums. Most of the ones I've found have been promotional copies, but is it possible to get an option for regular cassette tapes that aren't demo tapes in the physical medium section? I own BY-SEXUAL's Be Free and Aura's Smile & Smile singles as promotional cassette tapes and I have seen all of Strawberry Fields' major label releases as radio promotional cassette tapes. If you need any group pictures of late 80s/early 90s VK bands, I have a large pile of magazines from this period of VK that can flip through and scan up all of the group photos of VK bands I can find in them. I also have a few magazines from the late 90s that might be useful. I have some band pictures on my computer already scanned up for personal usage, so you can view them here to check to see if the image quality is up to standard. I want to note the Ladies Room and Justy-Nasty pictures are HUGE because they were scanned from the vinyl releases of their first albums.
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